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Hervey Bay Kitchen Renovations

Hervey Bay Kitchen Renovations

    Are you looking for professional kitchen renovations? Australian Construction works with you to create the kitchen of your dreams. With this in mind, we transform your kitchen into a lovely, modern and practical area. Not only does it increase your home’s value, but it also enhances your lifestyle. We provide complete kitchen renovations in Hervey Bay. Moreover, we offer simple facelifts.

    Australian Construction assists in making your kitchen dreams come true. Whatever design you want for your dream kitchen, our kitchen renovations professionals will go the extra mile. As a result, we provide lovely outcomes you will enjoy for years.

    Kitchen renovations

    Changing the kitchen design

    Are you dissatisfied with your kitchen’s current layout? Or do you find it challenging to navigate? Under these circumstances, you need a different kitchen layout. An oddly shaped kitchen can upset the space flow, and therefore cooking becomes a hassle.

    Usually, a well-designed kitchen involves three key elements. These are the fridge, stove and sink. They are also called the ‘kitchen work triangle.’ This design element is simple. However, it can significantly improve your kitchen’s efficiency. Moreover, it makes the area more enjoyable for cooking in.

    Cosmetic facelift

    The Australian Construction kitchen cosmetic facelift entails updating or changing kitchen pieces. We do this without changing the layout. Mainly it includes changing the fittings, kitchen islands, fixtures and cabinetry. You may need to enhance your kitchen style. Or perhaps your woodwork or paint has started to fade and chip. In this case, we can provide a cosmetic makeover. It is an affordable way of making your kitchen livelier. 

    Kitchen upgrade

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that complete kitchen renovations in Hervey Bay can be costly. For this reason, we provide numerous upgrade options. So, your kitchen feels like it’s brand new once more. Your kitchen structure may be strong but looks a bit dull. In light of this, enhancing your kitchen’s main features can make a significant difference. Under these circumstances, our expert team takes these steps:

    • Upgrade hardware
    • Install under-cabinet lighting
    • Replacing cabinetry with open shelving and a lot more
    • Kitchen makeovers

    Do you want to upgrade your kitchen? Our professional renovators have years of experience in the industry. They have worked on homes such as apartments and townhouses. Despite the size, scale or size of the kitchen, our kitchen renovations experts provide quality work. We guarantee it will impress!

    Three considerations when renovating

    Australian Construction uses a basic three-question formula. Because of this, we understand your needs. As a result, we design the ideal renovation solution for you.


    Your budget is a crucial factor when it comes to your renovation. We work with you to attain optimal value for your kitchen renovations in Hervey Bay using your set budget. Our team has the expertise to combine clever design and affordable building methods and materials. For this reason, we attain excellent looking renovations that follow your budget.


    To help in creating the ideal renovation, we find out more about your lifestyle. Also, we find out the lifestyle you want to lead in your newly renovated house. It is vital because we wish our renovation to match your needs.

    Your land

    You may have a home on an established block. However, land-related problems are a consideration during renovation. Your block dimensions will establish whether extensions are possible. Meanwhile, other rules may limit your ability to build upward. Given this, our builder addresses these main questions during the first stages of your project. Therefore we plan a renovation that suits your land and budget.


    Our company has vast experience and expertise. For this reason, we are among the best kitchen renovators in Hervey Bay. We have exceptionally skilled kitchen designers. Because of this, all the kitchen renovations in Hervey Bay that we undertake are visually stunning. Moreover, they are highly functional and practical.

      It will be our pleasure to transform your kitchen today into a precious space you will enjoy working from, so call us now!