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    At Australian Construction, we help you to make your dream project come true! We have years of collective landscaping experience. Therefore, our landscaping contractor in Rockhampton can deliver your vision. Our team provides landscape design and retaining walls. We also provide earthmoving, turf and a lot more.

    Our team has the skills, and they value your project. So, we ensure you will be happy with your new landscape. Moreover, we provide superior quality service. For this reason, we source the ideal materials. Also, we take meticulous care with every brick laid.

    We have vast experience. Given this, we provide a significant level of professionalism. We also have unsurpassed knowledge. Because of this, we complete all aspects of your project. Hence, our team works from landscape design to conclusion. 

    We handle all stages of your project. Therefore, you do not need to hire other contractors. You have peace of mind waiting to enjoy your new garden after completion!

    A lovely garden

    Your garden should be an enjoyable area. For this reason, Australian Construction wants to provide this for you. So, we ensure that you have a functional garden. It is also lovely and timeless.

    Designing your dream landscape

    The landscaping contractor in Rockhampton gives life to your dream garden. Our skilled staff specialise in landscaping. Because of that, they design lovely landscapes for your enjoyment. You may need a complete garden redesign. Or perhaps you only want a small corner. 

    Whatever your needs, we use the ideal design principles. With this in mind, we give you a fantastic landscape. Our competent team ensures we provide unique and functional areas. Furthermore, they are breathtaking! The landscaping contractor in Rockhampton gives you an area you can love and enjoy. Moreover, you can share it with family and friends.

    Types of landscaping

    Australian Construction offers many landscaping options. Some homeowners want a maintainable landscape design. Given this, we provide landscapes with a natural appearance. These designs also save water. Meanwhile, other people wish to blend hardscape (patios) and soft-scape (plants).

    At the same time, others want a tropical garden style for their property. Some people also prefer a modern garden style. Most people wish to have a backyard swimming pool. Alternatively, they may want a barbeque area or outdoor kitchen. 

    Our landscaping contractor in Rockhampton loves their job! Hence, they work hard to do it correctly. We aim to satisfy our clients. That is to say, we do the job according to your precise needs.

    We create the landscape you want. With this intention, our team discusses the ideal colour. They then give you suggestions. So, this advice helps you with altering your outdoor space. Australian Construction provides various masonry garden-edging products. For example, we offer basic vertical concrete edging. 

    Additionally, we provide stunning stone-look products. We also offer sandstone products. We have garden-edging products as well. It includes a mow strip. For this reason, you can easily maintain your garden edge. The landscaping contractor adds a garden feature. In light of this, it changes your outdoor living area.

    External tiles & feature stone

    We use feature stone cladding for feature walls outside. We also establish it in outdoor entertainment areas and pillars. Additionally, our team installs it in facades and pillars. Australian Construction uses external tiles for outdoor spaces with a nonslip floor.


    At Australian Construction, we supply all you need for your dream landscape. We stock various pavers and also stone cladding products. We also have retaining well products. Our company supplies mulch, gravels and soils as well. We also have decorative features and a lot more. Our team’s expertise caters for domestic and commercial needs. 

    Because of their experience, they can suggest a product from our wide catalogue. So, if you want a fresh new look or an entirely new landscape, we can deliver.

    Call us today and enjoy our remarkable variety of landscaping supplies!