Sunshine Coast Scaffolding Contractor Services For Hire


    At Australian Construction, we go the extra mile. With this in mind, we offer scaffolding services on the Sunshine Coast. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor on the Sunshine Coast ensures our services are safe and reliable.

    Because of that, we create the scaffolding systems using top quality heavy-duty materials. Therefore, we meet the sector’s high safety standards. We have access to various scaffolding products. In addition, we have the various modular frame. Our staff is experienced in design and installation. As a result, we deliver outstanding results.

    Our expert services

    Our scaffolding contractor on the Sunshine Coast provides different erection services. Our services serve various residential needs. We are proud to offer adaptable scaffold rental services.  You can choose to have us deliver the essential materials to your job site. Alternatively, we can deliver the scaffolding. We can assemble and dismantle it for you as well.

    Australian Construction has well-trained experts. Moreover, they are dedicated to offering excellent work. They also provide customer service for each project, notwithstanding the project size.  You might want frame scaffoldings for your small-sized project. Or perhaps you want a modular system complexity. Because of this, we have the product and installation abilities. Again, we can deliver your particular platform access needs.

    Mobile scaffold

    The construction industry has different types of scaffolding. Each scaffolding has a different shape or type. For this purpose, it is specifically created to meet particular demands. Mobile scaffolding is the most flexible and versatile.

    Mobile scaffolding is a portable platform. In addition, it is a temporary support platform. This platform is based on wheels or casters. It is mainly used for construction work. Here, the workers need to change their positions frequently. It gives workers a convenient, safe and productive surrounding to finish their projects. The Australian Construction mobile scaffolding provides innovative residential scaffolding. It is mainly used for repair projects or home construction. 

    We provide these movable structures for jobs like plastering or painting. Not only is mobile scaffolding efficient, but affordable. More importantly, the scaffolding contractor on the Sunshine Coast assembles and dismantles mobile scaffolding easily. Our mobile scaffolding is very affordable as well. In summary, this type of scaffolding is safe for workers.

    Residential scaffolding

    If you need house renovations, residential scaffolding is crucial. After all, you will require scaffolds to access hard to reach areas. Our scaffolding contractor on the Sunshine Coast has various scaffold options. For example, we offer renovations and extensions. Additionally, we provide decorative and restoration work.

    We design our residential scaffolding services depending on your requirements. Because of this, you can depend on our staff. They are helpful and professional. Therefore, they will support and help you fully. Australian Construction provides services that comply with the essential acts and regulations

    Our team works according to the deadline. We also work efficiently and expertly. The landscaping contractor on the Sunshine Coast sets up suitable scaffolding equipment on the job site. In light of this, your workers can be at peace. It is because they know they are protected while on the site. Furthermore, working without stress makes them more productive.


    Do you want a scaffolding service to meet your scaffold equipment needs? Or do you want a service that provides total customer satisfaction? In that case, call Australian Construction. We offer various scaffolding equipment platforms. For instance, we provide Mobile Alquip Scaffolding.

    We design our residential scaffolding to suit your needs. With this in mind, you can rely on our staff. They are experts and offer full support and assistance. 

    Call us now for all your scaffolding needs on the Sunshine Coast!