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    At Australian Construction, we offer comprehensive landscaping services. With this in mind, we ensure we give you satisfactory services. Our landscaping contractor in Canberra provides various benefits. For this purpose, our company has all the essential tools and equipment. 

    Therefore, we work efficiently on all your projects. It includes minor and major earthworks as well as landscaping needs. Because of this, we offer expert services without any restrictions or hassles.

    Landscaping features

    Australian Construction offers various superior landscaping features. Because of this, they enhance your front, back and side garden spaces. Furthermore, we provide services to commercial and residential clients. Moreover, we are specialists in various landscaping areas.


    We incorporate gardens and landscapes to add a lovely finish to space. Not only are they practical, but also excellent for saving space. Built-in benches give you an area that facilitates storage and seating. The landscaping contractor in Canberra adds hinges beneath the built-in bench. Because of this, you can open it.

    Also, you can utilise this area for storing gardening materials. In addition, you can store seat cushions and other essentials. In the light of this, you save on space. More importantly, you also save money. The reason is you do not purchase additional outdoor seating furniture

    We utilise quality and durable materials for constructing your seating. In effect, we guarantee a durable product. Adding benches to the area’s perimeter opens the area thoroughly. Because of this, it prolongs the utilisation of your outdoor living. Our expert team can add landscaping to the built-in benches. The landscaping encircles the area. 

    Additionally, it merges the benches into the garden’s aesthetics. We place composite or timber materials against natural landscapes. In this manner, it creates an attractive addition to your garden or home.

    Advantages of in-built garden benches

    • Aesthetics
    • Saves space
    • Functional
    • Added value
    • Durability

    Choosing an area for adding a bench in your garden

    You may be unsure where to place your new garden bench. Under these circumstances, we can help. The excavation contractor in Canberra advises you on where you can install the built-in bench. The design specialists at Australian Construction are experts. 

    Their expertise applies to the layout of a landscaped space. Therefore, we make recommendations depending on your requirements. So, call us today to find out about our lovely in-built benches.


    Barbeques present a wonderful tradition in Australia. After all, it unites family and friends. Consequently, they enjoy lovely food and company! More than before, it is easy to have fun at the weekend with a barbecue. Your friends and family can enjoy your built-in barbeque space.

    In-built barbecue spaces are significantly helpful. Also, they enhance the value of your home. They create a whole new living area for the home. Consequently, they are ideal for cold Australian nights.  In-built barbecue areas can be customised. Therefore, it is handy for homeowners. 

    Setting up tailored outdoor barbeque areas creates new options. In light of this, it increases functionality. For instance, it applies to sinks, benches and fridges. They add a second kitchen to your residence. At Australian Construction, we use the best materials for constructing your outdoor barbeque areas. For this reason, your products endure throughout your home’s life.

    Advantages of in-built outdoor barbeque areas

    • Functional
    • Completely customisable
    • Adds value to the home
    • Creates a new cooking area and living space


    The landscaping contractor in Canberra has vast experience in landscape construction. At Australian Construction, we have various skills and knowledge. It applies to all elements of landscape design and structural landscaping. 

    We have a unique quality, coupled with the best materials. Because of this, we produce superior outcomes all the time. To ensure your landscaping project is done right, talk to us today.

    We guarantee you superior quality and the best outcomes!