Ballarat Timber Floor Installation

Residential & Commercial Timber Floor Installation In Ballarat

Ballarat Timber Floor Installation

    There are many contractors for timber floor installation in Ballarat. Some contractors even do this service even if they do not specialise in it. The problem with that is that they do not provide a service as an expert contractor for this would have done.

    Today, we will share with you some of our tips on how you could hire a contractor. Our list should serve as your guide to making wise and informed business decisions for your projects.

    Estimation and pricing

    Choose a contractor who can give you a reasonable price estimate. If the contractor says he will name the cost after the project is over, do not hire this contractor.

    Contractors usually use a mathematical formula for their projects. They use the span of the project site to determine the price of the labour cost. They will also take into account the cost of using equipment, materials, and other things.

    Hire a contractor who can give you a price quote. We are not saying that this quote will be 100% accurate. Make sure you reserve somewhere between 20% and 30% of the cost as extra.

    License and Insurance Policy

    The second thing you have to consider when hiring a contractor is the license. If you do not know it yet, the government regulates the construction industry.

    Just think about it: if you need a license before you drive, then you also need a license to perform professional services.

    Only work with contractors who have a license. What this means is that you are dealing with a legitimate company. It also means that the contractor understands the building code of Australia and will abide by it.

    Insurance, on the other hand, is about liability. Sometimes, accidents can happen, and you do not want to be liable for this. Hire a contractor who has insurance for his employees or himself. If anything happens, the insurance company will take care of the medical costs.

    Experience and Reputation 

    The last thing you have to look for is experience. This is something that the contractor can only have if he has been in this industry for a while. Generally, we recommend that you work with a contractor who has been doing this for at least five years.

    Only experience will expose a contractor to different problems that he did not anticipate. We at Australian Construction have been doing this for 20 years. Because of our tenure, you can rely not just on our expertise but also on our knowledge about trends and new technologies.

    Reputation, on the other hand, is a different thing. You have to look for a contractor who does his job right. This is difficult to do, as you could only see that for yourself after the project is over.

    What we recommend is that you ask around. Talk to friends and family for a recommendation. If you are an engineer, ask others who can recommend a good contractor. You can also use websites and social media to read reviews about contractors.

    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Ballarat

    Hardwood is expensive, and so is engineered wood. The last thing you want is a poor job in the installation process. To prevent this, hire a timber floor installation in Ballarat. Hire us. If you have a question, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our number is on our website. We will help you out.

    If what you need is a price quote for our service, we can do this over the phone, or you could use our contact form. Just give us the details of the project and we will assess it from here.

      Mackay Timber Floor Installation

      The Best Timber Floor Installation In Mackay | Aus Construction

      Mackay Timber Floor Installation

        If you are considering timber floor installation in Mackay, you’re probably wondering about its price. This is usually the first thing that one thinks about.

        Although not as expensive as others, you should still know that this will cost money. You need to be willing to spend before going through the project.

        The issue, however, is that timber floor installation does not have a fixed price. This will depend on your goals and needs. In addition, certain factors will also play a part. This is what we’re going to focus on in the next sections.

        Flooring Size (In Square Meters)

        Your site’s flooring size will have the biggest impact on the total quote. Expect that the wider the area, the higher the total cost will be. Each contractor for timber floor installation in Mackay charges differently from the other.

        On average, however, this will go from $30 to $150 per square meter. In some cases, contractors may only give you an estimate. To calculate the total price, it is best if you know the exact measurement of your flooring.

        If not, you can ask the contractors to conduct a site visit. The former task is difficult but it will help you land on the exact cost faster.

        Type of Timber Flooring

        The type and quality of timber flooring that your project will use go alongside the flooring size. With the exact type in mind, contractors can give you a more exact price.

        According to Hi Pages, you generally have three choices for this factor. See below:

        • Low-Grade Timber – $50/sq meters
        • Mid-Grade Timber$55 to $80/sq meters
        • High-Grade Timber – $65 to $150/sq meters

        These vary according to their current qualities and condition. For instance, low-grade timbers are basically those with defects. High-grade timbers, on the other hand, are high-quality ones from known brands.

        Installation Method

        Your chosen installation method is also subject to additional costs. Initially, the contractors will brief you about what you need to prepare. Most of the time, the team will take care of buying it from the shop. All you have to do is to pay for the materials, tools, and rentals. This also includes the manpower.

        Out of all the methods, you should expect to pay for floating installation the most. This is because it requires more resources compared to the others.

        Required Turnaround Time

        Timber floor installation already has a short turnaround time. However, one may still avail of a rush service for large-sized sites. This usually happens in commercial and residential buildings that are for gaining profit. These building types can’t afford to go out of business for even a few days.

        Whilst some contractors don’t charge extra for deadlines, some charge fees for early outputs. Nevertheless, this will still affect your expenses.

        How to Get the Best Value for Your Money

        For timber flooring, your goal should revolve around getting the value of your money’s worth instead of finding the cheapest price around. To do this, the most effective method is to canvass. This will allow you to compare one team with another with ease.

        Setting fixed goals and standards can also help you make the best choice. These can consist of the location, price per square meter, and the offered timber types.

        Another thing that you should do is to set aside your budget. Doing so will prevent you from going above your financial capabilities.

        Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Mackay

        Before availing of a team’s service for timber floor installation in Mackay, it is best if you canvass first. This involves asking for quotes from various teams.

        Along with this, you should also ask them about their abilities and main forte. In this way, you can assure both cost-efficiency and high-quality results.

        If your site is around Mackay, we’re open for meetings. We can also visit your site to give you a more accurate quote.

          Melton Timber Floor Installation

          Superb Timber Floor Installation In Melton | Aus Construction

          Melton Timber Floor Installation

            If you’re looking into having timber floor installation in Melton, you should make sure that you will have high-quality results. In this way, you can have all the benefits of your new flooring.

            The issue, however, is this is not easy to do. You have to consider a lot of factors that may affect your project. To make this easier, we will talk about some tasks that can help you get a high-quality timber floor.

            Be Clear with Your Goals

            Before looking for a contractor of timber floor installation in Melton, you should first set clear goals. You should know what you want to achieve by the end of the project. At the same time, you should know what it takes to do so. In this way, you know what to ask your contractors for.

            The contractors, on the other hand, can give you a more proper quote. They will also be able to provide you with all the necessary details.

            Setting clear goals is quite a simple task. You can just think of how you want the flooring to look, how long it will last, and likes. You can write it down or simply remember them. This will come in handy during project meetings.

            Monitor Your Project’s Progress

            During the actual project, you should try your best to be present at the site. This will allow you to manage and monitor its progress.

            Although a trusty team can do fine on its own, doing this can help you have better results. This is because you can immediately tell them if you don’t like the flooring. Similarly, you can also tell them if you want to change anything. This will save a lot more time compared to redoing the process after it’s done.

            Use High-Quality Materials

            High-quality materials bring high-quality results. This is what you should live by for your project.

            If you use low-grade timbers just for the sake of saving money, then you can’t expect too much. After a year or so, its flaws can fail you, and you have to avail of the service again.

            This means that you have to spend more time and money. On the flip side, if you invest in branded timbers, you can have your money’s worth. It will also last longer without needing repairs.

            This also applies to the tools and equipment that you will use.

            Set a Reasonable Budget

            Although timber floor installation in Melton is cheaper than other types, this will still cost you money. If you stick with a low budget, the results will be the same. This will open only a few opportunities.

            Moreover, this may cause the project to stop due to shortage.

            You should set a reasonable budget. This doesn’t necessarily mean large sums. This means that you should have enough money according to what you want to get. Canvassing for teams and materials can help you set the right amount.

            Work With Experts

            Finally, to have the highest quality timber flooring possible, you should work with experts. You shouldn’t just go on and find any type of construction worker. Processing and installing timber flooring takes a lot of knowledge and skills. Doing the latter can lead you to unsatisfactory results.

            By experts, we are referring to contractors. Not only do they have the right set of skills, but they will also provide your project with convenience. Usually, they also offer warranties to assure the clients.

            Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Melton

            All in all, having a high-quality timber floor boils down to how you and your team complete your project. Your decisions will play a big part in how the results will turn out.

            It is a given that you need a team that can give you what you need. We suggest looking into our team at Melton. For more details, you can call or text us through our phone number. You can also email us if preferred.

              Bundaberg Timber Floor Installation

              Quality Timber Floor Installation In Bundaberg | Aus Construction

              Bundaberg Timber Floor Installation

                If you need timber flooring installation in Bundaberg, know that your contractor’s abilities will play a big part in the quality of your new timber floor.

                They will also affect how convenient the project will be. This means that you should invest time in finding the team for you.

                Although this will depend on a lot of factors, you can do simple tasks to assure that you are in the right hands. This is what we’re going to talk about in the next sections.

                Be Knowledgeable About the Installation Process

                It is already given that before you avail of any service, you should know at least basic details about it. The problem, though, is that not everyone takes the time to do so. This causes them to make the wrong choices. This can also make the clients prone to misleading offers.

                This stated, it is just right that you study timber flooring installation in Bundaberg and how the whole process goes. This will give you an idea of what to expect. You can also filter out contractors better by doing so. The average price rates, risks, and materials used are just some things that you should know.

