Licensed Scaffolding Contractor In Canberra For Hire By Aus Construction

    Australian Construction offers industrial scaffolding services. Our scaffolding contractor in Canberra provides residential and commercial scaffolding solutions. We have an experienced team with excellent customer service. Furthermore, they provide skilled artistry. 

    We provide reliable services and deliver on time. Moreover, we offer affordable results for our customers. The company’s comprehensive inventory is flexible. Therefore, it can suit various commercial projects and developments. We provide unique and innovative scaffold solutions. These solutions are suitable for complex and constricted areas. 

    Industrial scaffold services

    The scaffolding contractor in Canberra offers various services. We offer industrial and commercial scaffolding services. Because of this, we serve different sectors. For example, we handle resources, industrial and commercial.

    Oil, gas and resources industry

    We offer services and products to Australia’s biggest oil and gas companies. It includes the best equipment and superior on-site capabilities. We enhance our procedures at all times. For this reason, we check our operating processes. Therefore, we recognise new dangers specific to every industry sector. 

    Our main priority is safety and quality. Given this, the two elements are crucial regarding meeting client project needs. It applies to the dangerous surroundings affecting the oil and gas sector. Our team is very disciplined. In other words, they work meticulously. So, they eliminate dangers that arise in these conditions. Given this, it ensures our employees and clients are safe.

    Our company has strict recruitment method and training. Because of this, our oil and gas customers are confident with our services. The reason is that at all times we meet the high demand for maintenance in the industry.

    We provide a full range of scaffold management. In addition, we offer specialised industrial scaffolding services. It includes:

    • Encapsulation
    • Tube and fit
    • Rope access
    • Maintenance
    • Design and engineering
    • Rigging labour-hire
    • Scaffolding labour-hire
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Project management
    • Scaffolding superintendents and supervision


    Australian Construction has vast experience. We are skilled in offering commercial scaffolding solutions for major construction projects. Our team presents vast in-house design and engineering. We also offer planning and on-site capabilities. In light of this, we give our commercial customers project management benefits. 

    Our scaffolding contractor in Canberra has highly experienced operation teams. With this in mind, we have the expertise to develop complex programs. Therefore, we deliver in highly demanding project circumstances.

    It can be a hassle to estimate the price of commercial scaffolding for construction work. However, we give clients an unsurpassed level of service.


    Australian Construction has great experience with heritage restoration work. It includes ancient government buildings and churches. Old buildings are renovated throughout. Hence heritage works are in great demand. For this reason, we understand that special care is necessary. It protects these properties’ natural beauty. It also prevents distraction from any surrounding beauty. 

    Our team is diligent and careful when arranging scaffold structures close to heritage buildings. Only our most skilled technicians handle this assemblage. So, it facilitates peace of mind.

    Many heritage sites are available to the public as construction or restoration work takes place. Our scaffolding contractor in Canberra works hard to ensure the building remains attractive. We test all our scaffold structures highly. So, we ensure the working tradesmen are safe.


    Australian Construction is passionate about working with our customers. Because of this, we deliver superior products and services. We also ensure these services and products are suitable for them. 

    Our professional team designs, engineers and supplies our products. The programs we offer are detailed. Because of that, they identify hidden costs and risks. We are a reputable scaffolding company. Our company establishes strict testing and inspection procedures on its equipment. So, we ensure safety in future.

    Call us today for all your scaffolding needs in Canberra!


      Sunshine Coast Scaffolding Contractor Services For Hire

        At Australian Construction, we go the extra mile. With this in mind, we offer scaffolding services on the Sunshine Coast. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor on the Sunshine Coast ensures our services are safe and reliable.

        Because of that, we create the scaffolding systems using top quality heavy-duty materials. Therefore, we meet the sector’s high safety standards. We have access to various scaffolding products. In addition, we have the various modular frame. Our staff is experienced in design and installation. As a result, we deliver outstanding results.

        Our expert services

        Our scaffolding contractor on the Sunshine Coast provides different erection services. Our services serve various residential needs. We are proud to offer adaptable scaffold rental services.  You can choose to have us deliver the essential materials to your job site. Alternatively, we can deliver the scaffolding. We can assemble and dismantle it for you as well.

        Australian Construction has well-trained experts. Moreover, they are dedicated to offering excellent work. They also provide customer service for each project, notwithstanding the project size.  You might want frame scaffoldings for your small-sized project. Or perhaps you want a modular system complexity. Because of this, we have the product and installation abilities. Again, we can deliver your particular platform access needs.

        Mobile scaffold

        The construction industry has different types of scaffolding. Each scaffolding has a different shape or type. For this purpose, it is specifically created to meet particular demands. Mobile scaffolding is the most flexible and versatile.

        Mobile scaffolding is a portable platform. In addition, it is a temporary support platform. This platform is based on wheels or casters. It is mainly used for construction work. Here, the workers need to change their positions frequently. It gives workers a convenient, safe and productive surrounding to finish their projects. The Australian Construction mobile scaffolding provides innovative residential scaffolding. It is mainly used for repair projects or home construction. 

        We provide these movable structures for jobs like plastering or painting. Not only is mobile scaffolding efficient, but affordable. More importantly, the scaffolding contractor on the Sunshine Coast assembles and dismantles mobile scaffolding easily. Our mobile scaffolding is very affordable as well. In summary, this type of scaffolding is safe for workers.

        Residential scaffolding

        If you need house renovations, residential scaffolding is crucial. After all, you will require scaffolds to access hard to reach areas. Our scaffolding contractor on the Sunshine Coast has various scaffold options. For example, we offer renovations and extensions. Additionally, we provide decorative and restoration work.

        We design our residential scaffolding services depending on your requirements. Because of this, you can depend on our staff. They are helpful and professional. Therefore, they will support and help you fully. Australian Construction provides services that comply with the essential acts and regulations

        Our team works according to the deadline. We also work efficiently and expertly. The landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast sets up suitable scaffolding equipment on the job site. In light of this, your workers can be at peace. It is because they know they are protected while on the site. Furthermore, working without stress makes them more productive.


        Do you want a scaffolding service to meet your scaffold equipment needs? Or do you want a service that provides total customer satisfaction? In that case, call Australian Construction. We offer various scaffolding equipment platforms. For instance, we provide Mobile Alquip Scaffolding.

        We design our residential scaffolding to suit your needs. With this in mind, you can rely on our staff. They are experts and offer full support and assistance. 

        Call us now for all your scaffolding needs on the Sunshine Coast!


          Most Reliable & Affordable Scaffolding Contractor On The Central Coast

            Australian Construction offers various scaffolding services. We provide affordable services. These services match your budget as well. Our scaffolding contractor on the Central Coast uses our specialised, premium scaffolding system. 

            We provide labour services. Additionally, we provide hire services for the builder or home-owner. We help you with all kinds of jobs, small or big. You may be involved in a project that needs scaffolding. In that case, call us now. An expert member of our team will assist you with your scaffolding requirements.

            Residential scaffolding

            We assist home-owners with various scaffolding solutions. Our scaffolding contractor on the Central Coast provides different services. It includes:

            • Aluminium Quickstage Scaffolding: It is ideal for a home-owner who wants to enter complex areas. These areas may be outside or inside the home. We have a lightweight system and expert staff. Because of this, you have peace of mind.
            • Aluminium mobile scaffolds: You might not need our complete scaffolding services. In that case, you require an Aluminium Mobile Scaffold. We have lightweight mobile scaffolds. As a result, you can easily build them. This scaffold is ideal for clear access in your area.

            Commercial Fit-out

            Our company guarantees you a safe job site! All our work follows the Workcover requirements. Furthermore, our staff is experienced and professional. When you contact us, we arrange a site meeting. Given this, we assess your requirements. We then determine how we can assist you.

            The scaffolding contractor on the Central Coast then makes a plan.  We set a suitable time for starting and completing the job. Because of this, our expert team promises efficiency. We work carefully throughout the work stages. Also, we provide engineer certification services.

            We ensure our staff is trained. They know the job site specifications. At Australian Construction, we have also completed various Strata scaffolding work. Therefore, we comprehend the specialised requirements of strata work.

            Our specialised services

            Confined spaces

            To us, safety is paramount. Given that, our expert team undertakes thorough risk assessments on confined space areas. They do this before starting work.

            We have a trained and experienced team. Hence, our staff undertakes scaffolding work in small spaces. Also, they make sure they work efficiently. In addition, they work safely.

            Rail industry work

            We have a trained and experienced team who work safely around track work. Our expert team is Rail Industry Safety Induction certified. Because of this, they comprehend the simple hazards linked to the rail environment. We have worked around rail tracks. Due to this, we ensure safety, efficiency and quality.

            Engineer specifications

            We provide you with a complete engineered service. This service includes sign offs, testing and drawings. Australian Construction works with experienced and reliable engineers. Furthermore, they ensure they design and build the scaffold with optimal quality safety standards. Because of this, your job site remains safe.

            Hire & sales

            We are specialists in Aluminium Quickstage scaffold. Aluminium Quickstage is a fairly new concept. Already, it is famous in Australia. For this reason, small and large builders use it. If you want to improve the home, you can also use it. The scaffolds have a lightweight design and modular components. They are also flexible. Consequently, transporting them is easy, making work simple.

            Aluminium Quickstage scaffold has a design that enables it to access places used scaffold cannot. Its lightweight design enables us to build it on any surfaces. These surfaces feature a low load rating. For instance, surfaces like paved and tiled areas and roofs.


            Australian Construction is your ideal choice for jobs with height issues. Our scaffolding is strong, durable and safe. Also, it features a design that surpasses Australian standards. Our scaffolding gives you an affordable solution. It is especially useful for height or access problems.

            Call us today for the best scaffolding services on the Central Coast


              Hire The Most Professional Scaffolding Contractor In Geelong

                Australian Construction is a firm that operates in Geelong. We are specialists in residential and commercial scaffolding. Our scaffolding contractor in Geelong provides scaffolding labour and transport. Additionally, we erect scaffolding to enhance access and safety. These services are ideal for roofers and painters. 

                Bricklayers also benefit from our scaffolding services. Other businesses that need solutions for safe work at dangerous heights also require our services. Our company has built an outstanding reputation. The reason is we are professional and reliable. For many local builders, we are the choice scaffolding company.

                Products & Services

                Builders and residential scaffolding solutions

                At Australian Construction, we do not use guesswork for your scaffolding needs. Because of this, we offer complete scaffolding services. These include:

                • Analysis
                • Planning
                • Design
                • Erection
                • Adjustment
                • Dismantling

                We are specialists in residential scaffolding. Given this, we tailor each scaffolding solution. So, it suits your budget and project. The scaffolding contractor in Geelong appreciates that scaffolding should be designed suitably to fit all trades. 

                Our advanced equipment enables us to erect it. Therefore, we prepare it for your use. In light of this, you enter those tight areas with a secure footing. So you can complete the job efficiently.

                Your efficiency, safety and productivity are our priority. At Australian Construction, we take care of our equipment. Furthermore, we maintain our materials to superior standards of quality. We assure you of peace of mind as our team follows all Occupational Health & Safety regulations. It includes fall prevention and safe working heights. In addition, it entails sensitive and high voltage spaces.

                Do you need new builds or home improvements? In that case, use our residential scaffolding. You will enjoy your home as you wish! Our scaffolding contractor in Geelong builds robust and strong scaffolding. Therefore, you and your tradesmen work safely. You might be working near ceilings or platforms. You may also be working around walls and scaffold stairs.

                For this reason we use strict risk control measurements. We also ensure quality work platforms, and you have peace of mind. At Australian Construction, we are specialists in the supply and hire of scaffolds. Furthermore, we erect and dismantle heavy-duty scaffolding systems.

                We also provide lightweight aluminium scaffolding. Each of our scaffolding units has been tested and complies with Australian Safety Standards. In the construction sector today, Layher scaffolding systems are the most efficient.

                Layher Allround scaffolding tops the market for modular scaffolding. It has high-quality technology. So it has exceeded the ancient scaffolding connection methods. Therefore, it provides an unsurpassed range of uses on all construction sites

                The Allround equipment is adaptable to your needs. It caters for complex layouts and architectural styles with maximum safety needs. Australian Constructions understands that construction sites should operate efficiently, productively and safely. It is because we need to observe strict budgets and timelines. We use this scaffolding for various applications like:

                • Heavy duty for block and brickwork
                • All kinds of new construction (light and domestic commercial)
                • Roofers and painters
                • Extensions and renovations
                • Birdcages for void spaces
                • Ladder access scaffolding
                • Tight area scaffolding
                • Industrial repair work and maintenance 
                • Planks
                • Perimeter railing
                • Stair access scaffolding
                • Viewing platform scaffolding

                Other scaffolding solutions are:

                • Lightweight aluminium fold-able scaffold
                • Lightweight aluminium mobile towers


                Australian Construction has vast knowledge and experience in various construction industries. Our company is also skilled in the building sector. So, you are guaranteed that our expert team will design and customise your solution. 

                For this reason, it will suit your next project. We supply superior scaffolding. It is also simple to erect. In light of this, it ensures your workforce is safe. It is our pleasure to forge strong ties with our clients.  Our reputation is based on reliability, service and professionalism.

                So, talk to us today about the best scaffolding services in Geelong!


                  Skilled & Trained Scaffolding Contractor In Wollongong Services For Hire

                    Australian Construction is proud to be Wollongong’s most reliable scaffolding company. We are also the most experienced. Our company offers scaffold rental and hire services. With our scaffolding contractor in Wollongong, you have peace of mind. The reason is our company is highly reputable and experienced.

                    We prioritise safety. Because of this, we guarantee our scaffold services comply with Safe Work NSW requirements. Furthermore, we offer all the essential paperwork. Therefore, you can start working! Our team can help with all sized projects, big or small.  The scaffolding contractor in Wollongong has a qualified team. 

                    Because of this, we have handled heritage-listed buildings and architectural homes. In addition, we have served large multi-storeys. We work meticulously. Also, during the dismantling, we take care of the finished products. For this reason, our scaffolding firm ranks number one. So if you are a building owner or master builder, call us for scaffolding hire in Wollongong. 

                    Our unique qualities

                    • Local business: we hire local staff. So you get personalised scaffolding services.
                    • It is easy to work with our scaffolding contractor in Wollongong. It is because we are local. Our staff picks your calls and gives solutions. We are readily available when you need us. 

                    Aluminium scaffold hire

                    Your reliable aluminium scaffold hire firm

                    Hire our aluminium scaffolding for the ideal solution for inaccessible areas. Moreover, you do not need to risk using a ladder. Also, you avoid using heavy-duty steel scaffold method like cup-lock or Kwikstage. An aluminium scaffold tower is best for working at heights. It presents an affordable, safe and stable platform for standing on.

                    It is suitable for residential and commercial areas. This system is also ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. For example, it suits home repairs, plumbing and painting. Above all, aluminium scaffolds are light in weight and portable. Our mobile scaffolding easily fits into one cab Ute. It can even fit on a standard trailer. Due to this, it is beautiful for builders and home renovators. 

                    Full scaffolding management service

                    Our aluminium scaffolding provides full access solutions.  The scaffolding contractor in Wollongong also offers management services. Given this, scaffolding work becomes easy. We provide solutions for all your aluminium needs. Our services also cover steel scaffolding requirements. For instance, we serve commercial developments. We also undertake public events and festivals. Moreover, we handle home renovations.

                    To handle all your scaffold requirements, we supply equipment. We also provide workforce and transportation. Therefore, you have the guarantee that we are entirely consistent with ASNZ standards. We also comply with Safe Work requirements for equipment and labour.

                    Scaffold hire, delivery solution and qualified labour

                    The scaffolding contractor in Wollongong handles all elements of scaffolding services. It includes:

                    • Aluminium and steel scaffold design and planning.
                    • Transport to and from your work area.
                    • Hiring aluminium scaffolding and equipment

                    Australian Construction undertakes all these with brilliant service delivery! We believe all jobs are equal despite the size. Our qualified team designs each project depending on your requirements and specifications. We are available to offer you aluminium and steel scaffolding solutions. Call us today to discuss your needs and plans.

                    Mobile scaffold hire

                    Your reliable mobile scaffold hire firm

                    We provide various mobile scaffolding for hire in the Wollongong area. Our mobile scaffold provides affordable and portable height access solutions. Notably, they are ideal for painters, renovators and builders. More importantly, they meet Australian Safety Standards.


