Your Local Land Clearing Contractor On The Central Coast

Central Coast Land Clearing Contractor

Central Coast Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction specialises in major tree removal. Therefore, we work with developers and property owners. Given this, we maintain and enhance existing tree coverage. Moreover, our land clearing contractor on the Gold Coast clears land for new development.

    We have top-notch equipment. In addition, it is effective and environmentally conscious. Our team undertakes chipping and mulching of trees. More importantly, our expert tree gives your property a personal touch. Australian Construction has vast vegetation clearing experience on the Central Coast. We regularly offer our services to private and commercial clients.

    First, we offer free quotes then make a precise appraisal of your needs. Second, we create a customised method and pricing structure. Third, we give you the ideal land clearing and mulching services for your requirements. We have a new model fleet of Caterpillar excavators. Because of this, we clear and mulch vegetation effectively. It enables us to offer you affordable services. More importantly, we follow a planned production method. For this reason, we reduce onsite time and interruption.

    Our services

    Australian Construction undertakes land clearing for the following:

    • Road widening projects
    • Rail corridors
    • Land clearing for subdivisions
    • Fire breaks
    • Windfarms
    • Pipelines
    • House blocks
    • Smaller sites

    Our land clearing contractor on the Central Coast has the essential specialised machinery. Moreover, we have the expertise to offer ideal vegetation clearing and land clearing outcomes. Furthermore, we work efficiently and safely in an affordable manner. Also, we follow vegetation management requirements. We work jointly with big contractors and environmental consultants. Because of this, the impact on the nearby flora and fauna reduces.

    We also undertake onsite commercial vegetation mulching and grinding for small and large scale projects. Australian Construction has 40t and 42t track mounted lineal grinders. Due to this, we work seamlessly even in complex vegetation. It enables us to offer high output. Additionally, we provide superior specified wood waste mulching for different sized projects.

    Our grinders are track mounted. As a result, we can move them easily around your site. Every grinder has an excavator featuring grabs. So it loads vegetation and a completely equipped service vehicle. The land clearing contractor on the Central Coast measures output by weight, volume or contracted values. Moreover, we have various screen sizes. Consequently, they match your mulch quality needs. Operating these machines needs a particular skill set. Given this, we have some of the most qualified industry operators.

    Environmental consulting during projects

    The land clearing contractor on the Central Coasts works jointly with environmental consultants. The consultants offer fauna catcher/spotter services. It protects flora and wildlife as we undertake vegetation clearing projects. If necessary, we help in presenting post-clearance and pre-clearance reports.

    Our range of services

    • We offer mulching, shearing and land clearing services. Additionally, we carry out rectification and site maintenance.
    • Safe onsite operation
    • High production superior wood waste mulching
    • Short and long term contracts using specified terms. It facilitates accurate costs.
    • Scheduled output. As a result, it reduces onsite disruption and time.
    • Different screen sizes to meet mulch quality needs.
    • Output measurement by weight or volume. We also use contracted value by arbitration.

    Preparing your property for a new building

    If you are the owner of acres of land, it might be covered in debris trees and bushes. If you want to utilise more space on your property call us today. Our expert team will remove all debris and trees. As a result, you will have a plot of land you can construct on. During the land clearing procedure our team:

    • Uses top-quality equipment for safe tree removal
    • Removes all bushes and trees in a specific area
    • After finishing the job cleans up all the rubble


    Do you have a tree on the lawn you want to get rid of? In that case, you shouldn’t cut it down yourself. An expert hand like Australian Construction is essential to undertake tree removal correctly. We remove your tree without destroying your property. More importantly, we help you prevent injuries to yourself using DIY tree removal.

    Talk to us today about all your land clearing needs on the Central Coast.