Canberra Swimming Pool Builder

Experienced And Affordable Swimming Pool Builder In Canberra

Canberra Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction offers you a pool package that suits your budget and lifestyle. Our swimming pool builder in Canberra offers communication and honesty. Besides we provide top quality services and products. Because of this, we are a unique company. 

    We utilise fibreglass products, which we source from leading manufacturers. Furthermore, our fibreglass pool styles vary in design and size. Our Australian Construction team works hard. Because of this, we offer you a suitable pool for your lifestyle. More importantly, our prices are affordable.

    The swimming pool contractor in Canberra is committed to offering an expert level of service. We are on-site for the entire procedure from beginning to end. Furthermore, we take meticulous care in installing your new pool. As a result, it reduces disruption to your daily routine.

    Residential concrete pools

    Australian Construction offers a comprehensive design and construction solution. Given this, we meet your particular needs. When designing your pool, we consider the following:

    • Specific lifestyle needs
    • Budget
    • Your site

    Moreover, we give you the latest technologies and management systems. Our best tradesmen construct the best concrete pool. As a result, you relax knowing our expert team is on-site daily with the best tools.


    Your existing pool may be damaged or outdated. In that case, our company revitalises your swimming pool. A concrete pool has many benefits. Among them is that we bring it back to life. In light of this, we update the design. As a result, it matches the modern garden design and lifestyle. We achieve this by changing the shape structurally.

    Additionally, we update the interior finish. Alternatively, we give the pool a complete makeover. We update our equipment. For this reason, it saves time and energy expenses. It facilitates your system’s full automation.

    Commercial concrete pools

    The swimming pool builder in Canberra works closely with the best architects. Also, we work with leading engineers and commercial building firms. Hence we build breathtaking swimming pools in commercial surroundings. We have vast knowledge, experience and expertise. Because of this, we present sustainable design solutions. Consequently, you enjoy swimming the whole year.

    Water features

    We have built water features that include:

    • Reflection ponds
    • Mini lakes with waterfalls
    • Fountains
    • Power falls
    • Waterfalls

    In other words, we give you the ideal garden feature. The water feature forms the ultimate focus in your existing or new landscaped garden. The swimming pool may be in your backyard or front yard. Alternatively, it might be indoors or on complex sites. Regardless we can customise the solution to suit your requirements. We flawlessly incorporate these water features into your spa, swimming pool or both. Because of this, we set up the optimal backyard tranquillity.

    Fibreglass pools

    Australian Construction installs Tranquility fibreglass pool shells. We choose these pools because they have proven longevity. Additionally, they offer reliability, durability and quality. Besides they are available in various colours and shapes. Working with us gives you superior quality pools. More importantly, our top quality experts install the pool.


    Spas offer maximum relaxation. Due to this, we tailor these pools to your precise needs. We offer a stand-alone spa. According to your choice, we provide spa jets, heating and lighting. We also meet your chlorination, automation and water feature inclusions needs. In addition, we incorporate all these options into a spa package or swimming pool. We attach the spa to the pool using water/overflow inclusions. In other words, we provide a seamless combination between your spa and swimming pool. For this reason, you can use your tablet or smartphone to control them all.


    Australian Construction is among Canberra’s swimming pool builders. Our team meets you on-site and designs the best swimming pool for your home or premises. Our team of experts respects your property. Therefore, they ensure they leave the site tidy and clean upon completion. So, you can have confidence working with us for your full swimming pool and landscaping needs.

    Therefore talk to us today about a quality swimming pool for your enjoyment!

      Port Macquarie Swimming Pool Builder

      Unique Swimming Pool Builder In Port Macquarie

      Port Macquarie Swimming Pool Builder

        Australian Construction has supplied swimming pools in Port Macquarie for years. Due to this, we are proud to be a leader in this sector. Our swimming pool builder in Port Macquarie offers brilliant artistry. Additionally, we provide unique customer service. Our variety of fibreglass pools is unrivalled. Therefore, you are spoilt for choice.

        We have worked in the fibreglass pool build sector for years. Because of this, we are confident. Our competent team helps you to change your backyard into a lovely view. Australian Construction provides and installs all our fibreglass pools. 

        Our range includes family and Olympic pools, courtyard and plug pools. Moreover, we offer ordinary spas and pool spas. In addition, we provide a slimline and lap pool range. If you have space restrictions, we can get you something to suit your needs. 

        Fibreglass pools

        Our swimming pool contractor in Port Macquarie supplies and installs superior fibreglass pools. Our quality is unsurpassed. Because of this, we rank top in the swimming pool sector. Our attention to detail and customer service is unrivalled. We are honest with our clients. 

        Additionally, we involve our clients during the whole pool building procedure. We construct all our fibreglass pools at optimal standards. Our selection of swimming pools includes:

        • Courtyard pools
        • Lap pools
        • Plunge pools
        • Slimline
        • Family pools
        • Swim spas
        • Spas

        At Australian Construction, we believe pool installation should be exciting and stress-free. We install our pools in as little as seven days. Call us now to discuss a suitable fibreglass pool for your residence.

        Australian Construction swimming pools

        Today life can be hectic. For this reason, you need time off for relaxing and unwinding at home. Given this, the best way of doing this is to do something extraordinary. For example, you can install a pool. Therefore you can enjoy entertainment and family life. In addition, you can keep cool on hot summer days with our crystal clear pool.

        Our team is experienced and skilled. Coupled with this, we have helpful and professional agents. They work with you in picking the ideal design that meets your unique requirements. So investing in one of our pools, you get the benefits of our years of extensive research. Moreover, we offer vast experience, skill and design.

        The swimming pool builder in Port Macquarie gives you quality building and installation. Besides, we work with you from purchase, installation and commissioning. We are also available after the installation. As a result, we have become the leading provider of quality fibreglass pools in Port Macquarie.

        Fully tiled pools

        Selecting the colour of your tile is essential. After all, the pool’s colouring will have a similar hue. You can choose tiles that blend into the scenery. Alternatively, you can pick tiles that are bold and bright. If you want, we can tile your swimming pool floor. 

        We can also use feature walls. Australian Construction has endless options you can choose from. Additionally, our professionals advise you on upkeep and maintenance. Because of this, your pool always operates at optimal performance. Tiled pools offer various benefits. First, they are available in rich colour. Second, maintaining and keeping them clean is easy. Third, they have smooth underfoot interiors. 

        Do you want a traditional tiled swimming pool interior? In that case, our swimming pool builder in Port Macquarie provides richly coloured tiles. Given this, you can pick the colour you want. More importantly, our prices are affordable. 


        At Australian Construction, we build quality swimming pools. Our swimming pools serve commercial and residential purposes. Moreover, we service the entire Port Macquarie. Our team works with clients from the first design stage. After that, we involve you in all the steps. Because of this, you get the pool you want. You can choose one of our top-quality designs. Or we can customise a design specifically for your requirements. In light of this, we work within your budget.

        Talk to us today about the swimming pool you have been longing for!

          Melton Swimming Pool Builder

          Your Expert Swimming Pool Builder In Melton

          Melton Swimming Pool Builder

            The Australian Construction team of technicians and designers enhance your unattractive, old backyard pool. Moreover, we transform it entirely depending on your needs. Our swimming pool builder in Melton works with you from start to finish. Consequently, we deliver your ideal pool.

            We construct custom pools for you. Furthermore, we have a skilled team and the latest technology. Because of this, you can expect superior artistry. In addition, we deliver a stunning pool that lasts for years. We offer timely and affordable installations and repairs. As a result, your pools operate in their top condition. Our professionals are licensed and certified. Therefore you have peace of mind.

            Pool installation

            The Australian Construction team of pool installers is experienced. Due to this, we have built pools throughout Melton. Besides, we help by advising you about our landscaping options. For example, we provide water features, fencing, sun ledges and more. We have various fibreglass pools. So you can pick the ideal pool for your home.

            One benefit of fibreglass pools is installing them is much simpler than concrete pools. For this reason, stress and expenses are reduced. Our friendly team helps you through the entire procedure. Eventually, you enjoy swimming in your new pool in no time. Installing your pool can be a wonderful experience. 

            The Australian Construction office staff and pool managers are capable. Therefore they make your project run painlessly and smoothly. We plan each particular job thoroughly before starting any work. Our swimming pool contractor in Melton discusses all contingencies and details with you. We appreciate you want to remain informed.  Given this, we always communicate with you all through the project.

            Pool building

            Do you want a backyard swimming pool? In that case, our swimming pool contractor in Melton can help. Now is the ideal time to give your family a swimming pool. We have fibreglass and inground concrete pools for our Melton clients.

            In light of this, we offer the following range of pools:

            The swimming pool builder in Melton designs a lovely and functional pool. Also, these pools are affordable and give you a ‘wow factor.  Consequently, the value of your home increases.

            Fibreglass swimming pools

            Nowadays, most of the in-ground pools we build in Australia are fibreglass pools. We carry out most of the building work offsite in the factory. For this reason, we complete fibreglass pools fast. Installing a standard fibreglass pool mainly takes one or two weeks. 

            However, installing concrete pools mainly takes several weeks or months to complete. Our fibreglass pools need minimal monthly care. These pools rarely need resurfacing. 

            In addition, fibreglass pools look lovely. The reason for this is their sparkling and dazzling finishes, which glimmer in the sun. For a cheaper option, you can choose a ready-made design. It hastens the construction time. On the other hand, you may prefer a tailored solution.

            Concrete swimming pools

            We build concrete pools according to any design of your choice. Our competent team undertakes the complete design & build of your concrete pool onsite. More importantly, we follow your precise specifications and provide designs that match your area. It takes longer to build concrete pools, two to six months.

            Pool landscaping and backyard swimming pool design

            The Australian Construction landscaping team can change your outdoor area. Call us today if you want us to design and manufacture the following:


            At Australian Construction, we offer our clients the ideal timeless pool. These pools not only make your property more valuable but also promote sustainable practices. We are a pool builder and pool shop. Also, we have mobile service technicians, and we go the extra mile for you. We have full in-house facilities as well. 

            Therefore, do not look beyond our swimming our builder in Melton.

              Gladstone Swimming Pool Builder

              Trustworthy Swimming Pool Builder In Gladstone

              Gladstone Swimming Pool Builder

                Do you have an old-looking pool or spa? In that case, it needs some restoration or upgrades. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction offers expert renovating services. As a result, your pool looks more modern. Additionally, our swimming pool builder in Gladstone offers various pool maintenance services.

                Because of this, your pool looks lovely and runs safely. In other words, we are happy to handle any project, whatever the size. We have a professional and experienced team. Therefore you can expect affordable and friendly services. Australian Construction provides top standard services. Also, we ensure your pool construction is hassle-free. As a result, you have a lovely pool you can enjoy for years.

                Customised pools

                At Australian Construction, we only utilise the best materials to build all our swimming pools.  We build durable pools, and for years, we have installed various sizes and styles. Therefore, we can undertake any project. Also, we are glad to provide expert help and suggestions to our clients.

                We work with you from the beginning. First, we visit your property to analyse the site. Second, we give you a free quote for the project. The work may involve building a new pool from scratch. Alternatively, the project might include renovating an existing pool. Third, we check your design ideas. Where necessary, we offer recommendations. Because of this, we ensure the ideal outcome.

                Our swimming pool builder in Gladstone has all the solutions you want. Therefore, we provide a well-designed swimming pool. Our competent team specialises in designing and installing tailored pools. Consequently, no matter your requirements, our skilled team ensures they deliver. The swimming pool contractor in Gladstone creates pools of various shapes. 

                For example, we provide hexagonal, rectangular, circular and more. Besides, we line the interiors using quartz or pebblecrete. So we can meet all requirements. When you work with us, you are guaranteed the seamless building of your tailored pool. More importantly, we deliver at affordable costs.

                Pebblecrete pools

                Our pebblecrete pools are a great pool selection for Gladstone clients. These pools are durable and affordable. We line these swimming pools with a bonded blend of cement and fine pebbles. After this, we apply it to the swimming pool interior. Consequently, the pool has a solid and attractive finish.

                Our pebblecrete option is affordable. We install it in new swimming pools. Moreover, we add it to existing pools giving a fashionable renovation. Do you want a pebblecrete pool? In that case, our swimming pool builder in Gladstone offers quality pebblecrete. Furthermore, we have different coloured pebble blends. 

                Because of this, we create the authentic look you desire for your pool. In addition, we give you suggestions on colour choice. After all, your surrounding landscape determines the shade. Other determining factors are the pool surroundings and your residence.

                Pebble interiors last long. Because of this, they are a popular option. Our expert team installs it fast and efficiently. More to this, pebblecrete is affordable. It refreshes old looking pools instantly.

                Furthermore, it makes a new pool more stylish. Call us today, and our expert team will give you a free quote. Also, they will determine how they can use pebblecrete to restore your old pool.