                Set and Follow a Standard

                This task is best done before looking for contractors. Specifically, this involves setting a standard about what kind of team you want to work with. This can involve certain details about their contractors, their reputation, and offers.

                Here are some things that you can include:

                • Years in the Field
                • Price Range
                • Warranty
                • After-Project Services
                • Average Turnaround Time
                • Installation Method
                • Contractor’s Forte

                Of course, your choices are not limited to these. You can write whatever as long as it is reasonable. This will serve as your checklist when you are talking with a possible contractor. You can get the details by simply talking with them or looking into their profile.

                Canvass a price

                Sometimes, one contractor can be better than the other. This is in terms of service quality, price, and other factors.

                Because of this, you should consider canvassing to find the best fit. This involves reviewing multiple teams. From there, you can compare their qualities and offers to know which is most ideal. Doing this will prevent you from settling with whoever is available.

                This may need more time and effort, but this will surely be a big help in finding the right contractor. You can find teams in your local city, on social media sites, and in search engines.

                Ask the Right Questions to Contractors

                If you want to get the right answers, you should ask the right questions. This will allow you to get the most information out of a contractor.

                Some inquiries that you can ask are:

                • How much should I prepare to get this quality flooring?
                • Do you have a license?
                • What after-services do you offer?
                • Do you offer a warranty? How long is it for?
                • Since when did you start offering floor installation services?

                It is best if you ask specific questions. You can do this during initial meetings and project briefings. Sticking to general concerns won’t be of too much help because you can easily look them up. To ensure that you won’t miss a question, you can prepare a list and use it as a guide during canvassing.

                Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Bundaberg

                The tasks above will help you make the right choice for your contractor. These will not cost you money, so you don’t have to worry about expenses. You do, however, have to spend both time and effort.

                If you want the best for your project, we recommend our team. We are a group of timber floor installation contractors in Bundaberg. Our skills and experience in the field have helped us provide high-quality results to many homes and buildings. For more details, you can refer to our contact details on our website.

                  Port Macquarie Timber Floor Installation

                  Industry Leading Timber Floor Installation In Port Macquarie

                  Port Macquarie Timber Floor Installation

                    Timber floor installation in Port Macquarie is one of the most sought-after services in the area. This is because of woods properties that add to both the aesthetic and durability qualities of the floor.

                    However, this should not be enough for you to install it. You should take your time in knowing what it can offer, its issues, and how it’s installed. These will help you make better decisions for your future project. This is what we’re going to help you with in the next sections.

                    How is timber floor different from other flooring types?

                    At first glance, you may think that timber floor is only distinct because of its appearance. This is not the case, though. Other flooring types like tiles and vinyl can also have a wooden design. Instead, this has a varied structure, price, and variations.

                    Refer to the following:

                    • Structure

                    Timber floors are innovative hardwood floors. Meaning, it has undergone processing to get its structure. Unlike others, this is not a simple single-layered material. Usually, this is a three-ply wood. Thus, you can expect this to come in thick structures. This is also the reason behind its protective qualities.

                    • Price

                    Although still affordable, timber floor is pricier than other flooring types. One square foot floor can cost $50 and above. Others, tiles, in particular, range from $7 to $15. This goes the same for laminated floors, linoleum, and likes.

                    • Variations

                    Timber floor comes in different sizes and designs. This is, however, not your main choice when choosing a variation. Here, your options revolve around the grade and brand. Low-grade ones involve those that are faulty to begin with.

                    Timber floor stands out on its own. Based on the qualities above, it is evident that this is very different from other flooring types. Meaning, you can’t expect to have the same experience as your current floor.

                    What are the pros of having a timber floor?

                    The final output of timber floor installation in Port Macquarie gives justice to its price. It will provide numerous benefits for your home or building.

                    See below for some examples:

                    • Better Sound and Air Quality
                    • Longer Flooring Life
                    • Increased Durability
                    • Classic Aesthetic
                    • Increases Building Value
                    • Does Not Depreciate
                    • Easy Cleaning Maintenance

                    Of course, these will only be present if the flooring is in its best state. Hence, you should assure that both the installation process and maintenance will go well.

                    How is timber floor installed?

                    Experts, such as floor contractors, should be in charge of timber floor installation. Even if the process is fairly simple, it will still require knowledge and skills.

                    The sub-floor will undergo various processes to fully support the timber floor. In most cases, contractors will follow the following timeline:

                    Some projects may need more processes than others. This will depend on the project’s condition before starting. The turnaround time will also rely on the method used.

                    What should you know before installing a timber floor?

                    If you are planning to avail a timber floor installation service, here are some things that you should expect:

                    • The process will require you to have a budget.
                    • The turnaround time will depend on the method and how large the site is.
                    • Safety risks are present during the project unless you take preventive measures.
                    • You should be able to avail of refinishing for maintenance every 3-5 years.

                    You must be willing to commit to the project if you want the best results. Moreover, you should look into several factors to know more about what tasks you can do.

                    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Port Macquarie

                    Once you’re fully acquainted with the process, you can now feel free to avail of the service. Note that you need the help of contractors to do. Not doing this can only result in inconvenience.

                    In finding a team to work with for timber floor installation in Port Macquarie, you should make sure that they are experts in the field. This will further guarantee high-quality results. Thus, we suggest working with us. We’re based in Port Macquarie. You can contact us through our phone number or email address. You can also ask us to visit your site.

                      Hervey Bay Timber Floor Installation

                      Top Tier Timber Floor Installation In Hervey Bay | Aus Construction

                      Hervey Bay Timber Floor Installation

                        Timber floor installation in Hervey Bay is a fairly simple process. Most of its methods are not that complex. This means that you can track your project’s progress even if you don’t know much about construction. Still, you have to keep in mind that this needs a certain set of skills.

                        Along with this, you have to prepare various materials. Today, we will discuss the materials usually used during a project. Knowing this will allow you to have more idea about what the process involves.

                        Measuring Tools

                        Measuring tools are essential throughout the process of Timber floor installation in Hervey Bay. Contractors will use this to know the size of the site. This will determine the total costs and the materials they need to prepare.

                        In a nutshell, here are some measuring tools that you can expect:

                        • Measuring Tape
                        • Ruler
                        • Marker
                        • Measuring Wheels
                        • Protractor

                        These will work alongside plan creation. At the same time, this will play a role in the actual installation process. Without these, you are going to face countless issues about estimation.

                        Cleaning Tools

                        To prepare the site for installation, the contractors will first clean the sub-floor. They have to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime residue. This will ensure the efficiency of the process. This will also prevent sanitary issues in the long run.

                        These cleaning tools can include:

                        • Broom
                        • Vacuum Cleaner
                        • Duster
                        • Mop
                        • Scraper
                        • Cleaning Cloths

                        In cases where existing flooring is present, you can choose to keep it or remove it. Keeping it will affect the type of installation method. Removing it, on the other hand, will require additional tools like chisels.

                        Personal Protective Equipment

                        Of course, all the people on the site need personal protective equipment. This will protect them from the risks and hazards in the area.

                        Usually, these include the following:

                        • Helmet
                        • Gloves
                        • Safety Vest
                        • Mask
                        • Safety Shoes

                        Without these, you may encounter accidents and injuries.

                        Timber Planks

                        Timber planks refer to the actual flooring. These come in different types and brands. They have different prices and quality. Meaning, this will be your main basis when choosing what to use.

                        Here is a list of your options for timber planks:

                        • Low-Grade Timber
                        • Mid-Grade Timber
                        • Branded Timber

                        Some people go for low-grade timber because it is the most affordable. This, however, causes them problems in the future because of its already low quality.

                        Installation Method Tools

                        The materials that you will need will also depend on the method that your contractors will use. There are four main common methods. See below:

                        • Nailing
                        • Stapling
                        • Adhesives
                        • Floating

                        The team needs to conduct a proper evaluation to land on the right process. The materials may include nails, hammer, stapler and staples, adhesives, and special nails. You will be responsible for its cost. Apart from the cost, it will also affect the turnaround time and the maintenance services.

                        Vapour Barrier

                        Vapour barriers are special requirements if you use the floating installation method. This is a type of damp-proofing tool.

                        Because floating timbers have a different structure, the contractors need to apply this to the sub-floor before placing it. Doing so will prevent moisture-related issues like moss and dampness. This will allow it to last longer.

                        Summary: Timber floor installation in Hervey Bay

                        The materials that you will need for your project will depend on the method. You and your team will discuss this before starting.

                        Most of the time, you don’t have to pay for the equipment. This is unless you have to rent them. You have to pay for the other resources, though.

                        If you’re interested in installing a timber floor, consider looking into our team. We exclusively offer our services to projects in Hervey Bay.

                          Sunshine Coast Timber Floor Installation

                          Your Local Timber Floor Installation On The Sunshine Coast

                          Sunshine Coast Timber Floor Installation

                            Timber floor installation on the Sunshine Coast typically comes as an inclusive service for a construction project. However, you have to know that this requires specialisation. Yes, there are contractors like us who have been doing this for decades, and our work is impeccable.

