Bunbury Land Clearing Contractor

Outstanding Land Clearing Contractor In Bunbury | Aus Construction

Bunbury Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction provides lot and land clearing services. Therefore, we eliminate ugly stumps and dead branches. Moreover, we get rid of entire trees. Because of this, homeowners can concentrate on their latest construction project. To start a new building project, you need an expert land clearing contractor in Bunbury. A clear lot is essential for beautifying or renovating the yard.

    Given this, we offer land and lot clearing solutions. Furthermore, we clear your property of trees, stumps and shrubs. Experts like Australian Construction handle your specific property’s requirements. But, more importantly, we work with minimal damage or impact on the land.

    First, our arborists grind down stumps; then, they remove any dying or dead trees. After this, they uproot plants with precision. We are thorough and experienced. Because of this, we ensure we do not leave any shallow roots. As a result, construction becomes easy. So call us today and find out about our unique land clearing services.

    Brush and land clearing

    Our land clearing contractor in Bunbury ensures that environmental impact is minimal during and clearing. Because of this, we use specialised equipment to eliminate using burning or chemicals. In addition, we leave a brush coating on the ground to provide mulch. Consequently, the mulch offers nutritional enrichment and soil aeration.

    Commercial construction projects

    Land clearing

    Clearing land is challenging. It mainly involves big heavy equipment. Often we need to tear out trees and brushes from the ground. As a result, it creates space for a building or home. Moreover, it makes room for a parking lot, driveway or another commercial establishment. Not only does the work need commercial-grade chain saws but also safety equipment.  Working without the appropriate tools and safety equipment is dangerous. Similarly, not using the best techniques is risky.

    Clearing trees for site preparation

    If your land has big and old trees, it is hard to remove them. On the other hand, it is worth retaining some native trees. It would be best if you had the technology and workforce to clear trees. Moreover, it is vital to make informed decisions about the trees that are worth saving. Likewise, you should know the tree that needs pruning or trimming.

    Lot clearing

    Australian Construction offers labour intensive lot clearing. We remove trees, unwanted growth and scrub brush. In addition, we eliminate unnecessary items likes appliances, tires and other things.

    Debris hauling

    The land clearing contractor in Bunbury removes debris from a property. They haul away rubbish remaining from remodelling. The waste may also result from discarded appliances and broken garden equipment. Our competent team systematically removes debris from gardens, garages, attics and shed.

    As a result, it creates order and tidiness to your home. Our professional debris hauling facilitates the recycling of some material. We also dispose of waste properly, as well as the organic material that needs composting. There are various steps for preparing your land for a task.

    First is tree removal, which is a natural step. However, it would be best if you worked with a tree service firm like Australian Construction. We complete the extra steps and undertake proper land clearing. Consequently, you have an open area for working on your project.

    Root removal

    Trees’ root systems grow underground. Also, they are complex and can spread widely across the lawn. Given this, we do not only cut down trees but also offer services for roots. These are roots that pop up, protrude and spread across the ground. Root removal is a crucial procedure for creating a flat area for construction.


    Australian Construction prepares your land. Because of this, it becomes an ideal site for new construction. We also offer demolition services for existing structures. In addition, we have highly experienced and trained excavating equipment operators. As a result, we clear land efficiently, cost-effectively and on time.

    Contact us today for premium land clearing services in Bunbury!

      Gladstone Land Clearing Contractor

      Your Local Land Clearing Contractor In Gladstone | Aus Construction

      Gladstone Land Clearing Contractor

        Australian Construction has highly trained experts. These professionals specialise in land management and tree services. Moreover, our land clearing contractor in Gladstone has vast experience. Therefore our clients obtain the ideal tree care in the sector. We offer excellence in tree trimming and tree removal. Additionally, we undertake stump removal and various tree services. 

        Furthermore, we carry out quality service in brush removal and land clearing. Moreover, we handle recurring land maintenance. Our other services include emergency services, tree planting and cabling & bracing. So whatever your requirements you can count on us. After all, we provide brilliance, experience and skills in all land management projects and tree services. We offer commercial and residential services.

        Our services

        We comprehend the challenges you are experiencing. For this reason, our expert team gets rid of overgrown weeds and brush. As a result, they offer you a perfect piece of land. Australian Construction land clearing team helps provide efficient and affordable land clearing services. Because of this, we have a strong reputation for productivity and durability.

        Besides, we are well known for after-sales support. For this reason, companies in Gladstone rely on our mulching equipment. After all, we work to deliver the correct work. Our skilled team handles complex applications. For example, we deliver land clearing, vegetation management and environmental purposes. Additionally, we use the appropriate contractor to deliver the work.

        We offer our clients the following services:

        Vegetation management

        • Invasive species removal
        • Forest wood fuel removal
        • Right of way clearing
        • Forestry clearing


        • Road construction & maintenance
        • Material handling and support services
        • Soil stabilisation
        • Land clearing
        • Oil & gas
        • Brush clearing
        • Seismic exploration


        • Habitat & wetland construction
        • Conservation
        • Vegetation clearing

        It can be challenging to handle the right of way for highways or roads. Also, it isn’t easy to work on communication lines and power lines. In addition, it is complex to handle other utilities. The task is demanding due to the finish, terrain and maintenance requirements. We choose the equipment according to the job. For example, in the right of way task, we maintain safe traffic flow. This consideration is not found in other kinds of land clearing works.

        Due to this, our selection of machinery for right of the way tasks is varied. The land clearing contractor in Gladstone uses compact tractors featuring mulching heads. Because of this, we carry out fence line work in confined spaces. Additionally, it handles heavier grasses and standing trees. The best solution for thinning work is tree shear attachments.

        Moreover, we use excavator-mounted mulchers for selective cutting between your favourite trees. For major scale projects where work volume is crucial, we use more giant tracked mulching tractors. As a result, we offer a workable finish. Similarly, we provide the acres per day for optimal productivity.

        Our team chooses our compact tractor. Alternatively, we can opt for the large mulching tractor. It depends on the kind of work we have and the type of terrain. Appropriate choice of attachments and undercarriage selections are beneficial decisions for all kinds of the right clearing equipment.

        Removing invasive species

        The land clearing contractor in Gladstone has highly effective equipment. Therefore we efficiently remove invasive species. Beetle-killed trees, plant diseases and invasive plants species present significant threats to water supplies. Also, wildlife habitats and native vegetation are at risk and could trigger a wildfire. Given this, we use low ground pressure tractors featuring mulching attachments. Our team uses these machines for vegetation management in wetland regions. Therefore, we remove Arundo and different wetland invasive species.


        Do you want to build the home of your dreams? Or are you starting a commercial development project? Under these circumstances, Australian Construction offers you efficient and dependable land clearing services in Gladstone. 

        We look forward to giving you the best land clearing services in Gladstone!

          Coffs Harbour Land Clearing Contractor

          Efficient Land Clearing Contractor In Coffs Harbour | Aus Construction

          Coffs Harbour Land Clearing Contractor

            The experts at Australian Construction clear your land, ensuring it’s ready for your future project. Our land clearing contractor in Coffs Harbour removes brushes and trees. Moreover, we remove debris to facilitate new construction. We have highly trained employees. Because of this, they give you top quality services.

            Our land clearing services include stump and tree removal. Additionally, we clear bushes and remove debris. We can clear almost anything from your residence or premises. More importantly, our team uses a custom approach for every job we perform. These tasks include lot and land clearing. Therefore, we ensure our clients have satisfaction. 

            Debris removal

            At Australian Construction, we provide superior quality debris removal services. We undertake industrial, residential and civil projects. Our clients include:

            • Homeowners
            • Apartment managers
            • Property managers
            • Rental property owners
            • Building contractors

            Furthermore, our land clearing contractor in Coffs Harbour is experienced. In addition, we have a heavy-duty fleet and manpower. Because of this, we serve any civil, residential and commercial debris removal project you require. You might have a small space near your residential home. Or perhaps you have a wide-open field or commercial building you want to develop. Under these circumstances, our team can handle it correctly.

            Australian Construction caters to any civil and industrial needs. Additionally, we handle commercial and residential requirements. Our firm deals with all sized jobs. We offer debris removal services to complement our excavating services. Our expert team excavates and demolishes your commercial or residential building.  We then haul the resultant debris away. Our team is efficient and on schedule, because work cannot begin until we clear the site. Given this, we offer debris removal services for construction debris, brick, and dirt. In addition, we remove brushes, stumps, rock and other materials.

            Rock removal

            Large boulders and rocky areas on your property stop you from enjoying it fully. Because of this, the land clearing contractor in Coffs Harbour uses mechanical equipment. It is a safe technique, and it prevents structural damage to existing structures and utilities. The rock hardness determines the rock removal (excavation of rocks) removal method. Our company has the workforce, heavy-duty fleet and experience to carry out any size rock removal task you require.

            Land levelling

            It is necessary to level your land in preparation for a major addition. For instance, you may want to add a room, garage or another building. For this reason, it is essential to service after excavation.  Also, this service is necessary when selling your home.

            Notwithstanding the existing task or reason, we offer the solution. After all, we have the skill, experience and equipment. So we level your property cost-effectively and safely. We remove excess debris and dirt. Hence, you can begin any extra projects immediately.

            Outdoor cleaning

            The land clearing contractor provides all your outdoor cleaning requirements. We have reliable staffing and machinery for removing any barriers on your grounds. These blockages might be stopping you from carrying out jobs like:

            Under these circumstances, we offer our tree removal services. Similarly, we provide land clearing solutions at an affordable cost. As a result, you have a prepped site. It is therefore ready for any landscaping project you need.


            At Australian Construction, we provide free assessments. Because of this, we have a clear understanding of your entire project and budget. When you contact us, first, we send out a skilled land renovation professional. Second, they inspect your property and assist you in deciding what needs trimming or removal. It depends on what you want. Third, we work fast, efficiently and cost-efficiently.

            We will be happy to cater to all your land clearing requirements in Coffs Harbour!

              Bundaberg Land Clearing Contractor

              Your Trusting Land Clearing Contractor In Bundaberg | Aus Construction

              Bundaberg Land Clearing Contractor

                Australian Construction provides unique lot clearing services. We offer these services to commercial property owners. Moreover, we serve municipalities and residential homeowners. Our land clearing contractor in Bundaberg offers a custom approach to all lot and land clearing services.  Because of this, our clients have complete satisfaction.

                We send a skilled lot clearing expert to inspect your property visually. They assess your property and assist you in making decisions. Given this, they advise you what needs trimming or removal. It depends on your needs. Additionally, we cut roads and trails through hunting camp properties. More importantly, we carry out tree removal correctly and affordably.

                Reasons for land clearing

                Do you have a residential construction project? In that case, before starting, the construction area needs levelling. Additionally, it would be best for you to clear this land of all debris, vegetation and structures. Expert land clearing from Australian Construction is the initial step for the residential projects below:

                • Building a new home
                • Constructing an addition to an existing house
                • Pouring a new sidewalk, driveway or other paved areas
                • Building an access road, right-of-way or utility
                • Repairing existing utilities. It includes sewage, gas lines and plumbing
                • Offering clearance around existing or new construction

                Land clearing work

                Our land clearing contractor in Bundaberg provides different land clearing options. We offer them to residential property owners. It depends on their unique requirements. Furthermore, we offer complete lot clearing and simple debris removal. Our expert land clearing services include:

                • Total lot clearing
                • Soil drainage control
                • Ground levelling
                • Pasture mowing
                • Bush hogging
                • Rock removal
                • Stump removal & grinding
                • Root scraping & raking
                • Hauling services
                • Debris removal
                • Tree removal
                • Underbrush mulching
                • Land surveying

                Work with an expert land clearing firm

                You may wish to carry out all the work on your own. The size of your residential land clearing work determines this. However, even if the area that requires clearing is small, we do not recommend this. Large specialised equipment is essential for efficient and quick removal of brush and trees.