                In regard to maintenance, our swimming pool contractor in Gladstone makes your life easier. Here, we cover all the aspects for your convenience. For this reason we provide free water testing. It ensures you optimise your pool in all seasons. We have various swimming pool products. Our services ensure your pool water remains safe, clear and clean. 

                So call us today and our specialised team will gladly offer all the help they can!

                  Hervey Bay Swimming Pool Builder

                  Efficient And Reliable Swimming Pool Builder In Hervey Bay

                  Hervey Bay Swimming Pool Builder

                    You might wish to enhance your existing pool or build a new one. In that case, Australian Construction can help you create your vision. We have trained specialists and advanced construction materials. Moreover our swimming pool builder in Hervey Bay uses experience and product knowledge.

                    We provide various services. For example, we offer pool construction, pool design and refurbishments. Australian Construction builds outdoor pools, spa pools and indoor pools. In addition, we construct residential inground concrete pools. Moreover, we offer commercial pools, including school pools. 

                    Pool design

                    Our swimming pool contractor in Hervey Bay specialises in concrete pool design. So we build the pool you dream of. Also, we guarantee quality artistry for your custom swimming pool project. Our company has various custom pool design selections. Because of this, we design and build a backyard pool. It includes lap pools, infinity edge and spas.

                    Limitless pool designs

                    Australian Construction decorates and adds attractive value and originality to the surrounding near your pool. Given this, we include:

                    • Filtration
                    • Pebble finishes
                    • Purification systems
                    • Water heating
                    • Landscaping
                    • Water features
                    • Fire features
                    • Pool decking
                    • Outdoor kitchens
                    • Weirs
                    • Underwater lighting

                    We give our clients a top priority. Because of this, we endeavour to implement your designs. Our team pays attention to detail. Moreover, they use structural integrity and craftsmanship. As a result, they offer superior quality industry standards.


                    The Australian Construction polished option offers you a smooth, silky finish. We utilise diamond polishers one day after we plaster. Consequently, it gives it a sleek finish making the plaster bright. This finish is understated. Therefore glass and stone are not very visible.

                    Our polished option will give you a silky, smooth finish. We use diamond polishers the day after we plaster to give it a sleek finish and bring the plaster to life. You will not see as much glass and stone in this more understated finish.


                    Our swimming pool contractor uses high-pressure water blasters then exposes the honed finish the following day. After this, we cut back using diamond polishers. We expose every glass and stone; hence, all the bright coloured pebble and glass remain noticeable. However, it is silky smooth to touch.

                    Pool extras

                    We specialise in inground concrete swimming pools. Our skilled team delivers whatever you visualise. More importantly, we promise you quality in our work. Australian Construction provides filtration and pebble finishes. Also, we offer underwater decking, poolside landscaping and outdoor kitchens.

                    ​Pool renovations

                    Our swimming pool builder in Hervey Bay specialises in pool restoration and renovation. We transform your old pool into a stunning one. Additionally, we give you top quality. Coupled with pool construction, we offer additional accessories. We provide accessories that include heating, lighting, weirs and infinity edge. It makes your pool surroundings look elaborate. 

                    Spa pools

                    We provide spa pools to give you the pool you want. Our swimming pool builder in Hervey Bay custom designs your pool. For this reason, you get an attractive concrete spa pool that suits your lifestyle. Not only do we offer pool building but also more accessories and services. So we decorate your pool environment using outdoor living decorations. In addition, we use pool surround landscaping. We also use shot Crete projects for enhancing your pool area.

                    Fibreglass pools

                    Australian Construction offers fibreglass pools to our clients in Hervey Bay. These swimming pools are famous for their unique quality. Moreover, they are durable because we use the original ceramic core technology. It also has a unique self-cleaning method with all our fibreglass pool designs. You can choose lovely shining bi-laminate colours. Additionally, these pools have hydrostatic protection from harsh weather.


                    Australian Construction has built and serviced pools for years. Due to this, we are familiar with many pool brands. We are proud of our work quality. Our competent team helps you with maintenance services also. We offer you the pool spa or swimming pools combinations to suit all types of backyard pools.

                    We look forward to providing you with the best swimming pool in Hervey Bay!

                      Wagga Wagga Swimming Pool Builder

                      Your Local Swimming Pool Builder In Wagga Wagga

                      Wagga Wagga Swimming Pool Builder

                        At Australian Construction, we are happy to provide stunning pools. We have a team of qualified and skilled workers. As a result, they deliver quality work. Our swimming pool builder in Wagga Wagga appreciates that some projects are disruptive sometimes. Because of this, we ensure the smooth running of your project. Moreover, we provide a lovely swimming pool.

                        We handle all aspects of swimming pool installation. Our team pays attention to detail. Because of this, we give you a product that meets your needs. We help you in choosing the best design from our range. Your project may be small or large. Regardless, we are committed to delivering the best project. Talk to our customer service team today. They will advise you on the best swimming pool installation.

                        Pool gate & fencing services

                        Swimming pool fences provide essential protection and security for children. For this reason, most Wagga Wagga locals install pool fences. We establish a fence around the pool. It stops the children and pets from straying into the pool area unnoticed. It prevents them from drowning in the water also.

                        Australian authorities give pool-fencing recommendations. Every pool on your premises needs a fence that measures at least 4 ft. high. Moreover, the pool gate is functional. It prevents dirt and other debris from entering your pool. For example, the pool gate stops leaves and gravel from accessing your pool. Because of this, you spend less money and time cleaning up. Additionally, it minimises maintenance work.

                        Australian Construction gate or swimming pool fence installation

                        Our swimming pool builder in Wagga Wagga offers different pool fencing solutions. The most popular fencing is the glass balustrade. It entails a transparent glass barrier. This barrier lacks a noticeable supporting structure. Besides, it has an attractive appearance.

                        You can select our semi-frameless fencing. It has small fixtures at the structure’s base, supporting the glass panels. We use hardened glass to manufacture our products. Not only is this glass solid, but it also makes your pool area lovely. Aluminium slats also give your pool fence a beautiful design addition. They feature vertically or horizontally set louvres. These louvres enable light to seep through the gaps. Moreover, they offer the area essential privacy.

                        Pool cleaning services

                        Nothing surpasses swimming in a clean, safe and maintained pool. In view of this, we are committed to offering ideal pool cleaning services. Therefore, we help you in keeping your pool open throughout. Our pool cleaning services include:

                        • Chemical checks
                        • Bag cleaning
                        • Deep cleaning your spa and pool

                        Due to these services, your pool looks terrific. In addition, it gets rid of ugly algae and dangerous bacteria. Additionally, it eliminates debris that can spoil your experience. 

                        The swimming pool contractor in Wagga Wagga endeavours to give you unique services. For this reason, your pool or spa remains open. A pool is a significant investment. Therefore, keep your investment safe and maintain its looks. Call us today for the best pool cleaning service in Wagga Wagga.

                        Pool renovation

                        Does your pool look old fashioned? Or does it need some meticulous care? The swimming pool contractor in Wagga Wagga undertakes pool renovations. Consequently, your area looks new. For years we have carried out numerous successful renovations. 

                        We perform simple renovations like resurfacing the interior. As a result, we provide a new look. Alternatively, we undertake complex full renovations. It entails new finishes or changing the shape. Additionally, we install new equipment. We deliver whatever you need.


                        The swimming pool builder in Wagga Wagga offers products that are 100% Australian-made. Because of this, we guarantee satisfaction. Our pools give you and your family years of enjoyment. Besides, it improves your home value. Our pools keep your kids amused and give you an exercise tool.

                        So talk to us today about exceptional swimming pools in Wagga Wagga!

                          Bundaberg Swimming Pool Builder

                          Ideal Swimming Pool Builder In Bundaberg | Aus Construction

                          Bundaberg Swimming Pool Builder

                            For years Australian Construction has been installing stunning swimming pools. More importantly, our products are affordable. We prioritise customer satisfaction. Our swimming pool builder in Bundaberg provides a wide range of pools.

                            For example, we offer Roman pool and classic rectangular pools. In addition, we provide bright, eye-catching fibreglass figure eight. Our professionals are well equipped and handle different tasks. We deliver complete concrete resurfacing. Besides, we provide fresh fibreglass installation. Our skilled team sources the ideal materials for your swimming pool. Are you unsure of the best pool for your yard? In that case, our pool design experts assist you in getting the perfect fit. 

                            We have many textures and colours. Moreover, we have various combinations and customisations. Because of this, your pool will stand out in the neighbourhood. Additionally, it will be your sanctuary from the daily life stresses for many years.

                            Fibreglass pools

                            Australian Construction fibreglass pools are affordable and versatile. Therefore, these pools are an excellent selection for any home. Do you want a long lap pool or a small courtyard pool? Or do you wish for a practical option for the entire street? Notwithstanding, our swimming pool contractor in Bundaberg has a shell that suits your requirements. In light of this, we offer fast installation and simple maintenance.

                            Benefits of fibreglass

                            We install fibreglass shells remarkably fast. Because of this, they are a fantastic option for people who wish to swim in their new pool immediately. The construction time is shorter. Also, the general cost is much less. As a result, it is a cost-effective solution! You save money on materials and labour. So you can spend the money on landscaping. It gives the area near your new pool a new breathtaking look.

                            Choosing the right pool

                            Australian Construction has various styles and shapes for your selection. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the right pool for you. We offer below ground and above ground options. Also, we provide free forms, rectangular or square. Our swimming pool builder in Bundaberg presents a wide range to pick from. Your decision depends on:

                            • Your taste
                            • Budget
                            • Backyard shape
                            • Architectural style

                            Our professional team guides you on the best option for you.

                            Booking the dig day

                            Before the swimming pool builder in Bundaberg starts installation, they visit your property. We carry out an official site inspection. Our team establishes the precise location for installing your pool. We write the site report depending on the information we get today.


                            Our team first marks the precise area we will install your pool. We then bring the ‘heavy lifting’ machines on site. After this, the installer supervises the excavation procedure. We lay the drainage material on the entire site floor.

                            Shell installation

                            First, we dig the hole. Then, we undertake the installation of your new fibreglass shell on your property. Additionally, we fit pool plumbing. We use a small quantity of water (maximum of 30 cm). Consequently, it prevents the pool from floating in case of rain

                            Electrical and plumbing

                            After installing the shell, we include extra features to make it unique. We start by backfilling the pool. It involves filling in the spaces between the earth and shell. We use a cement mixture and fill the pool with water. At this stage, we also install the sanitiser. In addition, we fix the water pump and filtration systems. If you want, we also fix a gas heating or solar heating system. It enables you to utilise your pool throughout the year, despite the weather.


                            Australian Construction offers superior customer service. Also, we provide a wide variety of beautifully designed pools. We supply various top quality concrete and fibreglass pools. Our range includes designs and sizes that will suit your taste. We handle plans, permits and construction. Moreover, we handle all the steps to change your backyard into a luxurious area.

                            Call us today for the ideal swimming pools in Bundaberg!

                              Coffs Harbour Swimming Pool Builder

                              Professional Swimming Pool Builder In Coffs Harbour

                              Coffs Harbour Swimming Pool Builder

                                At Australian Construction we ensure we carry out the job professionally at all stages. We have vast experience. Therefore, we have honed our skills and become an industry leader. Because of this, our swimming pool builder in Coffs Harbour delivers the ideal pool all the time. Also, we endeavour to attain outcomes that live up to our reputation.

                                We give each project a personal touch. Moreover, our expert team is fast and professional. Because of this, they build a swimming pool that surpasses your expectations. The swimming pool contractor in Coffs Harbour focuses on pool technology research and development. 

                                Consultation, design & construction

                                Australian Construction offers sound and honest suggestions when designing your swimming pool. A swimming pool presents a broad capital investment. It needs meticulous planning and consideration. Given this, our swimming pool builder in Coffs Harbour understands our clients’ wants and needs. Furthermore, we offer honest and valid advice during your pool design. We offer suggestions about choosing equipment and materials as well.

                                We have experienced and qualified in-house designers. Depending on your land block, our designer offers a face-to-face consultation with the client. In this regard, we assist in choosing an appropriate shape, design and finishes. Moreover, we provide the option for water features and lighting. We offer the most suitable method for you.

                                Lap pools

                                We shape our lap pools to fit perfectly on a thin lot. At the same time, it serves as an eye-catching feature in your landscaping. Due to this, it is more than a functional swim area. Mainly a lap pool is long, narrow and rectangular. However, our swimming pool builder in Coffs Harbour fully customises your space. Our options include a step or an integrated spa. Because of this, Australian Construction tailors your lap pool. As a result, it fits easily into your space.

                                Plunge pools

                                Do you have a small backyard? In that case, a plunge pool is an ideal solution. After all, it offers the advantages of a refreshing dip. In addition, it gives your landscaping a stunning focal. The plunge pool is small. Therefore its design is meant for cooling off, wading and relaxation. Because of the small size, maintenance is easy. It is also more affordable.

                                Family pools

                                The family pool is an area where your children create lifelong memories. Our concrete family pool presents endless possibilities. For example, we have swim ledges, shallow wading areas and steps. Likewise, we have deep ends for jumping. More importantly, you have the freedom to tailor the location and shape of your yard. It gives the kids space for running around.