                    Hire the Australian Construction aluminium scaffold tower. We are the most trusted and experienced mobile scaffolding firm. For access to high ceilings indoors, our temporary mobile scaffold hire is excellent. 

                    We offer various working platform heights in single and double width. Select from your nearest branch. You can erect one, or if you want, we can provide delivery and labour. Our team will then erect your hired mobile scaffold tower.

                    We look forward to meeting your scaffolding needs today!


                      Cairns Scaffolding Contractor Services | Residential & Commercial

                        Do you know you can have a safe construction project? For this reason, use Australian Construction’s premium structure support. Our scaffolding contractor in Cairns specialises in erecting and dismantling scaffolding equipment. Furthermore, we have years of experience.

                        We are proud to serve all industries. For example, we provide services to businesses and homes. Also, we help major industrial services in Cairns.  Our scaffolding contractor in Cairns appreciates that each project is unique. 

                        Because of this, our professionals treat each job differently. We provide different scaffolds. For example, we offer event staging and mobile scaffolding. In addition, we offer aluminium towers and grandstands. We supply these structures on demand. 

                        Our exclusive services

                        We construct your site-specific scaffolds. Our team produces the scaffolds for domestic projects. Additionally, we build them for big commercial construction sites. The scaffold is suitable for different projects. They are helpful for commercial and domestic construction sites.

                        The scaffolding contractor in Cairns offers Kwikstage Steel scaffolding. We also provide aluminium products. Your site requirements determine this. Equally important, we recognise that the major projects are complex. Because of this, we work harder for our clients. As a result, we produce comprehensive 3D drawings. We also offer safety diagrams for larger, more complex works.

                        Australian Construction has a competent team. Therefore, they are not intimidated by narrow worksites. Slopping blocks do not scare them either! Given this, we work with you. With this in mind, we give you the ideal solution. Because of this, you keep your project running. 

                        Our company helps you with government buildings and retail developments. Also, we handle sheds, factories and schools. Additionally, we work in residential areas.

                        The scaffolding contractor in Cairns is skilled enough to work with mining and military projects. We also work with the local and state government. Our firm respects the value of compliance necessary to complete these projects. 

                        The Australian Construction team undergoes regular induction. The team, therefore, have experience in large-scale companies and worksites. Due to this, we are confident when working with your corporate team. So, we ensure a flawless procedure. 

                        A licensed scaffolding company like Australian Construction should install all scaffolding. It is crucial if there is a danger of falling more than four meters. Our team is experienced and qualified. Because of this, you remain compliant. Provided that, you can avoid trouble with the Work Place Health & Safety authorities!

                        The ideal support structures

                        The scaffolding contractor in Cairns provides various services. These services extend to commercial clients. We also help residential and industrial clients; hence our skilled team works on multiple projects. They handle construction work and total plant shut-downs. 

                        Our company also works on mining projects. They also help in confined space work and shut-down planning. Despite the job scope, our team supplies the correct equipment. We also use suitable labour. Given this, your project operates safely.

                        Australian Construction scaffolding equipment

                        • System scaffolds
                        • Safe access solutions
                        • Commercial & residential scaffolds
                        • Tube and coupling scaffolds
                        • Aluminium mobile towers

                        The scaffolding contractor has state of the art 3D planning software. In light of this, we ideally draft and design your scaffold needs.  The technology is beneficial and is especially useful in planning extensive industrial-sized scaffolding. It includes total plant shut-downs. Mining projects and confined space work applies here also. 

                        • 3D plans are accessible for:
                        • Commercial & residential scaffolding
                        • Industrial projects like shut-downs
                        • Event planning – grandstands & stages


                        Suppose you want to clean windows on a multi-storey building. In that case, we have you covered. Additionally, we can supply the staging you need if you are organising an event. For this reason, your project becomes a success. 

                        Australian Construction offers all the regular scaffolding services. In addition, we provide staging scaffold. Also, we offer grandstand scaffolding and mobile aluminium towers.

                        We will be happy to provide all your scaffolding needs today!


                          Local Skilled Scaffolding Contractor In Toowoomba For Hire

                            Australian Construction specialises in custom scaffolding. We provide services for commercial properties. In addition, we serve residential and industrial properties. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor in Toowoomba endeavours to design and build customised scaffold styles. Because of this, the scaffolds allow easy access for all trades. 

                            Presently, we have significant tonnes of the scaffold. Therefore, this equipment is more than sufficient to meet your scaffolding requirements. We use steel or aluminium scaffolding or a combination of both (static or mobile). For this reason, our services are ideal for the task at hand. 

                            The Australian Construction steel and aluminium scaffold resist all the harsh elements in Australia. Kwikstage scaffold is the best option for your project. It is because this system is robust. Also, it is easy to install and dismantle. Additionally, it is user friendly. We create our Kwikstage scaffolding from solid steel tubing

                            Kwikstage scaffolding is suitable for most construction sites. Therefore, we can create it to suit your personal needs, notwithstanding height and size. We offer affordable and competitive rates. So, call us today for your future scaffold project.

                            Our services

                            Australian Construction offers custom scaffold. Apart from this, we provide rigging solutions for different industries. We guarantee you peace of mind. We appreciate that personnel and equipment safety is the top priority.  Because of this, we meet the demands of everyday schedules. More importantly, we observe time constraints as well.

                            Our scaffolding contractor in Toowoomba has a proven track. It is because we offer scaffolding solutions for:

                            • Construction
                            • Petrochemical plants
                            • Rail industry
                            • Residential and commercial
                            • Marine industry

                            We offer three reliable types of the scaffold. For example, we have Layher. This type of scaffold is the most technologically advanced. In other words, it meets your operation’s requirements. Our team works with you to find out the components the project needs. We can deliver in only three days.

                            Our supplies come straight from our remarkable on-site storage centre. The scaffolding contractor in Toowoomba exceeds clients’ expectations. We supply complete scaffolding solutions for construction and demolition projects throughout the country. 

                            Ideal scaffolding services

                            Our designers, engineers and industry professionals have vast experience. Because of this, we deliver safe and effective scaffold products and services. Also, our services are innovative. Our services serve industrial and commercial sites.

                            Australian Construction professional team offers service and solutions excellence to our clients. We provide expert project planning and design. Also, our professionals undertake to estimate and supply services.

                            Proficiency in complex projects

                            We have highly qualified project managers. As a result, they can handle complicated and unusual scaffolding works. Our company excels in designing unique and straightforward solutions. Therefore, we conquer complex demolition and construction projects.

                            Our scaffold products are hot-dipped galvanised. Furthermore, we manufacture them using tensile steel.  Given this, it enhances the safety standards. Therefore, it prolongs the product life span. The product is rust-resistant and hence, reduces maintenance costs. It means lower freight costs and better productivity. We aim to give our clients a quicker construction programme. Also, our clients enjoy a healthier profit margin on labour allowance.


                            The Australian Construction industrial supply team is highly experienced. So, we are skilled in tailoring a scaffolding solution to meet your industrial project requirements. We comprehend the strict Occupational, Health and Safety obligations in this industry. So, we ensure that our procedures, systems and products meet those.

                            To this end, we offer safe and sufficient solutions. Thus, we employ suitable people for the job. Our scaffolding contractor in Toowoomba uses engineering resources to support these teams. In the end, it provides superior outcomes.


                            Our commitment is to give you the ideal solution. Also, we complement our services with the best service. Our Australian Construction team has the skills and experience to deliver all your scaffolding needs.

                            Therefore, do not hesitate to make us your scaffolding project partner!


                              The Most Experienced Scaffolding Contractor In Ballarat For Hire

                                Australian Construction has years of experience in the building sector. Our team is skilled in installation and dismantling. They also undertake transport and direct labour.  In addition, our scaffolding contractor in Ballarat offers on-site consults. We also provide direct labour hire.

                                Also, we handle project management. For this reason, you have scaffolding support whenever you need it. We provide efficient services. More importantly, we comply with WorkSafe and OH&S standards.

                                Your safety is paramount.

                                Australian Construction Services has superior expertise. Together with our on-site consultation, we give your on-site safety priority. All our team members have the necessary qualifications. Therefore, we help you in meeting your OH&S obligations. 

                                We have safe and reliable scaffolding equipment for hire. The scaffolding contractor in Ballarat has trusted solutions. For example, we provide Kwik Stage for your particular site needs.

                                Tailored scaffolding solutions

                                You might need scaffolding solutions for an industrial project. Or perhaps you have a residential or commercial project. Whatever your requirements, you can rely on us. We have a proven track record. As a result, professional contractors in Ballarat trust us.

                                Residential scaffolding sales & hire

                                The scaffolding contractor in Ballarat specialises in scaffold hire services. As a result, we serve commercial and residential projects. These services are available to trades and builders with sites in Ballarat. Our team is qualified and experienced. 

                                Given this, they deliver innovative residential and commercial scaffolding designs. Our designs follow legal requirements. In addition, they provide the ideal approach for your trades for efficient operations.

                                Australian Construction uses a blend of Acrow Props, aluminium scaffold, and steel scaffolding. For this reason, we can solve complex access needs on commercial and residential sites. We have affordable rates. Moreover, we do not ignore safety. All our scaffold structures follow the WorkSafe regulations. Because of this, you have a safe and legal site. 

                                The scaffolding contractor in Ballarat works with numerous expert builders. We are proud to provide top safety standards. Additionally, we offer unique customer service. Our company offers affordable scaffolding rental prices as well. 

                                We appreciate our client’s requirements regarding residential or commercial scaffolding needs. We have the resources, experience, and expertise to deliver. Furthermore, we offer scaffolding for sale. It includes modular steel scaffolding and Acrow Props. We provide aluminium scaffolding and other similar products. 

                                Kwikstage Scaffolding rental

                                Australian Construction is the ideal option for Ballarat scaffolding hire. We provide our scaffold hire service to builders and trades. We also offer them to owner builders. These are clients with commercial and residential building sites in Ballarat. Our team designs and delivers scaffolding for your building project. In addition, we undertake installation and dismantling.

                                The free scaffolding rental quotes we provide make it easy for you to budget. The reason is that the quotes outline what we will provide. It also gives a breakdown of the costs. Our scaffold system is designed with safety in mind. 

                                Because of this, our scaffold systems comply with WorkSafe rules. For this reason, your site remains legal and safe. We work hard to minimise the time we spend on installation and dismantling. Therefore, we allow your trades to return to the site fast. 


                                We have years of expertise. Our team is also skilled in on-site consultation. Also, our project managing services are impeccable. Consequently, to us, your on-site safety is important. All the Australian Construction team members have the correct qualifications. So, we help you comply with your OH&S obligations. We are a leader when it comes to safety.

                                For this reason, we provide professional consultation, coordination, and cooperation. Our company continues to improve our safety practices and standards. So we offer expert work to our clients. 

                                Call us today for all your scaffolding services in Ballarat!


                                  The Only Scaffolding Contractor In Bendigo You Can Trust

                                    At Australian Construction we are scaffolding experts. Hence, we provide a complete end-to-end scaffolding service. We offer hassle free services. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor in Bendigo visits your site and installs top quality scaffolding.

                                    The scaffolding we provide is also secure.  Besides, we remove the scaffolding quickly after you finish with it. Therefore, you can proceed with the rest of your work. It might be renovation or construction. For this reason, we minimise the inconvenience to you as well as your business.

                                    Our team of experts caters to all kinds of jobs. It may involve a small size residential site. Or maybe it’s a big industrial or commercial site. We provide light duty scaffolding as well. Also, we offer heavy-duty scaffolding. Your site requirements determine it. We have worked with major clients.  Additionally, our prices are affordable. For this reason, we will be pleased to give you a quote for your next scaffolding project! 

                                    Our services

                                    Kwikstage scaffolding

                                    Our Kwikstage scaffolding presents a robust, heavy-duty modular scaffold mechanism. The scaffolding contractor in Bendigo uses it for safe operations. We use the Kwikstage scaffolding at construction sites’ heights. Also, we use it for rendering and brickwork, and a lot more. 

                                    Additionally, it offers roofers a fall protection. Furthermore, Kwikstage scaffolding presents secure platforms for:

                                    • Plumbers
                                    • Painters
                                    • Carpenters
                                    • Renderers
                                    • Bricklayers and a lot more

                                    Pitch platform

                                    Our pitch platform is a unique scaffolding system. Besides, it is lightweight. We use it on all kinds of roofs to a maximum of 45-degree pitch. Our team secures it without compromising or damaging the roof’s water proofing. Pitch Platform feature level and wide handrails and platforms. 

                                    We design the Pitch Platform for all trades. They are ideal for working safely on the roof. Our Pitch Platform has wide, flat handrails and platforms. The scaffolding contractor in Bendigo designs these trades for people who wish to work safely on roofs. For instance:

                                    Edge protection

                                    The Edge Protection is ideal for the first and second floors. It is best for carpenters as it keeps them safe. They use it when standing walls. Also, they utilise it when laying the floor. Our Edge Protection is an economic system. It is also compliant and safe. Hence, it ensures safety for all trades.

                                    Swinging stages

                                    Our scaffolding contractor in Bendigo provides the swing stage. It is a flexible service for working on buildings. Cables support the work platforms. The cables are linked to a firm, top rigging system. At Australian Construction we have an efficient rental fleet. It consists of a hoist and a swing stage. Furthermore, it has scaffolding equipment. Therefore, you carry out the work quickly. More importantly, you work safely and efficiently.

                                    Where are swing stages used?

                                    Australian Construction mainly uses swing stage scaffold on high-rise 

                                    and mid-rise buildings. Our team uses them on the exterior. Also, a swing stage scaffold is the ideal access solution for areas with limited space. Our stage scaffolding is used for restoration, repairs and construction of various products. For example, it is best for bridges, scoreboards and water tanks. Also, it is used for the interior or exterior of nearly any building.

                                    Who utilises swing stages? 

                                    Swing stage scaffolding is an efficient system.  Given this, contractors can access the workspace on a large building’s exterior. Swing stage scaffolds are an ideal access solution for contractors. This system is best for window cleaners and building maintenance. Additionally, it is also suitable for waterproofing, exterior finishes, etc.


                                    Australian Construction’s objective is to offer a safe area. Therefore, our clients’ trades can move around the construction site. Also, they can move their materials, tools and plant around quickly.  We are committed to providing safe work practices all the time.

                                    Call us today for the best scaffolding services in Bendigo!


                                      Scaffolding Contractor In Hobart | Australian Construction Services

                                        Australian Construction is a leader in the provision of edge protection services. We also offer end-to-end height access. We have vast experience in this sector. As a result, we rank top in Hobart. The main aim of our scaffolding contractor in Hobart is to offer our customers unmatched safety services. 

                                        Our team works to provide excellence. We are also sincere and committed to our work. The scaffolding contractor in Hobart works under a strict code of conduct. Therefore we follow genuine work ethics and dedication. We have top-notch technology. Coupled with highly skilled labourers, we provide affordable solutions to our clients. 

                                        Our company offers safety services. For this reason, we are a leader in height safety. We also provide edge protection for construction industries. We have reputable products in the industry. It is because we care about keeping Australian employees safe.

                                        Swinging stage

                                        We have a range of suspended swinging stage scaffolding solutions. Our company uses industry-leading technology. Because of this, your team works fast and safely. Whatever size or shape you need, call us today. The scaffolding contractor in Hobart will formulate a plan to save you money. Additionally, we will save you time and ensure your team’s safety also.

                                        Cantilevered scaffolding

                                        We can cantilever a scaffold platform safely for your project. Furthermore, your workers will not be at risk. Australian Construction’s cantilevered scaffold systems can do exactly this. We have the best equipment. Coupled with an experienced team, we transform your scaffolding’s structure.

                                        For years, we have delivered access. Not only do we do it safely but efficiently. We use our cantilevered systems. As a result, we access areas that seemed impossible before. Call us today, and we will demonstrate how we can do it!

                                        Bridging & large spans

                                        Our scaffolding contractor in Hobart uses market-leading technology and equipment. Due to this, our skilful team spans over big areas. For example, they span rivers and creeks. Additionally, they span bridges and holes. We can build our engineered structures away from the work-site. After this, we lift them into position. That is, across a river or road.

                                        Imagine what possibilities it presents for your next big span project! Not to mention, this system brings cost and time benefits. Call us today. We will be happy to guide you on how we can provide such a project. 

