Unique Swimming Pool Builder In Launceston

Launceston Swimming Pool Builder

Launceston Swimming Pool Builder

    At Australian Construction, we have a skilled team of swimming pool builders. We provide custom designs. Furthermore, we build and landscape premium spas and pools of all sizes and shapes. Our swimming pool builder in Launceston offers exceptional custom concrete pools. As a result, they complement the style of your commercial or living area.

    Our expert team balances function and aesthetics. Because of this, your new addition has a lovely look. Therefore you can enjoy it throughout the year. The swimming pool contractor in Launceston custom designs your pools from scratch. During this procedure, we talk to you. We find out the ideal size, shape and position. Because of this, we ensure the finished product meets all your needs.

    In-ground pools

    The Australian Construction team is creative. Due to this, we provide trendy swimming pool designs. Moreover, we offer functionality and appeal. We build inground pools using various shapes. Because of this, your pool matches perfectly with the available area. Concrete inground pools have no size or shape restriction, unlike fibreglass pools. 

    For this reason, concrete inground pools are popular. The swimming pool builder in Launceston builds swimming pools indoors or outdoors. Additionally, we construct swimming pools on sloping blocks or tight spaces.

    Benefits of inground pools

    • We have complete control over the swimming pool’s design.
    • Whatever shape, size or depth you require is possible.
    • Its fully submerged shell enables optimal durability.
    • Comparatively, it has more features than out of ground pools.
    • The swimming pool contractor in Launceston is experienced in constructing inground swimming pools. Because of this, we fully customise your design. Moreover, we pick the depth you want and pick a shape. For example, we use the round, free form or rectangular shapes. We then establish the best width and length. Besides, we include several additional features. It includes seating, steps, swim-outs and concrete spas. We build whatever you imagine!

    Free natural pools

    Your home’s value increases with the addition of a superior built concrete, natural pool. The swimming pool builder in Launceston uses superior material. As a result, your new pool is durable. Do you want something with curves? Or do you need a swimming pool that can fit in an unusual space? Under these circumstances, the answer is a free form pool.

    There is no limitation where free form natural swimming pools are concerned. We custom-build them to blend with the natural environment. More importantly, we design them in any form you want. The swimming pool contractor in Launceston adds water features and rocks to your pool. Additionally, we add soft plantings. As a result, your area has a natural touch and a unique pool.

    Benefits of free natural pools

    • Free natural pools give your property a more natural atmosphere.
    • A big free natural pool is better (maximum of 15m and 8m wide).
    • Additions include waterfalls, overhanging decks, rockeries and more.
    • Beach areas and swim outs are prominent design features.
    • It is best if you have a lot of space available.

    Natural finishes look wonderful with free natural pools. The swimming pool builder in Launceston uses natural coloured renders and pebbles for the natural stone and shell. For example, we use limestone or slate for the coping.  Timber decking and stone pavers give the surroundings a natural feel as well.


    It is essential to have the right pool design from the beginning. It ensures the outcome is what you envisioned. Are you renovating an existing pool? Or are you including one in your existing property? Perhaps you are building a new home. 

    Notwithstanding, we ensure that the design matches your lifestyle and property with ease. We have vast experience in pool designs. Because of this, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge. Therefore you have the guarantee that we deliver the best results in the space available.

    Talk to us today, and we will be happy to give you the ideal swimming pool in Launceston!