                                Infinity pools

                                The Australian Construction infinity pool merges into its surroundings. Its design creates the picture of water flowing over one edge or more of the pool. Our swimming pool contractor mainly builds the infinity pool on a sloping block. As a result, it offers a stunning feature. Also, it enables the pool to optimise the surroundings and easily blends into the environment.

                                Spas & water features

                                We have various concrete pools and endless customisable options. Because of this, we enhance your pool. Do you want a spa area for grownups to relax in? Or do you wish to have deck jets, a water wall or a fountain feature? Maybe you want a sun pad for lounging in. Notwithstanding, the swimming pool builder in Coffs Harbour can deliver.


                                Australian Construction is dedicated to offering a superior service. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. For this reason, we take a keen interest in the result of each pool build. Moreover, we guide you through the whole procedure from beginning to end. Our team pays attention to detail and is passionate about pool building. As a result, we give you a quality finish. Because of our determination and experience, we stand out in the industry.

                                Please book an appointment with us today to discuss all your swimming pool needs!

                                  Bunbury Swimming Pool Builder

                                  Highly Experienced Swimming Pool Builder In Bunbury

                                  Bunbury Swimming Pool Builder

                                    At Australian Construction, we use advanced manufacturing methods to build fibreglass swimming pools. Also, we use specialised high-function materials. Our swimming pool builder in Bunbury develops a durable six-layer system. Furthermore, we use unique groundbreaking techniques. Because of this, the pool’s surface has protection from within. 

                                    The reason is we provide a barrier. This barrier protects against the harmful impacts of ultraviolet light. It also guards against pool chemicals. As a result, thermal insulation and resistance improve. Therefore, it offers optimal rigidity and strength. As a result, we provide a strong pool with vibrant, durable colours.

                                    Lap swimming pools

                                    Do you have limited or narrow land? In that case, a lap pool presents an attractive choice. Lap pools give your backyard a modern styling. More importantly, they offer families an area to remain healthy. Furthermore, they work as a great focal point for your garden. Residential lots have become increasingly smaller. Because of this, lap pools have become famous. 

                                    Building, heating and maintaining a lap pool is similar to other pools. However, you can use this type similar to a swim-in-place swimming pool. For this reason, our swimming pool contractor in Bunbury equips it with a machine that forms a powerful artificial current. As a result, a swimmer swims against a nonstop flow of water. Moreover, the swimmer does not need to move forward or turn at the pool ends. Because of this, it gives you a lovely fitness choice for your backyard.

                                    Why choose Australian Construction?

                                    For years our swimming pool contractor in Bunbury has become perfect for creating lap pools. You may have a big or small space. Notwithstanding, we can form an attractive lap pool. This lap pool is also fully operational. Also, we keep most of your open area free for gardening

                                    You can also engage in other recreational activities using the remaining area. We have fully customisable lap pools. Due to this, we can include ledges and steps. Besides, we integrate hot water spas and shallow play areas into our lap pool designs. Call us to talk about your space and needs.

                                    Therapy pools featuring jets

                                    These are smaller concrete pools featuring swim jets and electric heating. The pools facilitate swimming throughout the year in a smaller area. The swimming pool builder in Bunbury constructs strong bubble-free jets in the end wall. It offers limitless swimming opportunities. In addition, there are several speeds with remote controls.

                                    Infinity pool

                                    An infinity pool is the most striking pool available. Our infinity-edge pool describes a swimming or reflecting pool.  It offers a graphical effect of water flowing to ‘infinity.’ Therefore, there are no boundaries to the mass of water. 

                                    Infinity pools are famous for holiday resort pools. They have a natural background. They also offer the picture of an enormous mass of water like a lake or ocean. Bunbury has lovely scenery. So move that resort living to your property! For striking designs, call our swimming pool builder in Bunbury for a quote.

                                    Our team is experienced and knowledgeable. So we can turn your infinity pool dream into reality. We have the technical know-how. For this reason, we stand out from the competition. It especially applies to engineering challenges an infinity pool provides. We appreciate that sound structural building is essential. It creates the required ‘no boundaries’ result.


                                    Australian Construction offers various types of fibreglass swimming pools. For example, we have plunge style pools best for courtyards. They are also great for smaller outdoor areas. In addition, we provide lap pools and more prominent family-sized pools. For the ideal fibreglass swimming pools, talk to us. More importantly, our prices are affordable, so check our various models’ ads and request a quote. 

                                    We guarantee you will find a pool that suits your needs, so talk to us now!

                                      Rockhampton Swimming Pool Builder

                                      Superb Swimming Pool Builder In Rockhampton

                                      Rockhampton Swimming Pool Builder

                                        Australian Construction has designed, built and installed quality pools. Moreover, our pools are awe-inspiring. We have restored old pools to spectacular new ones in hotels. Because of this, the hotels generate more profits. More importantly, our swimming pool builder in Rockhampton provides highly customisable pools.

                                        Also, our pools are available in many sizes, shapes and configurations. Because of this, they accommodate quick-bolted or all-welded pool buildings. Additionally, we build pools on budget and on time. Also, our expert team builds these pools correctly the first time.

                                        Our quality services

                                        Your swimming pool equipment is vital. It ensures your swimming pool functions properly. Australian Construction’s qualified service technicians replace and repair all types of equipment. For example, we repair and replace:

                                        • Filters
                                        • Cleaners
                                        • Motors
                                        • Pumps
                                        • Computerised systems
                                        • Salt systems
                                        • Automatic pool sweeps
                                        • Chlorinators
                                        • Heaters
                                        • Automatic pool sweeps and more

                                        Major manufacturers have certified our technicians.

                                        Enhancing swimming pools

                                        Do you have space constraints? Or does your design require us to install the pool on a roof or above ground? Under these circumstances, the solution is our stainless steel elevated pool. The swimming pool contractor in Rockhampton offers rooftop and elevated rooftop pools. 

                                        These pools have modular, quick ‘all-climate- build. Because of this, it moves with the buttress and building systems propping the pool decking. The Australian Construction elevated pool offers major savings. In addition, it reduces construction time. Your construction timeframe might be tight. 

                                        Therefore we ship your elevated swimming pool in a single piece. Alternatively, we ship it in multiple sections or build it on-site. When we move the pool to the roof, it gives you a feeling of openness. At the same time, it does not use up valuable space on the ground.

                                        Do you require a spa or pool on various floors of a condominium or high-rise? We design pools to fit any area available. You may wish to include a multi-purpose leisure pool for visitors. For this reason, the swimming pool builder in Rockhampton designs pools using various seating and depth changes. Additionally, we use stairs and spas within the pool. Because of this, it forms a unique atmosphere.

                                        Aquatic recreation pools

                                        Australian Construction builds and installs full stainless pool systems. These pools are suitable for challenging aquatic recreation surroundings like wet playgrounds and a wave pool. Besides, it is suitable for water park attractions.

                                        Our swimming pool builder has undertaken numerous pool projects. Moreover, we have provided pools for municipal, community and public aquatic facilities. It is challenging to build activity pools featuring waterfalls, slides and splash areas. 

                                        For this reason, we provide special design solutions for wave pools with stormy weather conditions. We specially design spray grounds and wet playgrounds with fountains. Also, we use geysers and fountains. Therefore, they offer safe and interactive play.

                                        Specialty pools

                                        We use more creativity, flexibility or structural knowledge when designing a special pool. For this reason, we offer full design services for today’s unique facilities. Furthermore, we provide complete pool systems for complex aquatic surroundings—for instance, environments like water playgrounds and health facilities. In addition, we provide these pools for areas like therapy pools and whirlpools.


                                        Our swimming pool contractor in Rockhampton ensures that all our water features and pools comply with local regulations. Besides, our products comply with federal and state regulations. Our professional team is available from the start of the project to the end. 

                                        We use professionalism and quality materials for our work. Also, we have excellent management skills and engineering knowledge. As a result, we offer quality craftsmanship. Throughout the project, we use superior artistry.

                                        Call us for an exceptional swimming pool building today!

                                          Mackay Swimming Pool Builder

                                          High-Quality Swimming Pool Builder In Mackay

                                          Mackay Swimming Pool Builder

                                            At Australian Construction, we are proud to be a leader in the sector. We are enthusiastic and aim to provide outstanding results. Furthermore, our swimming pool builder in Mackay works with industry leaders. We are successful in offering cutting edge designs. We have disciplined and comprehensive designs. Because of this, our team members attain the highest standards.

                                            We use only the best equipment and products. The swimming pool contractor in Mackay works with industry-leading distributors and suppliers. As a result, we ensure we offer high-quality products. Additionally, we use the newest technology. 

                                            More importantly, our support and warranties are unrivalled. In addition, we greatly treasure our continuing relationship with experts in the sector. It includes architects, designers and builders. Due to this, we offer our clients exciting results.

                                            Courtyard pools

                                            Our courtyard swimming pools give your small space a ‘WOW’ effect. This pool is unique and more affordable to heat. Besides, it is more economical to maintain and clean than its bigger counterparts. So, if your space is small, we can meet this challenge!

                                            Outdoor living is an important factor of the Australian lifestyle. However, homes are becoming bigger. Meanwhile, the blocks are smaller. For this reason, it is almost impossible to find a backyard area for a pool. Fortunately, our swimming pool builder in Mackay has the solution. Given this, we offer stunning courtyard pools.

                                            Benefits of courtyard pools

                                            These pools are the best solution for small properties. We install jets and hating. Therefore, they work as a spa. The swimming pool contractor in Mackay installs swim jets. Because of this, you can use the pool for exercising. In addition, the swim jets offer resistance. We provide additions like feature tiling and water features. Comparatively, its depth is not as shallow as for standard pools. Because of this, it is wonderful for kids.

                                            Indoor pools

                                            Do you like swimming at any time? In that case, Indoor pools are an ideal solution. These pools give you a private oasis. So you do not need to clean out unwelcome debris. Also, it protects you from the hot summer sun. Therefore, for the ultimate solution, our indoor swimming pool is ideal. 

                                            You can enjoy excellent protection from the weather. For instance, you are safe from heavy rain and the scorching sun. Moreover, you are free to swim any time you wish, night or day.

                                            Benefits of indoor pools

                                            • These pools offer an elegant addition to properties. We handle all sizes and shapes of properties.
                                            • The pools need minimal maintenance. Therefore you have more time for swimming.
                                            • It is ideal for working out or simply maintaining coolness.
                                            • The use of chemicals is reduced (no contact with the elements).
                                            • Indoor spas are famous.

                                            Are you constructing your dream home? Or are you extending your current one? Our indoor pool builders create a smooth integration with your entire property. Ventilation and heating are paramount to your pool’s success. So our team plans and installs these systems for you carefully.

                                            Infinity pools

                                            Our infinity swimming pools offer optimal luxury and style. They are attractive and add value to your property. These pools provide the visual effect of water flowing to infinity. If you want luxury swimming, we highly recommend our infinity pools. They feature one exposed wall or more. These walls are a bit shorter compared to the water level. Consequently, the water constantly flows inside a catch basin below. The water then cycles back inside the main pool shell. It needs professional expertise. Therefore our swimming pool builder in Mackay is your best option.


                                            Australian Construction has provided outstanding results. We have completed numerous complex and diverse pool projects. We understand that every project is exceptionally different. Moreover, we are dedicated to offering top quality. We offer customised solutions, whatever the requirements. We are proud of our products, and we guarantee you will be as well!

                                            So call us today for the best swimming pool products in Mackay.

                                              Launceston Swimming Pool Builder

                                              Unique Swimming Pool Builder In Launceston

                                              Launceston Swimming Pool Builder

                                                At Australian Construction, we have a skilled team of swimming pool builders. We provide custom designs. Furthermore, we build and landscape premium spas and pools of all sizes and shapes. Our swimming pool builder in Launceston offers exceptional custom concrete pools. As a result, they complement the style of your commercial or living area.

                                                Our expert team balances function and aesthetics. Because of this, your new addition has a lovely look. Therefore you can enjoy it throughout the year. The swimming pool contractor in Launceston custom designs your pools from scratch. During this procedure, we talk to you. We find out the ideal size, shape and position. Because of this, we ensure the finished product meets all your needs.

                                                In-ground pools

                                                The Australian Construction team is creative. Due to this, we provide trendy swimming pool designs. Moreover, we offer functionality and appeal. We build inground pools using various shapes. Because of this, your pool matches perfectly with the available area. Concrete inground pools have no size or shape restriction, unlike fibreglass pools. 

                                                For this reason, concrete inground pools are popular. The swimming pool builder in Launceston builds swimming pools indoors or outdoors. Additionally, we construct swimming pools on sloping blocks or tight spaces.

