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Choose The Perfect Scaffolding Contractor In Townsville

    Australian Construction provides construction and renovation projects of all sizes in Townsville with secure and safe scaffolding. Together with our comprehensive variety of scaffold for hire, our skilled team also manages the assembling and dismantling of scaffolds. Our scaffolding contractor in Townsville is fully insured and certified for work at heights.

    For your construction site work at heights, we need to build temporary structures to handle the conditions and geography.  Our skilled team has the experience to guarantee you exceptional scaffolding services.

    Aluminium Scaffold for your Townsville Commercial, Industrial or Home Construction

    Have you considered the types of scaffolding you want to hire or buy from us? Whether you choose swing-stage, mobile, aerial or supported system, we will provide you with aluminium scaffolds.

    Aluminium Scaffolds Composition

    The following make up every system (swing-stage, mobile, or aerial) of aluminium scaffolds:

    • Diagonal braces
    • Vertical braces
    • Wheels
    • Stabilisers
    • Toeboards
    • Platforms

    Security and Safety of Aluminium Scaffolds

    Depending on your requirement, Australian Construction has a variety of aluminium scaffolds you can buy:

    • Mobile decks
    • Mobile ladders
    • Stairwells
    • Mobile platforms
    • Mobile towers
    • Steps
    • Folding aluminium scaffolds

    Best Construction Projects & Aluminium Scaffolds works.

    Our wide variety of aluminium scaffolds is versatile enough to handle all types of light-duty construction work. If your projects are related to one of the following, seek the services of our scaffolding contractor in Townsville:

    • Roof plumbing
    • Painting
    • Plastering
    • Ceiling remediation or installation
    • Electrical wiring and different electrical work

    Benefits of Aluminium Scaffolds

    If you are yet to decide whether to buy or hire our aluminium scaffolds, study the following aluminium scaffolds list of benefits:

    • Portable
    • Versatile
    • Light
    • Stable
    • Static or mobile, depending on work needed or building projects.
    • User friendly
    • Reduced project cost
    • Cost-effective
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Reduces harm or risk when used carefully.

    Australian Construction skilled scaffolders are experienced enough to build secure and safe aluminium scaffold systems. They can also dismantle them after work or project completion. The scaffolding we have in contractor in Townsville ensures superior quality.

    If you want an easily transportable scaffolding system that is simple to install and dismantle and poses reduced risks, we have the ideal aluminium scaffolding service for you.

    Scaffolding Installation

    Your scaffolding contractor in Townsville specialist endeavours to uphold top quality scaffolding services. The scaffolds installations services we provide are timely and safe.

    We also guarantee you excellent customer service. Scaffolding installation is laborious and tricky at times. However, with our help at Australian Construction installation becomes fast and secure.

    Our team of qualified and ticketed scaffolders is well briefed, and they adhere to work health and safety guidelines. They are fully skilled to install the scaffolds for your work, and they follow occupational hazard and safety values.

    Scaffold Installation Steps

    You first request for a free quote for our scaffold installation service. If you find it okay, we ensure that we provide the following for the installation of the safe and smooth scaffold:

    • The scaffolding specified brand and model.
    • OH&S and WorkCover certification.
    • Written guidelines for scaffolding installation and dismantling.

    If you are happy with all the above, we deliver, assemble and dismantle the scaffolding system for you.

    Kinds of Scaffolding

    You can choose from the scaffolding systems below:

    Suspended Scaffolding or Sing-Stage Scaffolding

    It is best for easy access to buildings in high areas.

    It uses a system of switches, levers and pulleys suspended from above the commercial, industrial and domestic buildings using a rope.

    Supported Scaffolding or Mobile Scaffolding

    We mostly use this type, and it is best for easy access to buildings’ vertical surfaces. Our competent team builds scaffolds on the ground using lumber and poles. Our qualified scaffolding contractor in Townsville uses stairs to access the whole system.

    Aerial Scaffolding

    This type of scaffolding is best for easy movement, from one area of height to another. We install more scaffolding materials on the airlifts.

    Depending on the nature of your scaffolding needs, you can pick any of the above. You can have peace of mind knowing that every system complies with the established Code of Practice standards as is stipulated by the Australian Work Health and Safety Regulations.

    Scaffold Hire

    If you require scaffolding services temporarily, our Australian Construction Scaffold hire services are accessible to you. When you hire scaffolding accessories and equipment for your residential and remedial building work or project, you can reduce or eliminate fatal and straightforward accidents in the work site.

    We provide these scaffolds for hire:

    • Scaffold towers
    • Mobile scaffolds
    • Birdcages
    • Access Bridge Scaffolds
    • Cantilever scaffolds

    You have the guarantee that all scaffolding accessories and equipment from our professional company comply with the Australian Standards Code of Practice.

    Considerations when choosing Scaffolding Hire in Townsville

    When you contact us for a scaffolding hire service quotation, consider the following:

    • Scaffold setup location
    • Use of scaffold
    • Height to be reached
    • Scaffold length required
    • Period of scaffold hire
    • Worksite obstructions
    • Delivery truck parking location
    • Width requirements, particularly for building projects or indoor remedial.
    • Other important scaffolding concerns for the construction project.

    Ensure that these elements have been determined before applying for free quotation of expenses. A comprehensive set of information will allow our Australian Construction scaffolding specialists to provide you with a transparent, clear and complete scaffolding hire service rate.

    Skilled labour for Scaffold Hire

    Allow our Townsville scaffolding contractor team to help you pick the appropriate people for your construction project or home project. Our skilled team of labourers can:

    • Assist you in completing your work on time.
    • Carry out brilliant scaffolding work as needed.

    Townsville continuously grows and urbanises, becoming one the the biggest cities in Queensland. So, quality manpower becomes a constant need for us.

    If you want professionals in your building projects, like remedial, residential, industrial or commercial, we have the staff you need.  You can pick from our list of workers that includes:

    • Scaffolders
    • Labourers
    • Fitters
    • Riggers
    • Dogmen
    • Boilermakers
    • Forklift & EWP Operators


    Australian Construction hire services guarantees that the people you hire to complement your scaffolding accessories and equipment fit your requirements.

    We look forward to hearing from you today! Give us a call on 1800 155 881.