                            Today, we want to share with you some reasons why you should choose us over our competition. In the end, you can even use these reasons as a guide when choosing a contractor to do your floor installation.

                            What is timber floor installation?  

                            Timber floor installation on the Sunshine Coast is the process of putting a timber panel on the floor. It is one of the last things we do in construction, and it is part of the finishing process.

                            In the old days, timber floors are made of actual timber. These things had to be manually processed. Today, there are many types of timber wood flooring that you can choose from, most of which are engineered wood.

                            Why Hire Australian Construction? 

                            The first reason for hiring us is our license. As a contractor, we have a license to operate. In case you do not know, the construction industry is a regulated one. Just like driving, the government issues licenses only to those who are qualified.

                            Without a license, the contractor has no proof of his qualifications. On the other hand, a licensed contractor knows the government’s expectations, and you can expect the contractor to abide by the Australian Building Code.

                            A contractor without a license is not a suitable business partner. They are not likely to have insurance, and it is also likely that they cannot acquire a license because they are not qualified.

                            The second reason is our experience. We have been in this business for over 20 years. This length of tenure is what gives us a significant advantage over our competitors. If possible, we do not recommend that you work with contractors who have less than five years of experience in the industry.  

                            Thirdly, we are adept at all facets of the construction business. This means that we are experts at other job types such as the following:

                            • Demolition
                            • Renovation
                            • Plumbing
                            • Electrical services
                            • Floor preparation

                            These are just a few examples. You can explore our website to see the full list of the services that we offer. The benefit of having multiple capabilities is that you can rely on us for other projects. This means that you will not have to pay other contractors for different projects—you only have to speak with one group.

                            Working with us will certainly help you save a lot of money. Instead of paying for the services of multiple engineers, we will take care of giving you a single point of contact for your project.

                            Lastly, we are efficient workers. This is something we can deliver because of our engineers and tools. We invest in technology and new machinery as they become available. As such, we can perform our work faster than the others.

                            Summary: Timber Floor Installation on the Sunshine Coast

                            These qualifications are by no means everything there is. We have other blogs that will show you why we are the best at what we do. Anyhow, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know. You can find our phone number on our website.

                            You can also discuss your project with us so we can give you a price quote. If a phone call is out of the question, you can use our “request quote” form. Provide us with as many details about your project and we will let you know how much it will cost.

                              Gladstone TImber Floor Installation

                              Fully Licenced Timber Floor Installation Expert In Gladstone

                              Gladstone Timber Floor Installation

                                If you’re looking into timber floor installation in Gladstone, then you have a lot of options. You can choose depending on the quality and design that you want. Your budget will also play a part. 

                                Before this, however, you should first know what options are available. This is what we’re going to help you within this article. In the next sections, we will focus on the most common types of flooring. 

                                Laminate Flooring

                                Laminate flooring is popular for being able to give off the same feel as wooden flooring. This is in terms of its aesthetic quality. At first glance, you won’t notice that it is just a mere picture on a fibreboard. 

                                Here are the pros of the said flooring:

                                • You can install this yourself.
                                • Laminate flooring is lightweight.
                                • This is more affordable than a real hardwood floor.

                                The cons that you should know, on the flip side, are:

                                • Even with moisture barriers, this can’t withstand damp and wet areas like the laundry.
                                • This isn’t subject to repairs once it deteriorates. 

                                If you’re looking into short-term flooring at a low cost, then this may be your best choice.


                                Next up, we have vinyl flooring. Like the former, this also comes in various designs. It can also copy different structures like wood. 

                                Below are the benefits of installing vinyl flooring:

                                • The structure of vinyl flooring is fully moisture-resistant.
                                • This is compatible with most sub-floor types.
                                • This is budget-friendly.

                                For the drawbacks, refer to the following:

                                • This is prone to dents, cracks, and tears.
                                • This is not ideal for places exposed to sunlight.

                                Most of the time, homeowners who need timber floor installation in Gladstone choose this over laminate flooring. This has a low price even with its moisture-proofing traits.

                                If this is what you’re looking for on a floor, then vinyl will benefit you the most.

                                Wooden-design Tiles

                                Tile flooring is probably the most common type used in both homes and buildings. Usually, this is because it is the most accessible. Its designs focus more on stone-based looks like marble. 

                                Here are the advantages of tile flooring:

                                • This is water-resistant. This is ideal for any room.
                                • This can hold extreme weights.
                                • Even if tiles are pricier than laminate and vinyl, this is still on the budget-friendly side.

                                The cons, on the other hand, are:

                                • This does not absorb heat that well. This can be difficult during the winter season.
                                • Its surface is slippery.

                                If you want classic flooring that can match any purpose, then tiles are the best way to go.


                                Lastly, we have timber flooring. This is currently one of the biggest trends in home improvement. This is a type of hardwood floor that can give your home numerous benefits.

                                Speaking of benefits, below are the things that timber can provide you with:

                                For the cons:

                                • This is a little expensive especially if you want high-quality results.
                                • This can shrink if it absorbs steam.

                                If your goal is to have long-lasting flooring for your home, you should install timber.

                                Professional maintenance only involves refinishing every 3 to 5 years. This is also the most durable and most aesthetic out of the options.

                                Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Gladstone

                                In conclusion, here are the five most common types of flooring that you can avail:

                                • Laminate Flooring
                                • Vinyl
                                • Tiles
                                • Timber

                                Each of these has its benefits and installation process. If you want your home or building to have timber flooring, you can work with our team. We offer timber floor installation in Gladstone and maintenance services. Our lines are open for phone calls, texts, and emails.

                                  Central Coast Timber Floor Installation

                                  Most Trusted Timber Floor Installation On The Central Coast

                                  Central Coast Timber Floor Installation

                                    We at Australian Construction are experts in timber floor installation on the Central Coast. Over the years, we managed to successfully complete dozens of projects in this industry. One thing we realised is that many people are not aware that this service is an option.

                                    Today, we will discuss the basics of this process. In the end, we are hoping that you use this as a guide if you are going to make a business decision.

                                    Types of Wood Flooring

                                    First off, let us talk about the different types of wood panels. First, there is engineered wood. This is wood that you buy from big box stores. It is made of softwood that is sandwiched between two layers of hardwood.

                                    Hardwood, on the other hand, is the real deal. It is expensive, but they are durable and beautiful. There are many types of wood to choose from, such as ash, teak, mahogany, and birch. If you use this for your flooring, be prepared to spend a lot of money on the raw materials and labour costs.

                                    Another common option is laminate flooring. This is also an engineered product, but it has four layers. The two layers inside are commonly plywood, and only the outside is made from hardwood.

                                    Of all these, engineered wood is the most common. They are available at big box stores, and they come in many shapes and sizes. However, as far as options are concerned, laminated woods offer more designs and textures.

                                    Hardwood is the most expensive, and it is best used for hotels and homes, but not for an industrial complex.

                                    Types of Floor Installation

                                    Once you have selected the kind of material, the next thing you need to know is the method on how to install them. We at Australian Construction use two types or methods.  

                                    The first one is the direct stick. It is a method by which we glue the wooden panel to the substrate. There are many types of glue, so we use what is the most appropriate. Before we start with the gluing process, we have to make sure that the substrate is even.

                                    If the substrate is concrete, then we have to grind it. This process takes a while, and it is messy. Some of our clients prefer that we put a layer of plywood on top, and then just glue the wood panels on it.

                                    The second method is the floating installation. Here, we do not use glue. This method is primarily useful for engineered wood products because they are manufactured with grooves. Some use mortise and tenon joints.

                                    Because of that design, they can interlock with each other. The job of the contractor is to make sure that the substrate is even. The second job is to cut the panels according to size and then proceed with the installation. Just like the first method, we have to grind the substrate to make sure that the floor is going to be flat.  

                                    Summary: Timber Floor Installation on the Central Coast

                                    As you can see, timber floor installation on the Central Coast has changed over the years. As technologies improve, engineers and manufacturers will find more and more ways to create new types of flooring.

                                    If you have a question, we will be happy to help. Just give us a call and one of our experts will be on the phone with you. You could also use this opportunity to discuss your project with us.

                                    If what you need is a price quote, you can use our contact form. Just give us the details of your project, and we will assess it from here.

                                      Launceston Timber Floor Installation

                                      Specialist Timber Floor Installation Team In Launceston

                                      Launceston Timber Floor Installation

                                        If you need timber floor installation in Launceston, the company to call is Australian Construction. We are a construction business that has been around for over 20 years. Today, we will show you several reasons why you should choose us.

                                        Some people think that timber floor installation is easy to do. Quite the contrary, this requires specialisation. There are many things that a contractor must take into account to ensure that the timber floor is properly installed.

                                        Engineered Timber Flooring

                                        The first service we offer is a type of flooring made for your structure. Engineered wood is basically a kind of softwood used as a filling between two pieces of hardwood. There are many types of engineered wood and choosing from all of them can be a daunting experience.  

                                        Engineered wood is a good alternative to the real deal—they are affordable, and they are easier to install. Since engineered wood is pre-fabricated in a factory, it is easier to choose specific sizes and transport them to your project site.   

