Expert Scaffolding Contractor In Gladstone For Residential & Industrial


    For Australian Construction, safety extends beyond the OH&S requirements. Scaffolding is dangerous. So, it requires full attention and respect for the working surrounding all the time. Our scaffolding contractor in Gladstone has the necessary skills and experience. For this reason, we deliver your project fast, safely and within budget. 

    Please engage us at the beginning of your project. Doing so reduces your scaffolding costs because we foresee issues. Due to this, we create affordable solutions. Therefore, we reduce adoption and day-work costs. We serve most industries. 

    Also, we have a wide variety of building machinery and equipment you may need. Australian Construction mainly serves painters, plumbers and electricians. Additionally, we work with DIY home-owners and contractors.

    Well-maintained equipment

    Australian Construction knows that your safety is crucial. Therefore, we ensure that we keep our equipment safe and well maintained. For this reason, we never lease out worn-out equipment. Similarly, we do not hire out faulty equipment. Moreover, we value quality.

    Scaffolding presents an important access method. It is vital for various domestic building works. Scaffolding is necessary for different projects like:

    • Re-roofing your home
    • Undertaking a loft conversion
    • Extending your house

    Under these circumstances, you need scaffolding for safe access. The scaffolding contractor in Gladstone erects the scaffolding expertly. So, it improves the project’s general safety at your home. As a result, you can carry out the home improvement project fast and safely

    Australian Construction has vast experience in offering superior scaffolding services. Our services are available for various domestic buildings. For this reason, please allow us to support your project. We will eliminate the stress from the situation!

    Commercial scaffold service

    For commercial property repair or expansion, we are your go-to company. We have vast experience in providing superior quality scaffolding service. Our company has served major clients all over Gladstone

    Additionally, the scaffolding contractor in Gladstone offers scaffolding services to smaller businesses. Furthermore, we treat all projects equally. Notwithstanding their size, we use similar professionalism standard.

    We offer a complete design and drawing service. Because of this, we ensure maximum safety is followed during the work. For all commercial scaffolding projects, we provide on-site coordinators and managers. It ensures that all scaffolding installation follows the strictest health and safety standards.

    Before beginning the project, we form a detailed plan. Given this, we avoid delays and expensive adaptations to the project. Moreover, we present a detailed schedule. It helps in completing the project on time. At Australian Construction, we know planning is important. It ensures programs and targets are kept. Also, the planned schedule is followed.

    Details of our commercial scaffolding services

    Our scaffolding contractor in Gladstone offers various remarkable services. We do this to ensure we meet your scaffolding needs. Our services include:

    • We visit the particular site. Then we consult with the relevant people to confirm your scaffolding requirements.
    • Our team designs and plans the scaffolding works. We then complete it within the budget agreed.
    • We present the quotation to your company.
    • Our highly trained team delivers the scaffolding to your property.
    • After this, we supply experienced and trained scaffolders. They then erect scaffolding depending on the specifications. Also, they ensure your scaffold is secure, safe and up to standard. Please note our entire team is employed by us; they are not sub-contractors.
    • We then complete your project on time and budget.


    Australian Construction has worked with the country’s biggest companies. These companies are in the construction and development industry. In this regard, we have provided a remarkable work portfolio. It shows our complexity and versatility on different projects. 

    We provide different services to meet our clients’ different construction needs. Our focus on design, safety and delivery makes us unique. We also stand out because of our time management and collaboration.

    It will be our pleasure to offer you our excellent scaffolding solutions in Gladstone!