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Professional Landscaping in Townsville

    Everyone wishes to have an enticing garden or yard. If you have a plain and boring garden, you need a makeover by a landscaping contractor in Townsville. We can make your lawn or garden fresh and enjoyable, giving your property a warm vibe.

    Our team at Australian Construction can raise your property’s value by designing it professionally, installing it and maintaining it well. We are always available for you when you need affordable landscaping services like:

    • Planting ornamental trees and shrubs: Plants play a big role in your garden so long as you plant them according to their functionality and artistic values to the landscape. We have a landscaping contractor situated in Townsville who offers you a list of the best suitable plants for your garden.
    • Turf installation:  Our qualified and experienced team plants turf sprigs of fresh turf sods neatly in your yard, making it look very attractive once established. The lovely appearance of fresh green grass is enough to make you break out into a joyous smile any day.
    • Landscape Paving: Our landscaping contractor in Townsville enhances your garden features, ensuring that people who use the area fully enjoy the view. We set up awesome paths using durable landscape pavers. They vary from driveways to walkways.
    • Installing a water feature: If all your garden aspects are static, water features are great. Examples are ponds, fountains or waterfalls in your garden.


    For garden paving, we use various outdoor hardscape pavers. They are circulation surfaces formed practically and durably to resist any pressure and load exerted on them. These loads are either traffic or pedestrian loads. Australian Construction offers services that give users of the areas friction; it transfers traffic and pedestrian loads from above the surface to underneath natural soil.

    As the property owner in Townsville, for paving, you can select from our wide range of easily accessible paving materials, depending on your reasons. Examples of these materials are limestone, concrete, brick, gravel paving stones and natural stones.

    We use three methods to provide paving services:

    • Unit paving: This landscape paving involves several small units that are not necessarily created at their installation point. Our landscaping contractor in Townsville manufactures pavers in a separate area and transports it to other sites for installation. The paving type that needs unit installations is limestone paving, granite pavers, natural stone paving and brick paving.
    • Soft Paving: For this, our experienced team incorporates the turf grass and the selected landscape pavers during installation. It creates a pattern of hardscape and softscape also. The option consists of turf blocks, soft paving and grass soft paving.
    • In situ paving: Our landscapers at Australian Construction fix the landscaping paving in the site in the correct position required. Some of the in situ paving services we offer use asphalt and concrete installations.

    Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls in a garden are the landscape’s fundamental architectural features. It is essential since the two hold soil, preventing erosion and filter runoff rainwater. They give you a great benefit because of their durability.

    Most garden owners choose inexpensive materials to retain wall installation; but Australian Construction does not compromise its stability. Our competent staff makes sure that the retaining walls are sufficiently stable to fight negative forces.

    We build the walls from sandstone, concrete, granite and other construction materials.

    Examples of the walls:

    • Concrete retaining walls:  We use concrete to create modern and extremely classy designs in your Townsville home. It is a great way of reinforcement if there is a slope. We blend industrial concrete and simple architecture, giving you a spectacular view! 
    • Having retaining walls with playful design gives you a structure with varied forms. It gives your outdoor space more advantage.
    • Stone retaining walls: Australian Construction uses natural stones to make informal looking retaining walls. Choosing to present creative factors in your garden, we can also use gabion walls to substitute stone-concrete and concrete retaining walls. We create them from a metal mesh gabion full of stones. The retaining walls are inclined slightly, and we create them with bigger gaps between them, facilitating plant growth, especially grasses and shrubs.

    Garden Maintenance

    Gardening is a great outdoor activity since it connects us directly with nature. It also offers us a wonderful feel, and we consistently experience decreased stress levels and less aggression when we carry out some tasks in the garden. But, when you own property in Townsville, you may find yourself limited for time to beautify your garden single-handedly.

    We advise you to seek expert help from our Townsville landscaping contractor. Having a firm like this nearby is appropriate in cases like this. A lovely garden improves your property’s general elegance and gives your visitors a pleasant impression. The reason is that it is the first factor that will capture their attention.

    We have a competent team that carries out residential and commercial garden maintenance in all weather conditions because your garden needs continuous maintenance throughout the year.

    We have highly skilled landscapers who handle all your garden needs effectively, offering you customised maintenance support. It facilitates the optimal blooming of your garden.

    We regularly review our garden maintenance in Townsville to meet your desires as the homeowner and according to the garden’s needs. The team of experts we have in Townsville’s main focus is to continuously expand and enhance their knowledge and skills of the present garden maintenance methods. Their focus is on practical, sustainable techniques.

    We carry out garden maintenance like lawn mowing, ornamental topiary hedging, tree pruning and trimming, hardscape cleaning, garden aeration and disease management to maintain lovely outdoor areas. Australian Construction carries out garden services specific to your garden hardscape and softscape.

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    If you own a home or commercial building in Townsville and have a garden, you should ensure it is well installed, designed, maintained or renovated.  A stylishly designed and maintained space will give you mental stimulation, leading to a sense of peace. It is important when you want to rest after going through the same routines every day.

    Townsville has different landscaping firms that offer gardening services. It depends on what your garden specifically needs.

    Australian Construction will expertly design and renovate your garden depending on the design style that perfectly suits your needs!