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Wagga Wagga Kitchen Renovations

Wagga Wagga Kitchen Renovations

    At Australian Construction, we are industry leaders in the design and construction of luxury kitchens. For years we have provided bespoke designer kitchens that suit our clients’ lifestyles. We are the leading kitchen renovations manufacturers in Wagga Wagga. Moreover, we are popular because we are professional.

    Furthermore, we are committed to excellence. For this reason, we have given our clients countless quality kitchens. We specialise in offering modern kitchen renovations and designs. Besides, we provide custom designs for all kitchens. 

    Our company uses a skilled in-house design team. Additionally, we have a site that guides you through all the processes of kitchen renovations or installation. We are committed to giving you a custom kitchen that matches your style.

    Traditional style kitchens

    With our country style kitchen, you can express your personality. We provide open shelving and glass-fronted cabinets. Because of this, you can showcase your collections of accessories and crockery. We mainly use rustic creams and white as the main colour. We emphasise a cosy, natural ambience. As a result, the timber cabinetry blends in easily in your traditional white kitchen.

    Kitchen installation and build 

    Australian Construction completes all the stages of your project. We handle the design, construction of cabinetry and installation of your kitchen. We manufacture quality cabinetry in our factory. For this reason, we have total control of all the phases of your kitchen renovations in Wagga Wagga. Additionally, we project-manage your installation procedure for your convenience. 

    Selecting the right benchtops is vital

    You might need an engineered stone. Or perhaps you want a laminate benchtop. Notwithstanding, we offer various styles and colours suitable for your new kitchen. We have appropriate products to match your lifestyle and design. In other words, we have neutral and traditional tones as well as on-trend accents. Our company is proud to use Australian manufactured products. We give our clients a unique level of service.

    Classic style kitchens

    Many times we design classic style kitchens to match their surroundings. Not only does this kitchen make a statement, but it also provides strong, clean lines. Moreover, its design elements focus on functionality and practicality. 

    Mostly we use cream and white colours all through. The reason is these colours are still fashionable. More importantly, they give the kitchen a warm and inviting feel. When you consider this design style, a classic white kitchen comes to mind.

    Practicality and aesthetics are the main considerations when selecting a classic kitchen design. Comparatively, we decorate them in a subtle method than other styles.  This design features a symmetrical design and space-saving alternatives.

    Industrial style kitchen

    Our industrial kitchen design has raw, textural beauty. This type of kitchen features concrete, tiled and brick walls. For this style, Australian Construction uses raw materials like recycled concrete or bricks. So we build a warehouse-style appearance. Our industrial style kitchen mainly has a dark colour palette. It includes black together with dark timber features, giving it a soft feel.

    Commercial projects

    We are your efficient commercial market supplier. When you deal with us, it ensures decreased timeframes, offering peace of mind. We manufacture our products internally. We also have access to a significant network of reliable suppliers.


    We have skilled and experienced kitchen installers and designers. They blend modern styles and contemporary features and elements in your home. Apart from combining modern techniques and elements, our team specialises in kitchen renovations in Wagga Wagga

    Our team consults with you and gives you new design options. We make the designing and manufacturing procedure simple and exciting. As a result, we eliminate the stress involved in kitchen renovations.

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