                                        Overlay Flooring

                                        The next reason you should hire us for timber floor installation in Launceston is our capacity to install overlay flooring. This type of flooring is a strip that we put on top of a substrate, usually concrete.

                                        Sometimes, it is not financially practical to apply a finish on concrete flooring, especially so if you know that you will use wood for your top layer. However, applying a wooden floor is not as easy as it seems—you need a group like us that can prepare the substrate before putting the wooden overlay.

                                        Wood Parquetry

                                        Another service we offer, which you may no longer see often today is parquetry. It is an art where we use small strips of wood panels to create patterns on the floor. Many old hotels have this type of flooring.

                                        Because it is an art, it can be quite pricey. Also, only a few can do this because it requires extensive experience.

                                        With parquetry, we can give a type of flooring that is versatile. The kind of wood we use is also of high grade. On top of that, we only use high-end wood glue to ensure that the wood sticks to your base or substrate.

                                        Staining and Liming 

                                        Another service that we offer is staining your wooden floor. This is a difficult task, as you will never really know how the stain would look like unless you are an expert. Some people prefer to do it on their own, but this usually ends up in a botched job.

                                        Liming is a process where you want to lighten the colour of the wood. We do this to get an “old” look, especially if the wood you used is freshly out of the big box store. Like staining, it takes an expert to do the liming process correctly.

                                        Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Launceston

                                        These are the basic services for timber floor installation in Launceston. If there is a service you are looking for that we did not mention here, do not hesitate to give us a call. You can find our number on our website.

                                        If what you need is a service price quote, we can discuss that, or you can send us a message through our contact form. Just give us the details of your project and we will assess it from here. We will contact you shortly for the price.

                                        A better option is to schedule a meeting with us. We will do an ocular inspection and our engineers a better understand how to get the work done.

                                          Geelong Timber Floor Installation

                                          Timber Floor Installation Experts In Geelong | Aus Construction

                                          Geelong Timber Floor Installation

                                            If you need timber floor installation in Geelong, you need a company versatile enough to fulfil your requirements no matter the kind of wood. A company that you should hire is one like us—we install wood flooring of any kind.

                                            Wood flooring has evolved over the years. Today, you can buy all sorts from big box stores. What we want to share with you now are the most common types that we work on. In the end, we’d like you to give us a call so we can discuss your project.

                                            Engineered Timber

                                            This kind of flooring comes from a manufacturing plant. It is a kind of wood flooring where softwood is sandwiched in between two layers of hardwood. At the outset, one would think that your flooring is hardwood, but it is not 100% so.

                                            It takes special skill to install this because it comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. The locking mechanism for the wood boards also vary. In addition to this, the person who will install this will have to cut the material if it does not fit your area.

                                            Laminate Timber

                                            This is a kind of wood flooring where the board has four layers. It is a durable material, and it can rival engineered wood. Laminate timber is also a lot more affordable than the previous type.  

                                            The great thing about laminate timber is that there are so many options. They come in different sizes, stains, and even types of texture. Keep in mind that laminate timber comes in many board lengths. You need a contractor like us who will do the measurement so you can buy the right type.

                                            Vinyl Planks

                                            A vinyl plank is a synthetic type of wood flooring. It still qualifies as a project for timber floor installation in Geelong. Since it is synthetic, it feels like rubber. Some look like real wood, but they never feel like one.

                                            Although vinyl products have a polyurethane coating, do not think that it is scratch proof. Some may take longer to scratch, but they all eventually will show signs of wear and tear.

                                            Since it is a rubbery material, it is also easier to install. The only thing we need is a special kind of glue to make sure it sticks to your substrate.

                                            Before you start looking somewhere else, give us a call so we can discuss your project. We have been in this business for over 20 years. Our great service is what allowed us to expand our services. Today, we do not just provide construction services in Geelong, but also in many cities in Australia.

                                            As a construction company, we have a license from the government. We have a business permit to operate, and you can rest assured that you are dealing with a legitimate company. Lastly, we are adept at all kinds of construction work. We are the only team you need for any kind of construction project.

                                            Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Geelong

                                            It is not practical for us to list all types of wood here. What matters is how the wood was processed. As you can see, there are major types of wood processing, and you need an expert like us to install this for you. If you have a question, call us and let us talk about it.

                                            If you need a price quote for timber floor installation in Geelong, we can talk about it, or you could use our contact form. Give us as many details about your project as possible, and we will send you back a quote.

                                              Coffs Harbour Timber Floor Installation

                                              Expert Timber Floor Installation In Coffs Harbour | Aus Construction

                                              Coffs Harbour Timber Floor Installation

                                                Before getting timber floor installation in Coffs Harbour, you first have to know what you’re getting into. This involves the results, issues, and events that you should expect during the project. Simply doing this will help you make better choices for your home or building.

                                                In the next sections, we will delve deeper into the topic. In this way, you don’t have to go through different sources. These are also based on our experience in the field.

                                                Thorough Assessment and Preparation

                                                Before you can start to install timber flooring, the site should go through both assessment and preparation. These tasks need to be thorough. In this way, you can be sure that you won’t miss even one factor.

                                                To be specific, here are the things that you and your team should evaluate:

                                                • Flooring Size (In Square Meters)
                                                • Current Sub floor Type
                                                • Flooring Condition (Existing Damage)
                                                • Surrounding Threats
                                                • Budget
                                                • Best Installation Method
                                                • Area’s Humidity and Temperature

                                                All of the factors stated above will directly affect the process. The types of tools and equipment will also depend on these. This means that if you lack even one detail, you may not have the most accurate findings. This can give a negative impact on the final results.

                                                Straightforward Installation Process

                                                Once you complete the assessment, the actual installation will go by in a blur. No matter the method, all of them are pretty simple. There is no need for heavy labour tasks like fabrication and likes.

                                                Aside from this, most of them need regular tools like nails, staplers, and adhesives. All of these are available at almost any tool shop.

                                                Hence, you can expect easy project management. However, expect complex tasks if you plan on using the floating method. This is where the workers attach the planks with each other instead of the surface. This is only for already processed floors.

                                                Low Maintenance Post-Project

                                                Timber floor is easy to maintain. Unlike others, you don’t have to redo the methods weekly or yearly. Instead, the contractors will do this every three to five years. This means that you can cut down on maintenance costs.

                                                In terms of cleaning, on the other hand, it also won’t be a hassle. You can simply mop it once a week. There is no need for wax or branded polishers. In addition to this, you can rest assured that dirt and dust will not get stuck within the gaps.

                                                Various Choices

                                                Timber floor installation in Coffs Harbour will provide you with various choices and opportunities. You can choose from different aesthetics and methods.

                                                In this way, you can better cater to what you want for your building. Basically, you have full control over how you want your timber flooring to look and feel.

                                                Below is an overview of the qualities that you can ask your team to tailor:

                                                Although you still need to consider certain factors, you should also rely on your preference. This is because the result will mostly reflect on the aesthetic qualities.

                                                Relatively Short Turnaround Time

                                                On average, contractors for timber floor installation in Coffs Harbour can finish timber floor installation within 1 to 3 days. This will depend on the size of the site.

                                                It is relatively larger, say more than 1,000sqm, you should allow at least five days. Either way, this is a much shorter turnaround time compared to other flooring types. In some cases wherein the sub-floor is in a bad state, it can take longer because of the repairing tasks.

                                                Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Coffs Harbour

                                                There are not many risks present in timber floors unless it’s poorly made. The only thing that you need to do is assure that the results are of high quality.

                                                To do this, you need to work with an experienced team. You can start by looking into our team at Coffs Harbour. For more details and inquiries, you can reach us through our contact information.

                                                  Toowoomba Timber Floor Installation

                                                  Outstanding Timber Floor Installation in Toowoomba

                                                  Toowoomba Timber Floor Installation

                                                    This is a good question if you need timber floor installation in Toowoomba. When clients ask us this, the answer is always “it depends.” We know that this is not a concrete answer, but you have to understand that the cost really depends on the scope of the project.

                                                    Today, we want to discuss with you some things you need to know about pricing. These prices are averages, of course, and can change over time. However, this should suffice as your guide to making a business decision for your project.

                                                    How much is the service? 

                                                    For timber floor installation in Toowoomba, the general cost is $27 per square meter. Some will quote $33 per square meter. Both of these are correct.  

                                                    However, the real deal is from the cost of timber. As a contractor, we know that the prices vary because of many factors.

                                                    Timber flooring can cost $50 per square meter. Since there are many kinds of wood products, you will have to make this decision yourself. The price of $50 per square meter is not for perfect wood—it is for wood that has many knots, which people think of as an eyesore.

                                                    This is actually cheap. Woods with knots are not something that many clients want for their floor. Usually, these types of wood end up in the furniture factory.

                                                    High-grade flooring can cost more. You have to shell out $150 per square meter for high-quality wood. If you are looking for mid-range prices, it can cost between $60 and $80 per square meter.

                                                    These prices are only for timber. They do not include the cost of labour, power, and fees for engineers and other expenses.

                                                    Is the cost of this service worth it? 

                                                    Why yes, of course!

                                                    But why is it expensive?