                Also, machinery like excavators or bulldozers is necessary for clearing other vegetation from a residential piece of land. In light of this, you need extensive training for safe operation. You might need to prepare your land for new construction. Or perhaps you require land clearing for landscaping. Under these circumstances, talk to our reliable land clearing contractor in Bundaberg.

                Clearing brush and trees from the land

                In Bundaberg, we are the leading option for residential land clearing. After all, we are fully insured in landscaping and tree care. Because of this, we offer a full range of land clearing services. For example, we provide brush removal services.

                We also undertake stump grinding to prepare lots for construction. Besides, our expert land clearing team has training in operating the latest forestry equipment. As a result, they complete every land clearing work fast and safely. Therefore, work with us for residential land clearing. We guarantee you will benefit from our vast experience!

                Expert tree removal

                Australian Construction has skilled arborists. Hence, they work to sustain the trees’ beauty, health and longevity. Most trees survive for generations. Sadly, they are still prone to insect infestation or disease. In addition, structural failure can shorten their lives. Because of this, it is wise to hire our skilled arborist to cut down your tree. Below are some of the reasons:

                • It prevents likely safety hazards posed by dying, dead or damaged tree limbs or whole trees.
                • To clear the land before new construction, landscaping or utility rights-of-way.
                • It thins out congested wooded areas. Hence it provides extra light and space. As a result, the remaining trees flourish.


                Have you bought some land recently for constructing a new office or home? Under these circumstances, it can be challenging to take care of all the construction elements independently. Before starting, you might require land clearing to obtain a clean and fresh new start.

                For this reason, hire an expert company like Australian Construction. Our skilled team clears whatever you do not need. More importantly, they retain the essential areas of your landscape.

                So contact us today for all your land clearing services in Bundaberg.

                  Hervey Bay Land Clearing Contractor

                  Superb Land Clearing Contractor In Hervey Bay | Aus Construction

                  Hervey Bay Land Clearing Contractor

                    Australian Construction offers all types of land clearing. For example, we clear an entire block of land or selectively remove trees. Our land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay visits your premises and provides a free, no-obligation quote. Moreover, our services are affordable.

                    We work with you and remove the required trees to facilitate development. Our expert team undertakes complete removal or felling; it includes mulching. 

                    Palm removal and cleaning

                    It can be challenging to remove palms. Palms look wonderful. However, they become too big. Consequently, they become messy and unwanted. Because of this, Australian Construction provides palm removal services. 

                    We remove palms of all sizes. Unfortunately, pool areas have limited space. However, we have experienced climbers who climb the palms safely. Additionally, they piece them down hence preventing damage.

                    The land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay carries out stump grinding and removes the palm entirely. As a result, you can recover your garden bed. In addition, we offer a fixed cost quotation for a standard palm cleaning service. There are many types of bamboo, cane and palm. 

                    Regardless, we have a method of removing or cleaning them. Do you want to retain the palm but keep it tidy? Under these circumstances, we remove the seedpods and dead fronds. Also, we thin out the fronds to allow the light in. Where possible, our skilled team climbs palms without using spikes. As a result, we maintain their beauty. 

                    Likewise, the land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay thins or removes golden cane clumps. Whatever your needs, we are happy to deliver. 

                    Stump grinding    

                    Do you need total tree removal? Or do you require the removal of a single stump? Notwithstanding, our experienced team removes any stump quickly. Furthermore, they handle areas with tight access. We offer stump-grinding services throughout Hervey Bay.

                    There are several reasons for stump removal. First, a large tree stump can prevent you from undertaking earthworks. Second, it stops you from using your garden bed to its maximum. The land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay uses a stump grinder for stump removal. In light of this, we use the stump grinder for chipping away at the stump.

                    Consequently, we remove the stump to about 150-200mm beneath ground level. It produces workable ground. The machine is tracked. Hence, it moves over rough ground. It is 900mm wide. Because of this, we can reach most areas.

                    In addition, we have a tinier wheeled machine to access unusual areas. It includes accessing the bottom of steps or a pool area. Also, we use the stump grinder to remove golden cane stumps and palm stumps. Likewise, we can grind the visible roots of ancient stumps. They make it difficult for you to mow the lawn quickly.

                    Construction Site Cleanup

                    We have experienced and highly trained construction site cleaners. Therefore they have a great understanding of health and safety guidelines. But, more importantly, they follow these guidelines for working on a construction site. 

                    Because of this, your employees, contractors and the public are safe. Our Australian Construction team offers the best construction cleanup service in Hervey Bay. Besides, we customise the services specifically to the building sector. Our land clearing contractor in Hervey Bay provides committed cleaning staff for all sized sites.

                    Our comprehensive construction cleanup services include:

                    • Managing all projects from beginning to end. Hence we ensure quality control
                    • Stringent Health & Safety protocol
                    • Highly trained and skilled cleaning teams


                    At Australian Construction, we have experience in land clearing and tree removal services. Also, we provide these services for land development projects. Our services are available to projects of all sizes and scales. In addition, we follow a systematic procedure. Because of this, we ensure appropriate land clearing. 

                    So contact us today for the best land clearing services in Hervey Bay!

                      Port Macquarie Land Clearing Contractor

                      Top Tier Land Clearing Contractor In Port Macquarie | Aus Construction

                      Port Macquarie Land Clearing Contractor

                        Australian Construction provides advanced land clearing services. In light of this, we meet many requirements. Furthermore, our land clearing contractor in Port Macquarie works with various clients. For instance, we work with estate owners and farmers. Additionally, we serve building firms.

                        We have top-notch land clearing methods. Because of this, we have earned the reputation of being a land clearing leader. Our sophisticated mulching equipment enables us to handle any project.  Moreover, we tackle all kinds of vegetation, density or volume. 

                        We have a skilled team of land clearing experts. Besides, we have advanced equipment, and we complete dense forest projects. In addition, we serve agricultural pastures.

                        Our services

                        Australian Construction provides commercial and residential land clearing services such as:

                        • Biomass incorporation
                        • Vegetation clearing
                        • Pasture clearing
                        • Storm damage cleanup
                        • Stump removal
                        • Brush removal
                        • Tree removal
                        • Construction site preparation
                        • Newest land clearing technology

                        At all times, we endeavour to use the newest land clearing methods. As a result, we are happy to provide an industry-leading mulching service. We grab and grind vegetation. Consequently, we provide nutritionally rich mulch. As a result, it benefits the soil, hence preventing erosion.

                        When clearing land, we often wish to retain a specific type of vegetation. But, on the other hand, we control others. To this end, the land clearing contractor in Port Macquarie undertakes mulching work. We utilise this technique instead of bulldozing, which destroys everything available. Instead, our team uses our advanced equipment. Because of this, the ‘waste’ is left on the ground. It is a beneficial ecological resource. After all, it decomposes and emits vital nitrogen.

                        For this reason, it facilitates the development of the vegetation you want. In addition, mulching protects the soil. We cut trees down to the ground level rather than uprooting them.

                        Comparatively, it is safer and quicker than bulldozing. Likewise, it enables more specific and targeted land clearance. Hence, it differs from bulldozing, which can lead to accidental damage. The advantages of this newest method are:

                        • It is quicker and more efficient.
                        • The method decreases the quantity of waste to be removed.
                        • It prevents soil erosion and is a lot less disruptive.
                        • The technique is more environmentally friendly.

                        We have advanced mulching techniques. For this reason, they are ideal for:

                        • Reviving and restoring your land
                        • Cleaning up following logging activity
                        • Creating panoramas and views
                        • Setting up horse riding, cycling and walking trails.
                        • Preparing a building site

                        For the ideal land clearing and mulching services, we are a natural choice.  Not only do we have advanced methods but also an old-fashioned work principle. Because of this, our customers are happy.

                        Demolition and debris cleanup solutions

                        Most land clearing tasks in Port Macquarie requires removing trash, metal and various types of debris. Therefore, the land clearing contractor in Port Macquarie provides different services.   We clear waste from your land. In other words, we give you a no-hassle service.

                        We work hard to ensure you do not have any remaining trash from the clearing procedure. After all, we aim to clean up your land with maximum attention to detail.

                        Advantages of demolition & debris removal

                        Your property remains in excellent condition.

                        It prevents accidents in the future that happens when debris remains on site. Using the Australian Construction removal service takes work responsibility from you.


                        No one wants to be left with vast quantities of debris after land clearing. In light of this, Australian Construction undertakes your demolition and trash as well as debris removal. We work from beginning to end. Therefore, you can concentrate on your development. You do not need to clean up junk.

                        Please book your appointment now to find out how we can deliver your land clearing services!

                          Melton Land Clearing Contractor

                          Professional Land Clearing Contractor In Melton | Aus Construction

                          Melton Land Clearing Contractor

                            Do you need brush or trees removal? In that case, Australian Construction can help. Our land clearing contractor in Bunbury provides exceptional land clearing services. These services are available to commercial property owners. Additionally, we serve residential homeowners.

                            Our expert team clears out shrubs, trees and underbrush. Also, we clear away plants and haul the debris away. We use thorough clean up services.  The Australian Construction crew is professional. Because of this, they remove significant volumes of trees from development sites fast. We serve government, commercial and residential clients. Furthermore, we remove trees depending on plan particulars. We grind all stumps and remove debris for clean excavating. 

                            Our quality services

                            The land clearing contractor in Melton is well equipped. As a result, we give you full land rehabilitation and plot clearing services. Our team clears unwanted trees and shrubs. Furthermore, we undertake this job for productive purposes. We clear land for ease of access and firebreaks. Generally, it makes your land more beautiful and adds value.

                            As part of our services, we provide a no-charge site inspection. It determines your particular needs. We also find out what vegetation needs clearing. In addition, we determine the particular land’s terrain and its geo-structure. From this inspection, we give you different available options. Finally, we offer you an approximated cost of the project to suit your budget.

                            Our services include:

                            • Levelling the land
                            • Chipping
                            • Ripping
                            • Disking
                            • Bossie Kapping
                            • Scarifying
                            • Sewing

                            Tree removal

                            It is wonderful to have trees in your landscape. After all, trees give you shade and beautify your landscape. Because of this, you enjoy natural beauty throughout the year. However, at times trees can be a bother or even dangerous to your family and home. Tree removal is a labour-intensive procedure, even with the correct equipment. Fortunately, Australian Construction has you covered.

                            Full tree removal services

                            The land clearing contractor in Melton’s main objective is maintaining your landscape. With this in mind, we endeavour to sustain your trees’ health. On the other hand, when required, we also remove trees.  The specific tree might be diseased or overgrown. Therefore, it is dangerous to your home. Under these circumstances, we remove it safely and correctly.

                            Dead trees in your landscape lead to broken branches. Consequently, the branches fall on your roof. Likewise, those dead branches fall on surrounding power lines. Because of this, they create a dangerous situation for emergency repair staff and the public.

