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Bundaberg Swimming Pool Builder

Bundaberg Swimming Pool Builder

    For years Australian Construction has been installing stunning swimming pools. More importantly, our products are affordable. We prioritise customer satisfaction. Our swimming pool builder in Bundaberg provides a wide range of pools.

    For example, we offer Roman pool and classic rectangular pools. In addition, we provide bright, eye-catching fibreglass figure eight. Our professionals are well equipped and handle different tasks. We deliver complete concrete resurfacing. Besides, we provide fresh fibreglass installation. Our skilled team sources the ideal materials for your swimming pool. Are you unsure of the best pool for your yard? In that case, our pool design experts assist you in getting the perfect fit. 

    We have many textures and colours. Moreover, we have various combinations and customisations. Because of this, your pool will stand out in the neighbourhood. Additionally, it will be your sanctuary from the daily life stresses for many years.

    Fibreglass pools

    Australian Construction fibreglass pools are affordable and versatile. Therefore, these pools are an excellent selection for any home. Do you want a long lap pool or a small courtyard pool? Or do you wish for a practical option for the entire street? Notwithstanding, our swimming pool contractor in Bundaberg has a shell that suits your requirements. In light of this, we offer fast installation and simple maintenance.

    Benefits of fibreglass

    We install fibreglass shells remarkably fast. Because of this, they are a fantastic option for people who wish to swim in their new pool immediately. The construction time is shorter. Also, the general cost is much less. As a result, it is a cost-effective solution! You save money on materials and labour. So you can spend the money on landscaping. It gives the area near your new pool a new breathtaking look.

    Choosing the right pool

    Australian Construction has various styles and shapes for your selection. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the right pool for you. We offer below ground and above ground options. Also, we provide free forms, rectangular or square. Our swimming pool builder in Bundaberg presents a wide range to pick from. Your decision depends on:

    • Your taste
    • Budget
    • Backyard shape
    • Architectural style

    Our professional team guides you on the best option for you.

    Booking the dig day

    Before the swimming pool builder in Bundaberg starts installation, they visit your property. We carry out an official site inspection. Our team establishes the precise location for installing your pool. We write the site report depending on the information we get today.


    Our team first marks the precise area we will install your pool. We then bring the ‘heavy lifting’ machines on site. After this, the installer supervises the excavation procedure. We lay the drainage material on the entire site floor.

    Shell installation

    First, we dig the hole. Then, we undertake the installation of your new fibreglass shell on your property. Additionally, we fit pool plumbing. We use a small quantity of water (maximum of 30 cm). Consequently, it prevents the pool from floating in case of rain

    Electrical and plumbing

    After installing the shell, we include extra features to make it unique. We start by backfilling the pool. It involves filling in the spaces between the earth and shell. We use a cement mixture and fill the pool with water. At this stage, we also install the sanitiser. In addition, we fix the water pump and filtration systems. If you want, we also fix a gas heating or solar heating system. It enables you to utilise your pool throughout the year, despite the weather.


    Australian Construction offers superior customer service. Also, we provide a wide variety of beautifully designed pools. We supply various top quality concrete and fibreglass pools. Our range includes designs and sizes that will suit your taste. We handle plans, permits and construction. Moreover, we handle all the steps to change your backyard into a luxurious area.

    Call us today for the ideal swimming pools in Bundaberg!