                                                    Wood is expensive because it takes time to grow. Wood is also a regulated product. If you chop wood, you are felling trees, and you are causing environmental problems. The more regulated it is, the higher the price.

                                                    Wood can take up to 20 years to grow before harvest. The cheapest is pine because it only takes three to five years to grow. However, pine is soft and may not be a suitable wood product for flooring.

                                                    Despite the price that you pay, wood has so many benefits that justify the cost.

                                                    Here are some examples:

                                                    • Wood is durable; it can last for hundreds of years
                                                    • Wood is easy to maintain if you know how
                                                    • Wood flooring can increase the value of your property
                                                    • Wood offers so many designs, textures, and colours

                                                    It is true that wood is expensive, and then you have to spend more money on the installation. However, you have to think of this as an investment.

                                                    To help you save on cost, you have to work with a contractor who knows all the facets of the construction industry, like us. If you do this, you will only work with one group instead of several.

                                                    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Toowoomba

                                                    If you need timber floor installation in Toowoomba, give us a call. Our experts are on standby during business hours to help you out. If you need a quote, we can discuss that over the phone, or you can use our contact form.

                                                    In our contact form, give us the details of your project and we will assess it from here. One of our engineers will be in contact with you soon.

                                                    The best option is to have a meeting with us. We will be happy to visit your site, which we call an ocular inspection. From here, our engineers can make a better project assessment.

                                                      Rockhampton Timber Floor Installation

                                                      Professional Timber Floor Installation In Rockhampton

                                                      Rockhampton Timber Floor Installation

                                                        There are various ways on how workers do timber floor installation in Rockhampton. They will choose depending on certain project qualities. Hence, this means that the site will go through intense review before starting.

                                                        In this article, we’re going to talk about the most used installation methods. This will help you be more well-informed about the topic. We will also talk about how you can choose the right method for your project.

                                                        Nail-Down Technique

                                                        The most common method used by contractors is the nail-down technique. This is also the simplest one out of the list. If one is looking for an easy do-it-yourself way, then this is the best path to go.

                                                        From the name, this uses hammer and nails in installing the timber planks to the sub-floor. In most cases, this uses regular tools. However, in other cases such as a rare sub-floor type or thicker timber, the method will use special flooring nails.

                                                        Stapling Method

                                                        The next method on our list is very similar to the former. To be specific, we will talk about the stapling method. What makes this different is that instead of manual work, this uses a stapler.

                                                        This allows for a more convenient installation. Don’t confuse this with the common one used in paperwork. This is relatively larger and has more power.

                                                        If your goal is to have a shorter turnaround time, then this will give you the most advantage. The issue, however, is that you may need to pay extra for the stapler. This is especially true if you don’t own one, and you need to rent the equipment.


                                                        Adhesives will be a good choice if you already have existing flooring, and you don’t want to remove it. This requires greater expertise, though.

                                                        You have to know which type of adhesive is for which. In addition, you have to research the brand that works best. This will help you avoid issues like constant redo or the planks not sticking at all.

                                                        For the adhesive to work better, this needs to use a vapour barrier. This will eliminate climate-related risks and issues.

                                                        Floating Installation

                                                        Lastly, we have the floating type for timber floor installation in Rockhampton. This is specifically for engineered timber flooring only. You can also consider this as the most innovative method.

                                                        In a nutshell, this method won’t require any of the timber planks to directly attach to your sub-floor. Instead, the workers will attach the planks with each other. In that way, it will become a full flooring by itself.

                                                        The contractors will then place this on top of the sub-floor. Take note, however, that the sub-floor should have another flooring material. This can be an existing one or a cork pad. This will allow a better placement.

                                                        How to Choose the Right Method

                                                        Before wrapping up, let us give you an overview of the factors that you should consider before choosing a method. See the list below:

                                                        • Floor Dimensions
                                                        • Current Sub-floor Condition
                                                        • Budget
                                                        • Target Turnaround Time
                                                        • Project Goals

                                                        Usually, you and your team will discuss this before starting the project. Doing so will enable both parties to have the same mindset towards the project. You will also know what to expect in terms of the results and risks.

                                                        Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Rockhampton

                                                        To be sure that you will use the right method, you should work with experts. By experts, we mean floor installation contractors.

                                                        Finding a high-quality team will give you the assurance for your project’s success. If you are looking for one, we suggest looking into our team at Rockhampton.

                                                        We’re a group of timber floor installation contractors who have great experience in the field. You can count on us to bring you the results that you want. To reach us, you can call or text us on our phone number. We also accept emails.

                                                          Cairns Timber Floor Installation

                                                          Leading Timber Floor Installation In Cairns | Aus Construction

                                                          Cairns Timber Floor Installation

                                                            There are many contractors for floor timber installation in Cairns. However, not all of these are really qualified to do the job. There is a standard for doing things, and you may be surprised that there are several. Yes, there is an ideal process for installing timber floors.

                                                            Today, we will provide you with an insight into how we do things at Australian Construction. In the end, you can use this as a guide when hiring contractors for a job like this.

                                                            Removal of baseboards

                                                            To make floor timber installation in Cairns effective, the first thing that we look at is the baseboard. Not all houses have this. Some have concrete flooring.

                                                            Whatever the case, we either have to remove the baseboard or sand the concrete. This process is what we call substrate preparation. If the construction is new, we will work on the best method to prepare the substrate.

                                                            This process can take a while, but it is the secret to having good timber flooring. It is this process that guarantees flat wood flooring.

                                                            Final sub-floor preparation

                                                            After sanding and grinding the concrete, we need to clean it. If the base is a board, we may have to replace it with a new one or repair weak spots.

                                                            We also have to remove nails and make sure that the base is smooth. Part of this process is to ensure that there are no indentations. We also want to remove the gaps, which you normally see at the edges where the floor and the walls meet.

                                                            Adding moisture barrier

                                                            Not all projects require this. However, we strongly recommend it if you are in a cold region. Winter produces water, and the last thing you want in a wooden structure is water.

                                                            If wood gets moisture, it is likely to accumulate from underneath the surface. The top one is alright because you wipe it all the time, but you have no control underneath. This moisture s going to weaken the wood, and also give life to organisms.

                                                            And where there is water, there will be pests. Another thing that can happen is that the wood can be a breeding ground for moulds. Different types of moulds can cause diseases.

                                                            To prevent this, we add a moisture barrier on the concrete or baseboard. Typically, we use insulation foam. Then, we can add plywood before we finally lay down the wooden panels.

                                                            But again, this is not always necessary.

                                                            Flooring installation 

                                                            The last step for timber floor installation in Cairns is to lay down the wooden panels. This takes some serious skill and experience. As you know, these panels come in all shapes and sizes.

                                                            You need an expert contractor to cut them according to the length you need, and this is based on the floor area of your house.

                                                            There are also different techniques for laying down the panels. The most common is by nailing, but this is not aesthetic. At Australian Construction, we usually use the direct stick or floating method.  

                                                            Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Cairns

                                                            Use this knowledge to interview contractors. If they mention these processes, it is likely that you are dealing with a legit group. For any questions or concerns that you may have, let us know and we will help you out. Our phone number is at the top of our website.

                                                            If what you need is a project quote, we can discuss that over the phone, or you can use our “request quote” form. Provide us with the details of your project and we will assess it from here. One of our engineers will be in contact with you soon.

                                                              Hobart Timber Floor Installation

                                                              Your Quality Local Timber Floor Installation In Hobart

                                                              Hobart Timber Floor Installation

                                                                We at Australian Construction are experts in timber floor installation in Hobart. Some people think that this process is easy and that anyone who is in the construction industry can do it. Quite the contrary, it isn’t.

                                                                Today, what we want to talk about is the fundamentals of this service. We will share with you what timber floor installation is, what types of wood you can use, and what best methods are there to do the installation.

                                                                Different types of wood flooring

                                                                Timber floor installation has become more complicated over the years. This is because of new technologies. We now have different types of wood. Below are some examples:

                                                                • Engineered wood – this is a kind of wood where you have a combination of both soft and hardwood. The softwood is sandwiched in between two layers of hardwood. Engineered wood typically uses wood shavings. It is a process that aims to reuse or recycle wood.
                                                                • Hardwood – this is the most expensive kind of timber wood flooring. This is the real deal, so to speak. There are many kinds of wood that you can choose from like maple, oak, birch, and others. Since this wood is something that you buy as planks, it is much more difficult to work on it.
                                                                • Laminate timber – this is somewhat similar to engineered wood. However, they typically have four layers. It is not unusual to see plywood in the middle, and hardwood on the outside.

                                                                For each type, there are dozens upon dozens of options. The beauty of wood is that you can choose from different colours and textures. Also, there are many wood finishes that you can choose from. What this means is that you can buy wood in its raw form and do the finishing or staining yourself.

                                                                How do you install wood flooring? 

                                                                There are several methods to install wood flooring, but we use mainly two. These two methods are direct sick and float.

                                                                In the direct stick method, we use glue to put the wood layer on top of a substrate. This requires a lot of preparation, such as sanding the concrete. On some occasions, we can put plywood over the concrete or baseboard, and then lay the floor panels.