                                                Benefits of inground pools

                                                • We have complete control over the swimming pool’s design.
                                                • Whatever shape, size or depth you require is possible.
                                                • Its fully submerged shell enables optimal durability.
                                                • Comparatively, it has more features than out of ground pools.
                                                • The swimming pool contractor in Launceston is experienced in constructing inground swimming pools. Because of this, we fully customise your design. Moreover, we pick the depth you want and pick a shape. For example, we use the round, free form or rectangular shapes. We then establish the best width and length. Besides, we include several additional features. It includes seating, steps, swim-outs and concrete spas. We build whatever you imagine!

                                                Free natural pools

                                                Your home’s value increases with the addition of a superior built concrete, natural pool. The swimming pool builder in Launceston uses superior material. As a result, your new pool is durable. Do you want something with curves? Or do you need a swimming pool that can fit in an unusual space? Under these circumstances, the answer is a free form pool.

                                                There is no limitation where free form natural swimming pools are concerned. We custom-build them to blend with the natural environment. More importantly, we design them in any form you want. The swimming pool contractor in Launceston adds water features and rocks to your pool. Additionally, we add soft plantings. As a result, your area has a natural touch and a unique pool.

                                                Benefits of free natural pools

                                                • Free natural pools give your property a more natural atmosphere.
                                                • A big free natural pool is better (maximum of 15m and 8m wide).
                                                • Additions include waterfalls, overhanging decks, rockeries and more.
                                                • Beach areas and swim outs are prominent design features.
                                                • It is best if you have a lot of space available.

                                                Natural finishes look wonderful with free natural pools. The swimming pool builder in Launceston uses natural coloured renders and pebbles for the natural stone and shell. For example, we use limestone or slate for the coping.  Timber decking and stone pavers give the surroundings a natural feel as well.


                                                It is essential to have the right pool design from the beginning. It ensures the outcome is what you envisioned. Are you renovating an existing pool? Or are you including one in your existing property? Perhaps you are building a new home. 

                                                Notwithstanding, we ensure that the design matches your lifestyle and property with ease. We have vast experience in pool designs. Because of this, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge. Therefore you have the guarantee that we deliver the best results in the space available.

                                                Talk to us today, and we will be happy to give you the ideal swimming pool in Launceston!

                                                  Bendigo Swimming Pool Builder

                                                  Ideal Swimming Pool Builder In Bendigo | Aus Construction

                                                  Bendigo Swimming Pool Builder

                                                    Australian Construction specialises in pool construction. Besides, we are specialists in fibreglass pool installation. Additionally, we undertake fibreglass pool installation. Our swimming pool builder in Bendigo has years of experience in pool installation. Therefore, you have peace of mind knowing you are in capable hands.

                                                    Our competent team is passionate about building spas, pools and water features. They visit your property and examine the surroundings to determine the best pool for you. Also, we explore all aspects of the design and construction procedure. Because of this, we deliver quality projects that make us proud.

                                                    Pool cleaning services

                                                    Your swimming pool should not only be clean but safe. It enables you to make maximum use of it. Australian Construction provides a complete cleaning option for your swimming pool interior. Sometimes a complete renovation is not necessary for your pool. 

                                                    In such a case, our swimming pool contractor in Bendigo offers a professional pool cleaning. Because of this, your pool becomes durable, saving you money. We provide ideal pool cleaning services. As a result, if you want to sell your home, you get optimal value for the property. 

                                                    Professional pool cleaning

                                                    Our expert team takes the following steps for a comprehensive pool clean:

                                                    1. They remove any sticks, leaves and other debris from the bottom of your pool and water.
                                                    2. Our expert team then drains the old water.
                                                    3. They remove the built-up algae and slime.
                                                    4. After this, they carry out an acid wash.
                                                    5. Finally, they undertake a high pressure clean.
                                                    6. We remove everything to ensure your pool looks lovelier than before.

                                                    Pool tiling and repair

                                                    We are the top swimming pool repair and tilers service in Bendigo. We install your tiles properly, making your pool safe. Moreover, it looks beautiful. Your pool might be old and has broken or chipped tiles. In this case, we carry out repairs. Furthermore, our team fixes them and gives your pool new life. Australian Construction provides top-quality artistry. In addition, we offer excellent customer service.

                                                    We appreciate that pool tiling is challenging for most people. Because of this, our expert tilers handle all the work on your behalf. More importantly, our prices are affordable. We only utilise superior quality adhesives and materials. Ultimately you get the outcome you desire and deserve.

                                                    Establishing the reason for the damage

                                                    We first determine why the damage occurred in the first place. Before repairing, replacing or reattaching tiles for our spa or pool, we determine the cause of the issue. We first fix any underlying problem. Tiles fall off due to their age. Also, they fall off because the original adhesive has become weak. However, it might be due to:

                                                    • Ground movement
                                                    • Drainage issues
                                                    • Soil conditions
                                                    • Breaks behind the tile
                                                    • Leaks behind the tile

                                                    Pool Coping services

                                                    Pool coping describes the edging that lines your pool rim. It is also referred to as pool edge pavers. Our swimming pool builder in Bendigo uses various materials for this edging. For example, we use concrete pavers, bricks or natural stone. Additionally, we have multiple textures and colours you can pick from. We also have many designs. Therefore, you are assured of getting pool coping that suits your pool and its surroundings. We work with you to ensure that your pool coping material and design suits not only your outdoor area’s look but also your whole property.


                                                    At Australian Construction, we have highly trained and expert team members. As a result, the swimming pool builder in Bendigo offers quick and quality services. Furthermore, we apply this expertise all through the building and construction procedure. A consultant is available to answer all your questions. We work hard to revive your old pool. So you can have fun in your pool for years!

                                                    We look forward to hearing from you about your swimming pool construction in Bendigo!

                                                      Ballarat Swimming Pool Builder

                                                      Highly Recommended Swimming Pool Builder In Ballarat

                                                      Ballarat Swimming Pool Builder

                                                        Australian Construction is a top swimming pool constructor. Additionally, we specialise in swimming pool renovation. Besides, our swimming pool builder in Ballarat is experienced in resurfacing existing pool constructions using fibreglass. In other words, we turn your old pool into a new fibreglass pool.

                                                        We are experts in various services. Given this, we use a comprehensive method. Moreover, our swimming pool contractor in Ballarat has delivered to our client’s requirements and satisfaction. More importantly, we source the ideal material.  Because of this, we offer a top-quality finish.

                                                        Superior services            

                                                        At Australian Construction, we create concrete swimming pools.  Our expert team focuses on creating elegance and functionality. As a result, they ensure the swimming pool matches the property.  We use methods that optimise the space for your latest swimming pool. Do you have limited space? In that case, we can look for ways of maximising the area for your new swimming pool. Therefore we give you the best swimming pool. 

                                                        The swimming pool contractor in Ballarat also works with architects sometimes. We aim to synchronise the pool and property to give you a superior swimming pool. As a result, you can enjoy it for years. Australian Construction not only builds lovely swimming pools but also match your lifestyle.  Furthermore, a factory swimming pool cannot replicate our custom design.

                                                        The swimming pool builder in Ballarat provides pools that blend your Ballarat routine with the surroundings. We focus on service and quality. Because of this, we ensure you enjoy your latest pool and get a rewarding experience. Our range of famous pool designs includes:

                                                        • Contemporary pools
                                                        • Lap pools
                                                        • Water features
                                                        • Freeform pools
                                                        • Formal pools
                                                        • Full tiled Noosa pools
                                                        • Rock pools
                                                        • Wet edge or vanishing edge pools

                                                        More importantly, we custom design each of our swimming pools to match your property and your particular needs.

                                                        Fibreglass swimming pools

                                                        Today many of the in-ground pools we install in Australia are fibreglass pools. Our skilled team carries out most of the building work offsite at the factory. Due to this, fibreglass pools are quick to install. Mainly a simple installation of our fibreglass pools takes one week or two to complete. 

                                                        Minimal maintenance is required. Also, fibreglass pools look lovely. They feature bright and speckled finishes that glitter in the sunshine. We have ready-made designs you can choose from. In consequence, it decreases construction time. It also lowers costs. However, at times you may wish to have a tailored solution.

                                                        Concrete swimming pools

                                                        Our swimming pool builder in Ballarat constructs concrete pools according to the design you want. We build your concrete pool from scratch at your premises. Because of this, our builder adjusts your design specifically to suit your property. Generally, concrete pools cost more. In addition, building them takes longer, 2 to 5 months.

                                                        Pool landscaping 

                                                        Transform your outdoor area completely with our competent landscaping team. We design and manufacture decks and pavers, pool fencing, and steps. Besides, we provide fantastic water features, garden areas and retaining walls. Call us today for more landscaping Swimming information.

                                                        Pool restoration

                                                        We are specialists in implementing our fibreglass system to work on:

                                                        • Concrete
                                                        • Tiled
                                                        • Marble
                                                        • Pebble Crete
                                                        • Quartz
                                                        • Marble 
                                                        • Fibreglass
                                                        • Customisation

                                                        We are able to customise your pool in a variety of ways, including:

                                                        • ​Building new ledges, seats and steps.
                                                        • Extending existing seats, ledges and steps
                                                        • Installing new return valves
                                                        • Removing existing pool gutters (unused)


                                                        Australian Construction has years of experience constructing inground fibreglass swimming pools. Because of this, we give you a simple process as our experts handle it from beginning to end. We have invested years in research. In light of this, we develop our products to provide various designer pools suitable for each backyard.

                                                        We have various fibreglass swimming pools to pick from. Whether your space is large or small, we offer compact designs. For example, we have family size pools and plunge pools.

                                                        Please book a consultation with us today for an ideal swimming pool experience!

                                                          Toowoomba Swimming Pool Builder

                                                          Outstanding Swimming Pool Builder In Toowoomba

                                                          Toowoomba Swimming Pool Builder

                                                            At Australian Construction, we appreciate that a swimming pool is a significant investment for your family. Moreover, it should match your lifestyle and change with you through all aspects of your family life. Everyone has different preferences. Because of this, our swimming pool builder in Toowoomba builds inground pools to meet your family’s requirements.

                                                            We have vast experience in pool building. Given this, we consult with you. Additionally, we direct you throughout your pool’s design and construction stage. Our expert team learns about your lifestyle and work. Besides, they ask about your family and then work accordingly. More importantly, they consider your available space and give you the ideal pool.

                                                            Pool landscaping            

                                                            Australian Construction adds finishing touches to your latest pool. Our swimming pool contractor in Toowoomba provides hardscaping and landscaping. Because of this, your new swimming pool matches your surrounding. Additionally, we are glad to offer swimming pool landscaping together with the pool construction.

                                                            Apart from this, our professional team also helps if you do not have design ideas. After all, we have various pool landscaping concepts for Toowoomba properties. For this reason, we are glad to show you some illustrations of our past projects.

                                                            We meet with you and discuss possible pools for your premises. So, you can inform us if you also want to landscape. As a result, it enables us to draw the pool landscaping design as well. Therefore, it helps us to combine the pool construction and landscaping from the start. 

                                                            Pool decking

                                                            Pool decking gives the area a more natural look. Additionally, it provides enough space for entertaining; because of this, most homeowners like pool decking. Your property might have timber features elsewhere. In that case, our swimming pool builder in Toowoomba uses similar species in your decking. As a result, it ensures durability.

                                                            In addition to building the deck, our expert team handles any treatment and training. Because of this, it endures contact with such a wet surrounding. We are specialists in setting up pool decking for the Toowoomba weather. Therefore, you have peace of mind that it will last.

                                                            Pool paving

                                                            Do you want a different look? In that case, our swimming pool builder in Toowoomba offers pool paving. Most homeowners adore the pavers’ elegant and natural look. Moreover, pavers resist harsh and wet chlorine. Similarly, pavers withstand the salt surrounding your swimming pool. We work with various types of pavers. It includes granite, limestone, bluestone and sandstone.  For this reason, we attain the precise feel and look you want.

                                                            Water features

                                                            Australian Construction also sets up excellent pool water features. It could be a rushing fountain or a gentle waterfall; we have endless options. Let us know if you want a particular kind of feature, and we will deliver. Do you want to include a water feature in your swimming pool? Under these circumstances, inform us from the start. It enables us to integrate it into the first designs. 

                                                            Lap pools

                                                            Do you love swimming for exercise? Or do you have a small backyard? If so, then a lap pool is the ideal selection for you. For small properties, these pools are the best. After all, they fit into literally any area. Their design is not only attractive but also attractive. These pools have a long and narrow design. Because of this, it is best for any person who wants a unique exercise method from home.


                                                            Whatever your budget or project size, Australian Construction applies the same principle. In other words, we treat each pool with forethought and care. Additionally, we provide the best superior materials, artistry and components. Additionally, we offer after-sales services to all our pools.

                                                            Please work with us today and enjoy our exceptional pool services in Toowoomba!

                                                              Cairns Swimming Pool Builder

                                                              Brilliant Swimming Pool Builder In Cairns | Aus Construction

                                                              Cairns Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                If you want to construct a swimming pool, Australian Construction can help. We offer top quality and personalised services. Our swimming pool builder in Cairns gives you attention. Because of this, we deliver tailored services depending on your needs.

