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    At Australian Construction, we have various landscaping skills. Therefore, we have vast experience in the industry. Our landscaping contractor in Bendigo guides clients. We also inspire them. As a result, they have a pleasant journey towards their customised new outdoor area.

    We give our clients a professional service. In addition, our services are superior and hassle-free. Furthermore, our team works on budget and on time. We exceed all your expectations. Similarly, we share knowledge and passion for all outdoor aspects. Your style and needs are our priority.

    Landscapes, reflection spaces and Japanese gardens

    Australian Construction provides full-scale landscaping. We do this from the first design stage to the plantings. Our team also handles paving, turf and irrigation. In addition, we handle timber and stonework. The landscaping contractor in Bendigo also provides specialty water features.

    The Australian Construction landscapers have various specialities. We help you with ideas and designs. For this reason, we bring an oasis to your backyard or courtyard!  We can turn your small courtyard into a peaceful Japanese garden

    In this case, you can rest after a hard days’ work. Or maybe you wish to create your innovative luxury backyard. It might have a snorkelling recreation pond. Alternatively, it may feature endemic fish species or basketball court. 

    Moreover, it might consist of an outdoor kitchen for entertaining the family. Under these circumstances, our landscapers help you in embracing your creativity. More important, we make your landscaping dreams come true!

    Residential landscaping

    The landscaping contractor in Bendigo manages your complete residential landscape design. For instance, we provide installation and maintenance. Additionally, we offer help for personal landscaping services. We provide cottage-style home gardens. Also, modern garden designs are available. This creatively creates a residential landscape garden. It extends to your living space. It runs from the indoors to outdoors.

    At the same time, it complements your home’s surroundings and style. Talk to our experts about integrating various features into your home landscape garden design. Australian Construction designs a new landscape garden.

    Additionally, we re-design an existing garden. Notwithstanding, we can include retaining walls and paving. Also, we include retaining walls, greywater systems and water features.  We offer landscape irrigation as well.

    The landscaping contractor in Bendigo provides lawn landscaping. Apart from this, we offer backyard landscaping. In light of this, we have skilled landscape designers, gardeners and contractors. Because of this, we convert your yard into a paradise!

    Commercial landscaping

    Commercial gardens landscaping in Bendigo

    Australian Construction can change your commercial garden. With this in mind, we use unique landscape design. Furthermore, we use the surrounding environment and sustainability. Our team communicates closely with the client. 

    Given this, the commercial garden design progresses from the first concepts. It then moves to detailed working plans. After this, we move to the implementation and maintenance stage.

    Our skilled garden landscapers source only superior quality plants. Coupled with this, we incorporate combined water management solutions. These solutions address localised water availability. Also, they handle long-term sustainability problems.

    We offer commercial landscaping that incorporates various unique features. For example, we offer retaining walls and landscape lighting. In addition, we provide deck landscaping.

    Deck landscaping

    Our Australian Construction designers incorporate deck landscaping. It forms part of your residential as well as commercial landscaping.  We include patio landscaping or deck landscape in your garden design. As a result, it creates an area for entertaining. You can also use the space for barbecues or pergolas. Besides, use this area for quiet meditation.


    At Australian Construction, we have various design features. So, our landscapers can expertly integrate your complete landscape design. We also provide personal landscaping services. For example, we offer stone landscaping and landscape lighting.  Additionally, we provide retaining walls and water features.

    We will be happy to work on your landscaping, so please call us now!