                            Our top priority is to keep the trees in your yard healthy. For this reason, we do not underscore tree removal. Even so, we appreciate that tree removal may be the ideal or only option. Australian Construction has expertly trained arborists. This crew has the experience, value and insight. You might need the removal of one tree or a complete yard overhaul. Notwithstanding, you can trust us to do the job right.

                            Expert service

                            Does your yard have dead trees? In such a case, do not try to remove them. DIY tree removal can be very harmful. Besides, if something goes wrong, it can present a public liability. Complete tree removal needs expert help. Because of this, our land clearing contractor in Melton is available to help.

                            Moreover, our professional arborists are fully trained. So they know what to check for. More importantly, they appreciate they need to work efficiently and safely. Hence they implement these qualities when removing diseased and dead trees from your landscape.


                            Australian Construction is reputed as a reliable land clearing. Our land clearing contractor in Melton provides superior services at affordable rates.  The reason is we have the equipment and experience to remove fallen trees, prune and trim. Furthermore, we provide these services efficiently and safely.

                            Call us today for efficient and quality land clearing services.

                              Wagga Wagga Land Clearing Contractor

                              High-Quality Land Clearing Contractor In Wagga Wagga

                              Wagga Wagga Land Clearing Contractor

                                In Wagga Wagga Australian Construction is a leader in land clearing services. Additionally, we provide brush management services. We aim to help you clear, reclaim and restore your property. Because of this, you enjoy your property. At the same time, you keep the plants you want unharmed and healthy. Our land clearing contractor in Wagga Wagga has top-notch equipment.

                                The equipment not only clears land fast but also facilitates restoring nutrients to the ground. Besides, it stops erosion and is much cheaper and faster. Using this machine eliminates a messy burning or haul-away method. Have stumps, brushes or trees invaded your land? Under these circumstances, we grind them back to the dirt.

                                Land clearing services

                                You might be a DIY kind of person. However, it would be best if you did not carry out land clearing by yourself. You may have a small part of the land to clear. Regardless it needs lots of time and heavy machinery to complete the work successfully. Our land clearing contractor in Wagga Wagga uses giant bulldozers and small hand tools to clear the land.

                                You incur more expenses if you attempt to obtain these things yourself. Additionally, it would be best to have the know-how of operating trimming and tree removal equipment. Therefore, avoid this stress and choose a more straightforward method. Allow Australian Construction to carry out your land clearing services.

                                Debris removal

                                Strong winds in Wagga Wagga can scatter leaves, dirt, tree leaves and other debris around your yard and home. As a result, your property looks unattractive. Since you are busy, you may be unable to clear it up whenever it happens. In this case, Australian Construction is the firm to call. We have served the Wagga Wagga region for years. We always go the extra mile when working. Because of this, we have created an outstanding reputation.

                                Clearing your yard

                                It would be best if you upheld your reputation among your neighbours. A storm might have struck, or maybe you have just renovated your home. Regardless, it can be chaotic at times. For this reason, allow our land clearing contractor in Wagga Wagga to clear all the plants or tree debris from your property.

                                Moreover, we remove it quickly, making your property look lovely once more. So, allow our land clearing contractor in Wagga Wagga to clear all the plants or tree debris from your property. Moreover, we remove it quickly, making your property look lovely once more.

                                Debris pickup

                                You may decide to clean to reduce costs. However, it would be best if you got rid of the tree debris. Because of this, Australian Construction is here to help. Call us for our professional debris pickup. Our expert team arrives and the scheduled time. They then get rid of your debris.

                                Eco-friendly options

                                We are certified arborists, and our fundamental concern is providing tree services. Furthermore, we are environmentally conscious. The land clearing contractor in Wagga Wagga undertakes debris removal and pickup. In addition, we dispose of it in an eco-friendly manner. As a result, you do not need to worry about creating more carbon footprint than necessary. Hence, for debris removal or pickup, call us, and we will respond fast.

                                Residential tree services

                                At Australian Construction, we understand the visual effect a landscape has on visitors.  We have vast experience in offering full-service lawn and tree care.  Our services are available to corporate, historical, institutional and residential properties. Moreover, state, local, and federal agencies rely on our expertise. Also, municipalities use our professionalism, flexible planning and customised services.


                                At Australian Construction, we appreciate that land clearing involves more than aesthetics. Because of this, we are committed to decreasing risks. So, we offer practical solutions. Therefore, we protect and improve the value of our customer’s investment.

                                We will be happy to offer you our exceptional land clearing services, so call us now!

                                  Mackay Land Clearing Contractor

                                  Your Expert Land Clearing Contractor In Mackay | Aus Construction

                                  Mackay Land Clearing Contractor

                                    Australian Construction uses only superior equipment for land clearing. Because of this, we access all kinds of land. For instance, our land clearing contractor in Mackay handles high slopes and difficult to reach areas. Our machines are compact but robust. Therefore, we use them for mowing, slashing and mulching.

                                    We utilise these services for hillsides, private land and areas near dense traffic. For us, safety is a top priority. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment. Because of this, we ensure we work responsibly and safely.

                                    Land clearing reasons

                                    At times you have a piece of land you want to start using. Or you have just started a construction project. For this reason, you have to clear land for the base of the structures you are setting up. If you are a farmer, land clearing helps you to prepare the land. Here land preparation is done for crops. In light of this, we clear brush, rocks and trees. Besides, we smooth out big holes.

                                    However, for a homeowner land clearing aims at utilising previously unused land. It may have earlier been a forested or thick brush area.  Brush clearing and tree removal can be complex and time-consuming. Given this, you need heavy machinery operation. Avoid clearing the land yourself to save time and money.

                                    What land clearing entails

                                    The land clearing process involves removing stumps and trees. It also means removing stones and other barriers from an area. The purpose is for construction projects or land improvement. We clear the land for several purposes:

                                    Whatever your reasons you need to learn about some factors. For instance, you need to know the amount of labour you need. Therefore, read below to find out more about land clearing!

                                    Mulching, slashing, mowing

                                    Our land clearing contractor in Mackay helps with land clearing. We ensure we look after the surrounding environment properly. More importantly, we work with minimal disruption. We are professionals, and we appreciate these are crucial land clearing considerations. Our team looks after your property at all times. Moreover, they follow council regulations and approvals. In addition, our team uses various land clearing and vegetation solutions.

                                    The land clearing contractor in Mackay handles all jobs. For example, we work on small spaces and big acres of land. We use safe and powerful equipment. Because of this, we guarantee you fast clearing of overgrown vegetation, weeds and grass.

                                    Benefits of land clearing

                                    Expert land clearing provides various benefits. It helps your land to flourish and fight the invasion of harmful weeds. The healthy growth of plants reduces if they are competing to develop in one area. When we clear the land, the remaining vegetation gets optimal water, sun and nutrients. You may have land with a lot of plant material and vegetation. If left uncleared, this land poses a high fire risk especially because of Australia’s hot weather.

                                    In addition, land clearing maintains the soil’s healthy condition. The reason is this process distributes a layer of mulch above the soil. As a result, it prevents weeds from growing. Our team clears and maintains dense parts of the land. It minimises pests as well. So allow our skilled team to give you vegetation management and land clearing solutions.


                                    Australian Construction has the equipment and expertise to undertake all your land clearing requirements. Given this, we remove all stumps and trees.

                                    We have remote-controlled equipment. As a result, our expert team clears land and manages vegetation safely from a distance. Additionally, we are specialists in slope mowing to a maximum of 600 and mulch regrowth up to 4″ thick. When you work with us, you enjoy safety, professionalism and commitment. We want you to have a healthy land.

                                    Therefore, call us today for meticulous land clearing in Mackay!

                                      Rockhampton Land Clearing Contractor

                                      Outstanding Land Clearing Contractor In Rockhampton | Aus Construction

                                      Rockhampton Land Clearing Contractor

                                        Australian Construction has vast experience in land and tree clearing. Moreover, we have worked for various commercial clients. Our land clearing contractor in Rockhampton clears land effectively and efficiently. Because of this, we facilitate major construction projects.

                                        In addition, we provide edge-of-road clearing and grinding. Besides, we offer vegetated land grubbing for any development work. We also provide expert land clearing services. Given this, we service all sized properties. Our expert team undertakes complete site preparation. These services are available for commercial, civil and residential properties.

                                        Fully equipped

                                        Australian Construction has a powerful fleet of equipment. For example, we have excavators, dozers and trucks. Because of this, we seamlessly pick the most affordable option. Therefore, we efficiently clear large areas of vegetation. Do you want to clear land in a large area of land or a single area? Under these circumstances, we have you covered!

                                        Our land clearing contractor in Rockhampton provides land clearing for:

                                        • Civil development
                                        • Farming and agriculture
                                        • Landscaping
                                        • Commercial development
                                        • Residential development

                                        Our land clearing services

                                        Land clearing involves targeted extraction of specific vegetation and brush. Also, it entails removing stones, trees, brushes and other barriers.  In Australia, this practice is common for commercial and residential practices. It is the ideal way of clearing small trees and brush.

                                        At Australian Construction, we mainly undertake land clearing to prepare for construction work. However, in the agriculture industry, this procedure is famous. When we utilise land clearing in agriculture, it facilitates cultivation. Additionally, it provides vineyards and grazing pastures. Because of this, we apply land clearing in different projects.

                                        Mostly the land clearing contractor in Rockhampton carries out land clearing before excavation and levelling activities. It depends on the type of procedure. It is crucial to check your local regulations and laws concerning Australian land clearing. The reason is there exists a wide range of limitations and restrictions that might come up at times.


                                        During the mulching process, we break down the garden. We also break down land clearing waste. For instance, we break down waste like hay, wood, plant matter and leaves.  We use mulching machines such as chippers. Mulching returns nutrients and organic materials to the soil.

                                        Because of this, mulching is popular.  Likewise, it is an efficient and effective process that creates ‘mulch’ as a production item. We use mulch in different residential and commercial applications. However, we mainly apply it as a top coating on the surface soil. Doing this conserves soil moisture and prevents erosion. Additionally, it prohibits weed development and improves soil health and fertility.

                                        Various kinds of land clearing equipment

                                        Mulchers and chippers are machines created to break down land clearing waste. This waste includes plant and wood matter. You eventually utilise it for reuse as mulch. We also use it as a part of the disposal process. They are termed chippers, mulchers or shredders. We also refer to them as wood shredders, shredder mulchers or wood chippers.


                                        Hydromulching has mainly known as hydroseeding. Australian Construction provides this effective and fast service. In light of this, we use it for dust control and high shear areas. Furthermore, we use it for land revegetation. In hydro mulching, our land clearing contractor in Rockhampton uses a planting procedure that uses specialised mulch.

                                        Mainly it consists of a blend of fibre mulch, fertiliser, water, seed and a binding agent. However, this recipe differs with various suppliers. Usually, we spray this product. We use it for erosion control, landfill cover and slope retention. Moreover, we utilise it for odour and dust control, stormwater management and stockpile cover.


                                        Our experienced team at Australian Construction handles all kinds of projects. For example, they undertake complex site preparation. Moreover, they also take care of residential blocks land clearing and land rehabilitation. You might be farming, landscaping or developing for construction. Regardless, we can offer expert earthmoving and excavation solutions to accommodate you.

                                        Talk to us today about our exceptional land clearing services!