                                                                We offer services to people all over Cairns. Therefore, they enjoy relaxing at a backyard pool. Moreover, our pools are lovely and safe. Because of this, our swimming pool contractor in Cairns has built a one-stop-shop method for swimming pools. Given this, we help you by offering your dream pool and installing it. Besides, we provide fencing and landscaping also. 

                                                                Unique services

                                                                Australian Construction is a friendly and professional firm. We give you all you require for building your backyard pool. Moreover, we provide pools in different shapes and sizes. Because of this, we can accommodate almost any space needs and budget. Our swimming pool contractor in Cairns aims to help you afford the pool design you want.

                                                                Therefore we work with you to establish the combination of the features that suits your needs and budget. Additionally, our expert team creates landscaping near your new pool. As a result, we set any mood you want. Do you want a soothing and relaxing area? Or do you wish for something basic and straightforward where kids can play? 

                                                                Regardless, we can meet your needs. In addition, we offer a fashionable but practical safety fence near the whole area. For this reason, you get the security you require for keeping the small ones safe near the pool.

                                                                Pool decking & fencing

                                                                Australian Construction offers pool decking and fencing. More importantly, we complete your work with convenience and safety in mind. We offer pool decking that complements your inground pool perfectly. 

                                                                Despite the size or design, we can deliver. Our pool fencing services help in maintaining safety for your family near the water. If you require a pool with matching accessories, call us. We will be glad to talk to you to give you a consultation. Also, we work with you, ensuring you get all you want during the entire procedure.

                                                                Pool decking

                                                                Pool decking describes your pool surrounding. In other words, it is the place you dine, sit or relax. In addition, you hang out with your family and friends here. We offer large and small decks. It depends on your pool size, space and personal preference. For this purpose, we offer various pool decking designs. Consequently, you can get something that matches your swimming pool perfectly.

                                                                The swimming pool builder in Cairns has different potential materials. So you have options for decking. We mainly use decking because it is very versatile. Moreover, it is a durable and affordable option compared to others. You might not wish to use concrete. In that case, we have wood decks. 

                                                                Moreover, we have pavers created from brick, tile and stone. We fully customise all of them to match your exact needs. If you do not know what you want for your pool deck, we can give you an excellent appearance for your yard. So contact us for more information.

                                                                Benefits of a private swimming pool

                                                                A pool in your backyard has various benefits absent in a community pool. First, having an inground pool has multiple long-term economic benefits. In other words, you can increase your property’s value. In addition, there are many health and social benefits. Second, swimming is a wonderful way of exercising. Third, pools also present an excellent way of socialising and amusement.


                                                                Australian Construction provides technical expertise and specialised knowledge. Furthermore, we have years of vital experience in designing, engineering and building aquatic facilities. We tailor all our systems and equipment. Because of this, we offer the necessary components for projects of all sizes and shapes.

                                                                We look forward to giving you the ideal swimming pool in Cairns!

                                                                  Townsville Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                  Specialist Swimming Pool Builder In Townsville | Aus Construction

                                                                  Townsville Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                    Australian Construction is a swimming pool builder in Townsville. We build in-ground concrete swimming pools, lap pools, plunge pools and spa pools. Our swimming pool builder in Townsville aims to provide pool designs for exterior kitchens, outdoor rooms and landscaping that blends with any new building to the existing surrounding in Townsville. 

                                                                    Our prices are competitive, and our designs range from unusual concrete above ground to in-ground pools. Besides being a swimming pool builder, we provide an exceptional in-house design from the first ideas to approvals and engineered plans.

                                                                    Our Services

                                                                    At Australian Construction, we build commercial and concrete swimming pools of all sizes and depth, adventure pools and splash pools with water slides and water features. We install pumps and filtration at existing or new facilities with automatic chemical control equipment, maintaining the pool water’s stability. 

                                                                    Our team provides heating according to your specifications in terms of solar or electric, gas or combinations of each. The swimming builder in Townsville resurfaces your existing pool, for instance, tiling, painting and several other finishes. Our team also refurbishes and renovates your existing aquatic facility.  

                                                                    We provide complete operational training and comprehensive operations manuals, and our total full design and build services have access to hydraulic designers, architects, mechanical and electrical engineers. Our team of experts provides expertise and advice in designing or maintaining your existing aquatic facilities.

                                                                    Elevated Pools

                                                                    When space restrictions or design specifics need the pool to be on a roof or above ground, an Australian Construction raised pool is the solution. A swimming pool builder in Townsville provides elevated rooftop pools featuring modular, quick, ‘all-weather construction’ that works with the buttress and building systems, which sustain the pool decking. 

                                                                    Our elevated pool gives you significant savings and decreased construction time. If you have a tight construction tight frame, our skilled team ships your elevated pool in a single piece, numerous segments or build it on-site. An Australian Construction pool offers a beautiful solution for areas with high water content or poor soil conditions. Do you wish to have a spa or pool on several floors of a condominium or high-rise? 

                                                                    We can design our pools to fit any available space. If you want to include a guest multi-recreational pool, our experts can quickly create a pool, forming a unique ambience with various depth changes, stairs, seating, spas and stairs within the pool and a lot more.

                                                                    Perimeter Gutter Systems

                                                                    Our perimeter pool gutter recirculation mechanisms are self-contained, pre-engineered overflow gutters we construct from stainless steel. We manufacture them to be smooth and level around the swimming pool perimeter. The swimming pool builder in Townsville has top-notch art designs that blend with plumbing and gutter options essential for a well-circulated and clean pool.

                                                                    This pool features pressurised filtered water inlets and return, and a built-in trough and no extra plumbing or piping are necessary for water circulation.  Durable stainless steel makes conventional pool gutters different, and regular concrete or tile maintenance is unnecessary.

                                                                    Pool Gutter Systems (Stainless Steel)

                                                                    Whether you require swimming pool gutters for competition, instruction or recreation, an Australian Construction stainless steel pool gutter mechanisms reduces repair expenses by avoiding leaking because of buried or broken pipes, settling and ground movement. 

                                                                    We provide Basic OpenTM, V-Series, MultiFloTM, Two-TierTM, and PosiFloTM, perimeter mechanisms in three profile configurations. Our professional team does not use guesswork when constructing pools and provide a gutter that will cater to your facility’s needs for many years.  Whether you need swimming pool gutters for instruction, recreation, a particular environment or competition, we provide fabrication and design.

                                                                    Customised Fitness & Therapy Pools

                                                                    A swimming pool builder in Townsville constructs pools from a strong, long-lasting stainless steel. Our pools are attractive, durable, hygienic and low-maintenance. The exceptional construction system we present makes our fitness and therapy pools perfect for many facilities that need more flexibility and creativity.

                                                                    Stainless steel spas and whirlpools

                                                                    Our swimming pool builder in Townsville uses stainless steel spas and whirlpools, providing the soothing impacts of moving water for any therapy or fitness pool facility. We have a wide variety of shapes, depths and sizes in standard and custom configurations. Our stainless steel spas and whirlpools include total filtration and mechanical mechanisms and access equipment for counter-swim, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy purposes.


                                                                    Resistance swimming offers a type of swimming workout used mainly for therapeutic and athletic purposes. We provide a counter-swim pool constructed using self-contained resistance equipment, allowing you to swim in place.

                                                                    Safety and accessory equipment

                                                                    Our professional team can incorporate access ramps, parallel bars, resistance jet units, padded floor surfaces and even underwater treadmills into your hydrotherapy or fitness pool. We have other options like temperature modulation, submerged walking tracks, terraced depths and underwater windows.

                                                                    Aquatic recreation pools

                                                                    The skilled Australian Construction team designs, constructs and installs stainless steel poll mechanisms for complex aquatic recreation surroundings like wet playgrounds, water park attractions and wave pools. We have handled many pool projects for the community, municipal and public aquatic facilities. We ensure that all water and pools features comply with all federal, state and local rules, and we complete on budget and on time. 

                                                                    It is challenging to build water play features like waterfalls, splashy areas and slides. Wave pools with stormy water conditions need special design solutions. We specially design spray grounds and wet playgrounds with geysers, fountains and different water features for safe, interactive play.

                                                                    Unique solutions

                                                                    Australian Construction can help with the bidding and planning procedure, and our team works with you from the start to installation. We provide comprehensive consulting services and technical help for operators, managers and facility owners. Our years of extensive equipment has set up unique solutions for a wide variety of water features and swimming pools for public pools, swim clubs and recreational facilities. 


                                                                    We have significant experience in designing and constructing swimming pools in Townsville. Due to this, our team can create outstanding designs that include storage and seating options. It would be our pleasure to discuss the available options to help you complete your dream space.

                                                                    Australian Construction is a specialist swimming pool builder, and we customise your pools to the budget.

                                                                      Gold Coast Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                      Your Go-To Gold Coast Swimming Pool Builder From Aus Construction

                                                                      Gold Coast Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                        At Australian Construction, we provide services for you on the Gold Coast, and the result is extremely important for us. We have vast experience in building swimming pools on the Gold Coast. Our swimming pool builder on the Gold Coast knows that a swimming pool is a significant investment for family life. 

                                                                        People have different requirements; for instance, what is suitable for children may not be the best when they become teenagers. The Australian Construction designers construct in-ground pools suitable for your family’s requirements. 

                                                                        We discuss with you and guide you through all your pool’s design and construction stages. We ask you about your lifestyle, family, and work with your residence design, the space available and customise your pool.

                                                                        Concrete Pool

                                                                        Most pool firms like Australian Construction sell shelf fibreglass pools, enabling you to select from various products. The swimming pool contractor works with your available area to give you the ideal pool for your budget and lifestyle. So why opt for a concrete pool?  Are they better than shelf fibreglass pools?

                                                                        Concrete pools are best for various ground conditions and sloping blocks. If you reside near a canal or a slope, our team can engineer and design concrete pools specifically for your home.  We build concrete pools where fibreglass shells should be craned in. Most of the Gold Coast pools and its surroundings are concrete due to the particular ground conditions.

                                                                        Our 10-step pool building procedure

                                                                        Working with Australian Construction means you work closely with our team. They are responsible for designing and building your pool. Our team is on-site and accessible to you at all stages. To ensure you understand your pool’s building process, we have formulated a detailed plan to ensure we have answered any queries you have.

                                                                        1.  Design

                                                                        • Our Australian Construction team visits your home and provides you with a no-obligation quote. After this, we give you an in-depth explanation of all the products and options available to ensure your satisfaction with the end product.
                                                                        • We then create a customised quote to meet your budget and requirements.

                                                                        2.  Approvals

                                                                        • We obtain OBCC insurance, approvals and plans, and we lock in your construction’s start date. 

                                                                        3.   Construct

                                                                        • We schedule excavation works and begin your pool’s construction process.
                                                                        • The steel and box formwork procedure mainly takes a few days as your complete steel covered swimming pool takes form.
                                                                        • The swimming pool builder we have in Gold Coast then uses the concrete spray and a concrete shell is available in your backyard.
                                                                        • We then run plumbing pipes and install your new superior filtration system in your backyard.
                                                                        • Within 2-3 weeks after installing your pool shell, our team completes your tiling, getting ready to begin your surrounding projects—it includes concrete, timber decks and fencing installation.

                                                                        Now that the fence is certified, the Australian Construction skilled team installs your pool’s interior, fills and commissions your pool. We give you a handover lesson on your new pool’s functioning.

                                                                        Freeform Pools from best pools

                                                                        A freeform pool is wonderful if you want to make your garden more interesting with a pool. Australian Construction designs these pools to give you improved flow and comfortable everyday use. Freeform pools are similar to natural ponds and lakes, giving you lovely scenery, and they are fun to use.

                                                                        They are wonderful for homes with unique backyard spaces and a more natural flow if this is your pool preference. At Australian Construction, we provide a variety of pool designs suitable for your lifestyle and home. Call us today to find out about our Gold Coast freeform pools.

                                                                        Different designs of Freeform Pool Designs

                                                                        We present freeform pool options with flowing, curved lines, providing function and style with unsurpassed flexibility. Our experienced team fits a freeform design around any backyard, giving you and your family a lovely pool throughout the year.

                                                                        Our expert pool builders in Gold Coast handle the procedure from beginning to end, which involves design and installation. A swimming pool builder in the Gold Coast provides various features and finishes that match your desired appearance perfectly.

                                                                        Do you want a durable, flexible, designed pool at a cost-effective price? Then the freeform pool is best for you. 

                                                                        Concrete pools in Gold Coast

                                                                        The Gold Coast is popular for its lovely sun-filled days, and nothing beats relaxing and cooling off in your swimming pool! At Australian Construction, we provide and install a wide range of concrete pools all through the Gold Coast.  Our pool builders are experts in designing, building and installing lovely and breathtaking concrete pools in Gold Coast residences.

                                                                        A swimming pool builder has a wide variety of designs and styles such as water slides, concrete caves and freeform pools. We have something for everyone! 

