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Ballarat Land Clearing Contractor

Ballarat Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction clears your land and prepares it for your next project. Given this, we remove brushes, debris and trees. Therefore, it facilitates construction. Our land clearing contractor in Ballarat offers quality services.

    We offer land clearing services that include stump and tree removal. Additionally, we clear bushes and remove debris. Our land clearing services involves lot clearing for vegetation, businesses, pools and homes.

    We ensure our machine operators are highly skilled in operating the machinery and taking care of the land. Our standard land clearing job entails removing thick brush. We also remove all sized trees. However, we are always ready to handle anything.

    Site preparation and lot and land clearing

    Australian Construction removes rocks, concrete, trees and shrubs. Moreover, we offer land and lot clearing solutions. But, this work can be challenging. For this reason, our land and lot clearing contractors can help. In this regard, we take the stress from you and clear your land. Besides, we remove the brush and prepare your space for the project.

    We have heavy machinery that demolishes lightly wooded or heavily forested land. Additionally, we demolish land full of tree stumps, abandoned houses or buildings or a non-functional pool. More importantly, our services are affordable.

    We offer the following commercial and residential land clearing services:

    • Brush removal
    • Right of way clearance
    • Fence and survey line clearing
    • Tree removal
    • Lot clearing for a new building
    • Mulching and scrub clearing
    • Stump removal
    • Building right of way for different access roads and more

    We use the following machinery:

    • Mulchers
    • Power racks
    • Tree shearers
    • Stump hogs
    • Tractors
    • Bulldozers

    Farming and vegetation land clearing

    Mulching and brush cutting is the best alternative to burn and slash methods. These methods deprive the ground of valuable topsoil and root base. With this in mind, the land clearing contractor in Ballarat grinds unwanted vegetation where it stands. We then change it into a helpful mulch that stops soil erosion.

    Mulching does not need dangerous fires. Moreover, it minimises ground compaction. After mulching, we carry out seeding. Because of this, we spread the grass seeds directly above the mulch. It improves the mulch characteristics. Also, it enhances moisture retention and hastens the decomposition rate.

    Clearing & Grubbing

    Expert mass land clearing is a significant factor when beginning any major construction or development project. The land is as unpredictable as the weather. However, Australian Construction is always up to the task.

    We have successfully delivered projects in rocky and glacial areas. Additionally, we have handled ravines and steep hillsides. We have a comprehensive fleet of heavy-duty equipment that is specially designed and track driven. We have highly qualified operators. Because of this, you have peace of mind knowing that industry-leading experts are handling your project.

    Stump grinding

    Our expert team fells the trees and removes them from the site. After this, we establish track driven stump grinders. They access all kinds of terrain like root masses, excavation depth and grind stumps. Consequently, the site is ready for instant excavation.

    Dirt clearing solutions for construction works

    After clearing the surface of the land, the soil may still have obstacles that need proper handling. In light of this, we offer dirt clearing solutions. Our expert team clears dirt in the form of stumps, rocks or hindrances in the soil.

    These elements might create an issue with grading. Generally, it can cause a problem with preparing the construction site. The Australian Construction dirt clearing team unearth holes. They then set up dirt piles around the premises. Consequently, it builds a simple layout for the building team.


    Australian Construction has skills and equipment. Because of this, we remove stumps, branches and trees from your property safely. Our team offers a full stump removal. We also provide stump grinding services. We remove the stumps below the ground. Hence, it prevents rotting stumps that attract termites and ants. Moreover, it can be unsightly and unsafe in the garden

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