                                        Residential scaffold

                                        We provide superior residential and commercial scaffold in Hobart. Our various scaffolding supplies include wood. We also have metal poles and tarpaulin. It also includes other important elements. Our tools are formulated to support your residential construction. We also help your renovation projects to come to successful completion. Scaffolding presents an important aspect of the home.

                                        Scaffolding is a crucial element of a home while it is being renovated or constructed. Under these circumstances, you need reliable scaffolding on-premises. Moreover, it would help if you had the appropriate scaffolding supplies during any outdoor projects.

                                        Commercial scaffold

                                        Australian Construction provides quality commercial scaffold solutions. Furthermore, we offer various scaffolding supplies to clients. Our products depend on the scale and size of their projects. We build or renovate lovely town-houses and buildings. Given this, your business profits tremendously.

                                        Specialised commercial scaffold

                                        Expert grade scaffolding is essential for your construction site. You may be working on a new construction project. Or you might be undertaking a renovation drive or full restoration. Under those circumstances, our scaffolding rental services are extremely helpful for experts. For instance, professionals like roofers, councils, renders and painters. 


                                        We have various scaffolding supplies.  For example, we have scaffolding maintenance. Our scaffolding contractor in Hobart offers scaffold rentals for commercial scaffold requirements. These services are also available for residential and commercial projects. From high-end building needs to more economical works, we offer solutions for all of these. 

                                        Therefore, call us today for your scaffolding needs!


                                          The Best Scaffolding Contractor In Launceston For Hire | Aus Construction

                                            At Australian Construction, we are skilled in scaffolding services. In other words, we have significant experience. Our scaffolding contractor in Launceston is highly qualified. Furthermore, we have worked in various industries. 

                                            We have served the commercial building sector. Additionally, the residential and petrochemical sectors have used our services. We aim to provide top quality services. Besides, our services are affordable.  

                                            Our relationship with clients and associated tradespeople is excellent. More importantly, we provide superior and safe scaffolding projects. The Australian Construction scaffolding is also highly functional. 

                                            Safety focused

                                            The scaffolding contractor in Launceston has great expertise. In addition, we have an experienced team. We implement our quality artistry in our work. Also, our team uses top safety procedures.

                                            Unique solutions

                                            Australian Construction offers design and engineering services. We handle even the most complicated scaffolding and access needs.

                                            Construction safety services

                                            Our company has the resources and experience. Because of this, we provide ‘whole project’ personnel and access. We also offer project management and scaffolding.  In Launceston, we are your choice firm. The reason is we offer all services connected to scaffolding. Our services are also related to height access. For example:

                                            Skilled labour-hire

                                            • Scaffolding sale, rental and material hire
                                            • Site inspection reports
                                            • 16t crane trucks, 4WD vehicles, and OHS Scissor Lifts 12t
                                            • Scaffolding systems & related materials skilled operators.

                                            We have an inventory of vehicles and scaffolding. Besides, we have various scaffolding. For this reason, we give our clients different—access related services. We do so on a long-term or short-term basis.

                                            Edge protection

                                            Australian Construction edge protection ranks top in the market. We use creative solutions and revolutionary products. As a result, we are altering the look of the edge protection market! Our scaffolding contractor in Launceston specialises in steel mesh safety screens. We use them for building constructions. We design our steel mesh to follow Australian standards. Therefore, we meet all requirements.

                                            The design of these screens enhances the safety of construction workers and people near them. More importantly, it increases their productivity. Our screens facilitate efficient and smooth building work. The work is carried out at high levels of high-rise structures. 

                                            We have technicians and designers with vast knowledge about structures. Similarly, they are aware of safety requirements. 

                                            For years, we have served numerous large companies. Due to this, we have become famous for our professionalism. 

                                            This experience, together with our quality technology, gives our clients outstanding outcomes. We have affordable perimeter protection screens. Installing them is easy, and they are safer. After the installation of our protective screens, users have peace of mind. The reason is people working on or near their projects are safe.

                                            Advantages of edge protection

                                            Edge protection offers an affordable and reliable solution. The solution is ideal for building finishing trades. It is also best for commercial edge protection. Form workers use perimeter safety screens to create form up slab levels. Hence, they use enough edge protection essential for all builders and trades. So, they maintain a one level edge protection all the time.  They remain in place until the screens need lifting. 

                                            Self-climbing hydraulic screens have some benefits. The most popular benefit is avoiding the utilisation of on-site crane time. The development site is busy and needs crane usage. Therefore, developers appreciate the apparent benefits of this innovative system.

                                            Our skilled team lifts each screen separately. We use the exclusive hydraulic lifting mechanism. It provides a safe and straightforward operating system. Because of this, it raises all sized screens. Some advantages of this hydraulic system are:

                                            • Different adapters to match any size screen
                                            • Load locking system
                                            • Remote control to work safely


                                            Our trained scaffolding contractor in Launceston is an expert in the construction sector. Coupled with this, we have crane operated hydraulic screen solutions. We also offer crane operated hydraulic screen services. In light of this, Australian Construction is your go-to company.

                                            It will be our pleasure to hear from you today about your scaffolding needs!


                                              Professional Scaffolding Contractor In Mackay By Australian Construction

                                                Australian Construction specialises in residential scaffolding. Also, we are specialists in high-rise and commercial scaffolding. We are renowned in Mackay for delivering all sized construction projects. Our scaffolding contractor in Mackay provides complete delivery and pick-up services. Additionally we offer erecting and dismantling services. We do everything for you.

                                                We provide quality-scaffolding services. Besides, we comply fully with OH&S regulations. Therefore, we ensure the safety of our team and clients.  We make sure the public is safe also. The Australian Construction team consists of highly qualified scaffolding experts. We also have skilled labourers and builders. Among them are people who have worked for years in the construction sector.

                                                Our scaffolding contractor in Mackay has experienced scaffolding challenges at times. As a result, we are updated on new developments and techniques. Because of this, we are well equipped to solve all types of issues. For example, we find solutions for narrow and sloping blocks. We solve poor site accessibility, tall structures and odd architecture also.

                                                Commercial scaffolding

                                                Scaffolding is essential for erecting most buildings. A high and complex building needs more scaffolding. Australian Construction provides full commercial scaffolding solutions. We serve new commercial building projects and renovations. Furthermore, we handle extensions and full building wraps. 

                                                If you have an odd commercial architecture, we also have your back. The scaffolding contractor in Mackay is a complete service-scaffolding provider. We handle all scaffolding aspects. For instance, our team undertakes supplying, delivery and installing. They also facilitate scaffold dismantling and removal.

                                                Commercial development

                                                Prioritising safety reduces the danger of OHS incidents. Given this, you avoid unnecessary expenses. Time challenges decrease as well. Our scaffolding team is fully licensed and qualified. As a result, they have the expertise and experience. For this purpose, they spare you these extra costs and time wastage.

                                                We carry out a site inspection. Doing this determines all the aspects involved in your development. We consider the location and building materials used. Our team also checks location and site accessibility. Additionally, we consider the contributing types of trades.

                                                Various methods exist for erecting commercial scaffolding. It allows movement outside the building. More importantly, scaffolding is helpful for unique needs. For example, you might need concrete pumps for a rooftop swimming pool. Unusual shapes and odd architecture present challenges also. Whatever issues you have, the scaffolding contractor in Mackay offers the ideal solution.

                                                Complete commercial scaffolding solutions supplier

                                                Australian Construction has the resources to work on complicated commercial scaffolding projects. We also have the expertise and experience. Our top priority is creating a safe work environment. Again, we ensure our work complies fully with OH&S. 

                                                As we said earlier, we offer all your scaffolding requirements. We are industry leaders in Australia. Hence, we are famous for providing affordable and safe access solutions for complex commercial projects. We provide quality services and products. In addition, we offer on time and on-budget project management. 

                                                Our company uses the most efficient system on your site. As a result, it makes it safe. Also, it complies with the WorkSafe regulations. We have various scaffolding products.  Therefore, our clients have many options. It includes commercial Kwikstage perimeter scaffolding and mobile scaffolds. In addition, we offer swing stage scaffolding and more.

                                                Our scaffolding contractor in Mackay handles projects of all sizes. In light of this, we work with small local trades. Also, we handle major construction firms. 


                                                Australian Construction is reputed for prompt and reliable services. Coupled with quality scaffolding products we are famous for affordable services. More importantly, we take safety very seriously. For this reason, we do not take shortcuts with our safety processes or artistry. We have verified teams in terms of skills and experience. In addition, they have great attitude and behaviours. 

                                                Also, we offer stairs and platforms. We provide wood and metal poles also. We offer tarpaulin and other supplies as well. Because of this, we create easy to work and safe surroundings for your construction crews.

                                                For ideal scaffolding services in Mackay, do not hesitate to call us today!


                                                  Residential & Commercial Rockhampton Scaffolding Contractor Services

                                                    Scaffolding needs much skill, knowledge and work. Furthermore, having the appropriate tools is essential. Otherwise, undertaking the work would be difficult. So, engage a reliable company like Australian Construction. We have all it takes to keep your workers and clients safe. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor in Rockhampton protects the client’s money, time and energy.

                                                    For quality scaffolding services and materials, we are your answer. We rank among the best firms in Australia. We offer you excellent scaffolding services in Rockhampton.

                                                    Why pick Australian Construction?

                                                    The Australian Construction team consists of highly experienced people. Our team learns, studies and works hard. As a result, we guarantee our clients the best construction services. We offer training and different types of instruction. In view of this, we ensure everyone who works on your scaffolding project is highly skilled.

                                                    The scaffolding contractor in Rockhampton works with dedication. Moreover, we do this by working with superior materials. More importantly, our services and team comply fully with WorkCover. We also follow Occupational Health & Safety Standards.

                                                    Skilled and licensed scaffolding professionals

                                                    The scaffolding contractor in Rockhampton is always hands on with every project. In this light, you have peace of mind. It is because we keep our communication lines with our clients open. We offer you the exact measurements you need to create your scaffolding structures. Similarly, we give you our expertise. As a result, you can choose the most robust and most stable structure. You also choose one that is easier to work with. 

                                                    For this reason, our complete team helps you to accomplish your scaffolding needs. Our scaffolding technician in Rockhampton works with several technicians. Because of this, we give you ideal services. 

                                                    These technicians include:

                                                    • Workers
                                                    • Scaffolding designer
                                                    • Essential experts in the field
                                                    • Principle contractor
                                                    • Authorities undertaking essential utilities for the project

                                                    Aluminium scaffolding

                                                    Aluminium scaffolding is popular. Comparatively, it has more benefits than steel and different scaffolding materials. The main benefit is that aluminium is easy to transport. Also, using it is convenient. Additionally, it is easy to assemble aluminium scaffolding. 

                                                    Furthermore, it is less susceptible to cracks. Equally, it offers significant support. It is, therefore, highly durable. So, aluminium scaffolding is more reliable than other scaffolding types.

                                                    Why choose aluminium scaffolding?

                                                    It is easy to assemble aluminium scaffolding. So it helps in different kinds of aerial work. The thin-framed aluminium scaffolding is also effective for building in tight spaces. It is relatively convenient and flexible also. Aluminium scaffolding is also known to offer aerial requirements at corner walls, stairs and other narrow spaces.

                                                    Not to mention, it is recognised for its stability. Additionally, it offers users maximum stability. Apart from these benefits, the cost is another significant advantage of aluminium scaffolding. It is the most affordable option compared to other types of scaffolding. Due to these benefits, most construction sites demand significant quantities of scaffolding from us. 

                                                    Australian Construction offers affordable aluminium scaffolding.  We help you save a lot of money. Consequently, you can allocate it to other construction requirements. All in all, aluminium scaffolding is your best choice.

                                                    Our expert services:

                                                    The scaffolding contractor assesses the hazards and risks of each structure we create. It ensures safety for our employees. Also, it forms a system that enables them to work more quickly and efficiently. Because of this system, we offer you these scaffolding services:

                                                    • Home handymen
                                                    • Gyprock, painting and rendering solutions
                                                    • Guttering and roof installation and repairs
                                                    • Owner builders, project home builders and extensions
                                                    • Industrial and commercial 
                                                    • Demolition and construction


                                                    Australian construction provides scaffolding solutions.  Our services are more flexible than moving platforms offer, and we enable you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. You also experience minor congestion in parking areas and access points as well as the foot of structures. Our team works expertly, ensuring reduced set-up time. Also, we use fewer person-hours and reduce downtime in lousy weather. Because of this, you can save money!

                                                    It will be our pleasure to offer you our scaffolding services, so contact us now!


                                                    Bunbury Scaffolding Contractor Services For Hire – Australian Construction

                                                      You may be a home-owner with new home construction. Or perhaps you are doing renovations or extending. Alternatively, you might be a builder who is undertaking a residential project. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction knows your precise scaffolding needs. Our scaffolding contractor in Bunbury has handled all types of challenges and scenarios.

                                                      Furthermore, we create affordable scaffolding solutions. Our products are also safe. We have a high reputation in residential and commercial scaffolding services. Additionally, we are renowned for our high-rise scaffolding solutions. Our company is a full-service scaffolding provider. Because of this, we undertake all elements of the job. Our team delivers, erects and dismantles. Moreover, we also deal in the removal and other scaffolding aspects. 

                                                      Residential scaffolding

                                                      Scaffolding is your building’s temporary exoskeleton. As a result, it protects the building. Also, it promotes safety for the people visiting the site daily. Many people visit the site, such as our tradesmen and architects. 

                                                      In addition, real estate agents, inspectors and other site guests come to you site. Australian Construction appreciates the importance of your construction site’s safety. With this in mind, our expert team uses due diligence when erecting your scaffolding.  They also follow legal guidelines. With good scaffolding, your trades provide their best work.

                                                      For this reason, they offer a level-working platform. Similarly, our team ensures the working area is well balanced. As a result, you can walk around easily. You can also carry materials and tools without any hassle.

                                                      Residential scaffolding 

                                                      Our scaffolding contractor in Bunbury specialises in residential scaffolding. Scaffolding is vital for your home when you are constructing or renovating. Whatever your project involves, you should use dependable scaffolding on the site. Besides, you also need the correct kind of scaffolding supplies. It helps in meeting your specific needs. Residential construction jobs involve different factors:

                                                      • Equipment needed
                                                      • Materials used
                                                      • The type of building job

                                                      Whether a job is risky, safe or successful depends on various factors. For example, the quality and type of scaffolding and the installation services determine this. At Australian Construction, we provide various residential scaffolding supplies and products. Our services cater for all types of residential projects. More importantly, we have the correct kind of scaffold solution for all types and sizes of projects.

                                                      Suitable equipment

                                                      Below are some of our essential qualities we implement to give you ideal residential scaffolding hire services:

                                                      • Professionals throughout Australia trust us
                                                      • Years of industry experience
                                                      • Fast response on all questions
                                                      • Our company is Australian owned and operated

                                                      Correct equipment for your project

                                                      The equipment might include safety barrier netting, tarpaulins and sheeting. It may also consist of safety nets or fence tarps. The job size, location and height determine the equipment. Additionally, proximity to public areas is a factor. Likewise, the kinds of trades that will need access are a factor.

                                                      Our team is qualified and experienced. As a result, we carry out your residential scaffolding meticulously. Hence, we ensure safety for everyone involved. You are at peace knowing your work is in capable hands. The reason is that we pay attention to details.

                                                      We handle all sized jobs.

                                                      For all your residential scaffolding needs, talk to our scaffolding contractor in Bunbury. We work with small lot duplexes and high rise apartment buildings. Our company also handles other different structures like unique buildings and steeply sloping blocks.

                                                      Building types

                                                      • Houses
                                                      • Unit blocks
                                                      • High rise apartments
                                                      • Duplexes
                                                      • Town-house complexes
                                                      • Job types
                                                      • Extensions
                                                      • New builds
                                                      • Complete house wraps
                                                      • Renovations 

                                                      Safe and reliable residential scaffolding solutions

                                                      The scaffolding contractor in Bunbury provides complete scaffolding solutions. It means we deliver, erect and dismantle.  We also remove the supplies and scaffolding according to the project’s requirements. Our company has a fleet of trucks and a qualified team. For this reason, we deliver superior quality outcomes. 


