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Professional Landscaping Services In Sydney

    When you landscape your lawn, it becomes more interesting and boosts your property’s curb attraction. However, for people who are not experienced in this process, it can be a challenging job.

    Fortunately, it is simpler than you believe, especially if you comprehend the basics, like its advantages and how you can design it effectively, with the help of our landscaping contractor in Sydney.

    What does landscaping entail?

    Landscaping is a sector that is committed to making your property’s land appealing. It involves selecting a suitable design that meets your requirements, budget and preferences. Landscaping is about executing this design and maintaining the surroundings.

    Australian Construction offers exterior design, architecture and gardening services. We have a creative team and the natural area is our canvas. We manipulate it and change it, making it an exceptional surrounding, to suit the home-owner’s taste.

    We have expert landscapers who provide artistic designs. Our staff has horticulture awareness, which is necessary when it comes to a specific area. Sydney has different types of land, such as untamed bush land running along the hillsides and constantly changing wetlands in the plains.

    It is also the landscaper’s responsibility to know the limitations in Sydney. There are restrictions concerning the climate and terrain, which affects the landscaping design and choice of plants. You can see that landscaping can be a bit daunting in various areas, like dedication and finances.

    But, with the assistance of an expert like Australian Construction, you can realise your objectives.

    Is landscaping similar to gardening?

    Most Australians love gardening, and it has also turned into a multi-billion dollar sector in the country, as well as other areas of the globe. However, some people cannot differentiate between landscaping and gardening.  The truth is that although they are similar in some ways, they are not the same.

    Gardening is similar to landscaping as it concentrates on the cultivation and maintenance of outdoor areas. These two are not just carried out on residential lawns. They are performed on golf courses, commercial establishments and parks.

    Landscaping involves setting up artistically pleasing surroundings, particularly the outdoor space. In this technique, Australian Construction uses grass, trees, plants, flowers, statues and stones. In contrast, gardening is mostly about cultivating plants or flowers in the area. 

    Landscaping is more comprehensive, and when you engage our landscaping contractor located in Sydney, this expert will plan and offer the garden design. In contrast, if you hire a gardener, the person will carry out the ‘dirty tasks’ for you like weeding, planting flowers, harvesting and fertilising.

    The importance of landscaping

    Our firm offers different kinds of landscaping designs. The concrete minimalism is a favourite, particularly in Sydney.  Some people like the bohemian theme with different flowers all over. Despite the landscaping design you pick, it is guaranteed to give you some benefit.

    Landscaping provides a lot of physical and psychological gains. It enables property owners to benefit financially.

    The main advantages of landscaping

    1.  Landscaping raises your property’s value

    For each of us, buying a house offers the best experiences in life. It is the reason people who can afford it relive this experience several times. They then choose the area they wish to settle. Real estate is a thriving investment. You can use it to generate substantial profits after selling the property. When you have a beautifully manicured lawn, it assists in raising the property’s value.

    2.  Many buyers want a landscaped lawn.

    If you decide to sell your current residence, finding a buyer will be easy. Couples, singles and families will approach you because they want to buy your home based on the beautiful backyard. So they are the ones you should mainly target when selling your home. Families love home sceneries that have plants, flowers and trees.

    Research indicates that on average, properties with a landscaped lawn have fewer incidences of crime. Their community involvement rate is also higher, making them more enjoyable to reside in.

    3.  You preserve the environment

    Even if you do not intend to sell your home, landscaping helps the surroundings in a lot of ways. Each home should be mindful of the environment and give it a priority.  A tree eliminates up to 26 pounds of carbon dioxide discharges from the air each year.

    Planting trees is beneficial because the trees capture smoke, dust and dangerous gases. In turn, they are transformed into oxygen. Another benefit from trees is that their roots soak up extra water, helping to avoid dangerous overspills that are common in suburban areas.

    Mistakes to avoid when hiring a landscaping contractor in Sydney

    Engaging a professional landscaping firm like Australian Construction, assures you that your landscaping requirements are met.  We ensure that your landscape remains manicured, green and healthy. Our experts carry out this task on your behalf, so you have time to spend with your friends and family!

    When choosing a landscaping contractor consider the following:

    • Research well before hiring a landscaping company and do not settle just for anyone. Look for a firm like Australian Construction, which offers a blend of experience and knowledge.
    • Do not forget to have the property assessed. Each office, home or area that requires you to hire a professional is different from the other. All properties vary in problems, needs, size and landscaping conditions. So, before hiring someone to handle all these, have an expert tour your site to offer you a suitable property assessment.
    • Hire a person you can work with in the future. In addition to engaging someone who is experienced, efficient and knowledgeable, it is crucial also ask yourself also whether the company understands your immediate requirements and long-term objectives.
    • A reputable landscaping contractor like ours based in Sydney will have a professional website giving all the information about their services. Review this business website to get crucial information about the firm’s background, services, referrals and pictures of the present work.


    Remember that hiring a landscaping contractor is expensive business and you will not get a refund if the project fails.

    So ensure that you select the ideal firm like Australian Construction for all your landscaping needs! Give us a call today on 1800 155 851.