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    Our passionate Australian Construction team provides different landscaping services. Because of this, we offer outdoor services suitable for different needs. Our landscaping contractor in Wollongong specialises in revitalising outdoor areas. 

    Equally important, we have worked enthusiastically for years. The type of project or budget does not matter. Notwithstanding, we can change your garden or entertaining area. Therefore, you will love it for years!

    Due to the knowledge and experience we have, our company is famous in Wollongong. Australian Construction is friendly and has significant expertise. Because of this, we have brought life to many outdoor areas!

    Our priority is to satisfy our clients.  Therefore, relax and watch us make your outdoor area beautiful. Additionally, we make it a modern space. Consequently, you and your family have fun here for years.

    Landscape design

    We have landscape design and implementation services. These services are in high demand in Wollongong, and it is why we have a creative and artistic team. For this reason, they deliver lovely outdoor design plans all the time. So, our clients remain happy!

    The design procedure between our customers and design architects is friendly. In other words, we do not impose our ideas on our clients. Instead, our expert team gives you suitable options. Then, we leave the final decision to you. 

    Our landscaping contractor in Wollongong assures you that they will mould your final plans expertly. As a result, the plans blend perfectly with your outdoor space or entertainment area. In addition, it matches your tastes, needs and lifestyle.

    Concept development and plan

    This section involves a creative process. For one thing, there is a lot of communication between our designers and our customers. The team presents rough illustrations of how they will lay out the garden area. Therefore, it enables you to understand your area’s transformation. 

    This initial planning phase is exciting! But, for some people, it can be overwhelming. It happens when they attempt to decide what they require. Despite this, do not worry. Our designers are patient and supportive. They work with you to create a plan that matches your lifestyle. 

    Planting plan

    It is essential to develop a planting plan. The reason is that it ensures your outdoor area has bright flora spread all over. The landscaping contractor in Wollongong proposes different plant options. Furthermore, they match your selected design. They are also in line with the physical garden area. 

    Our team also offers visual references of the suggested plants, pot sizes, quantities, etc. As a result, you can correctly envision the appearance of your garden. In this stage of the design process, we establish the planting schedules. It ensures we plant the plant species you choose at the appropriate time of the year. As a result, it ensures longevity.

    Final master plan

    The Australian Construction’s last stage of the design procedure involves combining all the steps. In the light of this, we do it concisely. Therefore, we give you a detailed master plan. At that point, you can make changes and tweaks. 

    Because of this, you ensure that all the decisions made suit your needs. For instance, you check whether it meets your aesthetic tastes and lifestyle. Also, consider how you will use the area for years to come.

    Our master plan includes an estimated timeline and construction plan. Additionally, it features schedules and a planting plan. Furthermore, it has the final drawings and sketches of the outdoor area. At this point, all the parties sign the final plan. After this, our expert team embarks on your project!


    The landscaping contractor in Wollongong works on your project from start to finish. Consequently, they give life to your plants, giving you the ideal landscape. At all stages, we focus on our client. In addition, we do this during your garden or outdoor area’s physical construction.

    Call us today to talk to our design specialists for the best results!