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Port Macquarie Land Clearing Contractor

Port Macquarie Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction provides advanced land clearing services. In light of this, we meet many requirements. Furthermore, our land clearing contractor in Port Macquarie works with various clients. For instance, we work with estate owners and farmers. Additionally, we serve building firms.

    We have top-notch land clearing methods. Because of this, we have earned the reputation of being a land clearing leader. Our sophisticated mulching equipment enables us to handle any project.  Moreover, we tackle all kinds of vegetation, density or volume. 

    We have a skilled team of land clearing experts. Besides, we have advanced equipment, and we complete dense forest projects. In addition, we serve agricultural pastures.

    Our services

    Australian Construction provides commercial and residential land clearing services such as:

    • Biomass incorporation
    • Vegetation clearing
    • Pasture clearing
    • Storm damage cleanup
    • Stump removal
    • Brush removal
    • Tree removal
    • Construction site preparation
    • Newest land clearing technology

    At all times, we endeavour to use the newest land clearing methods. As a result, we are happy to provide an industry-leading mulching service. We grab and grind vegetation. Consequently, we provide nutritionally rich mulch. As a result, it benefits the soil, hence preventing erosion.

    When clearing land, we often wish to retain a specific type of vegetation. But, on the other hand, we control others. To this end, the land clearing contractor in Port Macquarie undertakes mulching work. We utilise this technique instead of bulldozing, which destroys everything available. Instead, our team uses our advanced equipment. Because of this, the ‘waste’ is left on the ground. It is a beneficial ecological resource. After all, it decomposes and emits vital nitrogen.

    For this reason, it facilitates the development of the vegetation you want. In addition, mulching protects the soil. We cut trees down to the ground level rather than uprooting them.

    Comparatively, it is safer and quicker than bulldozing. Likewise, it enables more specific and targeted land clearance. Hence, it differs from bulldozing, which can lead to accidental damage. The advantages of this newest method are:

    • It is quicker and more efficient.
    • The method decreases the quantity of waste to be removed.
    • It prevents soil erosion and is a lot less disruptive.
    • The technique is more environmentally friendly.

    We have advanced mulching techniques. For this reason, they are ideal for:

    • Reviving and restoring your land
    • Cleaning up following logging activity
    • Creating panoramas and views
    • Setting up horse riding, cycling and walking trails.
    • Preparing a building site

    For the ideal land clearing and mulching services, we are a natural choice.  Not only do we have advanced methods but also an old-fashioned work principle. Because of this, our customers are happy.

    Demolition and debris cleanup solutions

    Most land clearing tasks in Port Macquarie requires removing trash, metal and various types of debris. Therefore, the land clearing contractor in Port Macquarie provides different services.   We clear waste from your land. In other words, we give you a no-hassle service.

    We work hard to ensure you do not have any remaining trash from the clearing procedure. After all, we aim to clean up your land with maximum attention to detail.

    Advantages of demolition & debris removal

    Your property remains in excellent condition.

    It prevents accidents in the future that happens when debris remains on site. Using the Australian Construction removal service takes work responsibility from you.


    No one wants to be left with vast quantities of debris after land clearing. In light of this, Australian Construction undertakes your demolition and trash as well as debris removal. We work from beginning to end. Therefore, you can concentrate on your development. You do not need to clean up junk.

    Please book your appointment now to find out how we can deliver your land clearing services!