                                                      Most of the Australian Construction has vast experience. Our professionals are specialists, and they install residential scaffolding hire. We serve all kinds of projects like painting, plastering and renovations. New home construction is our forte also!

                                                      Therefore call us today for all your residential scaffolding needs!


                                                        Choose A Reliable Scaffolding Contractor In Coffs Harbour Today

                                                          Australian Construction meets your entire high rise scaffolding needs. We service commercial and residential projects. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour has the knowledge and experience. For this reason, we ensure all personnel are safety trained. In addition, we facilitate easy movement for materials and people around the building.

                                                          We buy our equipment and hire our staff. Given this, we have affordable rates. Our company is keen to work with you. Therefore, we respond fast to your queries. Also, we offer a quick turnaround on our quotations. 

                                                          At Australian Construction Services, your deadlines and budget are our priority. The scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour has experience with high-value projects. For this reason, we comprehend the influences that can impact the outcomes. 

                                                          Our team works efficiently and fast. More importantly, we work safely. Because of this, we prepare your high-rise scaffolding for use. The scaffold surpasses expectations. Also, our scaffolds prevent the occurrence of harmful incidents. Such incidents can harm finances and time.

                                                          Innovative solutions & techniques

                                                          The scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour has immense experience in industrial scaffolding. Because of this, we offer you expertise from other areas in Australia apart from Coffs Harbour. Because of this, we offer locally famous methods. Additionally, we are experts in the tube and clip method.

                                                          Australian Construction specialises in all scaffolding erection system. It includes the most difficult to master. Such complex tasks need years of training. It enables us to be versatile. So, we erect scaffolds for buildings with these features:

                                                          • Hard to access
                                                          • Sloped
                                                          • Have tall structures
                                                          • Unique architecture

                                                          Industrial type scaffolds are often complicated because of several factors. These are pipe-work, valves, and flanges, as well as ducting. It especially applies to the modular type scaffolds we mainly use in the area. Under these circumstances, we suggest an innovative system. Hence, it overcomes these challenges.

                                                          Industrial scaffolding maintenance

                                                          The scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour has a full range of services. These are height-access products solutions. They help you reduce costs, save time and enhance safety. Because of our industrial maintenance scaffolding solutions, we give our clients more value. 

                                                          These benefits are:

                                                          • Decreased costs:We have created a unique and verified approach to industrial scaffolding. Moreover, we provide value to our customers. For this purpose, we assess projects thoroughly and offer clear pricing.
                                                          • Enhanced safety:At Australian Construction, efficiency and safety are paramount. Our expert team utilises intelligent methods and planning. Because of this, we eliminate hazards and also improve productivity.
                                                          • Saving time:The scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour provides advanced industrial scaffolding methods. Consequently, this reduces shut-down time for maintenance jobs.  Using our solutions, your plant resumes operations faster. As a result, you save money and time. 

                                                          Our specialised industrial scaffolding hire services

                                                          We offer specialised industrial scaffolding hire services. These services are available for all types of industrial applications. Our company has serviced premier mining, oil and gas and power generation firms in Australia. Furthermore, we have provided efficient and safe access solutions. The services we provide include:

                                                          • Oil & gas
                                                          • Power generation
                                                          • Resources and mining
                                                          • Extensions
                                                          • Education & government
                                                          • Industrial maintenance
                                                          • Infrastructure
                                                          • Government & education 

                                                          We have suitable systems for managing materials, transport and labour. Hence, we form an efficient surrounding for our clients. Our dedicated team is always prepared to mobilise. So, they provide emergency or scheduled industrial scaffolding hire.


                                                          Australian Construction is popular for our scaffolding services in Coffs Harbour. The reason for this is our quality units, which follow industry standards. Also, our units meet the government-approved safety levels. Our team has years of experience in the industry. As a result, they respond quickly to all your queries and give you a free quote.

                                                          Contact us today for the best scaffolding services in Coffs Harbour!


                                                            Hire The Absolute Best Scaffolding Contractor In Melton Today

                                                              The Australian Construction team offers expertise. We also provide unique processes. Because of this, our team completes all projects successfully. Our scaffolding contractor in Melton presents a customised solution for every project. All our team members have vast experience. Given this, we provide our services to various projects in Melton. Our objective is to give you quality service.

                                                              As a result, we ensure your project follows your budget. We also stick to the time frame. The Australian Construction services are ISO Quality accredited. Moreover, we work according to strict safety standards. 

                                                              We design solutions that meet your needs. Furthermore, we mobilise the correct people. In addition, we ensure our team has the right capabilities for the site as needed. More importantly, we deliver the work safely and efficiently. Additionally, we work on budget and on time. Therefore, we solve any problems fast in case they come up.

                                                              Mine site scaffolding

                                                              Australian Construction has years of experience. Our company has provided tailored scaffolding solutions to big organisations in the resources and mining sectors. Our scaffolding contractor in Melton is popular. It is because we have managed complex scaffolding needs. For example, our team has serviced offshore and onshore locations. We consistently deliver reliable and safe solutions.

                                                              Also, we aim to help reduce downtimes for all projects. We also ensure significant productivity. Moreover, we prevent additional costs. We are dedicated and have expertise. Due to this, we offer top-quality artistry. As a result, we have established the reputation of Melton’s top mine scaffolding contractor.

                                                               Our specialised scaffolding services

                                                              The scaffolding contractor in Melton has broad experience. We are also capable of handling different projects. Our expert team has provided scaffolding services to gas plants. Also, our services extend to iron ore, gold coal and various commodities. Australian Construction is highly skilled in tailoring modular and tube.  We design fitting scaffolding as well. For this reason, it matches even complicated mine site structures. 

                                                              Full mine scaffolding solutions

                                                              We offer a fully designed registered and certified scaffold.  Our team supplies a complete mine scaffolding solution for your project. These solutions remain effective for the entire duration of our project.

                                                              That is, our services remain effective from start to finish. We ensure we understand your project’s nature. Additionally, our team finds out the project requirements and desired results. The senior team members design a suitable scaffolding solution.

                                                              After this, we construct, transport and install your scaffolding at the site. The scaffolding contractor in Melton makes the essential changes to your mine scaffolding. We do this in the course of your capital project. Or we can do it before dismantling your scaffold fully after completion.

                                                              Reliable scaffolding services

                                                              Australian Construction has developed different unique systems. For this reason, our team has support when working on mine sites remotely.  We have tailor-designed 44t sea containers. Therefore, it stores all our team needs. At times, an urgent situation or unexpected change in status may occur. Under these circumstances, our team needs to access the right equipment fast.

                                                              Apart from our mobile sea containers, we have also created numerous MOSY trucks. They are also known as Mobile On-Site Yard trucks. Similarly, we deploy MOSY trucks to the site fast. For this reason, our team is equipped with whatever is needed.


                                                              Australian Construction has experience. Moreover, we have technical abilities. As a result, we confidently handle your mine scaffolding needs. So, we ensure we complete your project on time and within your budget. 

                                                              Our team works with you from beginning to end. Additionally, we implement your solution and enhance it as required.  Furthermore, we disassemble your scaffolding after completion.

                                                              Talk to our competent team today and discuss your scaffolding project needs!


                                                                Expert Scaffolding Contractor In Bundaberg For Hire By Aus Construction

                                                                  At Australian Construction, we are proud to work with integrity and precision. We specialise in residential, commercial and industrial scaffolding. Our scaffolding contractor in Bundaberg handles all sized projects. Furthermore, we use the same expertise and experience for all jobs.  

                                                                  Our competent team handles all your scaffolding needs. Moreover, we work efficiently and accurately. The scaffolding contractor in Bundaberg makes safety a priority when working. We appreciate that our line of work is risky. For this purpose, we take optimal care of all our services. For example, our team is meticulous from the briefing stage to set up and completion.

                                                                  Australian Construction undertakes work in the mining, oil and gas as well as construction sites. So, we offer industrial scaffolding set-ups. Our competent team provides solutions for shut-downs. We also offer various access solutions to stair towers and temporary enclosures. 

                                                                  The company brings vast experience and skills to industrial projects. Therefore we ensure a remarkable scaffolding job. Because your work needs to proceed normally, we complete our work efficiently. As a result, we guarantee minimal downtime.

                                                                  Scaffolding services

                                                                  We supply custom scaffold for various industries. In addition, we offer rigging solutions. You can have peace of mind. The reason is we understand that personnel and equipment safety is a top priority.  Likewise, we fulfil the demands of everyday schedules. We also meet time constraints demands. Our track record is proven. Our scaffolding contractor in Bundaberg offers scaffolding solutions for:

                                                                  • Residential and commercial
                                                                  • Rail industry
                                                                  • Marine industry
                                                                  • Construction
                                                                  • Shut-downs and maintenance
                                                                  • Petrochemical plants

                                                                  Mobile Scaffolding

                                                                  We offer the best quality products. Additionally, provide the best customer service. We avail of our innovative mobile aluminium scaffolding. For this reason, we undertake fast assembly and hire. Our system is unique therefore easy to adjust. 

                                                                  The scaffold hire has many benefits. This aluminium equipment offers a lightweight and strong mobile or fixed platform. Similarly, it is lightweight and highly flexible. In light of this, it follows all the applicable health and safety standards

                                                                  Again our aluminium mobile scaffolding equipment is simple. Our qualified and trained team erects it easily. Also, you can do it yourself because it does not need any tools for assembling or dismantling. You can pick from our wide range of towers. Alternatively, our skilled specialists can design a tailored solution.

                                                                  Benefits of our innovative mobile tower scaffolding system

                                                                  • Movable 200mm castors
                                                                  • Innovative 400mm step fixing
                                                                  • Swagged internal joints (welding is not necessary)
                                                                  • You can use each frame as a base frame. Or you can construct a guardrail frame or building frame.
                                                                  • Extra wall thickness offers longer frame life

                                                                  It is best for use by:

                                                                  • Painters
                                                                  • Plumbers
                                                                  • Ceiling fixers
                                                                  • Contractors
                                                                  • Builders
                                                                  • Interior liners and others

                                                                  Mobile rental

                                                                  Our scaffolding contractor in Bundaberg does not outsource our scaffold frame building. Instead, we build all our frames in-house. Because of this, we ensure 100% quality control. More importantly, we follow the strict Australian safety standards. Because of our affordable rental costs, you get wonderful value for money.

                                                                  Swing stage scaffolding

                                                                  You may want a reliable supplier of Sky Climber solutions for your project. In that case, we are your ideal solution. We are happy to supply the globally famous Sky Climber modular work hoists and platforms. They are currently accessible in various features. Also, they are available in different sizes for your suspended access requirements.


                                                                  At Australian Construction our staff has years of experience in the industry. For this reason, you are assured of being in great hands for your scaffolding needs. We work hard on all the projects. As a result, we ensure all our clients get the ideal service and product. We will be glad to give you more information about our unique scaffolding services.

                                                                  Therefore, talk to us today and we will meet all your scaffolding needs!


                                                                    Commercial And Residential Scaffolding Contractor In Wagga Wagga

                                                                      Australian Construction is a professional scaffolding company. Given this, we ensure we erect and maintain scaffold to top standards. We test all our equipment regularly. Therefore, we ensure its compliance and safety. Our scaffolding contractor in Wagga Wagga works on all your construction works

                                                                      We offer a full range of scaffolding solutions. These services suit any light commercial or residential construction works. Additionally, we give you consultation services. Because of this, we ensure you obtain the ideal solution to your crucial needs. More importantly, we comply with the Work Place Health & Safety Regulations. Also, we follow appropriate safety equipment for Scaffolders.

                                                                      Mobile & fixed-mobile scaffold tower hire

                                                                      You may need to reach heights on large surfaces. Because of this, the Australian Construction mobile scaffolding offers a wonderful choice for cutting costs. We assess your site and offer the most suitable access solution. After this, our skilled team assembles simple job platforms. They also assemble complicated advanced structures.

                                                                      We have various solutions that suit your needs. Therefore, call us to get effective scaffolding. The scaffolding contractor in Wagga Wagga provides site advisory service. Consequently, our clients get a fixed quotation for a suitable tower for their specific job. 

                                                                      Roof Edge Protection

                                                                      When you are working at heights, you risk falling accidents. The most effective method of protecting workers from falling is avoiding working at heights. But, for many reasons, this may not be a practical solution. Instead, you can reduce the danger of a fall by applying control measures like fall arrest. Alternatively, you can use restraint systems like edge protection. 

                                                                      Features of Roof Edge Protection

                                                                      Roof edge protection is a popular enclosure or structure. It is because we install it to avoid falls and harm at height. This safety feature is crucial during the construction of various structures. For example, it is ideal for garages and residential homes. It is also great for commercial buildings and other structures.

                                                                      If you cannot avoid working at height, our scaffolding services are the answer. As a result, we offer a barrier that restricts individuals, people, or materials. So, they do not get close to the edge or fall from it. We place various roof edge protections around a roof’s perimeter. 

                                                                      Due to this, construction workers remain safe and secure. Therefore, they safely undertake repairs, new roof installations, or maintenance. Because of this, it would be best for you to get quality and compliant roof edge protection from Australian Construction.

                                                                      Suitable applications for roof edge protection

                                                                      Roof edge protection is essential for roof work or accessing a roof. Roof work entails movement raised from ground level. Falls can lead to serious or fatal injuries. You may want to begin a commercial or residential construction project. 

                                                                      Therefore, you should install the correct edge protection product. Whether the project is long or short term, all roof work should be covered by protective measures. The Australian Construction roof edge protection ensures protective safety measures. For this reason, you avoid falls over the building edge. 

                                                                      Aluminium stair access towers

                                                                      We install an aluminium stair access scaffold tower for:

                                                                      • Access to the roof for buildings re-roofing
                                                                      • To offer access to roofs for replacing air conditioning and mechanical plant systems.
                                                                      • Temporary access during maintenance jobs
                                                                      • Workers can get access while renovating or doing refurbishment works.

                                                                      Our scaffolding contractor in Wagga Wagga offers site advisory services. Given this, we give our clients a fixed quotation. We offer an aluminium stair access scaffold tower system that suits your specific work.


                                                                      Australian Construction provides a full range of scaffolding solutions.  Our hire service is available for light commercial and residential building industries. Additionally, we offer owners of private property height safety and fixed scaffolding hire. Also, we provide mobile scaffolding hire.

                                                                      For all your scaffolding needs in Wagga Wagga, contact us today!


                                                                        Hire The Right Scaffolding Contractor In Port Macquarie – Aus Construction

                                                                          Our Australian Construction team is fully skilled in all scaffolding aspects. We are experts in installing and removing scaffolding from your work site. Moreover, we do so quickly and safely. The role of our scaffolding contractor in Port Macquarie is to enable your team to complete their work effectively and safely.

                                                                          We create an innovative 2D and 3D drawing for your building project. Because of this, you know what you are getting. Also, you know what kind of scaffolding support we offer your project. Australian Construction gives you complete service scaffolding hire for your building site. We dismantle, remove, deliver and erect scaffolding. 

                                                                          Scaffolding hire for different jobs

                                                                          We provide commercial scaffolding hire solutions. With this intention, we give you a scaffold to keep you safe. Furthermore, we cater for all types of commercial jobs. The scaffolding contractor in Port Macquarie provides Kwikstage scaffolding. As a result, we handle job types like:

                                                                          • New builds
                                                                          • Renovations
                                                                          • Extensions
                                                                          • Full building wraps
                                                                          • Building maintenance
                                                                          • Customised architecture

                                                                          You can request our scaffold hire to meet your projects requirement. So, inform us during the consultation what your project deadline is. Because of this, we will create a suitable proposal for your needs.  Our proposal consists of a first scaffold hire period. In addition, it has an active daily hire rate. It is in case you need to retain your scaffold on higher for longer than anticipated.

                                                                          Commercial scaffolding 

                                                                          Australian Construction offers hire services to all commercial building projects. It includes:

                                                                          • Manufacturing sites
                                                                          • Government buildings
                                                                          • Leisure facilities
                                                                          • Retail outlets
                                                                          • Religious buildings, churches and mosques
                                                                          • Community and education centres

                                                                          Education and government buildings

                                                                          Our scaffolding contractor In Port Macquarie offers complete education and government scaffolding solutions. Because we focus on quality, Kwikstage scaffolding equipment is our top choice in all our work. We are renowned for providing superior scaffolding solutions. For example, we handle large, medium and small projects in the government sector.