                                                                The glue that we use is not your ordinary glue. There are products out there that are made specifically for this.

                                                                The method is floating. It is a process where we connect each wooden panel through a joint. We do not glue them on the surface. Many engineered wood products today have joints, most of which are mortise and tenon.

                                                                The main advantage of this method is that when one panel breaks, you can easily take it off and replace it. Like the direct stick method, we need to make sure that the surface is flat.

                                                                If your substrate is a wooden baseboard, we may need to dismantle and replace that if it is already old. If it is concrete, we have to sand it.

                                                                Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Hobart

                                                                Use what you have learned here today as a guide when hiring a contractor for timber floor installation in Hobart. If you have any questions, let us know. Our phone number is on our website. Give us a call and we will help you out.

                                                                If you want a price quote, we can discuss this over the phone, or you can use our “request quote” form. Give us the details of your project and we will assess it. One of our engineers will be in contact with you soon to talk about it, or send you the price quote via email.

                                                                  Wagga Wagga Timber Floor Installation

                                                                  The #1 Timber Floor Installation In Wagga Wagga | Aus Construction

                                                                  Wagga Wagga Timber Floor Installation

                                                                    After the timber floor installation in Wagga Wagga, you need maintenance. Each flooring type requires certain maintenance routines. You must know this before installing them.

                                                                    Doing so will help you know what to expect. At the same time, you will know what to do to keep it in its best state.

                                                                    For this article, we’re going to focus on timber floors and their maintenance. This includes topics like the cleaning routine, professional services, and common issues. In addition, we will talk about how much this will cost you and who should do the tasks.

                                                                    Cleaning Routine

                                                                    Timber floor does not require much when it comes to keeping it clean. Dirt and dust can hardly get stuck between its gaps. Meaning, you won’t have the same issues with this compared to other flooring types.

                                                                    The only thing you have to worry about is the build-up that will form within the surfaces. Here are the tasks that you need to maintain your floor’s cleanliness:

                                                                    • Sweeping
                                                                    • Dusting
                                                                    • Mopping

                                                                    You need to do these at least once a week. One thing that you should avoid is steam cleaning. This can cause your flooring to crack because of the heat.

                                                                    Professional Maintenance

                                                                    Like any other flooring, timber floor also needs professional maintenance. This will allow it to last longer. To be specific, it needs re-finishing. You have to avail of this every 3 to 5 years. This will depend on the type of timber used and its condition.

                                                                    Usually, the team who installed your flooring will also take care of its maintenance. Although you’re not required to, this will be a better solution.

                                                                    If you work with the same team, they will already know the basic details, and what steps they need to take. You can also expect an earlier turnaround time.

                                                                    Common Problems With Timber Floor

                                                                    There are not many issues present on a timber floor. Unlike others, this is not accident-prone. Of course, this is if you actually take care of it. However, the quality and type of timber that you used can affect it in the long run.

                                                                    For instance, if you used low-grade timber, you can expect more problems. This is cheap but it can include earlier signs of cracks and dampness.

                                                                    Moreover, its actual structure can start to worsen earlier than usual.

                                                                    Because of this, it is much more recommended to use high-grade timbers. Although they may seem pricey at first, this can give you the best value for your money.

                                                                    How Much Does Timber Floor Maintenance Cost?

                                                                    Evidently, you don’t have to pay for anything to keep it clean. Most of the time, the materials needed are already in your home. What you will need to pay for is the refinishing service.

                                                                    This can range from $3 to $8 per square foot depending on the services involved. Take note that each team charges differently from the other.

                                                                    All in all, your total expenses will depend on how large the site is. Compared to the installation fees, however, you can expect it to be lower.

                                                                    Who Should Maintain Your Timber Flooring?

                                                                    Both you and your contractor for timber floor installation in Wagga Wagga will take part in keeping your timber floor in its best state. You will take care of its cleaning routine.

                                                                    On the flip side, the contractors will do the refinishing. These tasks need to go hand in hand to ensure the routine’s efficiency. Failure of either side will not benefit your flooring.

                                                                    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Wagga Wagga

                                                                    Overall, timber floor is a low-maintenance flooring type. You don’t have to spend a lot on maintenance services, nor will you have any issues in terms of cleaning. Even so, you have to invest both time and effort in this.

                                                                    If you’re looking for a contractor to install and maintain your timber floor for you, our team is available. You can reach us through our phone number or email address for more details.

                                                                      Wollongong Timber Floor Installation

                                                                      Quality Timber Floor Installation In Wollongong | Aus Construction

                                                                      Wollongong Timber Floor Installation

                                                                        If you need a contractor for timber floor installation in Wollongong, know that not all contractors will give you the same value for your money. We at Australian Construction have been in this for a long while, and we often hear complaints from our clients about other contractors.

                                                                        To help you out, we have put together a list of what you could do to properly hire a group. Use this list as your guide in making business decisions. After all, you do not want to hire a contractor who will do a botched job.

                                                                        Check the license

                                                                        If you hire a contractor for timber floor installation in Wollongong, check if the contractor has a license. It is a document from the government giving them the “right” to do this job.

                                                                        Like driving, the construction industry is regulated. It is a dangerous industry, and the government has to protect both the contractor and the consumer.

                                                                        The license serves as evidence that the contractor knows how to do this job—that he passed all the requirements of the government, and that he knows what laws to comply with.  

                                                                        Check the experience

                                                                        Experience is key to success. The more projects a contractor has completed, the more exposure they have to all sorts of problems that can occur. As such, they have what it takes to mitigate these problems.

                                                                        Generally, we do not recommend that you work with new contractors, especially so if you have a huge project. What we recommend is to choose a contractor who has been in this business for over five years.

                                                                        Why is this important? If the contractor has enough tenure, it also means that they have served a lot of clients. Obviously, this will not happen if they provide a bad service—a contractor that has been around for a while means they are a trusted name in the industry.  

                                                                        Check the reputation 

                                                                        Third on our list is the reputation of the contractor. Ask around if the contractor is someone who delivers according to expectations. You would be surprised that there are many people who have complaints.

                                                                        Ask your friends and family for referrals. If you are an engineer, you surely know of others who can provide you with the name of trustworthy timber floor experts. You can also use social media and websites to look for reputable contractors who will do your timber floor installation in Wollongong.  

                                                                        Check the price

                                                                        The last factor that you have to consider is the cost of the project. Some contractors will charge you an arm and a leg.

                                                                        If this is your first time, then it is likely that you have no point of comparison. What we recommend is that you speak with different contractors. Give the same details about your project, and then wait for the price quote.

                                                                        Do this for at least five contractors. Then, get the average of the five price points This average is going to be your baseline. Do not work with the contractor who has the highest quote. Instead, look for one that is close enough to this average.

                                                                        Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Wollongong

                                                                        Earlier, we said that we have been in his business for so long—more than 20 years if you really want to know. We possess the qualifications that we enumerated here. If you have any question, do let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

                                                                        For project pricing, we can discuss this over the phone, or you could use our contact form. If you do the latter, please give us the details of your project and we will assess it from our end. An engineer will be in contact with you soon.

                                                                          Bendigo Timber Floor Installation

                                                                          Highly Experienced Timber Floor Installation In Bendigo

                                                                          Bendigo Timber Floor Installation

                                                                            If you ever need timber floor installation in Bendigo, you need to know that there is a correct method to do this. You should know this, so you understand what your contractor is doing. This will also help you make smart decisions as far as choosing the right contractor is concerned.

                                                                            At Australian Construction, there are two main ways by which we install the flooring. These two methods are the ones that we will discuss with you today.

                                                                            Direct Stick Method

                                                                            For timber floor installation in Bendigo, a common method that we use is the direct stick. In this process, we use adhesive materials to glue the timber floor to the substrate. The most common adhesive that we use is glue.

                                                                            However, this is not your ordinary glue. It is a special kind of wood glue that also sticks to concrete. For large industrial projects, we may use epoxy.

                                                                            This process is lengthy. We have to glue each board panel to the floor. Before we even do that, we have to ensure that we did the right substrate preparation. As you know, some concrete floorings are uneven. If we put wood panels n them, the unevenness will show.

                                                                            We prepare the substrate with methods like grinding and power sanding. This is a long process, and it produces a lot of dust. Some owners of industrial complexes prefer that we put plywood sheets on the floor first, and then add the timber flooring layer on top of it. 

                                                                            On some projects, we nail the timber flooring panels to the substrate. This is faster, but it is also unsightly. Nail heads will show on the floor, which some people do not want.

                                                                            Floating Method

                                                                            The second most common method is a process where we use timber floor panels that are engineered. These panels do not have to be glued. They are manufactured in such a way that they have locks and joints. 

                                                                            The job of the contractor is to put these panels together and lock them as you would do to Lego bricks or toys like that. Some use mortise and tenon types of joints to make the floor sturdy. 

                                                                            Floating flooring is ideal if you are buying pre-fabricated timber floor panels. They are also cheaper to install because there is no need to apply adhesive. However, the floor’s substrate also needs careful preparation. 

                                                                            If the owner wants it, we can also put plywood over the concrete, and then apply the timber flooring on top of the plywood. This takes faster. On some projects, we use foam as a substrate, especially in cold areas where insulation is a requirement. 