                                          Launceston Land Clearing Contractor

                                          Industry Leading Land Clearing Contractor In Launceston

                                          Launceston Land Clearing Contractor

                                            At Australian Construction, we offer professional land clearing services. We serve commercial and residential properties. Our land clearing contractor in Launceston completes the job expertly and safely. More importantly, our prices are affordable. Additionally, we are fully equipped. Therefore, we handle large and small scale land clearing and block clearing projects.

                                            In other words, our expert team understands site preparation and land clearing. Because of this, we are skilled in our work. We are specialists in stumps and tree removal. We also handle site preparation and ground levelling expertly. Additionally, we can help with new building sites, government and school land. Besides we handle sub-divisions and new housing blocks. Preparing land for development requires clearing the land before construction begins.

                                            In light of this, we work with developers to analyse land clearing projects. We offer ideal land clearing services. Our team also gives suggestions to meet the required results. More importantly, we ensure we follow council requirements.

                                            Our services

                                            We provide the following land clearing services:

                                            • Wood chipping and on-site mulching that is reusable
                                            • Full site clearing for house construction
                                            • Maintaining bushland to reduce possible fire breaks
                                            • Clearing hazardous trees and disposal
                                            • Stump and root extraction. As a result, you avoid damage to pipes, electrical wires or other utilities.
                                            • Excavation to make the land level.
                                            • Stump grinding enabling you to repurpose the land.
                                            • Stump grinding to the point where you can repurpose the land
                                            • Excavation to level the land

                                            Why choose Australian Construction?

                                            Land clearing can be challenging without the right tools and equipment. So, leave this work to professionals like Australian Construction. We clear significant areas of your land. Consequently, you can reuse and repurpose your land. The land clearing contractor in Launceston has vast experience in demolition. We are also skilled in tree removal and construction industries. As a result, we have the necessary skills. We are skilled in machinery operating, site management and supervision.

                                            Additionally, we are experienced enough to ensure we give your project the attention and knowledge it needs. Because of this, we save you time and money in your land clearing project.  We clear large spaces on your property professionally. That is to say, we offer you a clear area to use.

                                            Our land clearing services include:

                                            • Removing dead trees
                                            • Tree clearing
                                            • Removing stumps and shrubs

                                            Do you want high-quality land clearing services? In that case, our qualified team leaves your land bare. Moreover, the land is devoid of unwanted vegetation. Because of this, you can build your commercial property or home. Our land clearing services are reliable and safe. One of our team members undertakes an onsite inspection. Given this, they assess your trees and give you their findings. We provide:

                                            • Tree reports
                                            • Stump grinding
                                            • Land clearing
                                            • Tree cutting
                                            • Risk reduction
                                            • Trimming
                                            • Test management
                                            • Tree bracing
                                            • Emergency callout service


                                            The land clearing contractor in Launceston prunes all types of trees. Before beginning any work, we discuss your options. Our team pays attention and care to all their work. Moreover, we have full insurance. Therefore, we ensure everything and everyone is safe as we work. We can handle:

                                            • Hedges
                                            • Service and power wires clearing
                                            • Fruit trees
                                            • Fence line pruning
                                            • Reducing canopy on deciduous trees

                                            Tree reports

                                            We are highly qualified arborists. As a result, we understand trees. Also, we provide onsite inspections to handle your tree concerns. These two key issues mainly involve a tree’s structure and health. Because of this we provide tree reports and give suggestions on our findings.

                                            Some of our reasons for compiling tree reports include:

                                            • Scenic protection
                                            • Public liability
                                            • Heritage listings
                                            • Tree protection and preservation
                                            • Tree removal applications


                                            You can trust the team at Australian Construction to complete all your commercial and residential jobs. Not only are they fully trained but also insured. We invest time in all our projects. For this reason, all our clients are satisfied with our work.

                                             Get in touch with us today for all your land clearing services requirements.

                                              Bendigo Land Clearing Contractor

                                              Your Expert Land Clearing Contractor In Bendigo | Aus Construction

                                              Bendigo Land Clearing Contractor

                                                Australian Construction helps the Bendigo community to rejuvenate their land. Moreover, we help you reclaim your land from harmful vegetation and weeds. Our land clearing contractor in Bendigo also handles overgrown properties. Our team is passionate about setting up sustainable land. Because of this, the local community enjoys long-term benefits. We have top-notch equipment. More importantly, we especially import the equipment to give our clients the best solution.

                                                We provide various services, for example, vegetation management and roadside slashing. Additionally, we offer driveway grading and general earthworks. Our company works closely with Fire Risk Consultants. Because of this, we assist our clients in creating a fire protection plan that suits their property.

                                                Vegetation Management

                                                Clearing unwelcome vegetation

                                                We have specialised equipment. Therefore, the Australian Construction team provides various vegetation management services. We can enter steep inclines and small areas. Besides we can access very big areas to mulch or slash. As a result, it disrupts the weeds that prevent a paddock from thriving.

                                                Mulching groves and orchards

                                                The land clearing contractor in Bendigo specialises in forestry mulching. Likewise, we can mulch any sized grove or orchard. We complete the job effectively and efficiently. You can use the resultant mulch in and around the grove or orchard. Consequently, it avoids wastage. The organic matter is directed back to the soil. As a result, the soil provides a richer mulch. More importantly, this procedure saves you time.

                                                Vegetation management

                                                Mulching is an ideal method of eliminating harmful weeds from an area. This process eliminates the roots. Given this, the land regenerates, becoming healthy. We use our machinery to clear your paddocks. We also mulch and get rid of various harmful weeds like Chinese Scrub, Gorse and Blackberries.

                                                Slashing services

                                                Our team works jointly with our mulching services. In light of this, we clear your front yards, roadside and paddocks. We get rid of ugly and overgrown grasses and weeds. Slashing your property has benefits like:

                                                • It helps in soil regeneration.
                                                • The soil becomes richer. Therefore, higher value pasture develops.
                                                • Slashing should be included in your fire protection plan. It minimises fuels near your property.
                                                • Moreover, your property looks tidy and neat.

                                                General earthworks

                                                Our land clearing contractor in Bendigo works on various excavator jobs. So we help your business, farm or home. After all, we have vast experience in analysing the entry into difficult-to-access areas. Furthermore, we assess sloping blocks or spaces that require additional area. We take care to reduce vegetation disturbance in the nearby area. We wish to give you ideal options suitable for your requirements.

                                                Forestry mulching

                                                Our forestry mulching is the best service for councils and property owners. During this process, we clear unwanted trees and plants. It is the quickest and most affordable type of land clearing, and this method surpasses customary methods of clearing trees.

                                                Forestry mulching presents a particular kind of mulching. It depends on a single machine to grind, cut and clear the unwanted plants. The advantage of using this method to clear your property is the mulch. This byproduct of the mulching procedure helps in restoring nutrients inside the soil. Furthermore, there is minimal interruption of the surface underfoot.

                                                With time the weed regrowth reduces in treated areas. Also, your soil productivity increases. Forestry mulching presents a reliable process for reducing fire risk near your property. The reason is we remove various fallen trees, thick shrubs and weeds. Therefore, it reduces high-risk fuels. Consequently, it minimises fire risk.


                                                Australian Construction has the right equipment. Therefore, we work quickly and correctly the first time. Because of our experience and reputation, we are a leader in the sector. Our crew has vast knowledge and can tackle jobs of all sizes.

                                                Call us today for all your land clearing jobs in Bendigo, and we will gladly help.

                                                  Ballarat Land Clearing Contractor

                                                  Most Trusted Land Clearing Contractor In Ballarat | Aus Construction

                                                  Ballarat Land Clearing Contractor

                                                    Australian Construction clears your land and prepares it for your next project. Given this, we remove brushes, debris and trees. Therefore, it facilitates construction. Our land clearing contractor in Ballarat offers quality services.

                                                    We offer land clearing services that include stump and tree removal. Additionally, we clear bushes and remove debris. Our land clearing services involves lot clearing for vegetation, businesses, pools and homes.

                                                    We ensure our machine operators are highly skilled in operating the machinery and taking care of the land. Our standard land clearing job entails removing thick brush. We also remove all sized trees. However, we are always ready to handle anything.

                                                    Site preparation and lot and land clearing

                                                    Australian Construction removes rocks, concrete, trees and shrubs. Moreover, we offer land and lot clearing solutions. But, this work can be challenging. For this reason, our land and lot clearing contractors can help. In this regard, we take the stress from you and clear your land. Besides, we remove the brush and prepare your space for the project.

                                                    We have heavy machinery that demolishes lightly wooded or heavily forested land. Additionally, we demolish land full of tree stumps, abandoned houses or buildings or a non-functional pool. More importantly, our services are affordable.

                                                    We offer the following commercial and residential land clearing services:

                                                    • Brush removal
                                                    • Right of way clearance
                                                    • Fence and survey line clearing
                                                    • Tree removal
                                                    • Lot clearing for a new building
                                                    • Mulching and scrub clearing
                                                    • Stump removal
                                                    • Building right of way for different access roads and more

                                                    We use the following machinery:

                                                    • Mulchers
                                                    • Power racks
                                                    • Tree shearers
                                                    • Stump hogs
                                                    • Tractors
                                                    • Bulldozers

                                                    Farming and vegetation land clearing

                                                    Mulching and brush cutting is the best alternative to burn and slash methods. These methods deprive the ground of valuable topsoil and root base. With this in mind, the land clearing contractor in Ballarat grinds unwanted vegetation where it stands. We then change it into a helpful mulch that stops soil erosion.

                                                    Mulching does not need dangerous fires. Moreover, it minimises ground compaction. After mulching, we carry out seeding. Because of this, we spread the grass seeds directly above the mulch. It improves the mulch characteristics. Also, it enhances moisture retention and hastens the decomposition rate.

                                                    Clearing & Grubbing

                                                    Expert mass land clearing is a significant factor when beginning any major construction or development project. The land is as unpredictable as the weather. However, Australian Construction is always up to the task.

                                                    We have successfully delivered projects in rocky and glacial areas. Additionally, we have handled ravines and steep hillsides. We have a comprehensive fleet of heavy-duty equipment that is specially designed and track driven. We have highly qualified operators. Because of this, you have peace of mind knowing that industry-leading experts are handling your project.

                                                    Stump grinding

                                                    Our expert team fells the trees and removes them from the site. After this, we establish track driven stump grinders. They access all kinds of terrain like root masses, excavation depth and grind stumps. Consequently, the site is ready for instant excavation.

                                                    Dirt clearing solutions for construction works

                                                    After clearing the surface of the land, the soil may still have obstacles that need proper handling. In light of this, we offer dirt clearing solutions. Our expert team clears dirt in the form of stumps, rocks or hindrances in the soil.

                                                    These elements might create an issue with grading. Generally, it can cause a problem with preparing the construction site. The Australian Construction dirt clearing team unearth holes. They then set up dirt piles around the premises. Consequently, it builds a simple layout for the building team.


                                                    Australian Construction has skills and equipment. Because of this, we remove stumps, branches and trees from your property safely. Our team offers a full stump removal. We also provide stump grinding services. We remove the stumps below the ground. Hence, it prevents rotting stumps that attract termites and ants. Moreover, it can be unsightly and unsafe in the garden

                                                    Call us today for all your land clearing services in Ballarat!