                                                                          Our team is qualified and experienced. For this reason, we intensely focus on safety and quality in all our work. We manufacture and test our equipment to meet Australian Standards. Therefore, you can be assured of your workers’ safety. Similarly, the public will also remain safe when they come to your government’s building site.

                                                                          At Australian Construction, we are industry specialists. We offer scaffolding solutions to the education and government sectors. These projects include day-care centres, colleges and amphitheatres. 

                                                                          The scaffolding contractor in Port Macquarie offers complete scaffolding solutions for your education and government project. Furthermore, we provide various scaffolding management. As a result, we ensure your project runs smoothly with minimal interruption.

                                                                          We understand the pressure involved in ensuring you deliver a project to meet government standards and budgets. Consequently, our team analyses your project needs. It ensures we deliver a suitable solution for your workers. 

                                                                          The solution also suits public safety and the budget. The scaffolding contractor in Port Macquarie manages your scaffolding requirements from start to finish. It entails assessing and assembling. We also handle monitoring and dismantling. Our range of services for your education and government project include:

                                                                          • Height access
                                                                          • Birdcages
                                                                          • Stairs 
                                                                          • Loading bays and more


                                                                          At Australian Construction, we have a dedicated scaffolding team. Because of their vast experience, our team delivers high-quality services. Moreover, we offer quick service and affordable rates. We have a fully trained workforce. 

                                                                          For this reason, they have earned the reputation of being tidy and polite on all scaffolding jobs. These projects vary from residential to commercial projects. So when you choose us, you will not have any regrets! All our scaffolding services include delivering, erecting and dismantling the scaffolding equipment. 

                                                                          We look forward to hearing from you today so we can meet all your scaffolding needs in Port Macquarie


                                                                            Hervey Bay Scaffolding Contractor For Hire With 15 Years Experience

                                                                              At Australian Construction, we are proud of our exceptional service. We share our expertise and knowledge. Given this you increase your profits. Additionally, we enhance your safety. Our scaffolding contractor in Hervey Bay has years of experience. Therefore, we appreciate the needs of managing a safe and efficient project.

                                                                              As a result, we use our technical and mechanical knowledge. So, we plan and implement scaffolding solutions. Our skilled team is meticulous. Furthermore, we prioritise your needs. We offer tailor made scaffolds for your project. We consult with you to understand your project needs. 

                                                                              Australian Construction also finds out your time frames. We also determine the work involved. Moreover, we offer safe and functional scaffold hire solution. Therefore, your different trades can work on-site easily.

                                                                              Australian Construction Stair access towers

                                                                              Many sites use short-term stair access points instead of ladder access points. Because of this, staff and materials have faster access. Scaffold stair accesses are used as separate stair tower. Also, they can be used on a perimeter scaffold. Their work is to facilitate roof or basement access. 

                                                                              Our Scaffold stair access towers come in a standard scaffold bay of 2.44m x 1.27m. Every stair riser has a height of 1.5m. It also has a landing bottom and top. Accessing from the side is ideal. However, you can access from the end.

                                                                              Stretcher stair access

                                                                              Most projects need stretcher stair access on the site. It is especially useful when you are working on existing buildings. The reason is that these buildings remain occupied as work goes on. Some on-sites have restricted entry to the building. Under such circumstances, you should expect the worst.

                                                                              Supposing an accident occurs and the scaffold is the sole entry and exit point. In this case, you should have this product. This structure has a scaffold stair featuring broad stairs. Also, it has landings created purposely to enable a stretcher and patient to be moved out.

                                                                              Kwikstage scaffolding

                                                                              The Australian Construction Kwikstage scaffold is best for commercial and domestic projects. It is ideal when you are working 2m or higher. This scaffold is our favourite when servicing Hervey Bay. Kwikstage is a well-known modular scaffold system (heavy duty). It uses a ‘V’ pressing and ‘wedge.” For this purpose, it locates components and locks them together. It ensures vertical alignment without moving.

                                                                              The scaffolding contractor in Hervey Bay assembles the Kwikstage scaffold to fulfil client needs. For example, requirements like maintaining driveway access. Or projects like building over gardens as well as gantry scaffolds over footpaths. 

                                                                              Advantages of Kwikstage scaffolding

                                                                              You may have an industrial or commercial project. Or perhaps your project involves church buildings. Under these circumstances, Kwikstage Scaffolding gives clients stability and design flexibility. Because of this, they can complete building projects fast and safely. Kwikstage utilises a modular framework design. Additionally, In Australia, it is the most prevalently used scaffolding system.

                                                                              Some advantages of Kwikstage Scaffolding are:

                                                                              • Heavy duty or light steel scaffold system. It features special duty load platforms. Also, it has public protection designs.
                                                                              • This scaffold offers safe accesses and work areas on your building site.
                                                                              • It is a modular system. So, it provides design flexibility to tailor a solution for your project’s height safety.
                                                                              • Erecting is fast, and we dismantle quickly. In light of this, you save your building project money and time.
                                                                              • Applications for Kwikstage scaffolding

                                                                              We use the Australian Construction Kwikstage scaffolding for:

                                                                              • Maintaining stone walls and masonry
                                                                              • Guardrails and roof protection
                                                                              • Industrial and commercial construction work
                                                                              • Stairway access to basements and rooftops and a lot more


                                                                              Whatever project you have, we customise a scaffold solution. For this reason, we meet your particular needs. If your building project needs scaffold, the scaffolding contractor in Hervey Bay provides the ideal height safety solution.

                                                                              Get in touch with us today for scaffold hire that suits all your needs!


                                                                                Expert Scaffolding Contractor In Gladstone For Residential & Industrial

                                                                                  For Australian Construction, safety extends beyond the OH&S requirements. Scaffolding is dangerous. So, it requires full attention and respect for the working surrounding all the time. Our scaffolding contractor in Gladstone has the necessary skills and experience. For this reason, we deliver your project fast, safely and within budget. 

                                                                                  Please engage us at the beginning of your project. Doing so reduces your scaffolding costs because we foresee issues. Due to this, we create affordable solutions. Therefore, we reduce adoption and day-work costs. We serve most industries. 

                                                                                  Also, we have a wide variety of building machinery and equipment you may need. Australian Construction mainly serves painters, plumbers and electricians. Additionally, we work with DIY home-owners and contractors.

                                                                                  Well-maintained equipment

                                                                                  Australian Construction knows that your safety is crucial. Therefore, we ensure that we keep our equipment safe and well maintained. For this reason, we never lease out worn-out equipment. Similarly, we do not hire out faulty equipment. Moreover, we value quality.

                                                                                  Scaffolding presents an important access method. It is vital for various domestic building works. Scaffolding is necessary for different projects like:

                                                                                  • Re-roofing your home
                                                                                  • Undertaking a loft conversion
                                                                                  • Extending your house

                                                                                  Under these circumstances, you need scaffolding for safe access. The scaffolding contractor in Gladstone erects the scaffolding expertly. So, it improves the project’s general safety at your home. As a result, you can carry out the home improvement project fast and safely

                                                                                  Australian Construction has vast experience in offering superior scaffolding services. Our services are available for various domestic buildings. For this reason, please allow us to support your project. We will eliminate the stress from the situation!

                                                                                  Commercial scaffold service

                                                                                  For commercial property repair or expansion, we are your go-to company. We have vast experience in providing superior quality scaffolding service. Our company has served major clients all over Gladstone

                                                                                  Additionally, the scaffolding contractor in Gladstone offers scaffolding services to smaller businesses. Furthermore, we treat all projects equally. Notwithstanding their size, we use similar professionalism standard.

                                                                                  We offer a complete design and drawing service. Because of this, we ensure maximum safety is followed during the work. For all commercial scaffolding projects, we provide on-site coordinators and managers. It ensures that all scaffolding installation follows the strictest health and safety standards.

                                                                                  Before beginning the project, we form a detailed plan. Given this, we avoid delays and expensive adaptations to the project. Moreover, we present a detailed schedule. It helps in completing the project on time. At Australian Construction, we know planning is important. It ensures programs and targets are kept. Also, the planned schedule is followed.

                                                                                  Details of our commercial scaffolding services

                                                                                  Our scaffolding contractor in Gladstone offers various remarkable services. We do this to ensure we meet your scaffolding needs. Our services include:

                                                                                  • We visit the particular site. Then we consult with the relevant people to confirm your scaffolding requirements.
                                                                                  • Our team designs and plans the scaffolding works. We then complete it within the budget agreed.
                                                                                  • We present the quotation to your company.
                                                                                  • Our highly trained team delivers the scaffolding to your property.
                                                                                  • After this, we supply experienced and trained scaffolders. They then erect scaffolding depending on the specifications. Also, they ensure your scaffold is secure, safe and up to standard. Please note our entire team is employed by us; they are not sub-contractors.
                                                                                  • We then complete your project on time and budget.


                                                                                  Australian Construction has worked with the country’s biggest companies. These companies are in the construction and development industry. In this regard, we have provided a remarkable work portfolio. It shows our complexity and versatility on different projects. 

                                                                                  We provide different services to meet our clients’ different construction needs. Our focus on design, safety and delivery makes us unique. We also stand out because of our time management and collaboration.

                                                                                  It will be our pleasure to offer you our excellent scaffolding solutions in Gladstone!


                                                                                    The Finest Expert Scaffolding Contractor In Townsville – Aus Construction

                                                                                    Choose The Perfect Scaffolding Contractor In Townsville

                                                                                      Australian Construction provides construction and renovation projects of all sizes in Townsville with secure and safe scaffolding. Together with our comprehensive variety of scaffold for hire, our skilled team also manages the assembling and dismantling of scaffolds. Our scaffolding contractor in Townsville is fully insured and certified for work at heights.

                                                                                      For your construction site work at heights, we need to build temporary structures to handle the conditions and geography.  Our skilled team has the experience to guarantee you exceptional scaffolding services.

                                                                                      Aluminium Scaffold for your Townsville Commercial, Industrial or Home Construction

                                                                                      Have you considered the types of scaffolding you want to hire or buy from us? Whether you choose swing-stage, mobile, aerial or supported system, we will provide you with aluminium scaffolds.

                                                                                      Aluminium Scaffolds Composition

                                                                                      The following make up every system (swing-stage, mobile, or aerial) of aluminium scaffolds:

                                                                                      • Diagonal braces
                                                                                      • Vertical braces
                                                                                      • Wheels
                                                                                      • Stabilisers
                                                                                      • Toeboards
                                                                                      • Platforms

                                                                                      Security and Safety of Aluminium Scaffolds

                                                                                      Depending on your requirement, Australian Construction has a variety of aluminium scaffolds you can buy:

                                                                                      • Mobile decks
                                                                                      • Mobile ladders
                                                                                      • Stairwells
                                                                                      • Mobile platforms
                                                                                      • Mobile towers
                                                                                      • Steps
                                                                                      • Folding aluminium scaffolds

                                                                                      Best Construction Projects & Aluminium Scaffolds works.

                                                                                      Our wide variety of aluminium scaffolds is versatile enough to handle all types of light-duty construction work. If your projects are related to one of the following, seek the services of our scaffolding contractor in Townsville:

                                                                                      • Roof plumbing
                                                                                      • Painting
                                                                                      • Plastering
                                                                                      • Ceiling remediation or installation
                                                                                      • Electrical wiring and different electrical work

                                                                                      Benefits of Aluminium Scaffolds

                                                                                      If you are yet to decide whether to buy or hire our aluminium scaffolds, study the following aluminium scaffolds list of benefits:

                                                                                      • Portable
                                                                                      • Versatile
                                                                                      • Light
                                                                                      • Stable
                                                                                      • Static or mobile, depending on work needed or building projects.
                                                                                      • User friendly
                                                                                      • Reduced project cost
                                                                                      • Cost-effective
                                                                                      • Enhanced productivity
                                                                                      • Reduces harm or risk when used carefully.

                                                                                      Australian Construction skilled scaffolders are experienced enough to build secure and safe aluminium scaffold systems. They can also dismantle them after work or project completion. The scaffolding we have in contractor in Townsville ensures superior quality.

                                                                                      If you want an easily transportable scaffolding system that is simple to install and dismantle and poses reduced risks, we have the ideal aluminium scaffolding service for you.

                                                                                      Scaffolding Installation

                                                                                      Your scaffolding contractor in Townsville specialist endeavours to uphold top quality scaffolding services. The scaffolds installations services we provide are timely and safe.

                                                                                      We also guarantee you excellent customer service. Scaffolding installation is laborious and tricky at times. However, with our help at Australian Construction installation becomes fast and secure.

                                                                                      Our team of qualified and ticketed scaffolders is well briefed, and they adhere to work health and safety guidelines. They are fully skilled to install the scaffolds for your work, and they follow occupational hazard and safety values.

                                                                                      Scaffold Installation Steps

                                                                                      You first request for a free quote for our scaffold installation service. If you find it okay, we ensure that we provide the following for the installation of the safe and smooth scaffold:

                                                                                      • The scaffolding specified brand and model.
                                                                                      • OH&S and WorkCover certification.
                                                                                      • Written guidelines for scaffolding installation and dismantling.

                                                                                      If you are happy with all the above, we deliver, assemble and dismantle the scaffolding system for you.

                                                                                      Kinds of Scaffolding

                                                                                      You can choose from the scaffolding systems below:

                                                                                      Suspended Scaffolding or Sing-Stage Scaffolding

                                                                                      It is best for easy access to buildings in high areas.

                                                                                      It uses a system of switches, levers and pulleys suspended from above the commercial, industrial and domestic buildings using a rope.

                                                                                      Supported Scaffolding or Mobile Scaffolding

                                                                                      We mostly use this type, and it is best for easy access to buildings’ vertical surfaces. Our competent team builds scaffolds on the ground using lumber and poles. Our qualified scaffolding contractor in Townsville uses stairs to access the whole system.

                                                                                      Aerial Scaffolding

                                                                                      This type of scaffolding is best for easy movement, from one area of height to another. We install more scaffolding materials on the airlifts.

                                                                                      Depending on the nature of your scaffolding needs, you can pick any of the above. You can have peace of mind knowing that every system complies with the established Code of Practice standards as is stipulated by the Australian Work Health and Safety Regulations.

                                                                                      Scaffold Hire

                                                                                      If you require scaffolding services temporarily, our Australian Construction Scaffold hire services are accessible to you. When you hire scaffolding accessories and equipment for your residential and remedial building work or project, you can reduce or eliminate fatal and straightforward accidents in the work site.

                                                                                      We provide these scaffolds for hire:

                                                                                      • Scaffold towers
                                                                                      • Mobile scaffolds
                                                                                      • Birdcages
                                                                                      • Access Bridge Scaffolds
                                                                                      • Cantilever scaffolds

                                                                                      You have the guarantee that all scaffolding accessories and equipment from our professional company comply with the Australian Standards Code of Practice.

                                                                                      Considerations when choosing Scaffolding Hire in Townsville

                                                                                      When you contact us for a scaffolding hire service quotation, consider the following:

                                                                                      • Scaffold setup location
                                                                                      • Use of scaffold
                                                                                      • Height to be reached
                                                                                      • Scaffold length required
                                                                                      • Period of scaffold hire
                                                                                      • Worksite obstructions
                                                                                      • Delivery truck parking location
                                                                                      • Width requirements, particularly for building projects or indoor remedial.
                                                                                      • Other important scaffolding concerns for the construction project.

                                                                                      Ensure that these elements have been determined before applying for free quotation of expenses. A comprehensive set of information will allow our Australian Construction scaffolding specialists to provide you with a transparent, clear and complete scaffolding hire service rate.

                                                                                      Skilled labour for Scaffold Hire

                                                                                      Allow our Townsville scaffolding contractor team to help you pick the appropriate people for your construction project or home project. Our skilled team of labourers can:

                                                                                      • Assist you in completing your work on time.
                                                                                      • Carry out brilliant scaffolding work as needed.

                                                                                      Townsville continuously grows and urbanises, becoming one the the biggest cities in Queensland. So, quality manpower becomes a constant need for us.

                                                                                      If you want professionals in your building projects, like remedial, residential, industrial or commercial, we have the staff you need.  You can pick from our list of workers that includes:

                                                                                      • Scaffolders
                                                                                      • Labourers
                                                                                      • Fitters
                                                                                      • Riggers
                                                                                      • Dogmen
                                                                                      • Boilermakers
                                                                                      • Forklift & EWP Operators


                                                                                      Australian Construction hire services guarantees that the people you hire to complement your scaffolding accessories and equipment fit your requirements.