                                                                            Between the two, a direct stick is more expensive because of labour costs. However, they also produce better-looking floors. However, manufactured wood that can be used for floating may be expensive. In the end, you have to speak with your contractor for pricing so you can decide which one fits your budget. 

                                                                            Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Bendigo

                                                                            These two are not the only methods on how we do timber floor installation in Bendigo. There are others, but it is impractical to enumerate all of them here. In the end, it is you who will make this decision.

                                                                            If you have any question, or if you need clarification, do not hesitate to give us a call.

                                                                            In case you need a price quote for a floor installation project, we can also talk about that over the phone. Another option is for you to give us the details for your project on our contact form. We will review the details and respond to you with a price quote.

                                                                              Canberra Timber Floor Installation

                                                                              Your Local Timber Floor Installation Expert In Canberra

                                                                              Canberra Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                A contractor for timber floor installation in Canberra is one who specialises in applying a layer of wood on the floor—specifically, timber. There are many types of timber products, and not all contractors know how to do this right.

                                                                                We at Australian Construction have been in this business for over 20 years. What we want to do is today is to help you understand what we do as a contractor in this regard. You could use our inputs here as a guide to making informed decisions about your construction project.

                                                                                What are the benefits of this service? 

                                                                                Getting a contractor to do this job offers you benefits, not just from a financial perspective but for other things.

                                                                                Here are the benefits of hiring a contractor:

                                                                                • Efficiency and effectiveness – just because you have the wood does not mean you should install it yourself. There is a proper way to prepare the substrate, and this requires expertise. We will do this for you using our extensive years of knowledge and equipment.
                                                                                • Durability – contractors know how to prepare the hardwood to make it durable. As you know, the floor receives a massive amount of foot traffic. As such, it is subject to heavy wear and tear. We know what materials to use to support the wood from this abuse.

                                                                                As you can see, contractors like us do not experiment with this process. Right at the get-go, we carefully plan what steps to take to provide you with timber flooring that is going to last.

                                                                                One good thing about our company is that we are also experts in other facets of the industry. As such, we know how to use other components like industrial coating to help preserve the wood longer.

                                                                                Common processes for installation

                                                                                To give you an idea of what goes on in this process, below are the most common methods that we use to install the wood panels to your flooring.

                                                                                • Nailing – we use nail guns to put the wood in place; this is the most efficient way to do it, but the nail heads will be visible. This works great for houses, but we do not recommend it for commercial structures.
                                                                                • Direct stick – this is a process where we glue the wood to the substrate. It takes a while to get this done but it provides a good finish. We also need to grind and sand the concrete substrate before we can apply the wood.

                                                                                The last method is what we call floating. We can only do this with engineered wood that has specific slots, grooves, or mortise and tenon. This kind of wood is a little expensive, but it does not require nails or glue.

                                                                                The benefit of this installation process is that if one wood cracks, you can easily buy a new one and then replace it. Still, the substrate needs preparation, but an alternative is to put plywood over the concrete, and then just put the engineered wood over the plywood.  

                                                                                Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Canberra

                                                                                A contractor for timber floor installation in Canberra is one who knows how to install hardwood and engineered wood flooring systems. Although the process may seem simple, it is actually more complicated than that.

                                                                                If you are looking for this service, give us a call. We will help you out if you have any concerns. If what you need is a price quote, we can discuss that over the phone, or you can use our request quote form. Give us the details about your floor installation project, and we will assess the cost from here.

                                                                                  Bunbury Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                  Efficient Timber Floor Installation In Bunbury | Aus Construction

                                                                                  Bunbury Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                    Timber floor installation in Bunbury is a good project for someone who has taste. Although its appearance plays a big part in its appreciation, it provides much more than that.

                                                                                    This is what we’re going to focus on for today’s article. After reading, you can expect to know the advantages of a wooden floor. From there, you can decide if this is what you need for your home or not.

                                                                                    Simple Installation Process

                                                                                    Unlike other types of flooring, timber planks don’t require much. During installation, you can choose from a variety of methods. All of these are fairly simple. For you to understand better, below is an overview of the most used methods:

                                                                                    • Nailing
                                                                                    • Stapling
                                                                                    • Adhesives
                                                                                    • Floating Method

                                                                                    Whichever you and your team agree on, you can expect a straightforward process. These won’t need complex materials nor rare ones as most of the tools are accessible. All in all, your flooring project will progress smoothly.

                                                                                    High Aesthetic Quality

                                                                                    Timber floors are most popular for their aesthetic qualities. It will give your home a classic vibe. The best thing about it is its ability to match almost all types of interior design. Whether you’re going for a minimalist or vintage theme, this can do your home justice.

                                                                                    In addition, even if this gets old, you can expect that its look won’t grow worse. In fact, it tends to look better as it ages.

                                                                                    Low Maintenance

                                                                                    Compared to concrete, tiles, or other wooden floors, timber floor installation in Bunbury is easy to maintain. You don’t have to go through various hoops in keeping it clean.

                                                                                    It is enough that you sweep and mop it once a week. This is because dirt and dust don’t stick on the surface. They also don’t get trapped in the gaps.

                                                                                    Apart from this, you don’t have to avail specialised maintenance services post-project. Hence, you don’t have to pay regular fees for it.

                                                                                    Great Durability

                                                                                    Another distinct quality of timber floors is their great durability. This can hold extreme weight without the risk of cracks and unneeded gaps.

                                                                                    This will also be a good asset to buildings that experience heavy traffic daily. Hence, you can also expect this to last for a very long time. You won’t need to get this redone in the next few years or so.

                                                                                    Increases Overall Building Value

                                                                                    If your plan is to sell, lease, or rent out your building, then timber floor can be a good way to increase its value. No matter if that is your initial goal, or you are saving it for the future, it will last long.

                                                                                    Due to its appearance and strength, the building can better maintain its good condition. Thus, you can put it up for a higher price. This will also set it apart from the competition. As long as it installed by experts, you won’t have to worry about finding a buyer.

                                                                                    Improves Acoustics and Air Quality

                                                                                    The last benefit on our list revolves around acoustics and air quality. If you’re sick of echoes and unstable temperature, timber flooring can solve your issues.

                                                                                    Because of its structure, you can expect a well-ventilated house. Similarly, this will provide you with a better sound flow within your building.

                                                                                    Aside from ventilation, this can also reduce the number of allergens such as fur, dust, and likes.

                                                                                    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Bunbury

                                                                                    Considering the pros of timber flooring, it will definitely give your home a nice touch. If your goal includes either one or all of the above, it will put you at a great advantage.

                                                                                    Keep in mind that to have these, you have to work with a skilled team. If you’re interested, you can reach out to us through call, text, or email. We’re a group of timber floor installation contractors located at Bunbury. We’ll be sure to respond as soon as we can.


                                                                                      Hire The Best Licensed Experts In Timber Floor Installation In Townsville!

                                                                                      Townsville Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                        A structure’s flooring will determine its stability, and this is why you need to choose the right Townsville timber floor installation contractor.

                                                                                        Unlike other construction processes, this is not something that is done out of luxury. It’s more of a necessity as this affects a lot of factors such as safety hazards, and other risks. 

                                                                                        Timber floor is one of the most preferred flooring options by home-owners because of its durability. This is a complex process, but its end results are worth the wait.

                                                                                        Australian Construction is a team of contractors that offer this service. Today, we’re going to talk about what the process is about, and why you should trust us with it.

                                                                                        What is the timber floor installation?

                                                                                        Timber floor, also addressed to by many as hardwood flooring or wood flooring refers to floor surfaces made from timber. If you are not yet familiar with timber, this is simply a wood produced by any tree.

                                                                                        This is known due to its unique “odd number” construction, which means that the installation will be done with flooring parts that have an odd number of quantities. This type of flooring is popular because of a lot of benefits that come with it.

                                                                                        1. Easy Cleaning Process

                                                                                        Wood is much less prone to dirt, dust, and other sticky particles compared to those made of paper and plastic. Its surface is also done to keep its shine rather than be fully covered by unnecessary dust.

                                                                                        This means that wood flooring won’t trouble you too much when it comes to cleaning. You can clean this with water, or by simply wiping it.

                                                                                        2. Durable Foundation

                                                                                        The said flooring also lasts a longer time than others. No matter what type of timber floor you use, you can expect to not undergo replacements for the next decade and more years to come. In addition to this, it can endure a lot of weight from your furniture without cracking.

                                                                                        3. Provides Better Atmosphere

                                                                                        The installation of the wood floor will not require too much fibre and exposed adhesives. This will affect the ambience of the infrastructure. Its surface is also known to have a positive impact on the sound quality.

                                                                                        The flooring, just like any other, also has its sub-types. There two main categories that you have to know about: first, the solid wood flooring, and second, the engineered timber flooring.

                                                                                        The solid wood floor alludes to a regular, and non-manufactured timber plank. The structure of this is mostly natural, although in some cases, it may have undergone minimal modifications. The engineered timber floor, on the other hand, pertains to those that are already built with layers, thus those ready for installation.

                                                                                        How is the timber floor installation done?

