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    Do you long for something dramatic? In that case, Australian Construction can create a breathtaking landscape design. Do you want a relaxing and soothing setting? We can also deliver. Our landscaping contractor in Bundaberg is skilled. So we can create a peaceful and calm landscape. Whatever your vision, we can build it!

    Our expert team gives your landscape some personality. For this, we use the best planting for your home. Lovely blossoms make your garden enticing. Likewise, whimsical trees add charm to your garden. Bushes full of berries give your lawn character. Australian Construction landscaping experts construct a beautiful backyard sanctuary. It provides a retreat. Furthermore, it conceals any unattractive space in your landscape.

    Our expert team designs and installs plantings. In addition, these plantings match you and your landscape requirements. We have vast experience in Bundaberg and its surroundings.  Given this, you are assured our team has the skills and knowledge. Therefore, we can make your landscape flourish!

    You might be looking for privacy plantings. Or, perhaps you want complete backyard transformation. Maybe you need season colour. Regardless, our landscape experts will provide a landscape you will adore!

    Landscape maintenance

    Maintaining your property all year.

    Australian Construction provides outdoor maintenance services. For this reason, your hardscape and landscape elements are protected. Furthermore, they look lovely throughout the year! We offer the following:

    • Corrective pruning
    • Winterisation
    • Regular maintenance service
    • Our team cleans and maintains patios and walkways. We also clean and maintain driveways.
    • Fresh mulch and edging for your landscape beds.

    The landscaping contractor in Bundaberg is an expert. Moreover, they perfectly edge your landscape beds. We also prune your ornamental trees and plantings appropriately. In light of this, we keep them flourishing all through the season. We have options of triple-ground brown or black mulch. So, we give you a polished landscape appearance. Our expert team undertakes power washing. We also carry out thorough cleaning. Consequently, we help in maintaining your landscape!

    Home landscape lighting

    Do you want outdoor lighting to enhance your home appearance? We install your landscape lighting by placing it perfectly. Our experts then design and install it correctly. As a result, your home stands out from the rest! Highlight your home or landscape’s critical features with landscape lighting.

    Additionally, landscape lighting provides a secure walk to your house. The reason is the lighting guides you as you walk. We ensure we deliver your unique vision. 

    Expert outdoor lighting adds character, safety and beauty to your home. We provides a strategic design and development as well. 

    We offer this for your landscape lighting. Consequently, we help you light up your backyard patio or front yard patio. Australian Construction provides security lights. They are ideal for in-ground well lights.

    Moreover, we have many options to pick from. Allow your patio area to shine with outdoor light stringers. We hung them up in the backyard.

    More outdoors services

    Special touches in the house make it more homely. Also, it reflects the lifestyles and personalities of the inhabitants. We offer an innovative set of extra outdoor services. Our objective is to improve your home and outdoor living area. We give you the outdoor living area of your choice.  

    Stand out from the rest with our custom stone art and pergolas. We also offer paver driveway, wells and much more! Furthermore, we are creative and professional. We ensure your custom project reflects your style!


    In Bundaberg, we are the most experienced in landscaping. Also, we are the most trusted firms in the sector. Our team is fully licensed. They are highly skilled in design and landscaping. 

    Our landscaping contractor in Bundaberg has happy clients. We create lovely, durable landscapes. We build beautiful outdoor living spaces also. Our team delivers excellent projects that surpass our clients’ needs.

    Please give us the pleasure of fulfilling all your landscaping needs today!