                                                                                      We look forward to hearing from you today! Give us a call on 1800 155 881.


                                                                                        Hire The Best Scaffolding Contractor In Sydney – Request A Quote Online

                                                                                        Get The Most Professional Scaffolding Services In Sydney.

                                                                                          Are you extending your investment dwelling or adding  a second storey? If you need help with the extension of a residential house then scaffolding is a vital part of any home renovation. Renovating can be hazardous, especially if the buildings are old and decrepit. This is why quality scaffolding is essential. You can trust our scaffolding contractor in Sydney to be committed and experienced, providing you useful, robust scaffolding solutions.

                                                                                          Australian Construction can meet all your residential scaffolding needs. Whether you are building a new duplex site or renovating the current duplex lot, we understand that scaffolding should be safe to ensure the duplex’s structural safety and protect the workers and buildings.

                                                                                          Quality scaffolding

                                                                                          If you have a custom home project that needs scaffolding, Australian Construction provides superior-quality, custom made scaffolding solutions suitable for any custom build. We have a solution for you, whether you have an architecturally designed or custom home project.

                                                                                          Our commitment is to give you ideal customer service and superior custom scaffolding solutions. Do not worry about your custom home or architecturally designed project, as we have a solution for you.

                                                                                          We have a wide variety of different widths and reach heights, and we can handle any job.  If you require custom scaffolding, Australian Construction is your number one solution.

                                                                                          We have a highly trained, on-site workforce that is committed to compliance. Our team installs your scaffolding needs fast and safely. We are happy to provide a highly skilled on-site workforce to remove and install your scaffolding system, no matter how small or big.

                                                                                          Our team is experienced and efficient, and their proficiency and speed will impress you. We are always seeking ways to deliver high safety and compliance standards.

                                                                                          An experienced on-site supervisor manages every team and guides the whole installation and unloading procedure. Our team ensures that they erect your scaffolding safely and adheres to the devised plans agreed upon.  When it’s time to remove the scaffolding, either completely or in stages, our team ensures they do not leave anything behind.

                                                                                          Swinging Stages

                                                                                          Cables linked to a fixed top rigging system support the work platforms. At Australian Construction, we have a dedicated rental fleet of swing stage, hoist and scaffolding equipment to work efficiently, on time and safely.

                                                                                          Where are the swing stages used?

                                                                                          A scaffolding contractor in Sydney typically uses swing stage scaffolds on high-rise building exteriors. We also use a swing stage scaffold as the ideal access solution when the space available is limited.

                                                                                          Australian Construction uses swing stage scaffolding when restoring, repairing or constructing scoreboards, water tanks, bridges and the interior or exterior of almost any structure.

                                                                                          Who uses the swing stages?

                                                                                          Contractors use swing stage scaffolding as an efficient way of gaining access to the worksite on large structure exteriors. Swing stage scaffolds provide an excellent solution for contractors like window cleaners, exterior finishers, waterproofers, painters and building maintenance.

                                                                                          Scaffolding hire

                                                                                          Australian Construction scaffolding features discounted hire rates, delivery throughout Sydney and simple DIY installation. With complex building legal requirements, one should consider the sub-contractors and employees safety record before employing a scaffolding contractor.

                                                                                          A simple scaffolding safety requirement for personnel working at your construction sites is vital to ensure your workers’ safety throughout the duration of the renovation or construction.

                                                                                          Our Australian Construction mobile aluminium scaffolding towers are simple to erect and dismantle. We are proud to give you easy-to-use, trustworthy scaffolding solutions for different jobs, conditions and building sites requirements.

                                                                                          In addition to the safety element, scaffolding plays a vital role in supporting workers who work on construction and repair buildings and structures.

                                                                                          The scaffolding contractor we have in Sydney provides mobile aluminium towers in many varied sizes. Using Australian Construction scaffold towers equipment means you can access support structures specially created to meet Australian Standards. It is beneficial for your building requirements.

                                                                                          Our comprehensive scaffolding allows you to build on your site as a DIY venture. We have a complete aluminium scaffold range. Also, we design our scaffold structures to resist inclement weather conditions. We maintain our mobile aluminium scaffolding efficiently and store them using the highest standards.

                                                                                           After each scaffold, we examine the work for damage, and our expert team cleans them to make them accessible for the next project. Our experience and widespread hire range enable us to estimate the needed components for any work. 

                                                                                          It is easy to stack all our scaffolding sections, and they are also transportable. You can rely on Australian Construction equipment for your scaffold hire needs.

                                                                                          A scaffolding contractor in Sydney delivers these scaffolding components all over the Sydney metropolitan region. Also, our hire and delivery charges are cost-effective.

                                                                                          So, anytime you require a scaffold tower for support and safety on repair or construction sites, call Australian Construction to get the ideal solutions for all your scaffolding needs.

                                                                                          Lift well Screens – Lift Safety Gates

                                                                                          Site workers are safer inside multi-storey buildings than the ones working outside, particularly on scaffolds. We consider falls outside buildings but not inside (when the lift wells are empty).

                                                                                          There is significant work and movement in such sites.  There is always the risk of falling unless the entrances are barricaded or even better, protected with our lift well screens or lift safety gates.

                                                                                          At Australian Construction, we manufacture and design lift well screens (or lift safety gates) from Australia’s top quality materials. They weigh only 40kgs and are superior to the more conservative steel gates. It is easy to transport them without losing the toughness lift well screens (lift safety gates) offer.

                                                                                          Our aluminium screens are lighter by 40% compared to the conventional steel screens and offer a safe cover instead of open lift wells. Liftgates created by Australian Construction cover openings of sizes 2.3m x 2.1m (h x w) similar to what conventional gates do. You can also fold and stack them flat like conventional screens. Our lift well screen adheres to Australian Standards.


                                                                                          Australian Construction has years of experience in the sector. We have worked on several projects throughout Sydney. Our skilled and dedicated team is reliable and committed, providing our reliable service with utmost professionalism and care.

                                                                                          We are available to help you complete your project efficiently so call us today on 1800 155 881!


                                                                                            Residential & Industrial Scaffolding Contractor In Perth – Aus Construction

                                                                                            The Best Scaffolding Contractor In Perth

                                                                                              At Australian Construction we are proud of our team’s integrity and precision when working. As commercial, residential and industrial scaffolding professionals, we undertake all projects, small and big, using the same expertise and experience. You can trust our scaffolding contractor in Perth to meet all your scaffolding needs efficiently and accurately.

                                                                                              We prioritise proficiency and safety regarding the projects we work on. Australian Construction appreciates that there is a lot of danger in our type of work, and it is why we take great care when providing our services, from the briefing stage to set up, and finalisation.

                                                                                              Industrial Scaffolding Services

                                                                                              Whether it is mining, oil and gas or construction sites, the scaffolding contractor in Perth has the essential skills and equipment to perform industrial scaffolding builds.

                                                                                              Australian Construction boasts a wealth of skills and experience in industrial projects from shutdowns and various access solutions to temporary stair towers and enclosure, ensuring a brilliant, quality scaffolding job.

                                                                                              We comprehend that work needs to continue as usual, and our competent team completes their projects as precisely and efficiently as possible. It guarantees you minimal downtime.

                                                                                              Commercial Scaffolding Services

                                                                                              Where hotels or shopping centres are concerned, we use a different work procedure since these premises should maintain a neat and pleasant look while we are carrying out the construction project.

                                                                                              Your commercial business’ look is paramount. The Australian Construction skilled team tries its best to follow the industry’s best practices while maintaining minimal disruption to the everyday business running.

                                                                                              Residential Scaffolding Services

                                                                                              If you want to construct a new home, or upgrade an existing one and need our scaffolding services for the task, get in touch with us.

                                                                                              We recognise that your home is valuable to you, and when renovating it, you need the ideal team to work for you. When our scaffolding contractor in Perth is carrying out a home renovation project, we take all precautions to ensure we create the scaffolding in a manner that reduces interruption to you and your family.

                                                                                              Safety procedures

                                                                                              Safety measures are a crucial element to consider when you think of scaffolding. Whether the work involves setting up a temporary building or enclosure or constructing a 10-storey scaffold structure, the Australian Construction team follows strict protocols.

                                                                                              We have all the essential training and equipment to make sure that we set up scaffolding appropriately without endangering anyone’s safety all through the setup or after finishing the job.


                                                                                              In our industry, regular training is imperative since new systems and protocol are implemented continuously. We ensure that our team remains updated with all the essential regulations, ensuring that they follow the best practices. Australian Construction also follows authoritative body regulations, allowing us to give you the ideal outcomes for all projects.

                                                                                              Industrial and residential scaffolding services

                                                                                              At Australian Construction, we provide various services to ensure you do not need to move from one service provider to another. We have an all-inclusive service customised to individual projects throughout the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Our entire team is trained to focus on the smallest details because our precision is a vital element.

                                                                                              Our staff has the experience and capability of handling any scaffolding work, whatever the size. For various scaffolding services, get in touch with a leader in the industry, Australian Construction.

                                                                                              Access Solutions

                                                                                              It can be challenging to navigate industrial and commercial sites because of the premises’ unique structure. If some of your property’s areas are difficult to reach, we can set up efficient access solutions to enable people to access different areas on sites without endangering themselves.

                                                                                              Temporary enclosures

                                                                                              A scaffolding contractor in Perth builds a temporary structure on your site to protect people from danger. These structures are necessary when a particular area is restricted, or the site handles waste or emissions. We have the skills to set up a system that ensures a specific area remains enclosed securely.

                                                                                              Labour hire and monitoring

                                                                                              Australian Construction has earned an excellent reputation in the industry because we apply significant expertise to a substantial project. For a labour force to work on a specific job or simple supervision for your labour, we can help you. We have the essential skills and knowledge to present enough management on any industrial, commercial and residential site.

                                                                                              Scaffolding hire

                                                                                              If you prefer utilising your labour force for building, you can hire scaffolding material from Australian Construction. We deliver and pick our scaffolding from your work area to spare you any inconvenience.

                                                                                              System scaffolding

                                                                                              We have a unique scaffolding system that enables you to conquer common difficulties like radial structures and limited space. This system is among the most flexible, providing enough support for any height and weight.

                                                                                              Mobile scaffolds

                                                                                              For smaller tasks, Australian Construction has mobile scaffolds. Setting them up is simple, and you can quickly move them around.  This lightweight building is ideal for residential projects that need plumbing or painting at heights.

                                                                                              Tube & fitting

                                                                                              Australian Construction has a variety of tubes and facilitates simple and effective scaffolding installation. Also, these fittings are easy to dismantle without an issue. Tube and fitting are very adaptable, enabling the chance to access hard and difficult to access spaces.

                                                                                              Stair towers

                                                                                              Stair towers are an excellent method of accommodating workers who need to work at different heights. Also, it has one of the ideal scaffolding solutions to handle areas with high traffic.


                                                                                              Australian Construction team maintains Industrial Plants. Whether the breakdown is planned or emergency, our skilled team gives you fast, efficient service to restore the plant’s operations.


                                                                                              We can help by joining different teams on a building site, ensuring the ideal outcomes. When a shutdown is needed, we work fast to reduce downtime.


                                                                                              Our years of experience in the scaffold industry have made us rank top among Australian suppliers of building project management, skilled labour experts and scaffolding. Australian Construction specialises in delivering and using scaffolding and different access equipment for residential commercial and industrial projects.

                                                                                              We always present the right equipment and people for any task, so call us today on 1800 155 881!


                                                                                                Professional Qualified & Established Scaffolding Contractor In Newcastle

                                                                                                Ensure Quality Scaffolding Services In Newcastle

                                                                                                  Whether your job is small or big, our scaffolding contractor in Newcastle can assist with your next project. When you utilise our contracting services, you enjoy our transportation, assembling, inspection and dismantling services.

                                                                                                  Australian Construction employees are committed, experienced and qualified in scaffolding. Each scaffold we set up is licensed as safe; according to the state Work Cover requirements of the state we build it.

                                                                                                  Scaffolding procedure

                                                                                                  In many cases, we assign an estimator to visit your site beforehand and discuss the precise requirements you have.  The Australian Construction estimator then correctly calculates all the essential scaffolding factors, creates the scaffold tower and presents a list of equipment.

                                                                                                  After this, our team loads all the material required on to our vehicles, transports them to your site, and begins unloading and assembling the scaffold tower where you and our team controller agreed.

                                                                                                  When our team completes the erection stage, a skilled professional who has organised the construction will present a scaffold ticket for the assembled tower.

                                                                                                  After our team completes your work, according to your agreement with our team controller, our team will arrive and dismantle your tower fast and safely, load it again to our vehicles and transport it away.

                                                                                                  Australian Construction staff undertakes this whole process, ensuring our impeccable record of efficiency and safety is met throughout the duration of the project.

                                                                                                  Contracting Services

                                                                                                  Australian Construction has folding mini scaffolds, aluminium mobile scaffold, accessories, walk-through scaffolding systems, scaffolding sales and labour hire throughout Australia.

                                                                                                  The scaffolding contractor we have in Newcastle has a committed team to help you if you need specialised scaffolding services. Below are some of our specialised scaffolding services:

                                                                                                  Stair Access Solutions

                                                                                                  We provide a wide range of stair access solutions like 1m-20m.  Our qualified team erects our superior aluminium scaffolding and places secure stairways inside the scaffolding structure.

                                                                                                  We provide you with total external access to all the levels of the worksite you choose. It is beneficial when you want to undertake a project within existing access areas and fire escapes.

                                                                                                  Confined Space Solutions

                                                                                                  The Australian Construction team carries out rigorous risk analysis and planning before venturing inside a confined space. Our scaffolders are trained and experienced in the efficient and safe accessing of confined spaces. They are also skilled in building a scaffolding structure that offers you a secure platform for your requirements.

                                                                                                  When working in confined spaces, safety is paramount to facilitate efficiency, which is essential to delivering your work on time. A scaffolding contractor continually operates and trains with confined spaces, ensuring reliability and safety all the time. We have experience working with defence, civilian and rail organisations, integrating our strict procedures with theirs.


                                                                                                  We have a quick and straightforward system, ideal to meet your requirements for ‘A’ Class Hoarding, for both long or short periods. A Newcastle scaffolding contractor has experience in providing hoarding in high traffic places, with general public access. Australian Construction can meet your requirements efficiently and quickly with minimal interruption.

                                                                                                  Scaffold Hire

                                                                                                  Our clients at Australian Construction do not just approach us for reliable service but trust us with top-notch equipment to do the job. We ensure that our equipment and machinery are fully maintained and serviced for safety and optimal performance for all your scaffolding service.

                                                                                                  Our fleet of scaffolds is ready for hire, and our team advises you on the most efficient and economical solution for your needs.

                                                                                                  Labour hire & transport

                                                                                                  At Australian Construction, we guarantee to provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding services in Newcastle that you can trust from start to finish.  Our team arrives on time, ready to finish the job. We aim to give you a flawless process and offer the following services.


                                                                                                  • Ticketed scaffolders
                                                                                                  • Assembling and dismantling
                                                                                                  • Scaffold labour services
                                                                                                  • Scaffolding labour-hire

                                                                                                  Free quotes

                                                                                                  We provide direct and competitive quotes for every job. Our expert scaffolding contractor ensures that all the work is achievable within your deadline and does not exceed your budget.  We will abide by your quotes and give professional advice on your requirements for optimum safety and lasting outcomes on the sites.

                                                                                                  How to choose the best scaffolding contractor in Newcastle

                                                                                                  You may be working on your home or managing a building site, and you do not know where to go for your scaffolding services needs. When you conduct a quick search online, you will come across various firms providing these services; therefore, getting the right one is necessary.

                                                                                                  The guidelines below will help you pick the best scaffolding contractor, like Australian Construction.

                                                                                                  Vast Experience

                                                                                                  A new firm might give some beautiful illustrations of recent work. However, it would be best if you chose a more experienced firm like Australian Construction. We have years of scaffolding knowledge and are aware of your exact needs. More importantly, safety is essential where experience is concerned.


                                                                                                  Any scaffolding firm you work with needs insurance for all and any eventualities. It would be best if you avoided liability if a worker gets hurt and you need to take precautions.