                                                                        We are specialists in swimming pools, and our team helps our customers at each stage of the pool construction stage. Australian Construction works jointly with you to build a lovely pool for you for years to come.

                                                                        Browse our various concrete pool designs or call our specialists today to discuss our swimming pool options.

                                                                        Freeform Concrete Pools

                                                                        Our competent designs freeform concrete pools to form a natural-looking form and feel. Our freeform concrete pools have an unusual style and shape. Their design is highly flexible, and their free-flowing lines and curves are outstanding. We can install them to fit any backyard.

                                                                        These pools are ideal for resting on hot summer days or entertaining visitors, and they look beautiful with waterfall and rock features designed to look like a natural lake, oasis or pond. We create the ideal pool using various finishes and features suitable for your home’s style. If you want a more flexible design, choose the freeform pool.


                                                                        Australian Construction‘s years of experience in the sector makes us a reliable team of qualified builders, designers and engineers. We provide fashionable, superior-quality pools for all applications. An insured and licensed swimming pool is a must-have for you!

                                                                          Call us today to get more information about our services.

                                                                          Sydney Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                          High-End Swimming Pool Builder In Sydney From Aus Construction

                                                                          Sydney Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                            Australian Construction tops the list in Sydney when it comes to concrete swimming pool constructors. We have an excellent reputation for brilliance in design and building quality swimming pools. Our swimming pool builder in Sydney changes your plain backyard pool to a remarkable creation on complicated sites. Our professional team designs your swimming pool to quality standards at cost-effective rates.

                                                                            We implement our Australian Construction quality policy to provide superior services, products and superb work to give you high satisfaction. Because of this, most of our projects come from referral and recommendation of our existing customers who have had an enjoyable building process from start to finish.

                                                                            Infinity pools – An ideal choice for sloping blocks

                                                                            Infinity pools are famous as the most physically attractive swimming pools to be built. Because of its disappearing edge, the pool appears to flow into the landscape, giving you the view of a breathtaking water form without a boundary.

                                                                            This effect is achieved when the water flows over the edge and is collected in a pool below, then fed upwards again similar to waterfall form. The lack of an edge gives a sophisticated appearance, and it is incredibly wonderful when great scenery is available to view over the edge.

                                                                            Infinity Pool and Sloping Blocks 

                                                                            An area where pool-fencing rules have no effect on an infinity pool is on a sharply sloping block. The swimming pool builder in Sydney can build them partially over the fence line to ensure glass windows and infinity pools follow the regulation and sustain the views we created to optimise. Using the right team of pool builders like Australian Construction guarantees you the best luxury residential pool.

                                                                            Infinity Pool Maintenance

                                                                            The Infinity pools are complex compared to your standard backyard pool, and you need to allow our team of pool experts to carry out maintenance. For instance, the water catchment basin presents one more cleaning area. 

                                                                            We also need to monitor the water pump and filtration because if one of them clogs up or the other one malfunctions, it will affect the re-circulation. The water flows over the pool’s edge to a lower basin, evaporating quicker than in a standard pool. 

                                                                            Our team of luxury custom pool constructors at Australian Construction created awesome infinity pools for residential customers throughout Sydney for years. Call our expert team today to talk about building your block’s infinity pool.

                                                                            Concrete pool concepts

                                                                            A swimming pool builder in Sydney gives you endless options for your concrete pool design. Whether your backyard is sloped, small or has unique dimensions and angles, the qualified concrete pool builders at Australian Construction have the expertise to handle these restrictions. The end result is an ideal area for cooling down and relaxing! A major concrete pool design consideration is deciding the type of finish you need. We offer glass swimming pool tiles and natural stone tiles and the various options below.


                                                                            A swimming pool contractor usually uses pebblecrete to coat concrete pools. It is created from a cement and pebbles mixture. After we apply it to the concrete shell, we subject it to water or acid blasting to reveal the pebbles, producing lovely natural finishes.

                                                                             Glass bead

                                                                            Glass beads describe pebblecrete’s contemporary and elegant form. They give you a long-lasting, durable finish for your concrete pool. Glass beads provide an incredible 3-dimensional impact, and the glass beads seem to shine along the water, giving a fabulous look.


                                                                            Tiled swimming pools are the most elegant, establishing a high-end appearance and provide an excellent smooth surface finish. They are well-liked in up-market hotels and resorts, and tile finishes are a perfect choice for swimming pools, creating lovely, enticing pool watercolours

                                                                            At Australian Construction, we have a wide variety of sizes, effects, patterns, sizes and colours. These tiles offer you complete freedom and control over your pool’s appearance. The result is a unique, fashionable look that meets your precise desired look.

                                                                             Waterline Tiling and Coping Stone

                                                                            Most pool owners prefer blending and contrasting different styles for an exceptional appearance. Australian Construction provides coping stone from various materials like limestone, granite, marble and travertine in multiple profiles, sizes and colour choices. 

                                                                            Your pool’s waterline tiling (mainly a band tile of 200mm on your pool’s interior beneath the coping stone) can be distinct, contrasting or subtle. We have different options like a flecked glass mosaic, patterned border or one colour ceramic tiles in various colour options.

                                                                            Spa Swimming Pools

                                                                            Do you dream of a spa swimming pool to give you the optimal in-home luxury? Australian Construction is a favourite pool builder in Sydney, and our expert team brings life to outdoor spa designs. A swimming pool builder in Sydney has an experienced team that designs and constructs a swimming pool with a spa that suits any space and design.

                                                                            Your site conditions do not matter; whether you have a lay pool, infinity edge pool or lap pool, and you want a spa, Australian Construction is available to help turn your dream pool into reality!

                                                                            Water Features

                                                                            Contemporary and modern water features give pool areas real character, improving the entire space’s aesthetic attraction and allure. It makes your home pool space a more tempting relaxation, socialising and exercising area.

                                                                            Suppose you already have some design ideas for pool water or you need expert suggestions from leading swimming pool builders in Sydney, Australian Construction is available to help you implement your ideas. 

                                                                            We have installed a significant number of swimming pools all over Sydney and we have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you optimise your investment in a residential swimming pool with exceptional water feature designs.


                                                                            The Australian Construction team has unequalled experience in the sector, gained from constructing in the most complex sites in Sydney and its surroundings. Infinity edge, barge access, glass window, glass edge, completely suspended mid-air build or your regular flat backyard, we have handled all these efficiently!

                                                                              Get in touch with us today and we guarantee you the swimming pool you have always dreamed of!

                                                                              Perth Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                              Fully Licensed & Insured Perth Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                              Perth Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                Australian Construction is proud to offer personal service, competitive pricing, uncompromising quality and unsurpassed value for money in all the aspects of construction and design.  We have a team of expert pool builders who use top quality building materials, equipment and techniques. First, our swimming pool builder in Perth meets with you and listens carefully to your requirements and ideas.

                                                                                We work with you to build the pool scape and pool environment you dream about. Australian Construction provides you with the full package; inspecting the site, inhouse outlined working drawings, 3D computer formulated design, landscaping, construction and superior accessories

                                                                                Fibreglass Lap Pools

                                                                                The Australian Construction variety of fibreglass Lap pools is the embodiment of luxury, and we build them with this in mind. If you value fitness, the swimming pool contractor in Perth will provide you with an elegant fibreglass Lap pool. Our team of expert pool builders designs them to be elegant and practical, and they are the ideal choice if your block is narrow. They have a long, slim shape, making them an attractive feature for your backyard. Their geometric angles are breathtaking!

                                                                                We have a variety of lap pools created for passionate swimmers who want an uninterrupted water stretch to enhance their fitness levels. In addition to being ideal for zealous swimmers who wish to improve their technique and times, they are ideal for introducing your kid to swimming. With our lap pool, they can improve their confidence with shorter widths instead of lengths. 

                                                                                The Australian Construction biggest lap pool range is 12m long. If you want to begin or end the day with a relaxing swim in the pool, the 12m are ideal for you.  We have several lap pool designs in our different ranges such as a 12m lap pool and an 8m lap pool.

                                                                                Our competent team can fit all these lap pools with optional spa jets. Due to their size, the Australian Construction lap pools are lovely if you wish to enjoy yourself in the pool with fun games like Aqua Volleyball or Marco Polo.

                                                                                Considerations when purchasing a Lap Pool

                                                                                • Ask yourself whether the sun will stream down on spaces you want it to. Will buildings or trees shade obstruct your pool? 
                                                                                • Keep in mind that shade is essential for you to protect yourself from the sun when it’s too scorching.
                                                                                • Ensure the spot you pick for your pool is not in an excessively windy area. Get a windbreak to solve this.
                                                                                • Check any vegetation, and if any shrubs or trees are overhanging in the pool area, many leaves may fall straight into the pool surrounding, and you need to clear them. 
                                                                                • If children will use the pool, ensure you supervise them adequately and you can see them from your home.

                                                                                Custom Pool Designs

                                                                                If you buy pools whose design has not considered you and your loved ones you can buy something unsatisfactory. At Australian Construction, we aim to give you pools that meet your aesthetic needs and are also safe and functional for the whole family.

                                                                                Our team also goes through all the factors like your design choices, budget, advantages and disadvantages. It gives us a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, enabling us to deliver contemporary modern pool designs.

                                                                                Concrete Pool Designs (end to end)

                                                                                Before we discuss and plan your pool landscape design, it will be essential for us to have your home’s accurate and scaled plan that includes sewer locations, boundaries, above-ground barriers and soak wells.

                                                                                During this stage, the swimming pool builder in Perth can make the required changes for you and involve you directly in your pool’s size and shape.

                                                                                At this stage of your pool design process, consider the following:

                                                                                • Visibility:  From your home’s interior, we assess the location of your pool and how visible it is from specific angles and areas near your home. It will also help in guiding our designers on the ideal pool shape.
                                                                                • Heating and location: If we build your pool in a shaded space of your garden, you need to consider heating options for maintaining perfect water temperature. But, if the pool will be situated in full sun the water will be warmer.
                                                                                • Traffic Flow and Safety:  Australian Construction avoids placing steps and seats at swimming lanes end to avoid possible accidents. We also consider areas of human traffic near your pool. It determines where we place steps, gates, fences and steps. 
                                                                                • We also consider the space where your dogs roam and the lawn areas where your children will play on. Our team also considers gardens, paved areas, fencing and retaining walls, and where we will place your filtration equipment.

                                                                                If you are happy with the pool shape and design, we discuss the specification and preparation. A swimming pool builder in Perth interviews you for about two hours, and we talk about the following:

                                                                                • We consider the pool depth and width of the deep and shallow ends. For homes with children, we advise measuring their heights when sitting and standing to determine the swimming pool depth.
                                                                                • The floor shape is essential. With concrete pools, our team designs and shapes the floor to suit your specifications. It means that your swimming pool floor can have one depth and we even incorporate a diving bowl or a slope.

                                                                                Particulars like steps for sitting on while sipping a drink, play areas, etc. are crucial considerations.

                                                                                • Setting of the skimmer box filtration mechanism as well as pool water returns.
                                                                                • We retain water features, walls, air blowers, paving spa jets, and sterilisation.

                                                                                After you have agreed to all the above factors, we draw up detailed outlines of your swimming pool design and submit them to an expert engineer for concrete and steel specification. It is also our responsibility to present the same specifications to your pool and government builder.


                                                                                Australian Construction has years of experience in the swimming pool service industry. Our staff has comprehensive awareness of pool equipment and services. We are proud to offer you unique services, and this has ranked us top among Adelaide’s pool servicing companies.

                                                                                  Call us today and we guarantee you an enjoyable swimming experience in one of our exceptional pools!

                                                                                  Newcastle Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                  The Most Experienced Newcastle Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                  Newcastle Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                    The Australian team of technicians and designers can enhance your unattractive, old backyard pool and change it entirely depending on your needs. In all construction stages, that is, conception, drafting and finalisation, our swimming pool builder in Newcastle follows your lead and works to give you the pool you have always dreamt of!

                                                                                    Where custom pools are concerned, Australian Construction is available for you. Using our newest technology and professional team, we guarantee you superior quality and a finalised project that will make heads turn for years!

                                                                                    Get superior, timely and cost-effective repairs and installations from Australian Construction and maintain your pools’ efficient running. Our licensed and certified professionals handle all the work for you efficiently, and you do not need to worry about anything!

                                                                                    Swimming pool refurbishment

                                                                                    Do you have an old, tired and unusable swimming pool? Australian Construction has refurbished such pools for years. We work on old-fashioned pools and make them elegant.  We always ensure it blends nicely with your surroundings and fulfils your brief perfectly. 

                                                                                    When you hire a swimming pool builder in Newcastle our team carries out a comprehensive site assessment and considers all your desires. Our professional team gives you exciting ideas! We have specially trained installers who establish whether your existing pool is heated, energy-efficient and structurally sound. They also devise methods of ensuring that running your pool is more comfortable and less costly.

                                                                                    Australian Construction redesigns your pool to match your budget, needs and style, giving you total support and committed contact throughout all stages of the procedure. After we complete refurbishing your pool, we don’t leave the maintenance work to you; we give you a suitable service package.