                                                      Cairns Land Clearing Contractor

                                                      Reliable And Fast Land Clearing Contractor In Cairns

                                                      Cairns Land Clearing Contractor

                                                        Australian Construction offers efficient and safe service. More importantly, our prices are competitive. We appreciate that your private property is your personal space. Therefore, our land clearing contractor in Cairns delivers our services with care and respect for your property. We hire experienced and qualified staff. Moreover, we are committed to providing excellence in vegetation management and tree management services for our clients in Cairns.

                                                        We aim to offer satisfactory services for our small and large clients. Given this, our team consists of passionate and committed labourers and arborists. Moreover, our staff undergoes training and development. As a result, they provide an effective and safe service to our clients.

                                                        Land clearing description

                                                        Land clearing is also referred to as lot clearing. It involves removing tree stumps, debris and boulders from the property. The aim is to improve the property, development and construction work. You may wish to use your plot of land for hunting or farming. Or perhaps you want to use it for real estate development or other objectives.

                                                        Under these circumstances, land clearing is an ideal method of enlarging your territory. In addition, it enables you to use your land and at the same time preserve the natural surroundings.

                                                        Tree removal

                                                        The land clearing contractor in Cairns uses different techniques for tree removal. It depends on elements like:

                                                        Therefore, if you want removal or felling services call our experts. It ensures you and your property remain safe.

                                                        Tree transplanting

                                                        The transplanting process involves moving a mature tree from one location to another. Our Australian Construction expert team takes meticulous care in the course of the removal and relocation procedure. Because of this, sudden shock and likely consequent death of a tree transplant are reduced. We cable, fertilise and water the trees. Furthermore, after transplanting, we frequently check the trees.

                                                        Tree felling

                                                        There are various reasons for felling trees. This work is dangerous. Due to this, we handle it while considering property and people. We also consider the surrounding environment. Before we begin felling trees we plan carefully. Additionally, we consider other factors like buildings, roads and lines. Our professionals pay attention to all details. So call our land clearing contractor in Cairns now for a free appraisal.

                                                        Clear cutting

                                                        You might need all brush, vegetation or tree removed from a piece of land. Maybe the land is newly purchased. Or perhaps your existing acres has overgrown sections. Under these circumstances, you need an expert like Australian Construction. Clear-cutting is a procedure that involves cutting all the trees in a specific area.

                                                        The most common purpose of this is to clear for a future area or create a view. Clearing land is challenging work. Mainly it involves big, heavy equipment. Because of this, it is vital to choose a firm with the correct equipment. More important, experience in using the equipment is essential.

                                                        Lot clearing

                                                        In any building project, lot clearing is the first step. However, before construction commences, we clear and grade the land. We use the right equipment to clear your land, whatever your reasons. More importantly, our team delivers a great job. Consequently, we give you a plot of land that is ready for your future project.


                                                        At Australian Construction, we are specialists in tree removal and relocation. Given this, we provide domestic and commercial tree removal services. If you want us to handle trees on your premises, call us today. Our expert team completes an inspection.

                                                        Then we offer you the ideal cost-effective management solutions. More importantly, we do not compromise the tree’s wellbeing or health, and our procedures meet the Australian Standards.

                                                        We look forward to providing you with our land clearing services!

                                                          Toowoomba Land Clearing Contractor

                                                          Highly Experienced Land Clearing Contractor In Toowoomba

                                                          Toowoomba Land Clearing Contractor

                                                            At Australian Construction, we are specialists in land clearing. Moreover, we have competitive prices and provide comprehensive land clearing. Also, our land clearing contractor in Toowoomba serves civil, residential and commercial projects. Do you want to clear a big plot of land to facilitate construction and development? Or do you wish to clear a residential block for landscaping? Notwithstanding, we can assist. Besides, we handle a whole scrub acreage or one tree.

                                                            Our expert team clears obstacles that hinder development. For instance, they clear barriers like trees, stumps and concrete blocks. Despite the property size, we clear the ground. Hence we ensure it is ready for new infrastructure or construction. However, we do not disturb vegetation or plants you want to retain.

                                                            Our services

                                                            The land clearing contractor in Toowoomba provides services to Construction companies. Additionally, we clear land for construction firms, clear fields and carry out site preparations. We are specialists in preparing sites for shopping centres and schools. Besides, we specialise in other civil building and commercial constructions.

                                                            In addition, Australian Construction offers 24-hour emergency services. Moreover, we work with insurance firms frequently. Given this, we restore functionality and safety to properties that have been exposed to severe water damage. We have a fleet of well-maintained machinery and equipment. Because of this, we undertake land clearing and site preparation projects efficiently.

                                                            Mulching and chipping

                                                            The land clearing contractor in Toowoomba is skilled in mulching. Because of this, we can turn unwanted trees and old stumps into mulch. You can use this mulch to protect and beautify your garden. Also, we can remove mulch from your premises if you do not need it. Consequently, you can recycle it elsewhere.

                                                            Mulching is necessary to maintain a lovely and vibrant landscape with healthy plants. Regular mulching has many benefits. For example, it provides a water-saving solution.  Because of this, the plants remain moist because mulching helps in water retention. Comparatively, areas with mulch present more resistance to weed growth, drought and pest attacks than non-mulched areas. Therefore, mulching prevents pesticides exposure. More importantly, it saves money, time and works.

                                                            Mulching works as soil insulation. It protects trees and plants from damage caused by harsh cold and heat. Mulch breaks down gradually over a certain period. As a result, it adds nutrients to the soil. It also works as a barrier between a whipper snipper and lawnmower, plants and trees. So, it prevents any possible damage from blades. You may need mulch but do not have any stumps or trees for grinding. Under these circumstances, we deliver mulch in bulk or small amounts using our tipper truck.

                                                            Pruning services

                                                            Our land clearing contractor in Toowoomba undertakes professional pruning. Because of this, we extend your trees’ health and life. Pruning presents a healthy restoration for trees and other plants which are not developing well. We trim away damaged stagnant and dangerous plants parts. As a result, it increases their health and beauty.

                                                            Pruning is necessary when:

                                                            • Height reduction is essential
                                                            • Shaping is necessary for design or style purposes
                                                            • Disease or storms have destroyed the foliage
                                                            • Growth is dense, and therefore, it hampers development. For this reason, thinning is needed. It facilitates the circulation of air providing oxygen for growth.


                                                            At Australian Construction, we guarantee you will get professional services and advice about all our services. You have peace of mind because our staff is experienced, professional and qualified. We listen to your requirements and carry out the work ensuring it fully complies with industry standards. Our personnel are qualified, and we use the right equipment. We remove bushes, weeds, vines and roots. In addition, we remove tree stumps and shrubs.

                                                            Call us today for the ideal land clearing services in Toowoomba!

                                                              Hobart Land Clearing Contractor

                                                              The #1 Land Clearing Contractor In Hobart | Aus Construction

                                                              Hobart Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                Do you need land clearing in Hobart and nearby areas? In that case, call Australian Construction. Our skilled team will deliver a perfect job on time. Moreover, our land clearing contractor in Hobart clears your new home’s block of land. Also, we carry out land and tree clearing for your backyard’s landscaping.

                                                                The land clearing contractor in Hobart specialises in land clearing services. We serve Hobart and the nearby areas. We have the equipment and experience to handle challenging jobs. For example, projects like narrow access and difficult-to-navigate land. Additionally, we work on steep slopes or uneven land levels. Land clearing involves the procedure of removing obstacles that prevent you from using your land. Examples of these obstacles are stumps, scrubs and trees.

                                                                When is it necessary to clear land?

                                                                • To remove fallen or dead stumps or trees.
                                                                • When building a new home, sheds or dwelling on the land
                                                                • Fence line clearing
                                                                • Landscaping
                                                                • New road construction
                                                                • To form a fire break environment in your home and remove trees that may put your home at risk in case of a bush fire.

                                                                Because of this, you avoid unnecessary delays and more costs. An Arborist report is part of the planning procedure. It ensures that when clearing the property, we consider the trees. Our experienced and qualified land clearing experts deliver land clearing projects of all sizes. Not only do we handle small residential jobs but also major site preparation. We recycle all waste into forest mulch.

                                                                The land clearing contractor in Hobart assesses and reduces the negative environmental effects of its scheduled work activities. More importantly, we comply with the relevant environmental statutory requirements. We implement environmentally responsible methods. Similarly, we consider clients, employees and society environmental expectations.

                                                                Tree pruning

                                                                For tree pruning services, our expert team completes the job efficiently and on time. Our tree pruning services include:

                                                                • Removing deadwood: We remove dying, dead or diseased limbs.
                                                                • Crown reduction: Our team reduces the overall crown size. They do this by shortening the branches and reducing them to an appropriate growth point. We carry out crown reduction when a tree outgrows the area it is situated.
                                                                • Crown thinning: Our expert team carries out selective branch removal. It enhances the structure and increases light entry. Also, it facilitates air movement via the crown. Proper thinning opens a tree’s foliage. It also decreases weight on bulky limbs, therefore retaining the tree’s natural form.
                                                                • Crown lifting: We remove a tree’s lower limbs. Hence, we provide clearance for vehicles, buildings and pedestrians. Therefore, it enables clear sightlines.
                                                                • Selective pruning: We remove particular branches that lead to issues over power lines, buildings, etc.

                                                                Tree pruning

                                                                Australian Construction is skilled in tree pruning. In light of this, we have the knowledge to carry out expert tree pruning services. We cut any species or size of trees at a cost-effective price. More importantly, our pruning follows Australian Standards. For this reason, the tree remains sound and healthy.

                                                                Advantages of pruning

                                                                • It enables suitable power line and building clearance
                                                                • Enhances trees shape and appearance
                                                                • Improves health and longevity
                                                                • Encourages new growth
                                                                • Improves the shape and appearance of trees
                                                                • Removes dead, weak or diseased branches. They are dangerous to personnel and property.

                                                                Site levelling

                                                                Australian Construction offers professional site levelling. Also, our expert team services any sized home or construction project. We provide comprehensive services and clear your backyard or site and level it. Given this, we have offered reliable services in Hobart for years. Consequently, we have managed to create a wonderful reputation in this sector.


                                                                At Australian Construction, we use proven methods. Therefore, we provide the outcomes you need. At the same time, we retain the tree’s structural integrity. Additionally, we reduce the risk. Are you worried about a specific tree? In that case, our skilled arborist will be delighted to undertake a free onsite analysis. They will then determine the best action you should take.

                                                                Call us today for all your land clearing requirements in Hobart.

                                                                  Geelong Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                  Speak To Our Specialist Land Clearing Contractor In Geelong

                                                                  Geelong Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                    Do you want comprehensive tree and land clearing for your business or home? In that case, Australian Construction is your go-to land clearing contractor in Geelong. We offer the best land clearing solutions for small scale projects. Additionally, we provide land clearing services for residential projects. Moreover, our prices are cost-effective.

                                                                    We are famous in Geelong for our land clearing services. Because of this, plumbing landscaping and construction firms depend on us. So we are proud to offer the quickest and most efficient services. We have a committed team of land clearing earthmovers and specialists. Furthermore, we have the ideal heavy machinery and equipment. Consequently, we deliver quality assured projects on time and within budget each time.

                                                                    Australian Construction is fully insured and licensed. Because of this, you can depend on us to follow the strictest safety protocols. Additionally, we adhere to top-quality government and industry standards. Therefore, for efficient land and tree clearing services in Geelong, call us now.

                                                                    Land clearing

                                                                    For any development project you want to undertake, you likely need land clearing. It is impossible to build a school or house under a giant tree. Likewise, you may want to use the land for agriculture. For example, you may wish to grow crops. Trees will suck significant amounts of nutrients from the soil. Because of this, your crops’ quality and development decrease.

