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Melbourne Swimming Pool Builder

Melbourne Swimming Pool Builder

    At Australian Construction, our ultimate pleasure is giving you a great tiled pool. We have a qualified team of pool tilers who provide exceptional jobs throughout Melbourne. Some projects can cause disruptions at times, but our Melbourne swimming pool builder ensures that your project runs smoothly and we give you a fantastic tiled swimming pool.

    Australian Construction is proud to provide superior quality tiling services, and we cover all tiling aspects. Our team’s attention to detail ensures that your pool tiling meets your needs. We provide services like helping you choose swimming pool tiles and have various glass pool tiles and ceramic pool tiles to create an ideal tiled swimming pool.

    Whatever the size of your project, we are committed to giving the same services. Whether you want a fully tiled pool or a waterline tiled pool, our end product is a magnificent swimming pool. Call our customer service team today to discuss your pool tiling needs or make an appointment for a free on-site pool tiling discovery session. 

    Courtyard Pools

    Constricted areas with small pools

    Outdoor areas are different, and each client has different functional and aesthetical requirements. Due to this, Australian Construction specialises in inground steel swimming pools (pre-engineered). We design and build them individually to suit a customer’s outdoor area and lifestyle.

    Our Melbourne-based swimming pool builder has the experience and knowledge to create the Courtyard Series. It consists of three exceptional pools that we design specially to work according to the small outdoor areas’ structure. The classique, the grande and the petite have a rectangular shape and have different sizes featuring a shallows comfort seat. 

    We offer alternate designs and various colours and improvement options to pick from Ionic Water Purification, Heating Systems, CleanAssistTM and many more.

    Customising your Courtyard Series Swimming Pool

    The courtyard series has three set pool sizes, and similar to all the pools we build at Australian Construction, our team can customise the Courtyard Series range to suit your precise space and lifestyle needs. 

    Pick your Pool’s Entry Design

    Every courtyard series pool has a naturally created step and comfort seat covering the pool’s complete width that easily accommodates your friends and family. The seating space features a special softly padded underlining laminate (exclusive to Australian Construction). It provides a cushioned effect, and the kids totally love it, and so will you! We have wraparound comfort seat designs and alternate seat designs.

    Choose the Pool colour you like

    A courtyard series swimming pool has a waterproof, sanitised aqualux PVC membrane, non-slip and satin-smooth. It is soft but its exterior is still very tough and it requires almost no maintenance. It does not crack, peel, chip or leech, blister or separate like other swimming pool interiors. 

    Our swimming pool builder in Melbourne has various aqualux colours like resort-style blues, ocean resort-design blues and metallic designs. You can use a dark colour to make a strong statement or choose a lighter colour, making your pool fuse into its natural courtyard surroundings.

     A tailored approach to renovations and new pool builds.

    Australian Construction has a commercial pool construction sector consisting of skilled engineers, pool builders and consultants. They work jointly to produce unique swimming pool designs for various commercial purposes like sporting, government and leisure-related builds.

    We appreciate that new development and commercial renovations need customised solutions. It is the reason a swimming pool builder in Melbourne specialises in custom swimming pool designs to suit particular needs. We have trained swimming pool builders who ensure top quality construction and always deliver on budget and on time.

    Comprehensive service for pool renovations and new build

    Australian Construction works with you at all stages of the procedure. We provide the following services for pool renovations and new builds:

    Project Management: You may opt to prepare the site personally or choose a comprehensive, complete turnkey solution where we manage all materials and equipment from beginning to end.

    Engineering services:  Australian Construction designers and swimming pool builders can liaise with architects and hydraulic, structural, electrical and civil engineers.

    Maintenance Programs:  The swimming pool builder provides an efficient and affordable scheduled and reporting maintenance service.

    Installing and Designing Spas

    Natural Pools are ideal for swimming pool installations. Australian Construction also specialises in the designing and building of spas for commercial and residential purposes. Our team is the best option for installing a new spa design in the backyard or one that you want blending into the current swimming pool.

    Benefits of a Spa

    A spa provides a variety of relaxing benefits to your well-being and health. A spa is the best solution if you have a small backyard room. Also, they are lovely for entertaining visitors, ensuring you have a pleasant social gathering next time! We have various designs, sizes and styles of spas to pick from, and we guarantee we have something to suit every preference and taste.

    Superior indoor Swimming Pools

    The Australian Construction team specialises in constructing indoor pools, and they ensure they meet all your needs. We build and design various indoor swimming pools to meet your specific requirements. Pick award-winning designs to complement any commercial or home development or work with our team on your unique variety.

    Why you should pick an indoor pool

    These pools are best for people who require 24/7 access to a pool despite the weather. They give swimmers protection from severe UV rays and Melbourne’s hot sun. You can also use it to control an indoor pool’s temperature and also water quality. It is also significantly simple to keep them clean compared to an exterior pool because they are covered. It avoids rubbish and leaves from blowing in.

    Conclusion: Melbourne Swimming Pool Builder

    We provide luxurious resort-style swimming pools and small-scale pool renovations, and we use our designs to work. Australian Construction also provides consultations to Melbourne’s top builders, architects, landscape architects and swimming pool designers who trust our expertise, service and professionalism.

    We install and create concrete pools of all sizes and shapes.  Our team designs your dream pool to suit your architectural style and any preferences you have.

      Call us today for the ideal swimming pool!