                                                                                    Rectangular Pools and their benefits

                                                                                    Olympic pools are mainly rectangular because they comprise wide-open swim lanes giving more area for swimming. A rectangular swimming pool provides an endless stretch of water, making it ideal for lap swimming. Most people install a swimming pool in their backyards for workout purposes. With Australian Construction rectangular pools, you can swim laps in your home to enhance your fitness and health. 

                                                                                    Rectangular pools are more suitable with automatic pool covers. Our builder can install it together with your new pool. Using a pool cover prevents leaves, dirt and debris from falling inside your pool. It helps to maintain cleanliness in your pool, and you reduce the effort and time required to clean and maintain your pool. The stains are fewer, and you use fewer cleaning chemicals, which is terrific for your environment and the family.

                                                                                    Whether you want fibreglass, vinyl or gunite, our Australian Construction team will quickly build and install your rectangular pools. They are more affordable than other shapes, and since we can create them faster than others, you save money and time. If you use vinyl liners, you will note that rectangular pools line up better than other freeform designs. Our fibreglass pools are customised, and building the rectangular pool is more straightforward and practical.

                                                                                    About The Lap Pool

                                                                                    Australian Construction swimming pool designs consist of a big width entry. Our skilled team positions an exit set of steps at the pool centre, sunk far from the swimming lane. The swimming pool builder team we have in Newcastle is an expert when it comes to walking laps and installing on your site’s narrow areas. We use the lighting cleverly, providing an excellent background to your home décor.

                                                                                    Our Courtyard Pool is 4.6m long, and we design it for workout swimming against strong jets of water. It also works as a plunge pool during summer days when it’s hot. The blend of ample seating and centred steps gives you the ideal setting for sitting and resting.

                                                                                    The Swim Spa

                                                                                    Our Swim Spa is ideal if you want to swim and relax as well. The two sides of the entry provide ample space, and our expert team designs it with spa options considerations like an airbed, spa jets, swim jets and heating. Their deep end features 1.5m depths, and this Swim Spa has extraordinary depth if you want to dive in and have optimal fun. 

                                                                                    Our Newcastle swimming pool builder will change your way of life and create the ideal relaxing area for you after a tiring day.

                                                                                    The Spas

                                                                                    Unwind, luxuriate and relax in one of the Australian Construction squares, oval or horseshoe spas.  Shut your eyes and allow the jets of warm water and soothing bubbles to soothe all your cares away! The square, oval and horseshoe are all available in two models. Our professional team designs them with a nice over-flow opening.  We build this spa at your swimming pool end and the water flows into your pool, forming remarkable effects.  

                                                                                    Alternatively, we can install so that the overflow runs inside an artificial feature or stream. If your property is small in size, the swimming pool contractor installs one of our four spa designs. We have nine colours you can choose from to give you a relaxing effect. Please note that all our spas are available with an optional spillway or without one.


                                                                                    Swimming provides an effective way of staying healthy while having a lot of fun. A swimming pool makes your home more exciting. You can spend your summer afternoons playing in the pool with your children, or rest next to the pool to rejuvenate after a tiring day.  

                                                                                    Whatever the case, a swimming pool is a beautiful addition to your residence. Invest in one of Australia Construction swimming pool range. It will not only attract more visitors to your home but also increase the value of your property. 

                                                                                    We are proud of the service and communication level we provide to our clients and our team has a hand-on approach from start to finish of the project. 

                                                                                    From conception to designing, council approval to building, we complete your dream pool and the outdoor living area, giving you confidence and certainty that you have picked the appropriate team for your swimming pool project.

                                                                                      Call us today, and we will be happy to provide you with one of our superb range of swimming pools.

                                                                                      Darwin Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                      Your Affordable Darwin Swimming Pool Builder From Aus Construction

                                                                                      Darwin Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                        At Australian Construction, we use systems, products and pools to construct institutional, residential and educational pools, fitness, health and medical rehabilitation facilities. Our swimming pool builder in Darwin also provides thrilling, recreational pools and offers the essential features for aquatic systems of all shapes, configurations and sizes.

                                                                                        Our years of experience with aquatic facilities and swimming pools have given our team unequalled knowledge of construction techniques, equipment capabilities and design requirements. Australian Construction provides full assistance for new pool building, facility operation and renovation.

                                                                                        Concrete Swimming Pools

                                                                                        Concrete swimming pools are durable and long-lasting, and at Australian Construction, we mainly use them to design swimming pools. So, you have the guarantee of getting a robust investment. If you intend to spend money on a significant investment like a swimming pool you should ensure it will last. Concrete pools are easy to maintain also, and they make your home more valuable for resale.

                                                                                        Our concrete swimming pools are customisable and versatile. Most people like installing a concrete swimming pool because we can customise them to attain any shape, size and depth you require to suit your home. It means even if your yard is limited in space and needs a smaller size or you need a uniquely shaped pool, our team of experts can meet all your needs. 

                                                                                        The swimming pool builder in Darwin can also fully tailor your pool’s interior with tile and different decorative factors that can run upwards to your decking. These are some of the reasons Australian Construction loves concrete swimming pools and why we believe you will also love them! 

                                                                                        If you want to discuss your specific project, do not hesitate to talk to our team of experts who will design your particular pool. We will visit your home and assess the available space, and we help you plan something to suit your style and space requirements.

                                                                                        Pools & Entertainment

                                                                                        Australian Construction believes that pools involve more than merely keeping cool during hot summer months. They form part of your landscape, and we treat them as an element that makes your home more beautiful. The swimming pool builder is fully dedicated to providing breathtaking swimming pools that will perfectly complement your yard while giving you and your loved ones years of enjoyment. 

                                                                                        Our pools and entertaining services are guaranteed to give you hours of endless fun throughout summer.  If you want we can add water features, lighting and more, transforming it into a haven you can escape to, whenever you wish.

                                                                                        Since we create all our pools from concrete, it means we have limitless types of designs. Many reasons make us believe concrete pools are superior:

                                                                                        • Compared to other pool material concrete pools are more durable. They are more robust than fibreglass and similar materials, and we give a lifetime warranty for all our pools because we are confident that your home pool will serve you for years. Australian Construction creates all our pools to the highest Australian standards, assuring you of superior quality to meet all safety and longevity standards.
                                                                                        • Our swimming pool builder in Darwin easily customises concrete pools. The material is different from others because we do not need to use an already-fabricated shell when creating them. Australian Construction pools feature poured freeform. Therefore, we can make unlimited shapes and sizes for your home. Our only limitation is your imagination and the space available!
                                                                                        • We can update concrete pools in various ways. Our team uses lighting and other aspects like decorative decking tile, to enhance your pool, giving it an edge over different options. We aim to provide you with maximum enjoyment with our pools by providing an outdoor getaway for you. Your pool’s design plays a significant role in setting the mood. 

                                                                                        You will discover that Australian Construction pools and entertainment options are more superior to our rivals’ because we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction throughout the procedure. 

                                                                                        We also provide extra services like safety fences and pool decking. It would be best if you had a safety fence, for your inground pool and ours meet the Australian standards, ensuring your yard’s safety for pets and animals. You can select from regular fencing or glass panelled fencing, enabling the pool’s full visibility throughout, even with the gate closed.

                                                                                        Aquatic Recreation Pools

                                                                                        Australian Construction installs and builds 100% stainless steel pool systems for complex aquatic recreation environments like wet playgrounds, water park attractions and wave pools. We have handled many pool projects for the community, municipal and public aquatic facilities. We ensure all our water features and pools comply with all state, federal and local regulations and most importantly, completed on budget and on time.

                                                                                        Activity pools comprising water features like waterfalls, splash and slides areas are complicated aquatic facilities to set up. Wave pools with stormy water conditions need unusual design solutions. Australian Construction specially designs Spray grounds and wet playgrounds with geysers and fountains for safe, interactive play.

                                                                                        Unique Solutions

                                                                                        The swimming pool contractor can help with the bidding and planning procedure, and we will handle your project from start to finish. We provide various consulting services and technical help for operators, managers and owners. We have years of experience, and our qualified team has created exceptional solutions for different water features and swimming pools for public pools, swim clubs and recreational facilities. 


                                                                                        Australian Construction has built, designed and installed impressive and breathtaking pools throughout Australia. We have restored aging pools in hotels or built spectacular new ones, helping the hotels to increase their profits.

                                                                                        Our pools are completely customisable, featuring various sizes, configurations and shapes to accommodate all-welded, bolted or fast pool construction. Our skilled team delivers pool projects on time, on budget and build your pools right the first time. 

                                                                                        Do you wish to escape the Darwin heat by swimming in your fibreglass swimming pool? We can make your dream a reality quickly and professionally. If you are getting a swimming pool the first time, Australian Construction gives you the chemicals and information you need to ensure you swim throughout the year.

                                                                                          Call us today for the best swimming pools in Darwin!

                                                                                          Brisbane Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                          Superior Swimming Pool Builder In Brisbane | Aus Construction

                                                                                          Brisbane Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                            Australian Construction is a swimming pool builder in Brisbane. We bring you years of pool experience in design, renovation and construction in the swimming projects we provide for homeowners. Our swimming pool builder in Brisbane offers customised service for customers, and we emphasise quality when designing and constructing pools to make you proud.

                                                                                            We have a fully qualified team of pool builders who have vast experience in all swimming pool building aspects, such as pool design and construction. It allows us to give you a comprehensive service from start to finish that surpasses customer expectations. 

                                                                                            Australian Construction is a leader in Brisbane‘s swimming pool companies sector and we boast quality craftsmanship, pool designs, inspired swimming, and a variety of quality finishes. We customise all these factors to your lifestyle requirements and design preferences. It does not matter how complex they are.

                                                                                            Lovely inground pools

                                                                                            We provide tailored inground pools to enhance Brisbane homes. We have experienced concrete pool builders who create customised swimming pool designs for clients. From comprehensive pool renovations to lap pools, we can customise a swimming pool design to suit your backyard space perfectly, whether small or large. 

                                                                                            It incorporates the features you choose and optional additions. We can combine the following options and features in your latest pool design:

                                                                                            • Water features
                                                                                            • Spas and pool heating
                                                                                            • Fencing, rockeries, decking and landscaping
                                                                                            • Disappearing edges and pool lighting

                                                                                            A swimming pool builder in Brisbane also offers a beautiful variety of pool finishes like tile, stone, pebble and quartz on suitable for all tastes with a top-quality pool filtration method or pool filter.

                                                                                            Discuss your swimming pool works with us

                                                                                            Our team will be happy to visit your home in Brisbane to inspect the site and determine the ideal pool designs for your backyard area. You can talk to our pool builders about your project. Brisbane’s climate is perfect for swimming, and our inground pools are the best way to eliminate the heat on a hot day in summer. Call us today for a superior quality swimming pool building in Brisbane.

                                                                                            Inground Concrete Pools

                                                                                            A swimming pool builder in Brisbane makes properties more valuable and improves home lifestyles. We are specialists in swimming pool design and building and have the reputation of being a top concrete swimming pool designer and builder in Brisbane. Our skilled team combines exceptional functionality with lovely aesthetics and high-quality materials.

                                                                                            We emphasise unique inground pool designs that complement your lifestyle requirements and suit your home. Australian Construction latest concrete pools are tailored to match your area and give exceptional safety and functionality. From lap pools that optimise space on small inter-city blocks to huge family swimming pools in the city, our pool constructors provide inground concrete pools pleasing to the homeowners.

                                                                                            We have specialised in inground pool design and building for years and have a solid reputation for designing and constructing top-quality concrete swimming pools. Our clients in Brisbane benefit from our team’s vast experience, cost-effective prices and friendly customer service.

                                                                                            Swimming pool construction procedure

                                                                                            Do you want a swimming pool at your home? Constructing a new swimming pool increases your property’s value and attraction to homebuyers if you decide to sell it. It also invigorates and revitalises your lifestyle too. Australian Construction undertakes the following steps to give you the ideal swimming pool.

                                                                                            From start to finish

                                                                                            We are pool construction specialists, and we blend outstanding swimming pool designs with quality artistry, creating swimming pools that illustrate architectural brilliance, incorporating the newest pool technology. Timeframes are different for all projects; however, we are famous for delivering fast work while ensuring we do not leave any detail.

                                                                                            Design Stage

                                                                                            Before the Australian Construction team begins constructing the pool, we first have a meeting with customers to check out the proposed site to understand their needs. We discuss pool designs and listen to your suggestions and preferences. The swimming pool builder in Brisbane also assesses the property, and it includes an analysis and discussion of:

                                                                                            • Appropriate areas and features (gardens and trees, slope, distance to home, etc.)
                                                                                            • The appearance of the existing area (for instance, current landscaping and upcoming plans)
                                                                                            • Compliance problems.
                                                                                            • Practical difficulties 
                                                                                            • Present services (gas, electricity, water, sewerage, etc.)