                                                                    People need land clearing for the following reasons:

                                                                    • To facilitate urban development and construction, for instance, commercial and residential buildings, new estates or new roads.
                                                                    • Cattle grazing and different farm use.
                                                                    • Agriculture, that is, growing crops like wheat
                                                                    • To decrease bush fire risk. Given this, we remove big dry trees close to homes. It helps in reducing the danger of losing homes to a bush fire.

                                                                    Land levelling; it is impossible to level land full of trees.  Even a single big tree with significant roots makes levelling land difficult.

                                                                    Trees are a beautiful asset. So it is advisable to maintain them with frequent pruning and maintenance. But in some instances, it is not possible. Because of this, we are available to help with skilled experts. We also provide the right equipment. For any land clearing, needs call us now.

                                                                    Tree removal

                                                                    Our land clearing contractor in Geelong has experience in effective safe tree removal. In some instances, a tree needs cutting down. Under these circumstances, we have the expertise and equipment to remove it efficiently and safely. Using an extended rotating arm enables us to access all sections of your tree easily. These are very professional pieces of equipment. Because they have an elevated platform, tree lopping and removal is easy.

                                                                    We leave the site tidy and clean. Also, we make sure the surrounding environment has minimal damage. Additionally, after removing the tree stump, we fill the hole.

                                                                    Tree removal may be necessary when:

                                                                    • The trees and their roots cause a building’s structural damage. It includes businesses or residential homes.
                                                                    • The tree and roots have developed tremendously, and the property cannot handle it. Also, the owner cannot sustain continuous maintenance.
                                                                    • Storm-damaged trees or trees damaged by other natural disasters. They are risky to people around them.
                                                                    • Land clearing before any type of construction. For example, projects like major commercial projects and backyard renovations.
                                                                    • Old trees can fall, endangering nearby people and property.


                                                                    There are various more reasons you need tree removal. In light of this, our land clearing contractor in Geelong can help you. It is best for trained professionals like us to undertake tree cutting. The reason is you avoid risking your safety and health by attempting to cut it down without the appropriate experience or equipment. Australian Construction cares about the environment. Therefore, before we remove a tree, we offer tree pruning and maintenance. So we preserve your tree’s life and health.

                                                                    Please call us today for any of your land clearing solutions in Geelong.

                                                                      Wollongong Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                      Efficient Land Clearing Contractor In Wollongong | Aus Construction

                                                                      Wollongong Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                        Australian Construction provides exceptional cleanup services. We are specialists in rubbish removal and also clean up your yard. Our land clearing contractor in Wollongong gives your garden a full overhaul. Because of this, your outdoor space becomes unrecognisable!

                                                                        Our expert team gets rid of unwanted and overgrown plants. Furthermore, we offer weeding services. We also undertake tree removal, trimming and pruning. Additionally, we provide lawn maintenance, hedging and more. Given this, we work with you to give you the ideal solution for your overgrown property. Our team aims to give you the best garden. As a result, they always deliver.

                                                                        Our services

                                                                        The Australian Construction provides a more manageable design and remove excess debris. Moreover, we remove unwanted plants. As a result, your garden looks exactly as you want it. We clean up your garden perfectly. Moreover, if you wish we can enhance it by adding more features. Therefore, we use pebbles, mulch and crushed granite and install new garden edging as well as planting services. Do not let your garden become messy. Instead, allow our land clearing contractor in Wollongong to change it into a neat and manageable space. So call us today if you need these services.

                                                                        Why choose Australian Construction?

                                                                        We offer a grounds maintenance service. Because of this, your business premises look their best. Our company has top standards and a qualified team. Due to this, we offer landscaping and grounds maintenance solutions to major businesses in various sectors. Your premises may consist of large sloping lawns. Or perhaps you have small manicured gardens. Notwithstanding we help in maintaining the grounds regularly. For this reason, we ensure you have a lush and healthy garden.

                                                                        We promise your satisfaction because we are dedicated to providing only top quality services. More importantly, we offer cost-effective solutions. Australian Construction is fully equipped. Not only do we have comprehensive equipment but also an outstanding team. Moreover, we have ideal tools and products. Our team listens carefully to your requirements and ideas. Because of this, we ensure you have functional premises that meet your needs. Furthermore, we deliver on budget and on time. We also complete the work safely. So, call us to book your next meeting!

                                                                        Grounds maintenance

                                                                        First impressions are important. Attracting new customers or clients may depend on the services you offer.  Additionally, it is determined by how attractive your business premises’ garden is. We offer commercial grounds maintenance services. Our team provides well-manicured grounds and lovely gardens. Given this, we help you in creating the best impression with potential customers.

                                                                        Our skilled team is equipped and services the entire Wollongong region. They also maintain complex commercial gardens and grounds. We offer services like:

                                                                        • Lawn mowing
                                                                        • Weed control
                                                                        • Garden maintenance
                                                                        • Mulching
                                                                        • Pressure cleaning
                                                                        • Garden care
                                                                        • Driveway and walkway cleaning

                                                                        Our qualified team is committed to ensuring they maintain a healthy and beautiful garden. To achieve this, they visit your premises regularly. Alternatively, they can provide a one-time garden maintenance solution that is equally productive. We have qualified horticulturalists who handle every appointment.

                                                                        Therefore, they ensure ideal outcomes for gardens and parks. In addition, we make sure we complete all jobs safely. Moreover, we comply with all Work & Safety Regulations. Consequently, we offer a safe and healthy working area for all contractors, staff and the public. You can rely on our land clearing contractor in Wollongong for the ideal results for your gardens and grounds.

                                                                        Our grounds maintenance services include:

                                                                        • Pressure cleaning
                                                                        • Weed control
                                                                        • Debris & waste removal
                                                                        • Mulching
                                                                        • Clean driveways/walkways
                                                                        • Mowing lawns and maintenance
                                                                        • Grounds management
                                                                        • Slashing/ride-on/all size properties and more


                                                                        Australian Construction has vast experience in providing ideal land clearing services. We have highly trained gardeners, landscapers and horticulturists.

                                                                        In light of this, we offer affordable landscaping, garden makeovers and grounds maintenance solutions. These solutions suit any budget and do not compromise on quality.

                                                                        We look forward to hearing from you today so call us now!

                                                                          Central Coast Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                          Your Local Land Clearing Contractor On The Central Coast

                                                                          Central Coast Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                            Australian Construction specialises in major tree removal. Therefore, we work with developers and property owners. Given this, we maintain and enhance existing tree coverage. Moreover, our land clearing contractor on the Gold Coast clears land for new development.

                                                                            We have top-notch equipment. In addition, it is effective and environmentally conscious. Our team undertakes chipping and mulching of trees. More importantly, our expert tree gives your property a personal touch. Australian Construction has vast vegetation clearing experience on the Central Coast. We regularly offer our services to private and commercial clients.

                                                                            First, we offer free quotes then make a precise appraisal of your needs. Second, we create a customised method and pricing structure. Third, we give you the ideal land clearing and mulching services for your requirements. We have a new model fleet of Caterpillar excavators. Because of this, we clear and mulch vegetation effectively. It enables us to offer you affordable services. More importantly, we follow a planned production method. For this reason, we reduce onsite time and interruption.

                                                                            Our services

                                                                            Australian Construction undertakes land clearing for the following:

                                                                            • Road widening projects
                                                                            • Rail corridors
                                                                            • Land clearing for subdivisions
                                                                            • Fire breaks
                                                                            • Windfarms
                                                                            • Pipelines
                                                                            • House blocks
                                                                            • Smaller sites

                                                                            Our land clearing contractor on the Central Coast has the essential specialised machinery. Moreover, we have the expertise to offer ideal vegetation clearing and land clearing outcomes. Furthermore, we work efficiently and safely in an affordable manner. Also, we follow vegetation management requirements. We work jointly with big contractors and environmental consultants. Because of this, the impact on the nearby flora and fauna reduces.

                                                                            We also undertake onsite commercial vegetation mulching and grinding for small and large scale projects. Australian Construction has 40t and 42t track mounted lineal grinders. Due to this, we work seamlessly even in complex vegetation. It enables us to offer high output. Additionally, we provide superior specified wood waste mulching for different sized projects.

                                                                            Our grinders are track mounted. As a result, we can move them easily around your site. Every grinder has an excavator featuring grabs. So it loads vegetation and a completely equipped service vehicle. The land clearing contractor on the Central Coast measures output by weight, volume or contracted values. Moreover, we have various screen sizes. Consequently, they match your mulch quality needs. Operating these machines needs a particular skill set. Given this, we have some of the most qualified industry operators.

                                                                            Environmental consulting during projects

                                                                            The land clearing contractor on the Central Coasts works jointly with environmental consultants. The consultants offer fauna catcher/spotter services. It protects flora and wildlife as we undertake vegetation clearing projects. If necessary, we help in presenting post-clearance and pre-clearance reports.

                                                                            Our range of services

                                                                            • We offer mulching, shearing and land clearing services. Additionally, we carry out rectification and site maintenance.
                                                                            • Safe onsite operation
                                                                            • High production superior wood waste mulching
                                                                            • Short and long term contracts using specified terms. It facilitates accurate costs.
                                                                            • Scheduled output. As a result, it reduces onsite disruption and time.
                                                                            • Different screen sizes to meet mulch quality needs.
                                                                            • Output measurement by weight or volume. We also use contracted value by arbitration.

                                                                            Preparing your property for a new building

                                                                            If you are the owner of acres of land, it might be covered in debris trees and bushes. If you want to utilise more space on your property call us today. Our expert team will remove all debris and trees. As a result, you will have a plot of land you can construct on. During the land clearing procedure our team:

                                                                            • Uses top-quality equipment for safe tree removal
                                                                            • Removes all bushes and trees in a specific area
                                                                            • After finishing the job cleans up all the rubble


                                                                            Do you have a tree on the lawn you want to get rid of? In that case, you shouldn’t cut it down yourself. An expert hand like Australian Construction is essential to undertake tree removal correctly. We remove your tree without destroying your property. More importantly, we help you prevent injuries to yourself using DIY tree removal.

                                                                            Talk to us today about all your land clearing needs on the Central Coast.

                                                                              Sunshine Coast Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                              Speak To Our Land Clearing Contractor On The Sunshine Coast

                                                                              Sunshine Coast Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                Australian Construction provides land clearing services for people who want to build a new home. These are individuals who want to set up a home on land full of trees. Additionally, the land might be full of undesirable plants like thorns, bushes and vines. Furthermore, our land clearing contractor on the Sunshine Coast assists developers and investors to get newly acquired land ready for major building works.

                                                                                Given this, we eliminate any vegetation or trees that might obstruct the construction.  Besides we help in tree removal to facilitate more expansion. Similarly, we remove vegetation and trees that are dangerous. We also provide our services to homeowners who wish to expand their outdoor yards or living spaces. The aim is to build new amenities like a swimming pool or different structures.

                                                                                Don’t allow trees to block your path!

                                                                                Many times a tree or big limb falls suddenly. As a result, it causes damage and blocks a road or driveway. When it happens it is crucial to remove the tree or branch safely and quickly. A tree or big branch’s weight needs specialist equipment to remove it. Special techniques are essential as well. Because of this our team at Australian Construction provides the skills and equipment to handle this for you.

