Commercial And Residential Scaffolding Contractor In Wagga Wagga


    Australian Construction is a professional scaffolding company. Given this, we ensure we erect and maintain scaffold to top standards. We test all our equipment regularly. Therefore, we ensure its compliance and safety. Our scaffolding contractor in Wagga Wagga works on all your construction works

    We offer a full range of scaffolding solutions. These services suit any light commercial or residential construction works. Additionally, we give you consultation services. Because of this, we ensure you obtain the ideal solution to your crucial needs. More importantly, we comply with the Work Place Health & Safety Regulations. Also, we follow appropriate safety equipment for Scaffolders.

    Mobile & fixed-mobile scaffold tower hire

    You may need to reach heights on large surfaces. Because of this, the Australian Construction mobile scaffolding offers a wonderful choice for cutting costs. We assess your site and offer the most suitable access solution. After this, our skilled team assembles simple job platforms. They also assemble complicated advanced structures.

    We have various solutions that suit your needs. Therefore, call us to get effective scaffolding. The scaffolding contractor in Wagga Wagga provides site advisory service. Consequently, our clients get a fixed quotation for a suitable tower for their specific job. 

    Roof Edge Protection

    When you are working at heights, you risk falling accidents. The most effective method of protecting workers from falling is avoiding working at heights. But, for many reasons, this may not be a practical solution. Instead, you can reduce the danger of a fall by applying control measures like fall arrest. Alternatively, you can use restraint systems like edge protection. 

    Features of Roof Edge Protection

    Roof edge protection is a popular enclosure or structure. It is because we install it to avoid falls and harm at height. This safety feature is crucial during the construction of various structures. For example, it is ideal for garages and residential homes. It is also great for commercial buildings and other structures.

    If you cannot avoid working at height, our scaffolding services are the answer. As a result, we offer a barrier that restricts individuals, people, or materials. So, they do not get close to the edge or fall from it. We place various roof edge protections around a roof’s perimeter. 

    Due to this, construction workers remain safe and secure. Therefore, they safely undertake repairs, new roof installations, or maintenance. Because of this, it would be best for you to get quality and compliant roof edge protection from Australian Construction.

    Suitable applications for roof edge protection

    Roof edge protection is essential for roof work or accessing a roof. Roof work entails movement raised from ground level. Falls can lead to serious or fatal injuries. You may want to begin a commercial or residential construction project. 

    Therefore, you should install the correct edge protection product. Whether the project is long or short term, all roof work should be covered by protective measures. The Australian Construction roof edge protection ensures protective safety measures. For this reason, you avoid falls over the building edge. 

    Aluminium stair access towers

    We install an aluminium stair access scaffold tower for:

    • Access to the roof for buildings re-roofing
    • To offer access to roofs for replacing air conditioning and mechanical plant systems.
    • Temporary access during maintenance jobs
    • Workers can get access while renovating or doing refurbishment works.

    Our scaffolding contractor in Wagga Wagga offers site advisory services. Given this, we give our clients a fixed quotation. We offer an aluminium stair access scaffold tower system that suits your specific work.


    Australian Construction provides a full range of scaffolding solutions.  Our hire service is available for light commercial and residential building industries. Additionally, we offer owners of private property height safety and fixed scaffolding hire. Also, we provide mobile scaffolding hire.

    For all your scaffolding needs in Wagga Wagga, contact us today!