                                                                                            We talk about all the problems with your pool-building project before we give you a design. The design is not complete at this stage, and our team continues to tweak it until we form a swimming pool design that meets all your requirements.

                                                                                            Australian Construction appreciates that the design stage is crucial to the process. That is why we ensure the design is correct before getting the swimming pool construction’s approval. We work together with the Brisbane customers from start to finish in the design stage. We ensure you are thrilled with your new pool’s design before the approval process starts.

                                                                                            Approval process

                                                                                            In Brisbane, the council planning approval is usually not a requirement. But a local council approval may apply to some swimming pool building projects because of zoning regulations. The water/sewerage supply approval and building approval are necessary before the project begins. Australian Construction handles these approval applications for you.

                                                                                            Construction stage

                                                                                            After the swimming pool builder receives the approvals and certification, we start the building procedure. Our competent team marks out the area and pool’s shape then begin the excavation followed by: 

                                                                                            • Protection fencing
                                                                                            • Formwork and fixing steel
                                                                                            • Installing plumbing
                                                                                            • Concrete pour
                                                                                            • Paving, tiling, etc.
                                                                                            • Installing equipment and electrical 
                                                                                            • Permanent fencing
                                                                                            • Preparing surface
                                                                                            • Interior lining
                                                                                            • Last clean
                                                                                            • pH balance and fill
                                                                                            • Handover

                                                                                            The handover follows after this, and you can begin enjoying the numerous benefits of having a residential swimming pool!


                                                                                            Call the Australian Construction team of pool builders today to discuss your dream swimming pool’s ideas. We will give you more data about our swimming pool building procedure, our tailor-made pool designs and our fantastic tailored features and offers. We specialise in landscape construction projects and luxury swimming pools throughout Brisbane.

                                                                                              You have peace of mind knowing that we build every pool with passion and expertise! 

                                                                                              Adelaide Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                              Contact Your Local Adelaide Swimming Pool Builder For A Free Quote!

                                                                                              Adelaide Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                                Lying by the pool is a fun way of spending a sunny and hot day. If you have been dreaming of a pool in your backyard, hire a professional like Australian Construction to have it done expertly and cost-effectively. We install custom pools and standard pools. We have an Adelaide swimming pool builder who also incorporates garden service options and spa options, ensuring you have the definitive backyard oasis.

                                                                                                Our years of experience has honed our skills, and our services will exceed your expectations. Australian Construction works with all types of pools, and we handle all sizes also. 

                                                                                                Luxurious and relaxing spas 

                                                                                                Australian Construction has a stunning range of in-ground spas specially designed to match our variety of swimming pools. We aim to give you, your friends and your family the enjoyment of a fully rejuvenating and relaxing experience at home!

                                                                                                Different Spas

                                                                                                The Australian Construction team invests time and care to create various spas that suit different users and properties. We have various modern and attractive designs to pick from and our spas seat between four to eight people. The spas feature multi-level seating, keeping occupants of all ages and heights comfortable and relaxed.

                                                                                                Whether you need an outdoor or indoor spa, our swimming pool contractor in Adelaide gives you top quality solutions created to meet your requirements.

                                                                                                Durable and safe spas

                                                                                                We value your comfort and safety at Australian Construction, and it is why we build our spas using superior quality fibreglass specially tested for resilience, strength and durability. We have non-slip surfaces, adding more safety features. Therefore, you can enjoy a spa relaxing properties without fearing that you will fall in.

                                                                                                Specially designed Adelaide Spas.

                                                                                                Our Australian Construction team is experienced enough to comprehend your spa needs. We design spas that are suitable for the Australian climate demands. They cater to all seasons and give you a durable and practical product you can enjoy for years.

                                                                                                Beauty and luxury

                                                                                                We have taken meticulous care over our spa range’s aesthetics. All our designs give you modern, clean lines to perfectly match your property perfectly, blending with various surroundings. Our skilled team also designs them to be our swimming pool range’s ideal additions. 

                                                                                                We provide various tiles to select from allowing you to customise your spa’s appearance to suit your tastes. Call Australian Construction today for more information about how our spas can provide you with luxury and relaxation.

                                                                                                Plunge Pools

                                                                                                These are compact pools suitable for modern life. Even if your backyard is small, you can still enjoy all the advantages of having your pool. In Australia, there is a growing trend for a plunge pool. Our plunge pools are smaller and versatile, and they fit into any yard perfectly. The range of pools we provide enables you to have fun in a lovely, durable in-ground plunge pool, customised to your requirements. 

                                                                                                Plunge pool benefits

                                                                                                For small areas that cannot accommodate a full-sized pool, a plunge pool is ideal; however, you can have the same fun as in a bigger pool. Our skilled team devises a flexible variety of plunge pools, which incorporate swim jets easily, letting you optimise the area by providing more resistance. 

                                                                                                It means you can still engage in all the health-enhancing aqua workouts you would get from a much bigger pool. We also feature spa jets in our range of plunge pools, letting you enjoy hydro-therapeutic and relaxation benefits!

                                                                                                Designing with safety considerations

                                                                                                Australian Construction carefully designs our pool range to give you a safe and long-lasting pool that you can enjoy for years. We use strong fibreglass that we test for strength and resilience to build it. Our plunge pools feature wide steps and non-slip surfaces to reduce the danger of any accidents.

                                                                                                A swimming pool builder in Adelaide also takes more precautions to add safety features for kids. We have bigger plunge pools consisting of child safety ledges around the perimeter. Our smaller pools provide one shallow depth, enabling the kids to have maximum pleasure in a safe, conducive environment.

                                                                                                Cost-effective luxury

                                                                                                Australian Construction plunge pool range is an adaptable, cost-effective solution despite your yard size, and we have different sitting areas and various tiling options to pick from. We also design our range to match our bigger swimming pools, and you can choose from a total hydrotherapy solution in your home.

                                                                                                Our fibreglass pools are popular in Australia because of their high quality, uniqueness, and construction and manufacturing process. At last, you have the pool you always dreamt of and it’s time for us to use our pool equipment to transform a plain swimming pool into a wonderful one. 

                                                                                                Striking water features add some elegant element, while spa nooks and swim jets all enhance your underwater fun.  We have cleaning products that are also among the essential pool accessories you can purchase. It is expensive to maintain this glamour, and if you fail to maintain your pool, it will lose its attractive look.

                                                                                                Swimming Pool Range

                                                                                                You may believe that fibreglass pools are inflexible. However, at Australian Construction, we have an enviable range, and we aim to disprove this concept. Our pool designs assortment are all lovely, and you will be spoilt for choice! Whatever situation you are in, our team ensures that they turn your backyard into a relaxation haven and personal oasis for you.

                                                                                                Conclusion: Adelaide Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                                You may wish to maximise your small backyard with a lovely plunge pool or spa. Or, you may wish to make your home more fun using a big family pool. Whatever your needs, Australian Construction has many options to pick from. If you are passionate about your exercise routine and want a clear workout area, we have exactly what you need.

                                                                                                Australian Construction has been a leader in the swimming pool construction sector for years. We are dedicated to providing the most superior inground swimming pools for you and you and your loved ones to enjoy. 

                                                                                                  For a pool that makes you feel safe and confident to use, call our team today for a free consultation!

                                                                                                  Melbourne Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                                  Luxurious Swimming Pool Builder In Melbourne | Aus Construction

                                                                                                  Melbourne Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                                    At Australian Construction, our ultimate pleasure is giving you a great tiled pool. We have a qualified team of pool tilers who provide exceptional jobs throughout Melbourne. Some projects can cause disruptions at times, but our Melbourne swimming pool builder ensures that your project runs smoothly and we give you a fantastic tiled swimming pool.

                                                                                                    Australian Construction is proud to provide superior quality tiling services, and we cover all tiling aspects. Our team’s attention to detail ensures that your pool tiling meets your needs. We provide services like helping you choose swimming pool tiles and have various glass pool tiles and ceramic pool tiles to create an ideal tiled swimming pool.

                                                                                                    Whatever the size of your project, we are committed to giving the same services. Whether you want a fully tiled pool or a waterline tiled pool, our end product is a magnificent swimming pool. Call our customer service team today to discuss your pool tiling needs or make an appointment for a free on-site pool tiling discovery session. 

                                                                                                    Courtyard Pools

                                                                                                    Constricted areas with small pools

                                                                                                    Outdoor areas are different, and each client has different functional and aesthetical requirements. Due to this, Australian Construction specialises in inground steel swimming pools (pre-engineered). We design and build them individually to suit a customer’s outdoor area and lifestyle.

                                                                                                    Our Melbourne-based swimming pool builder has the experience and knowledge to create the Courtyard Series. It consists of three exceptional pools that we design specially to work according to the small outdoor areas’ structure. The classique, the grande and the petite have a rectangular shape and have different sizes featuring a shallows comfort seat. 

                                                                                                    We offer alternate designs and various colours and improvement options to pick from Ionic Water Purification, Heating Systems, CleanAssistTM and many more.

                                                                                                    Customising your Courtyard Series Swimming Pool

                                                                                                    The courtyard series has three set pool sizes, and similar to all the pools we build at Australian Construction, our team can customise the Courtyard Series range to suit your precise space and lifestyle needs. 

                                                                                                    Pick your Pool’s Entry Design

                                                                                                    Every courtyard series pool has a naturally created step and comfort seat covering the pool’s complete width that easily accommodates your friends and family. The seating space features a special softly padded underlining laminate (exclusive to Australian Construction). It provides a cushioned effect, and the kids totally love it, and so will you! We have wraparound comfort seat designs and alternate seat designs.

                                                                                                    Choose the Pool colour you like

                                                                                                    A courtyard series swimming pool has a waterproof, sanitised aqualux PVC membrane, non-slip and satin-smooth. It is soft but its exterior is still very tough and it requires almost no maintenance. It does not crack, peel, chip or leech, blister or separate like other swimming pool interiors. 

                                                                                                    Our swimming pool builder in Melbourne has various aqualux colours like resort-style blues, ocean resort-design blues and metallic designs. You can use a dark colour to make a strong statement or choose a lighter colour, making your pool fuse into its natural courtyard surroundings.

                                                                                                     A tailored approach to renovations and new pool builds.

                                                                                                    Australian Construction has a commercial pool construction sector consisting of skilled engineers, pool builders and consultants. They work jointly to produce unique swimming pool designs for various commercial purposes like sporting, government and leisure-related builds.

                                                                                                    We appreciate that new development and commercial renovations need customised solutions. It is the reason a swimming pool builder in Melbourne specialises in custom swimming pool designs to suit particular needs. We have trained swimming pool builders who ensure top quality construction and always deliver on budget and on time.

                                                                                                    Comprehensive service for pool renovations and new build

                                                                                                    Australian Construction works with you at all stages of the procedure. We provide the following services for pool renovations and new builds:

                                                                                                    Project Management: You may opt to prepare the site personally or choose a comprehensive, complete turnkey solution where we manage all materials and equipment from beginning to end.

                                                                                                    Engineering services:  Australian Construction designers and swimming pool builders can liaise with architects and hydraulic, structural, electrical and civil engineers.

                                                                                                    Maintenance Programs:  The swimming pool builder provides an efficient and affordable scheduled and reporting maintenance service.

                                                                                                    Installing and Designing Spas

                                                                                                    Natural Pools are ideal for swimming pool installations. Australian Construction also specialises in the designing and building of spas for commercial and residential purposes. Our team is the best option for installing a new spa design in the backyard or one that you want blending into the current swimming pool.

                                                                                                    Benefits of a Spa

                                                                                                    A spa provides a variety of relaxing benefits to your well-being and health. A spa is the best solution if you have a small backyard room. Also, they are lovely for entertaining visitors, ensuring you have a pleasant social gathering next time! We have various designs, sizes and styles of spas to pick from, and we guarantee we have something to suit every preference and taste.

                                                                                                    Superior indoor Swimming Pools

                                                                                                    The Australian Construction team specialises in constructing indoor pools, and they ensure they meet all your needs. We build and design various indoor swimming pools to meet your specific requirements. Pick award-winning designs to complement any commercial or home development or work with our team on your unique variety.

                                                                                                    Why you should pick an indoor pool

                                                                                                    These pools are best for people who require 24/7 access to a pool despite the weather. They give swimmers protection from severe UV rays and Melbourne’s hot sun. You can also use it to control an indoor pool’s temperature and also water quality. It is also significantly simple to keep them clean compared to an exterior pool because they are covered. It avoids rubbish and leaves from blowing in.

                                                                                                    Conclusion: Melbourne Swimming Pool Builder

                                                                                                    We provide luxurious resort-style swimming pools and small-scale pool renovations, and we use our designs to work. Australian Construction also provides consultations to Melbourne’s top builders, architects, landscape architects and swimming pool designers who trust our expertise, service and professionalism.

                                                                                                    We install and create concrete pools of all sizes and shapes.  Our team designs your dream pool to suit your architectural style and any preferences you have.

                                                                                                      Call us today for the ideal swimming pool!