                                                                                Expert block clearing to avoid more damage

                                                                                A blocked road leads to serious traffic congestion. Likewise, a blocked driveway is inconvenient. Not only is a fallen tree inconvenient but also leads to more accidents. Sadly, situations like these can cause risky or fatal accidents. For this reason, our team arrives on time and works fast and expertly to clear the block. Therefore, call our land clearing contractor on the Sunshine Coast today. We will then reduce the possibility of such occurrences.

                                                                                Strong storms and other serious conditions uproot trees. Consequently, branches and trees fall on roads, cars and buildings. You cannot always prevent this. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of it happening on your property. So call us today for expert advice and help.

                                                                                In light of this, our team assesses the health of the trees around your property. Damaged and diseased trees are more likely to fall. They cause damage and block paths and roads. Given this, they need handling. We offer the suggestions and services you require for maintaining the health of the nearby trees.

                                                                                Tree removal

                                                                                The land clearing contractor on the Sunshine Coast specialises in tree removal and tree felling. Undoubtedly experts like us should undertake this job. Our qualifications make us a reliable company. We not only handle simple tree removal but also complex tree removal.

                                                                                For the latter, we use rigging equipment and ropes. More importantly, Australian Construction is highly experienced. We are also professionally equipped and hence we remove your trees carefully. Our company has skilled tree surgeons. Moreover, they use technologically advanced tools and methods. These methods and techniques are also safe.

                                                                                Our team is passionate, experienced and knowledgeable. Given this, they use the newest tools and methods. Consequently, we work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, our tree surgeon team works hard at all times. Also, we minimise the effect of our work on the nearby surrounding.

                                                                                Avoid 24/7 emergency services

                                                                                Already dead trees are more likely to fall during harsh weather conditions. For example, they fall during high winds. Because of this, clients with potentially dangerous trees need preventative action. It is necessary to remove them before a storm occurs. Talk to our skilled team now for expert advice.


                                                                                Australian Construction provides first-class services. We are specialised in land clearing. Our team is also skilled in mulching and grinding work. We offer superior work and have friendly customer care. Because of this, we are popular in the industry.

                                                                                Talk to us today and discover how our team can help you in your future project.

                                                                                  Canberra Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                  Professional Land Clearing Contractor In Canberra | Aus Construction

                                                                                  Canberra Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                    Do you want to build a new home or renovate it? Or do you wish to have safe and efficient land clearing? In that case, call the professionals at Australian Construction. Our team has the skills and equipment to meet all your land clearing requirements. Furthermore, our land clearing contractor in Canberra removes all stumps and trees.

                                                                                    More importantly, they work without interfering with the existing building. Because of this, your property is ready for the next stage. We have years of experience. Additionally, we have insurance and are committed to your safety and peace of mind. For this reason, you can hire us confidently.

                                                                                    Land clearing services

                                                                                    Comprehensive land clearing services

                                                                                    The Australian Construction land clearance services involve removing stumps and trees. Also, we clear scrubs like blackberry and tree. Additionally, we offer low impact equipment and plant hole excavation. Our team also undertakes boring as part of our land levelling and clearing services.

                                                                                    Our land clearing services

                                                                                    • Clear vegetation, remove and dispose
                                                                                    • Land levelling
                                                                                    • Civil earthquakes
                                                                                    • Stump removal
                                                                                    • Tree felling and removal
                                                                                    • Broadacre clearing
                                                                                    • Vegetation removal
                                                                                    • Subdivision land clearing
                                                                                    • Full land clearing services
                                                                                    • Overgrown trees

                                                                                    Do you want to make your home brighter? Are there branches hanging over your vehicles, pool, garage or house? In that, the ideal solution is tree trimming.

                                                                                    High-quality pruning services

                                                                                    The land clearing contractor in Canberra offers expert tree pruning. Moreover, we give you a service guarantee. As a result, you can rely on us because we have vast experience. Therefore, our qualified tree experts are committed to offering services that surpass your expectations.

                                                                                    Land clearing around your property

                                                                                    At Australian Construction, we are land clearing specialists. Besides we have all the correct machinery. Because of this, we work fast and efficiently. Hence we ensure your work is still on track. We are proud to have helped in developing areas near Canberra for years.

                                                                                    Advantages of land clearing

                                                                                    Land clearing is essential for land development for:

                                                                                    • General construction
                                                                                    • New homes
                                                                                    • Rural driveways

                                                                                    On the other hand, you might be searching for a local land clearing company to increase your existing rural property’s usable land. In that case, you can hire us to remove the underbrush type vegetation and leave the main trees.

                                                                                    Clearing land and reducing vegetation near your property helps in protecting your home from bushfires. You might not need a permit for clearing vegetation and scrub that may cause a bushfire. However, it is wise to consult your local council. Australian Construction ensures we only undertake essential clearing works. As a result, it reduces environmental effects tremendously.

                                                                                    Why choose us?

                                                                                    Our land clearing contractor in Canberra endeavours to help the surrounding local communities. Because of this, we offer the most affordable land clearing and earthmoving services. After all, we have the experience and appropriate machinery to provide efficient land clearing solutions.

                                                                                    Stump grinding

                                                                                    It takes hours to dig out an aged, ugly tree stump from your yard because it is a complex task. Not only are tree stumps unattractive, but also big and challenging to shift. Moreover, they are an ideal breeding area for unwanted pests like fungi, beetles, termites and ants.

                                                                                    However, you can have peace of mind because we remove tree stumps fast and easily. So your garden remains lovely and healthy. We provide these services to builders, landscapers and gardeners.


                                                                                    Dead and fallen trees are very dangerous. So allow the experts at Australian Construction to help in protecting you and your property. For years property owners have relied on us for superior and affordable artistry. We provide free estimates and major discounts. Our services include stump, branch and tree removal.

                                                                                    Call us today for your land and tree clearing and storm cleanup!

                                                                                      Perth Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                      Your Go-To Perth Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                      Perth Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                        The Australian Construction team clears your land efficiently and mulch any vegetation using our specialised mulching machinery. We use the right kind of tools to save you money and time on unnecessary labour expenses. Many firms offer the same services, but none are dedicated to the commitment at hand like our land clearing contractor in Perth.

                                                                                        Australian Construction has delivered land-clearing solutions to customers for many years. 

                                                                                        Land clearing

                                                                                        Australian Construction provides land clearing services for commercial and residential customers. We have the equipment and expertise to clear your land efficiently and safely from unwanted vegetation.  

                                                                                        If you have land with unwanted vegetation you want to clear for buildings, we can help prepare the site, pruning vegetation, removing hedges, shrubs, debris and deadwood. We are experienced in machinery and equipment to do the work. Our expert team gives you excellent advice for any maintenance and removal of vegetation.

                                                                                        Tree Maintenance

                                                                                        For vacant property or land that needs maintenance, the land clearing contractor can maintain your vegetation periodically or regularly. Our expert services include pruning, trees removal, shrubs, hedges, debris, deadwood and vines. Call Australian Construction and allow our licensed arborist to visit your vegetation and assess it, giving you the suggestions you need for any land clearing for maintenance or building.

                                                                                        Tree pruning 

                                                                                        Tree pruning means pruning a tree selectively to create an all-around strong tree with form, structure and growth.  When you allow our arborist at Australian Construction to handle your tree by pruning, it ensures you get your tree’s excellent advice and treatment.

                                                                                        Importance of pruning trees

                                                                                        Safety:  At any time, a dead branch can break and endanger pets, vehicles, property, and power lines, and people. It is essential to remove dangerous limbs and maintain the trees’ safety to make the tree and its surrounding safe. The size of the tree and where it needs pruning is also dangerous at times. Therefore, allow the experts like our land clearing contractor in Perth to handle it. Our certified team will carry out your tree surgery requirements.

                                                                                        Structure and growth:  Pruning a tree in a certain way can impact how the tree grows. When our qualified team prunes your tree, it grows in specific branches and limbs configuration, which is best for the tree structure. Maintaining the tree’s structure reduces the danger of falling branches and broken limbs.

                                                                                        Tree Pruning Services

                                                                                        An incorrectly pruned tree needs regular treatment, may become dangerous or diseased and affect the safety of the property, people and the tree. Australian Construction can meet all your tree surgery requirements and are dedicated to giving you perfect and friendly service from the initial communication to job completion. After we finish a project, we give you free suggestions on maintaining your hedges and trees.

                                                                                        Hedge Shaping

                                                                                        The Australian Construction team can shape your bushes, shrubs and hedges, giving you the look you want: garden barrier hedges or big property screening hedges. Whatever your needs, our qualified team uses the appropriate method and equipment to give a well-maintained appearance to the property that makes you proud.  Talk to us today, and we will be happy to avail of our certified arborist. They will visit your area, assess your shrubs, bushes and hedges and give you professional advice.

                                                                                        Professional Hedge Shaping

                                                                                        We are professionals in handling the training and shaping of trees, bushes and shrubs, creating the desired appearance. Our hedge shaping services have the following benefits:

                                                                                        • Form exceptionally shaped hedges for garden access.
                                                                                        • Shape for view or privacy.
                                                                                        • Utilise hedge shaping to present a corporate garden design.
                                                                                        • Save time and let the experts get the correct look and shape.

                                                                                        We have many years of experience in shaping hedges, and you can trust us to turn your hedges into a feature and set up the look you desire, which makes you proud. 

                                                                                        Vine pruning

                                                                                        Leaf climbers, twining plants, root climbers, hook climbers and tendril bearers are creepers and vines in the garden. When maintenance is not carried out on creepers and vines, they can easily dominate the garden, leading to issues surrounding trees and plants. Australian Construction can maintain your vines using experienced pruning methods. They can also give you professional advice on removal, maintenance, vine fruit pruning, disease and infestations.

                                                                                        Vine Training

                                                                                        Training a vine means you choose the vine’s growth direction. Whether you wish to train the vine to grow over an archway or up a wall, our professional team can train vines to form different structures and shapes for any section of your lawn.

                                                                                        Vine Pruning for a nice look

                                                                                        Vines can produce a special appearance and add charm to your home. Ivy gives your fences, garden walls or sections of the house a unique look. Call our team today; they will be happy to give you expert advice on creating the look you want for your investment property or home.

                                                                                        Vine Fruit Pruning

                                                                                        Grapevine and passion fruit are famous in the Australian garden. Care and suitable pruning methods will help you get better fruit growth and fruit yielding for the period. If you do not take the appropriate care, pruning, and maintenance, issues like disease and infestations can become an issue, making the surrounding trees and plants go through plant stress. Our years of experience means that you can depend on us to give you what you need.

                                                                                        Tree Lopping

                                                                                        A land clearing contractor will provide the best suggestions for your tree if you need pruning or lopping services. Vast experience in all aspects of tree management enables our certified arborist to analyse your tree and give you the required advice expertly.

                                                                                        Lopping Trees

                                                                                        A tree experiences shocks and stress after lopping. Lopping a tree leaves wounds that in many instances fail to heal completely. It makes the tree susceptible to decay, disease and pests. When being lopped, the tree’s epicormic growth that develops around the wound is weak. 

                                                                                        Therefore, as the branch grows bigger and heavier, it becomes weaker. It can fall and harm people or property. Choosing to cut back on expenses when hiring a land clearing contractor may eventually cost you more because:

                                                                                        • Trees will necessitate frequent visits.
                                                                                        • Inadequately pruned trees might never heal.
                                                                                        • If the impact on the tree is bad, expert remedial treatment may take years and is costly.