                                                                                                  But, in case there is a scaffolding-related accident because of its structure, you need extra protection. Ask the firm the type of coverage they provide to their clients. Ensure you and your structure are also covered.

                                                                                                  Wonderful reviews

                                                                                                  The Internet enables you to study reviews on firms fairly easily. It means you can quickly discover their efficiency while working with other companies. Choose a company that has many positive reviews like us.


                                                                                                  For high-quality scaffolding, the cheapest is not the best! But, your budget will be the determining factor when choosing the company to use. It would help if you worked with a company like Australian Construction. We always endeavour to give you ideal scaffolding services that meet your current budget and we offer affordable prices.


                                                                                                  Australian Construction is recognised as a top provider of access solutions in the construction industry. We supply some of the most significant residential, commercial, civil engineering, petrochemical, entertainment and mining projects in Australia.

                                                                                                  We are committed to providing scaffolding services while practising transparency, teamwork and best practice. It enables us to deliver the ideal scaffolding services you need.

                                                                                                  Call us today on 1800 155 881 for all your scaffolding services in Newcastle!


                                                                                                    Brace Yourself With The Best Scaffolding Contractor In Melbourne Today!

                                                                                                    Use The Best Scaffolding Contractor In Melbourne

                                                                                                      Australian Construction is the leading firm in the hire and installation of Kwikstage scaffolding. We use this heavy-duty modular method for external works at different heights in Melbourne. We have many years of experience, and our team is very skilled and follows OH&S obligations. Our scaffolding contractor in Melbourne mainly aims to ensure your building site is safe and presents the appropriate equipment and support required for completion.

                                                                                                      We are famous for our safe, reliable and quick scaffolding services and we guarantee competitive prices and on-time delivery.

                                                                                                      Australian Construction offers top quality products in the market with heavy-duty scaffolding for sale and hires in Melbourne and Australia.

                                                                                                      All our scaffolding sales have the support of Quality Assured Accreditation. So, our customers have peace of mind, knowing that our products will withstand high-risk circumstances.

                                                                                                      We also provide long term and short-term construction scaffolding rental agreements, suitable for our customers’ project requirements.

                                                                                                      Our services

                                                                                                      The scaffolding contractor in Melbourne are specialists in scaffold platform hire as follows:

                                                                                                      • Ringlock
                                                                                                      • Kwikstage
                                                                                                      • Aluminium ladder
                                                                                                      • Wide scaffolding
                                                                                                      • Aluminium tower
                                                                                                      • Tube and coupler

                                                                                                      Whether you require repairing and maintaining a bridge or need top ringlock scaffolding suppliers, Australian Construction provides a range of services like scaffolding sales and small scaffold hire to suit your needs.  Call our expert team for all your scaffold equipment hire requirements.

                                                                                                      Our hire scaffolding follows the Australian Safety Standards.

                                                                                                      Safety is a prime consideration when you are looking for quality scaffolding to hire. Australian Construction ensures that we maintain our scaffolding for hire to follow strict Australian workplace safety and health rules.  We manufacture all scaffolding equipment utilising high-quality materials.

                                                                                                      Our skilled team is comprehensively trained and accredited to repair and service all hire scaffolding. For more details about our scaffolding for sale or hire, you are welcome to contact us by phone or online. We provide long and short-term rental in Melbourne.

                                                                                                      Scaffolding Project Management Services

                                                                                                      Australian Construction provides full scaffold management services. Our comprehensive scaffolding project management service involves scaffold engineering, scaffold design, site logistics, scaffolding management, human resources requirements, pre-start evaluations and a solid culture of collaboration with all stakeholders and trades.

                                                                                                      A scaffolding contractor in Melbourne applies scaffolding services and management skills to rail, scaffolding, bridge and road, oil and gas, marine, encapsulation and mining settings. By eliminating any complexities and challenges involved in using a scaffold, our skilled scaffold designer can create a safer and smoother result to decrease workplace injury occurrences.

                                                                                                      Australian Construction also helps you create a scaffolding plan to prepare for the scaffold and access your next project’s requirement, maximising efficiency and enhancing site logistics.

                                                                                                      Useful Expert scaffolding Management Services

                                                                                                      Australian Construction provides our comprehensive scaffolding management services all over Australia. Our highly qualified scaffolding project management team gets regular training to offer reliable service in:

                                                                                                      Our philosophy is founded on optimising efficiency, value, safety and customer-focused service. Call our scaffold engineering specialists or professional scaffolding design if you want to know more about our scaffolding services.

                                                                                                      Engineering and Design

                                                                                                      Australian Construction offers a total design and engineering service for all support and access requirements. We ensure that all clients, legislative and regulatory needs are met.

                                                                                                      We offer 2D or 3D detailed design layouts, engineering accreditation and create scope plans. The plans ensure efficiency and safety is a priority, facilitating the achievement of all project milestones.

                                                                                                      At Australian Construction, we aim to make our customers feel confident that we comprehend their access programs and our team identifies any likely problems before they start the project. It enhances safety control. Also, recognising operations enables our customers to monitor project progress independently.

                                                                                                      Onsite Services

                                                                                                      Australian Construction onsite services are unequalled, making our firm exceptional. Our customers know they can trust us because Australian Construction does not outsource any element of our business.

                                                                                                      We give our labour team unique training, promising a high-quality control and timely project delivery rate. The scaffolding contractor services we provide in Melbourne are audited often and tested, ensuring that we maintain these high standards.

                                                                                                      Our labour abilities include:

                                                                                                      • Advanced Riggers
                                                                                                      • Advanced scaffolders
                                                                                                      • Labourers
                                                                                                      • Forklift operators
                                                                                                      • Dogmen
                                                                                                      • Non-slewing crane operators

                                                                                                      Our specialists receive:

                                                                                                      • First aid training
                                                                                                      • Rail qualifications
                                                                                                      • Confined space training

                                                                                                      Industrial scaffold services

                                                                                                      Australian Construction provides excellent industrial and commercial scaffolding services for various sectors, such as resources, industrial and commercial.

                                                                                                      Gas, Oil and Resources sector

                                                                                                      Our competent team provides services and products to Australia’s major oil and gas firms. It includes the ideal equipment and onsite abilities. We continuously improve our processes by inspecting our operating procedures and recognising new dangers, specific to every industry sector.

                                                                                                      We intensely focus on safety and quality. These two elements are essential to meet client project requirements in the dangerous environments surrounding the oil and gas sector.

                                                                                                      We have a multi-disciplined team that works thoroughly to alleviate dangers from these conditions, ensuring our customers and employees are safe.

                                                                                                      Our scaffolding contractor based in Melbourne has a robust approach to hiring and training, making our oil and gas customers confident that our resources always meet top maintenance standards in the sector.

                                                                                                      We provide an entire range of specialised industrial and scaffold management scaffolding services like:

                                                                                                      • Encapsulation
                                                                                                      • Tube and fit
                                                                                                      • Rope access
                                                                                                      • Maintenance
                                                                                                      • Design and engineering
                                                                                                      • Rigging labour-hire
                                                                                                      • Scaffolding labour-hire
                                                                                                      • Planning and scheduling
                                                                                                      • Project management
                                                                                                      • Scaffolding supervision & superintendents


                                                                                                      Australian Construction has vast experience in supplying commercial scaffolding solutions for major construction projects in Melbourne and Australia. We have widespread, planning engineering, in-house design and onsite capabilities that offer outstanding management benefits to our commercial clients.

                                                                                                      We combine professional scaffolding contractor operations and a skilled technical team in Melbourne to create complex programs and deliver during significantly demanding project scenarios.

                                                                                                      It can be challenging to estimate commercial scaffolding costs for a construction project. However, Australian Construction cost planning qualifications eliminates this hassle and gives customers a level of service that is rarely matched.


                                                                                                      Australian Construction’s strict safety, performance and quality standards implemented on the products, and the people responsible for our industrial scaffolding services show our dedication in giving our customers the best. We work independently, ensuring that we always uphold these standards.

                                                                                                      Call us today on 1800 155 881 to meet all your scaffolding services requirements in Melbourne.


                                                                                                        Get Support From Our Expert Scaffolding Contractor On The Gold Coast

                                                                                                        Ideal Scaffolding Services On The Gold Coast

                                                                                                          Aluminium scaffolding, mobiles, edge protection and steel scaffolding are some of the services we provide at Australian Construction. Whether you are a private homeowner, developer or builder, our scaffolding contractor on the Gold Coast has the ideal products for you to get the project completed efficiently and safely.

                                                                                                          Australian Construction has a team of experts who provide the appropriate scaffold and height access solution whenever you require it, at a guaranteed cost-effective price. No job is too complex, small or big for us. We promise you a solution for all your safety and height access requirements.

                                                                                                          Why choose Australian Construction?

                                                                                                          Australian Construction provides specialist scaffolding services for the civil, resource, industrial and commercial sectors. Our years of experience has given us a brilliant knowledge base and proven skills in the scaffolding sector.

                                                                                                          Our project history will help you recognise how dedicated we are in surpassing our customers’ expectations each time and our success in doing it. We guarantee you that we will determine your project requirements and deliver the services better than our competitors.

                                                                                                          To Australian Construction, safety is paramount. Because of this, we have implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management mechanism, which complements our Quality Management systems. The two systems are separately certified to follow ISO 9001 standards and AS/NZS 4801.

                                                                                                          Scaffolding contractor  Services

                                                                                                          Whether you have a big or small job, our Australian Construction team of experts can assist with your next project. We utilise our contracting services to inspect, transport, erect and dismantle for you.

                                                                                                          Our scaffolding contractor on the Gold Coast has staff that are certified, experienced and dedicated in scaffolding. Each scaffold we construct is licensed as safe, adhering to the WorkCover state requirements, depending on where we erect it.

                                                                                                          In most cases, we appoint an estimator to visit your site first to discuss your precise needs.  We then calculate all the scaffolding factors accurately, that is, the scaffold tower’s design and present a list of equipment.

                                                                                                          After this, the Australian Construction team loads the equipment on to our vehicles and moves them to your site.  Our team then begins unloading and setting up the scaffold tower where you and our team controller agree.

                                                                                                          After we complete the erection stage, our licensed expert who organised the build presents a scaffold ticket for the constructed tower. The ticket is binding for 30 days, and it is essential for all scaffolds exceeding 4m in height. We provide this for all our constructions.

                                                                                                          After completing your project, as per the agreement between you and our Team Controller, our team arrives back onsite and safely and quickly dismantles your tower.

                                                                                                          From there they will load it to our vehicles and take it away. The scaffolding contractor providing services on the Gold Coast performs the entire procedure to ensure we assure you of our exemplary safety and efficiency record each time.

                                                                                                          Australian Construction Scaffolding Hire

                                                                                                          We have a committed team to help you if you want to hire equipment or hire scaffolding.  The design of our scaffolding is meant to surpass the Australian Standards, and it is why we use the T-6-6061 aluminium alloy. It sustains its power even when weathered or grazed. We give you the same specification equipment that our skilled scaffolders utilise each day and the ones on sale.

                                                                                                          It is known as Dry Hire in the scaffolding sector. It qualifies when you hire equipment from a scaffolding contractor on the Gold Coast, but you dismantle and erect it yourself.

                                                                                                          Please note that a certified scaffolder like Australian Construction should sign off any scaffold more than 4m high as WorkCover requirements compliant, at least every thirty days.

                                                                                                          Our fully skilled team of advanced scaffolding contractors can help install and take down your scaffolding if required. However, you can perform all the small, simple tasks.

                                                                                                          We have foldable scaffolds, scaffolding accessories, ladders, scaffolding towers, mobile scaffolding, scaffolding systems, kwikstage walk-thru scaffolding and more hire equipment to help you with anything concerning your project.

                                                                                                          If you want customised services like confined space solutions, hoarding or stair access solutions, study our Specialised Services page. In case of any questions, the Australian Construction team can help you choose the ideal scaffolding solution for your requirements.

                                                                                                          For foldable scaffolds for small jobs or a comprehensive gear list for a 4m-scaffold tower for hire call us today. Australian Construction has folding mini scaffolds, aluminium mobile scaffold, accessories, walk-through scaffolding systems, scaffolding sales and buy or hire, and labour hire throughout Australia. We have a committed team to help you if you want specialised scaffolding services.

                                                                                                          Our scaffolding contractor on the Gold Coast has the following scaffolding specialised services:

                                                                                                          Stair Access Solution

                                                                                                          We provide a full variety of stair access solutions from 1m to 20m. Our team erects our superior aluminium scaffolding and places secure and easily navigated stairways in the scaffolding structure.

                                                                                                          The team also works fast and efficiently, giving you total external access to all stages of your selected worksite. It is especially useful if you need to work near existing access areas and fire escapes.

                                                                                                          Confined Space Solutions

                                                                                                          The Australian Construction team performs strict risk assessment and planning before they enter a small area. Our trained and experienced scaffolders are qualified in efficient and safe access to small spaces. They are also skilled in forming a scaffolding structure to give you a safe platform for your chosen requirements.

                                                                                                          We appreciate how crucial safety is when working with small spaces. It is why we value efficiency, and our team delivers your work on time. The scaffolding contractor we have on the Gold Coast continually trains and works with small places, ensuring reliability and safety every time.


                                                                                                          We have a fast and simple system, ideal to meet your requirements when you need ‘A’ Class Hoarding for a long or short time. Australian Construction has experience in offering hoarding in high traffic spaces, with general public access. Our competent team is skilled and fulfils your requirements fast and efficiently with minimum disruption.


                                                                                                          Whether you have a small or big project, Australian Construction is ready to help you complete your next, specialised scaffolding work. Our licensed, professional and fully qualified scaffolders transport, erect, review and disassemble for you. The Australian Construction team uses this whole procedure to access complicated-to-access areas, from design to dismantle.

                                                                                                          To learn more about our specialised scaffolding services, call us today on 1800 155 881!


                                                                                                            Licensed & Professional Scaffolding Contractor In Darwin – Request Quote!

                                                                                                            Have Your Scaffolding Work Done Expertly In Darwin

                                                                                                              Australian Construction is among the leading hirers and suppliers of access scaffolding systems in Darwin, such as super cuplok scaffolding, cuplok scaffolding, surelock scaffolding and acrowskaf scaffolding. We provide various quality products and efficient quality services to complement any projects, whatever the size. Our scaffolding contractor in Darwin is committed to providing top quality products.

                                                                                                              Our skilled team manufactures products to our specifications and ensures they meet everything our clients need.

                                                                                                              Commercial Scaffolding

                                                                                                              Australian Construction has a powerful market authority in Darwin. We have a scaffolding dedicated team who are experts in site management, project management and comprehensive functional account management. They can manage the big and complex sale and hire projects from beginning to end, competently and skilfully.

                                                                                                              Our scaffolding contractor provides scaffold for the sectors below:

                                                                                                              • Offices buildings
                                                                                                              • Commercial offices
                                                                                                              • Schools and universities
                                                                                                              • Health care and hospitals
                                                                                                              • High Rise Residential enhancements
                                                                                                              • Retail structures and centre improvements

                                                                                                              We aim to become the top provider of unique scaffolding and formwork solutions to the big commercial clients and constructors in Australia. Australian Construction’s numerous long-term clients support us, whom we have acquired and maintained over the years, especially the prominent and specific ones in Australia’s market segment.

                                                                                                              Residential Scaffolding

                                                                                                              A scaffolding contractor in Darwin specialises in offering a complete hire and sale solution to deliver work according to customers’ requirements. For instance, completely engineered drawings and designs, scaffold supply and a competent team to erect, dismantle and transport to and from the site.

                                                                                                              With the Australian Construction specialised and dedicated team, we work on projects like single level houses, hi-rise towers and medium density.

                                                                                                              SuperCuplok Support System

                                                                                                              The Australian Construction supercuplok support system describes a high load and heavy-duty scaffold and shoring system that we have developed using the cuplok system’s versatility and benefits. We have used the high load and verified supercuplok system, and we have served the construction sector in Australia for years.

                                                                                                              The supercuplok system has a maximum load capacity of 75kN and is best for construction, loading bays, heavy-duty commercial & civil construction, and high-rise scaffolding. Our supercuplok support system is completely systemised for easy assembling, with few fittings and components and fully interchangeable parts.


                                                                                                              Our scaffolding contractor in Darwin designed and created Modular. It is a multi-purpose scaffolding that suits formwork and access support. It is moderately light and simple to assemble, and it suits civil and industrial engineering and building projects. 

