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    At Australian Construction, we offer expert landscape garden design. Additionally, we provide professional landscaping services. Our landscaping contractor in Bunbury provides garden design services. Also, we present landscape design services. Furthermore, we serve commercial and residential properties. These projects are either small or large.

    Our skilled team designs and installs reticulation and irrigation. We also provide full garden maintenance services. These services are suitable for all your landscaping and garden projects. We have a team of experienced garden designers. 

    Moreover, they are passionate about their work. Because of this, we create highly functional outdoor areas. For example, we handle small residential outdoor spaces. We also offer commercial landscape projects.  

    We understand our client’s vision. In light of this, we forge long-lasting partnerships. Similarly, we offer unique landscaping design solutions. These solutions are ideal for all outdoor spaces.

    Garden designs, landscape and maintenance services

    Australian Construction offers these professional services:

    • Construction and landscaping design
    • Kerbing
    • Commercial & residential landscaping construction
    • Fencing
    • Garden & landscape maintenance
    • Reticulation and irrigation design & installation
    • Irrigation specialists

    You save money if you have a well-designed irrigation system. Also, it should be installed correctly. Because of this, you avoid stress over the years. For a great system, we carefully plan the zones. So, you can water each section of your landscape separately. Due to this, you decrease the water use. It would help if you watered the gardens separately from lawn areas.

    The landscaping contractor in Bunbury uses products from the world’s best irrigation suppliers. We customise each system. So, it suits your budget and needs. Well-placed sprinklers decrease overspray. They also ensure the water is evenly placed on the landscape. It would be best if you avoided dry sections in your lawn. 

    Our experienced team ensures it does not happen. We can reduce water use by installing a rain sensor in your timer. Alternatively, we fix hi-pop sprinklers along garden paths. Given this, your entire systems work more efficiently.

    Planting & mulching

    All mulches are different. Most people believe that a lovely fine mulch reduces water loss, and so do many landscapers. According to research, coarse, chunky mulch is ideal. The reason is that it retaining soil moisture. We have different kinds of mulch. Again, it holds moisture efficiently. So, the plants remain healthy!

    Just like you, the plants need food. Our landscaping contractor in Bunbury adds nutrients to sandy soils. In this way, we improve them. Furthermore, it enhances plant growth. We also include organic fertilisers for all the plants.

    Turf installation

    We are proud of our turf installation. Australian Construction has vast lawn laying experience. Therefore, we consider our levels and preparation to be the best. Our previous projects include a small back yard. Our team has worked on school ovals as well as large-scale parks.

    We assist you in choosing the correct variety of lawn. It depends on your requirements. Our range includes soft underfoot or dog friendly. We source turf from different farms. 

    We select from farms with variety and with the best turf. Australian Construction avoids using thickly thatched turf. As a result, you can maintain your new turf easily. We have a soil amendment service. Therefore, your turf grows strong.

    Also, it is less susceptible to disease. Brilliant landscaping requires ideal turf for outstanding results. We source our plants from certified nurseries. In this manner, they are free from pathogens. Furthermore, we have significant experience in advanced tree planting. The landscaping contractor in Bunbury is also skilled in transplanting.


    Australian Construction is committed to helping turn your landscape vision into reality. We provide open communication. Similarly, we give you elegant landscape designs. Given this, our team creates a unique and habitable outdoor area.

    Our team is proud to transform your property. In this regard, we turn it into a unique area. So, you can entertain and relax. You will also impress your guests with your lovely landscape!

    We look forward to hearing from you today so we can give you the ideal landscape!