                                                                                        The Tree Lopping technique of tree pruning fails to conform to Australian Standards. We do not advise lopping for your tree; however, we understand that it is essential in some instances. Call our expert staff if you want us to assess your tree. 

                                                                                          Our certified arborist will offer you the suggestions you require for the tree’s and the environment’s long-term health.

                                                                                          Sydney Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                          Specialist Sydney Land Clearing Contractor At Australian Construction

                                                                                          Sydney Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                            At Australian Construction, our arborists utilise the newest equipment and techniques to ensure that your work is handled to the highest standards and follows all regulations. It guarantees you the ideal services from our land clearing contractor in Sydney.  Before removing trees, our skilled team ensures that they check the guidelines within your council before starting. 

                                                                                            There are significant fines for extracting trees without council consent. Australian Construction is familiar with the Sydney council requirements, and we suggest to you what tree job is permitted in your council and the work that needs council permission.

                                                                                            When tree removal is essential

                                                                                            Tree removal is necessary for various reasons when:

                                                                                            • The tree is too large.
                                                                                            • The tree is dead
                                                                                            • The tree is harmful
                                                                                            • The tree is faulty
                                                                                            • The tree is infested with pests and disease.
                                                                                            • The tree is destroying buildings and driveways.
                                                                                            • The tree needs to be extracted for construction or development.

                                                                                            Why seek a professional land clearing contractor in Sydney?

                                                                                            You may be tempted to do it yourself, but you may not have the essential safety equipment and necessary tools and might be endangering yourself and your property. Tree removal entails a risky job and needs trained professionals like Australian Construction. Our company has many years of experience and all the necessary equipment to take care of any tree removal work. 

                                                                                            We have brilliant relationships with many local councils, and we belong to the Tree Contractors Association and Arboriculture Australia. We are committed to giving our clients lasting solutions for tree pruning services. The Australian Construction work crews respect your gardens and property and ensure they take care of them as they work.

                                                                                            Our skilled team meets you personally to talk about your tree removal work, discuss your needs and answer all your questions. We explain our work procedure and give you a fixed price quote and our insurance certificates. Our team delivers the work as per our initial agreement.

                                                                                            The land clearing contractor in Sydney avoids taking shortcuts with any project. Our team does not compromise where safety issues are concerned. Doing this guarantees you a quality tree removal service and also gives you total satisfaction with the results.

                                                                                            Australian Construction Services

                                                                                            Apart from tree removal, many firms also provide services like tree lopping, stump grinding and tree trimming. Any work involving tree removal or tree pruning should be done according to AS4373-2007. The standard gives guidelines on permissible pruning techniques to ensure the proper pruning of your trees. A reputable tree service like Australian Construction adheres to these regulations.

                                                                                            When a tree is well maintained and cared for, it remains structurally healthy and develops into a tree that makes your property more valuable. Allow our land clearing contractor to prune your trees to maintain their lovely look for years.

                                                                                            Tree pruning might be essential for various reasons, and you need to ensure it is carried out safely and correctly. Australian Construction uses the newest techniques, equipment and tools with our entire tree pruning services. Depending on your needs, we will give you the most affordable solution.

                                                                                            • Pruning for light
                                                                                            • Pruning to enhance safety
                                                                                            • Pruning to extract dead branches
                                                                                            • Selective pruning of limbs or branches
                                                                                            • Pruning to a thin canopy

                                                                                            Like all our projects, we respect your property, and our team efficiently tidies up after completion, leaving everything tidy and neat. Contact our Sydney based land clearing contractor today and have your unwanted stumps removed.

                                                                                            Importance of Tree Pruning

                                                                                            Whether your reason concerns safety or different reasons, our skilled staff will help to prune your trees’ branches correctly. The trees may be in your gardens or yard that companies own. 

                                                                                            Poor or incorrect tree pruning can destroy your tree permanently and spoil the tree’s integrity or beauty. Healthy and well-maintained trees will withstand harsh weather when Mother Nature tests the trees. Where the trees are in high use or overhanging in buildings, it is crucial to check your trees and prune them if necessary. Australian Construction carries out preventative maintenance and regular inspections to ensure your trees give you years of hassle-free enjoyment.

                                                                                            Stump removal

                                                                                            Tree stump removal is many times termed stump grinding.  Our team uses a machine called a stump grinder to grind the stump and big roots into wood shavings. We use these machines to cut through the soil and stump to ensure we remove the stump well underneath the ground level during this process.

                                                                                            Reasons for Stump Grinding

                                                                                            Below are some reasons why you may wish to have us remove your stump:

                                                                                            • Stump is ugly.
                                                                                            • There are termites in the stump.
                                                                                            • You wish to replant, but the stump is a hindrance.
                                                                                            • You want to landscape the surrounding.
                                                                                            • Stump might pose a barrier to a pool excavation or planned development.
                                                                                            • Roots are damaging structures or lifting.
                                                                                            • The stump is a trip threat.

                                                                                            Tree Mulching

                                                                                            Australian Construction Services provides efficient tree mulching to either accompany our tree trimming or tree removal services. 

                                                                                            Our team also carries it out as a different service to help you eliminate your property’s deadwood.

                                                                                            After our efficient contractors remove and trim a tree, they mulch all the cut trunk discs or cut branches, totally clearing the surrounding. It leaves you with useful tree mulch. If you wish to cut down your brush or tree and lack the time or resources to get rid of the brush, a land clearing contractor in Sydney provides an hourly brush chipping service.

                                                                                            Our chip truck/brush chipper combination ensures that any tree limbs or brush you want to get rid of are collected and removed promptly by our team.


                                                                                            Stumps are available in all sizes and situated in different areas. So, Australian Construction has a variety of machines to match this. We have smaller machines for areas that are difficult to reach and adequate access for larger stumps.

                                                                                            Services like water, gas and phone may be underneath the stump, and you should take steps to avoid damage during stump grinding. We use a pipe location service if unsure, making sure that our team knows the services’ precise location and avoid them. 

                                                                                            Our tree removers utilise the ideal equipment and techniques to eliminate old roots and stumps.

                                                                                              Using the Australian Construction land clearing services ensures you have no reason to complain!

                                                                                              Townsville Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                              Comprehensive Townsville Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                              Townsville Land Clearing Contractor

                                                                                                Australian Construction has significant knowledge on each element of land clearing, from start to finish. We need to prepare your site for infrastructure if you require land for a public function or clean your home yard. Whatever your needs, our land clearing contractor in Townsville is available to help. 

                                                                                                Our expert team’s art and science training in planting the trees, looking after them, and maintenance makes us stand out from other land clearing firms. We have trained technicians who keep updated regularly on the latest technology. 

                                                                                                They deal with the heavy machinery needed for clearing significant areas of land. Australian Construction is proud of its cost-effective services.  Our team has years of experience in land clearing and can deliver any clearing you need.

                                                                                                Tree Pruning and Maintenance Services

                                                                                                Canopy Lifting: Trees whose branches and leaves grow at the bottom look untidy. It affects the property’s appearance and value. Our team trims the tree’s base and lifts the canopy when carrying out canopy lifting to improve its look.

                                                                                                Shaping the Canopy: Trimming all the tree’s sides is essential when shaping the canopy to enhance its look.

                                                                                                Crown Trimming:  If your tree’s height is interfering with the power lines, trimming the top is helpful. Our professionals climb the tree and systematically cut the top.

                                                                                                Pruning for Maintenance:  Most trees need yearly pruning before a particular season starts, and the type of tree determines it. The tree’s health and growth improves when the tree is pruned. Your yard remains clean when we prune the tree, and if it has excessive dry and dead branches that make your yard look untidy, it is useful to prune for dead branches. The Australian Construction team handles such branches without any problem.

                                                                                                Hire Tree Services Experts 

                                                                                                Trying to prune trees on your own may lead you to hurt yourself, the tree or your property. Pruning trees need the handling of heavy and sharp equipment that can cause serious injuries. Avoid putting yourself in this danger by hiring our Townsville land clearing contractor. We ensure that we give you expert services at an affordable cost. 

                                                                                                Our skilled team handles overgrown branches destroying your property, and overhang branches damaged by storms; we also prune branches hanging over your swimming pool, etc.

                                                                                                Land Clearance

                                                                                                Why you need land clearance

                                                                                                You may need to clear land for aesthetic purposes. Summer leads to heavy bush growth and undergrowth in your field or yard, making the ground look untidy. Growth like this can also offer a home to snakes and other kinds of animals. Our skilled team clears your yard and gives it a more organised look. Land clearance may be necessary for firebreak purposes. 

                                                                                                Fire can move from one area to another by burning tree after tree. When we clear a land section, it creates a type of firebreak that stops the fire from spreading. A land clearing contractor mainly clears the land to repurpose wooded land for infrastructure. When preparing the building areas, our team cleans up the ground before starting the work. Land clearing may be for constructing a new hospital, school or another building; land may require clearance and no one does it better than us!

                                                                                                We get rid of deadwood from storm damage or tree removal. Australian Construction moves our entire machinery to the site and works on all the essential tasks, for instance, changing the deadwood into mulch. We clear wooded land for road development. For a road that needs to pass through a heavily wooded area, it may require strategic land clearance. 

                                                                                                We care for the environment.

                                                                                                Even though Australian Construction is a tree removal firm, we are conscious of the environment. We have a team of professional arborists who give us suggestions on reducing the damage to trees. Our team only removes trees when very necessary. We also participate in tree plantation and contribute money to tree planting ventures. 

                                                                                                A land clearing contractor in Townsville takes care to avoid hurting a tree that does not need to be removed during the land clearing procedure. We ensure that you have obtained all the necessary clearances from the relevant local authority or council before clearing any land. We ensure we do not remove rare plant species.

                                                                                                Cleaning Palm trees

                                                                                                Palm trees should be cleaned often. Palm trees’ leaves die naturally, and the leaves might fall and harm someone. Our committed team provides services like shaving the trunk and removing these leaves. The palm tree remains in excellent shape through regular maintenance. 

                                                                                                They look good all the time, and the surrounding area looks lovely. We ensure our cleaning method does not damage the palm tree. The palm tree can experience permanent damage if it is washed inappropriately. Inexperienced people cannot efficiently clean palm trees. This task requires specialised climbers from the land clearing contractor in Townsville who are qualified and skilled in palm tree climbing.

                                                                                                Reasons for removing palm trees

                                                                                                Like any tree, palm trees can also present many dangers, and it may be necessary to remove them. The palm tree’s roots may be destroying the pipelines, disturbing the power lines or your home’s foundation. The palm tree may be dead, and it can fall at any time, making it hazardous to the nearby structure.  

                                                                                                Palm trees can make your yard dirty, and you should replace it with a different tree or plant if you intend to landscape.  Palm tree fruits pose a danger to people, and if they are located in an area with heavy human traffic, it would be best for you to remove the palm tree to avoid any accidents.


                                                                                                We are professional planners, and our team at Australian Construction plans the entire procedure. We discuss the whole process with you so you can approve it. We provide comprehensive solutions, not just tree removal. 

                                                                                                Our team expertly provides services like stump grinding, making chips or mulch from the truck and sections of the removed palm tree. We carry the waste to spare you the hassle of dealing with it. Our skilled arborist visits your site and gives you a free quote for cutting your palm tree.

                                                                                                  Contact us today for quality land clearing services!