                                                                                                              Modular does not have any loose fittings like the diagonal and horizontal members that fit into the standards, utilising a captive wedge link. Australian Construction has developed a full choice of accessories for hop-up brackets, stair and ladder access to meet the construction industry’s ever-changing requirements. It makes our modular scaffolding system your project’s full scaffold system.

                                                                                                              Every component consists of its built-in wedge link, enabling us to join it to the standard’s V-pressing. Today it is the market’s most common and popular system. Other scaffold systems on the market can work as its alternative, so long as they have been licensed and accompanied by engineering support.

                                                                                                              Specialised Access Solutions

                                                                                                              Despite your access needs, complexity or challenges involved, Australian Construction provides a safe solution for you. Our different and wide variety of equipment promises you an efficient solution each time.

                                                                                                              The scaffolding contractor in Darwin’s wide experience guarantees a fast solution. We have a professional team of scaffolders, project managers and structural engineers who are the best in today’s industry.

                                                                                                              We have experienced and highly trained staff that work hard to deliver timely results. They work jointly with our project managers’ support. Australian Construction is a leader in all specialised and temporary solutions like:

                                                                                                              Scaffolding Hire

                                                                                                              Australian Construction’s hire and sales division have a full variety of products. Our fully trained and experienced team ensures that our clients get the best products, advice and service available.

                                                                                                              Our hire & sale department is a leader in supplying scaffolding and scaffold systems all over Australia. Our stock range is impressive, varying from temporary fencing, tube and fitting, mobile scaffolds, aluminium scaffolding and modular scaffolding.

                                                                                                              Australian Construction Quality Scaffolding Services

                                                                                                              Australian Construction provides full scaffolding solutions for demolition and construction projects nationwide. Our skilled designers and engineers have years of experience to ensure safe, innovative and effective scaffold services and products to industrial and commercial sites.

                                                                                                              A scaffolding contractor in Darwin has an expert team that provides solutions and service brilliance to our clients by giving expert project design, estimating, planning and supplies services.

                                                                                                              Competent work

                                                                                                              Australian Construction expert project managers manage complicated and unusual scaffolding projects. We excel in designing simple and unique solutions to conquer elaborate and challenging demolition and construction projects.


                                                                                                              The scaffolding contractor in Darwin has a fully qualified team with skills to customise a scaffolding solution to meet your requirements. We understand the strict occupational, health and safety agreements in this sector. We ensure our systems, procedures and systems adhere to this.

                                                                                                              Australian Construction provides efficient and safe solutions by hiring the appropriate people for the appropriate project. We support our team with engineering resources, producing superior outcomes. Due to this we have established benchmarks in the mining and industrial sectors.

                                                                                                              Noticeably unique

                                                                                                              We plan labour and volume resources to accommodate each project stage. Our skilled team adapts to unexpected changes in the project scope and communicates clearly to the client. They manage the changes smoothly and implement them within the time frame required. Our industrial case studies illustrate our engineered solutions and labour efficient products.

                                                                                                              Safety at all times

                                                                                                              At Australian Construction, safety is our priority. We appreciate that health and safety in the workplace is our customers’ main concern.  Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring its employee’s welfare and safety and other people who might be impacted by its operations.


                                                                                                              Australian Construction only stocks quality products, and we are committed to innovation, ensuring we give each project the ideal and most practical solution.  Our portfolio has many long-term and repeat clients, earning us a great reputation in the sector.

                                                                                                              Talk to our team today on 1800 155 881, and we promise to give you the best scaffolding experience ever.


                                                                                                                The Best Scaffolding Contractor Right Here In Brisbane – Aus Construction

                                                                                                                Efficient Scaffolding Services in Brisbane

                                                                                                                  Australian Construction specialises in major scale scaffolding projects that require complex thinking, time and analysis. We use the most sophisticated scaffolding equipment in Brisbane.  We have established a scaffolding contractor in Brisbane who provides a tailored solution utilising our vast scaffolding experience and knowledge, which we have implemented in a wide variety of projects and industries.

                                                                                                                  Our skilled team has extensive experience in scaffolding high-risk and space-restricted areas. They provide access for vital machinery repairs and maintenance jobs.

                                                                                                                  A scaffolding contractor in Brisbane supplies scaffolding for jetties, docks and onboard vessels to facilitate paintwork, repairs and functionality in small spaces.

                                                                                                                  Australian Construction supplies tailored scaffold and rigging solutions for various industries. You can relax, knowing that our professional team appreciates that the personnel and equipment safety is a top priority.  We will cater to daily schedules, demands, and time limitations.

                                                                                                                  Our services

                                                                                                                  We have a proven track record. We provide a scaffolding contractor in Brisbane to provide you with a solutions for:

                                                                                                                  • Construction
                                                                                                                  • Rail Industry
                                                                                                                  • Marine Industry
                                                                                                                  • Petrochemical plants
                                                                                                                  • Residential and commercial
                                                                                                                  • Shutdowns and maintenance

                                                                                                                  After our qualified team works with you to establish what components the project needs, they can deliver in only three business days, directly from our remarkable-online storage centre. We are proud to surpass customer expectations.

                                                                                                                  Hang on Platform

                                                                                                                  Our Hang on Working platform decreases labour and hire expenses. The system beams off the structure frame, making ground-up scaffolding unnecessary. It creates big cost savings compared to comprehensive perimeter scaffolding. Hanging scaffolding clears the ground near the building. It facilitates access for different trades while we are installing the roofing, gutter and fascia.

                                                                                                                  The adjustable arm lengths system allows installation on structures with eave widths of maximum 1500mm width. It also has a working deck of 1125mm wide.

                                                                                                                  The braced mechanism enables Australian Construction to install the trusses from off the functional platform. It is because of the unique bracing system separate from the building frame, and it is self-supporting.

                                                                                                                  Advantages of Hang On Scaffold system

                                                                                                                  • Affordable scaffold system.
                                                                                                                  • We leave the building site of scaffolding clear, enabling unrestricted access.
                                                                                                                  • This system enables us to install the roof earlier, decreasing delays because of extreme climate.
                                                                                                                  • It enables early access of sub-trades to the building to finalise wall installations.
                                                                                                                  • The system hastens the building procedure.
                                                                                                                  • You save on scaffold hire expenses since we install hang on scaffolding afterwards when subcontractors need it.

                                                                                                                    Hiring Steel Scaffolding      

                                                                                                                   Australian Construction combines the Access Guard Proprietary    Systems and Steel Scaffolding, enabling us to give you a full range of edge protection and scaffolding solutions.           

                                                                                                                  We use steel scaffolding for projects that need longer hire periods (more than two weeks). It involves block work, brickwork and concrete in the construction procedure. It is because of a higher load rating in contrast to Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding. Our competent team usually works on projects as high as 15 meters to the top working deck.

                                                                                                                   Our scaffolding contractor in Brisbane installs steel scaffolding for use on:

                                                                                                                  • Multiple housing developments and unit developments.
                                                                                                                  • Full house wraps for finishing trades, cladding and roofing.
                                                                                                                  • Major renovations to residential and commercial projects.
                                                                                                                  • Use on existing structures for major maintenance projects.

                                                                                                                  Spanning causeways for vehicular and pedestrian access. At Australian Construction, we provide advisory service, ensuring a site advisory, and allowing you to get a fixed quotation. 

                                                                                                                  We promise that the steel scaffold system you hire from us will be suitable for your particular project. We provide steel scaffolding hire throughout Brisbane.

                                                                                                                  Mobile & Fixed Scaffold Tower Hire

                                                                                                                  Fixed & Mobile Towers

                                                                                                                  Our mobile scaffolding gives you an excellent cost-effective option when you require accessing heights within a large surface. Our Australian Construction team assesses your site and provides you with the most suitable access solution.

                                                                                                                  This team assembles simple work platforms or complicated advanced buildings. Australian Construction has a wide variety of solutions to meet your requests.

                                                                                                                  Therefore, call us to discover how easy it is to get efficient scaffolding. At Australian Construction, we provide a site advisory service ensuring that our customers get a fixed quotation for a suitable tower for their specific work.

                                                                                                                  Void Protection Platforms

                                                                                                                  The combination of the Voideck proprietary systems and quick ally modular scaffolding enables Australian Construction to provide a full variety of solutions to access vaulted ceilings and fill voids.

                                                                                                                  Our efficient and knowledgeable team has installed void protection to use on the following:

                                                                                                                  • To give access and replace ceilings in swimming pools and auditoriums.
                                                                                                                  • To provide access for replacing air conditioning systems and ceilings in auditoriums.
                                                                                                                  • To offer access to workers who are installing factory pipe work.
                                                                                                                  • To offer access in stairways for the installation of ceilings, painting and rendering.

                                                                                                                  At Australian Construction, we provide advisory service to ensure that our customers get a fixed quotation. We promise a void protection system suitable for your specific project. We provide Australian Construction void protection hire in Brisbane.

                                                                                                                  Emergency procedures in the workplace for falls 

                                                                                                                  Working with scaffolding poses a great danger because of the high risk of falls in the workplace. Falls can lead to fractures, head injuries or worse. So, industries need to prepare and implement emergency processes in case an accident occurs during scaffolding jobs. You can take some steps to avoid falls in the workplace as follows:

                                                                                                                  Emergency procedures

                                                                                                                  • Emergency plans and procedures for falls during scaffolding work taking place at your workplace. It is important that the staff knows and understands the protocols.

                                                                                                                  Detailed steps should be given to all the staff to guide them in the work site.  The general safety plan should include these guidelines. The processes should consider different scenarios. It will ensure that the falls emergency procedures are enough.

                                                                                                                  • Your emergency procedures’ success heavily depends on easy access to the work site. Emergency cars and personnel should not have challenges entering and leaving the work area to enable fast rescue. During the planning, ensure a fast route for rescuers and eliminate any equipment and machines.


                                                                                                                  Australian Construction has a unique knowledge base and proven skills of the scaffolding sector. Our project history assures you of our dedication to surpassing our customers’ expectations each time and our team’s success in doing this.

                                                                                                                  We will identify your project needs and deliver a better task than any of our competitors!


                                                                                                                    Top Tier Scaffolding Contractors In Adelaide – Request An Online Quote!

                                                                                                                    Get A Professional Scaffolding Contractor In Adelaide

                                                                                                                      When working on uneven or high surfaces, you should ensure your safety by hiring a superior scaffold specially designed for your project. Scaffolding creates a robust platform for repairs, construction and maintenance. Australian Construction hires scaffolding equipment to meet your projects, like significant commercial construction structures on building sites. A scaffolding contractor in Adelaide provides various scaffolding solutions at affordable costs.

                                                                                                                      Our range of scaffolding solutions is vast, and it includes:

                                                                                                                      • Caged Units
                                                                                                                      • Mobile Units
                                                                                                                      • Independent Units
                                                                                                                      • Cantilevered Units

                                                                                                                      Caged Units

                                                                                                                      At Australian Construction, we provide caged units for hire in Adelaide if your project needs materials transportation, moving or lifting during construction. Our skilled staff discusses assembly and safety requirements with you to ensure this scaffolding solution meets your needs.

                                                                                                                      Independent Units

                                                                                                                      Our independent scaffold has a double row, and every row is parallel to the building.  We set the inner row as near the building as possible. Our skilled team discusses the dimensions and size required for your independent scaffold while giving you appropriate suggestions on how to dismantle and assemble the scaffolding.

                                                                                                                      Our scaffolding contractor in Adelaide is available to give you correct guidance on how to dismantle and assemble the scaffolding.  Our skilled team gives you a free on-site quote and consultation to ensure you hire the ideal independent scaffold system for the project.

                                                                                                                      Mobile Units

                                                                                                                      Australian Construction mobile scaffolding system is accessible for instant hire and setup.  Our mobile scaffold is flexible or fixed, light in weight and easily adjustable while preserving safety standards.

                                                                                                                      It is easy to set up this scaffold, as it does not need any tools to dismantle or assemble. We provide a wide variety of towers; alternatively, our scaffold experts can design a tailored solution that suits your needs.

                                                                                                                      This unit is best for painters, contractors, ceiling fixers, plumbers and interior liners. Depending on this scaffold’s height, you can assemble the product on your own. Our scaffolding contractor in Adelaide gives you clear guidelines on how to assemble and dismantle any unit effectively.

                                                                                                                      Cantilevered Units

                                                                                                                      We secure our cantilever scaffolding to a building at one end. Cantilevered load-bearing points sustain this scaffold, and we mainly secure it to a building’s top areas. It is best for use in limited space areas or difficult to access spaces.  Before you hire any of our towers, we ensure that any contractors who work up high know precisely how to assemble towers and navigate on platforms safely.

                                                                                                                      Scaffolding on sale

                                                                                                                      Do you want to buy a scaffold for your trade business? At Australian Construction, we have superior quality scaffolding systems for purchase at affordable costs to meet your trade needs.  Whether you are a plumber, builder, painter or contractor, we present the best scaffold system and purchase scaffold in Adelaide.

                                                                                                                      Our highly competent team creates top-quality units made from the finest materials, which will give you a stable and firm surface to work on. You can pick from a wide variety of heights and lengths, ensuring you buy appropriate scaffold for your business.

                                                                                                                      Get professional advice

                                                                                                                      Scaffolding contractors are experts and can give you suggestions on the suitable scaffold compatible with your needs. Our team offers friendly and professional advice, ensuring you purchase scaffolding in Adelaide with expert and confident recommendation. If you need more information do not hesitate to call us any day of the week; we will be happy to give you a free quote!

                                                                                                                      Residential and Commercial Edge Protection

                                                                                                                      Australian Construction Commercial Edge Protection prevents falls for industrial and commercial construction. Our system bolts to the side or top face of concrete slabs; they also clamp onto clip rock purlins, roof sheets, parapet or rafters.

                                                                                                                      You do not need an intermediate scaffold ticket when using our tool-less application for assembling your system. Our standard and rail components are tiny in size compared to traditional scaffold systems. Australian Construction ensures that all our products adhere to the applicable standards, so our protection systems are much lighter.

                                                                                                                      Engineering & Design

                                                                                                                      The design team at Australian Construction uses innovation and experience to draw up ideas and ‘for construction animations and drawings,’ suitable for our customer’s needs. From stair cores, lift shafts and all kinds of access stairs and scaffolding Australian Construction has you covered. It allows us to develop projects accurately and efficiently and plan at all levels of the project.


                                                                                                                      Australian Construction provides technical support and scaffold design to the energy, mining, industrial and domestic industries. Our supervisors and scaffolders are experienced in working on your scaffolding project efficiently, no matter the job’s size. Our team is exceptionally skilled with all scaffolding systems and elevated work platforms like removing and installing swing stages.


                                                                                                                      Our experienced team supplies and installs all formwork systems such as structural steel decking, conventional off form, (kingFlor/bondek), soffit systems, prefabricated stair and columns.

                                                                                                                      Supported Platform Systems

                                                                                                                      This type of scaffolding is the most commonly used. It has elevated platforms made from metal or wood. The scaffolding is held together using frames and poles, which constitute the scaffolding’s structure. An expert scaffolding contractor in Adelaide places them firmly on the ground.

                                                                                                                      Suspended Scaffolding

                                                                                                                      This kind of scaffolding is less commonly used, unlike the supported platform system, though they are just as important.  As the name suggests, we do not place the scaffolding on the floor but use ropes to support and anchor it firmly to the building’s top. We also build it using metal or wood, and it is best for building projects with uneven ground.

                                                                                                                      Adjustable Scaffolding

                                                                                                                      Adjustable scaffolding is suspended, and we use a system of pulleys to raise or lower it. This kind of scaffolding has a single platform, and our team moves it to the building’s level when and where it is required. The location and kind of house you are constructing determines the scaffolding type you choose.


                                                                                                                      In construction, it is imperative that you get the right scaffolding contractor in Adelaide, just as you need to pick the appropriate fixtures and fittings. You should ensure that the firm you pick can provide your required equipment at a cost-effective price to match your budget.

                                                                                                                      The right scaffolding firm like Australian Construction will show you the essential credentials, proof of appropriate training and qualifications. It should also be a firm that you can contact whenever the need arises.

                                                                                                                      It means picking a local scaffolding firm like Australian Construction for your scaffolding project in Adelaide!