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Hobart Timber Floor Installation

Hobart Timber Floor Installation

    We at Australian Construction are experts in timber floor installation in Hobart. Some people think that this process is easy and that anyone who is in the construction industry can do it. Quite the contrary, it isn’t.

    Today, what we want to talk about is the fundamentals of this service. We will share with you what timber floor installation is, what types of wood you can use, and what best methods are there to do the installation.

    Different types of wood flooring

    Timber floor installation has become more complicated over the years. This is because of new technologies. We now have different types of wood. Below are some examples:

    • Engineered wood – this is a kind of wood where you have a combination of both soft and hardwood. The softwood is sandwiched in between two layers of hardwood. Engineered wood typically uses wood shavings. It is a process that aims to reuse or recycle wood.
    • Hardwood – this is the most expensive kind of timber wood flooring. This is the real deal, so to speak. There are many kinds of wood that you can choose from like maple, oak, birch, and others. Since this wood is something that you buy as planks, it is much more difficult to work on it.
    • Laminate timber – this is somewhat similar to engineered wood. However, they typically have four layers. It is not unusual to see plywood in the middle, and hardwood on the outside.

    For each type, there are dozens upon dozens of options. The beauty of wood is that you can choose from different colours and textures. Also, there are many wood finishes that you can choose from. What this means is that you can buy wood in its raw form and do the finishing or staining yourself.

    How do you install wood flooring? 

    There are several methods to install wood flooring, but we use mainly two. These two methods are direct sick and float.

    In the direct stick method, we use glue to put the wood layer on top of a substrate. This requires a lot of preparation, such as sanding the concrete. On some occasions, we can put plywood over the concrete or baseboard, and then lay the floor panels.

    The glue that we use is not your ordinary glue. There are products out there that are made specifically for this.

    The method is floating. It is a process where we connect each wooden panel through a joint. We do not glue them on the surface. Many engineered wood products today have joints, most of which are mortise and tenon.

    The main advantage of this method is that when one panel breaks, you can easily take it off and replace it. Like the direct stick method, we need to make sure that the surface is flat.

    If your substrate is a wooden baseboard, we may need to dismantle and replace that if it is already old. If it is concrete, we have to sand it.

    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Hobart

    Use what you have learned here today as a guide when hiring a contractor for timber floor installation in Hobart. If you have any questions, let us know. Our phone number is on our website. Give us a call and we will help you out.

    If you want a price quote, we can discuss this over the phone, or you can use our “request quote” form. Give us the details of your project and we will assess it. One of our engineers will be in contact with you soon to talk about it, or send you the price quote via email.