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Bendigo Land Clearing Contractor

Bendigo Land Clearing Contractor

    Australian Construction helps the Bendigo community to rejuvenate their land. Moreover, we help you reclaim your land from harmful vegetation and weeds. Our land clearing contractor in Bendigo also handles overgrown properties. Our team is passionate about setting up sustainable land. Because of this, the local community enjoys long-term benefits. We have top-notch equipment. More importantly, we especially import the equipment to give our clients the best solution.

    We provide various services, for example, vegetation management and roadside slashing. Additionally, we offer driveway grading and general earthworks. Our company works closely with Fire Risk Consultants. Because of this, we assist our clients in creating a fire protection plan that suits their property.

    Vegetation Management

    Clearing unwelcome vegetation

    We have specialised equipment. Therefore, the Australian Construction team provides various vegetation management services. We can enter steep inclines and small areas. Besides we can access very big areas to mulch or slash. As a result, it disrupts the weeds that prevent a paddock from thriving.

    Mulching groves and orchards

    The land clearing contractor in Bendigo specialises in forestry mulching. Likewise, we can mulch any sized grove or orchard. We complete the job effectively and efficiently. You can use the resultant mulch in and around the grove or orchard. Consequently, it avoids wastage. The organic matter is directed back to the soil. As a result, the soil provides a richer mulch. More importantly, this procedure saves you time.

    Vegetation management

    Mulching is an ideal method of eliminating harmful weeds from an area. This process eliminates the roots. Given this, the land regenerates, becoming healthy. We use our machinery to clear your paddocks. We also mulch and get rid of various harmful weeds like Chinese Scrub, Gorse and Blackberries.

    Slashing services

    Our team works jointly with our mulching services. In light of this, we clear your front yards, roadside and paddocks. We get rid of ugly and overgrown grasses and weeds. Slashing your property has benefits like:

    • It helps in soil regeneration.
    • The soil becomes richer. Therefore, higher value pasture develops.
    • Slashing should be included in your fire protection plan. It minimises fuels near your property.
    • Moreover, your property looks tidy and neat.

    General earthworks

    Our land clearing contractor in Bendigo works on various excavator jobs. So we help your business, farm or home. After all, we have vast experience in analysing the entry into difficult-to-access areas. Furthermore, we assess sloping blocks or spaces that require additional area. We take care to reduce vegetation disturbance in the nearby area. We wish to give you ideal options suitable for your requirements.

    Forestry mulching

    Our forestry mulching is the best service for councils and property owners. During this process, we clear unwanted trees and plants. It is the quickest and most affordable type of land clearing, and this method surpasses customary methods of clearing trees.

    Forestry mulching presents a particular kind of mulching. It depends on a single machine to grind, cut and clear the unwanted plants. The advantage of using this method to clear your property is the mulch. This byproduct of the mulching procedure helps in restoring nutrients inside the soil. Furthermore, there is minimal interruption of the surface underfoot.

    With time the weed regrowth reduces in treated areas. Also, your soil productivity increases. Forestry mulching presents a reliable process for reducing fire risk near your property. The reason is we remove various fallen trees, thick shrubs and weeds. Therefore, it reduces high-risk fuels. Consequently, it minimises fire risk.


    Australian Construction has the right equipment. Therefore, we work quickly and correctly the first time. Because of our experience and reputation, we are a leader in the sector. Our crew has vast knowledge and can tackle jobs of all sizes.

    Call us today for all your land clearing jobs in Bendigo, and we will gladly help.