                                                                                        Now that we have discussed what timber floor is, let us now go on to discuss how it is done. More specifically, the processes that one needs to undergo to achieve completion.

                                                                                        1. Nailing

                                                                                        The nailing method refers to the use of nails during the installation. This is probably the most common because of the accessibility of the necessary resources, and the ease of the process.

                                                                                        Basically, the contractors will attach the timber flooring planks to the subfloor by pinning them down through nails. The needed materials in this method include basic construction tools. The hammer, and the set of nails, however, cannot be eliminated from the equation as they are the main keys.

                                                                                        2. Stapling

                                                                                        The second method that we are going to talk about is stapling. This can be considered as the upgraded version of the nailing method.

                                                                                        Stapling method involves the use of staple guns. In order to install the flooring, contractors will fire staples towards the floor planks. Guns are quite on the expensive side of materials, but this will definitely save you a lot of time compared to manual labour exerted in nailing.

                                                                                        For the needed resources here, contractors will need staple guns and staplers. Accessories like measuring tape and rulers may be asked in cases of complex flooring structure.

                                                                                        3. Adhesives

                                                                                        The adhesive method, from the name itself, equates to the use of adhesives that are use to grip flooring to the base. This is then how the subflooring sticks to each other. 

                                                                                        This is recommended for those with already existing hardwood floor, and subfloor surfaces that are compatible with adhesives. On the flip side, this is not suggested for wide flooring areas, and bare subfloors to avoid extensive costs, and making the surface unsuitable for future floor redevelopments.

                                                                                        4. Floating

                                                                                        Finally, the floating method is an installation method that does not really require actual installation. This is equipped with timber planks that are already integrated with each other, either through adhesives, nails, etc, and the only thing left is to lay it on to the subfloor.

                                                                                        This is often resorted to if there is already a flooring installed, and the construction owners do not wish to remove it. For the necessary items, only the plank pad needs to be present in the process.

                                                                                        Note that before the method will be agreed on, an analysis of the current flooring will be the primary step. This is to avoid ineffective methods from being used and messing the subfloor up.

                                                                                        Why should you choose our service?

                                                                                        Our team at Australian Construction is confident that our contractors will be the best to work with.

                                                                                        Below are some of our qualities that can be used to your advantage:

                                                                                        1. Professional and Experienced

                                                                                        Our contractors have enough, probably, even more, knowledge and experience to execute the installation process successfully. We know the ins and outs of timber flooring, including the benefits and risks that come with it.

                                                                                        2. Flexible Workers

                                                                                        Our projects are not just limited to houses. Our company is also open for large constructions and infrastructures such as multi-storey buildings, halls, establishments, and basically anything that you may require of us.

                                                                                        3. Prioritises Client Satisfaction

                                                                                        You can be assured that your satisfaction comes first in our priorities. We will take into account your policies, deadlines, budget cut-offs, and other project related concerns.

                                                                                        These are just some of the things that we can offer you. We guarantee that you won’t be making any mistake if you choose us. 

                                                                                        Summary: Townsville Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                        Timber floor installation is the process of integrating hardwood flooring. This is a popular flooring type due to its durability and long-lasting life.

                                                                                        The process may sound simple, but this is something that needs to be done by professionals to ensure efficiency.

                                                                                        If you have any more questions, you can send us an email, or call us on 1800 155 881. We will be glad to walk you through all the things that you need to know.


                                                                                          Get On Solid Ground With Our Timber Floor Installation Experts In Sydney

                                                                                          How To Choose A Sydney Timber Floor Installation Contractor

                                                                                            We at Australian Construction are experts in this field. Today, we will let you know how to choose a Sydney timber floor installation contractor. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to make an informed decision about floor installation contractors.

                                                                                            DIY timber floor installation is not uncommon. Yes, you can do it yourself, but we have to tell you that you cannot afford to make any mistake here. You have to do your calculations right. If not, your floor will be uneven, there will be cracks, and your hardwood floor will not stick to the surface.

                                                                                            1. Estimation and Pricing

                                                                                            The first thing you have to look for is how the contractor does the estimate and pricing of the job. Specifically, the contractor must know how to measure the floor area that will be covered, and then translate that measurement into two things.

                                                                                            These are:  

                                                                                            • Number of hardwood panels needed
                                                                                            • Cost of the job

                                                                                            Once the floor has been measured, the contractor must be able to present how many pieces of hardwood are needed. Hardwood flooring comes in many lengths and widths.

                                                                                            An error in the estimation can lead to some problems. Either you will go over budget by a high degree, or you cannot find the same hardwood flooring anymore.

                                                                                            The second important factor is cost. Expert floor installation contractors must know that the price of the service does not only cover the wood, but also other things like glue, labour, floor preparation, and many more.

                                                                                            If the price estimate is wrong, you will end up paying more. The end result of this is that you will feel cheated—as if the contractor just gave you a good price to get the contract, only to force you into paying more.  

                                                                                            2. Insurance Policy and License

                                                                                            Contractors must have a license. The government of Australia says so, and a license is your guarantee that the contractors know what they are doing.

                                                                                            We at Australian Construction not only have a license for our company, but we also have a license for our engineers and workers. We take the time to put our employees in government-regulated training, and this is the most basic step we take to ensure compliance with building codes.

                                                                                            Without a license, a contractor is going to provide service based only on experience. Experience is great, but it does not really translate to high-quality standards.

                                                                                            As far as insurance goes, this can refer to a warranty or insurance of the employees of the contractor. You see, construction jobs involve a lot of chemicals and harmful substances. They are also dangerous because they involve heavy machinery.

                                                                                            As such, an accident may occur. And if this happens, the last thing you want is to have liability exposure. We at Australian construction will take care of this—we offer a warranty for the work we do, and we also have insurance policies for all of our employees.  

                                                                                            3. Experience and Reputation 

                                                                                            Earlier, we said that experience is great. A long track record of experience makes it so that the contractor has already seen everything there is. We at Australian Construction have been in the construction industry for 20 years.

                                                                                            Because of this, we know all the possible problems that can arise from installing hardwood floors. Here are some examples:

                                                                                            • Moisture
                                                                                            • Cupping and bending
                                                                                            • Cracking
                                                                                            • Crowning and buckling
                                                                                            • Gaps and squeakiness

                                                                                            Because of our wide range of experience, we know how to prevent these things from happening. We also understand that not all woods are the same and that woods react differently to moisture, humidity, and temperature.

                                                                                            As such, we will install the hardwood flooring with all these things in mind. On top of that, we will give you advice on the proper care of the wood. While this advice is not written on paper as a manual, we can give you guidance on what brands of floor-care chemicals you can use.

                                                                                            4. Hardwood Selection and Availability

                                                                                            There are many kinds of woods out there. It is difficult to choose. However, we are prepared to give you our recommendations. We have brochures that you can choose from, and we can also guide you on how difficult the maintenance is going to be.

                                                                                            The most common option is called engineered floors. They come in forms, length, sizes, and types of wood. And then you have the natural hardwood flooring. When making a choice you need to understand how difficult it is to maintain, and whether or not you will find a replacement for these floors.

                                                                                            As experts in timber flooring, we are also open to using vinyl, laminates, and many others. However, we prefer that we install hardwood as this is the most durable and beautiful.

                                                                                            Hardwood is the best because they can fight against moisture and heat. They are stable and they are not really likely to buckle or gap. They are also more attractive, and they will really last long. One caveat is that they need regular maintenance.

                                                                                            As you make your selection, we will also tell you if your choice is always available. Some wood products are just fancy. You can buy them now, but five years later, they will no longer be available. If this happens, you either have to replace the entire wood flooring, or you have to replace some spots with a different one.

                                                                                            Summary: Sydney Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                            Hardwood flooring is expensive and difficult to maintain. You do not want to deal with a contractor who is only out there to grab your money. You have to work with a contractor who cares.

                                                                                            If you need a Sydney timber floor installation contractor, give us a call. We at Australian Construction have been in this business for 20 years. We specialise in large-scale hardwood flooring projects, such as hotels and commercial spaces.

                                                                                            Give us a call on 1800 155 881 and let us discuss your project. We will do a visual inspection, work on mathematics, and then give you a price quote for you to consider.


                                                                                              Commercial Timber Floor Installation In Perth Done By Industry Experts!

                                                                                              How Much Does Perth Timber Floor Installation Cost? 

                                                                                                We at Australian Construction are often asked: how much does a Perth timber floor installation cost? The answer is always the same—it depends.

                                                                                                Now, if we only take the average cost, we can say that it is somewhere around $27 per square meter. A little higher estimate is about $33 per square meter.

                                                                                                Today, we want to share with you some important information about the expenses you will incur should you decide to use timber floors in your facility. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to decide if timber wood flooring is the right one for you.

                                                                                                How much is timber wood flooring?

                                                                                                On average, the cost is about $50 per square meter. As always, this price is just a rough estimate of averages. The actual cost will vary from one project to another because there are many kinds of wood, and there are also many options for timber flooring.

                                                                                                For the price of $50 per square meter, you are paying for a kind of wood that has many knots. These are wood types that also have imperfections. If you are looking for high-grade flooring, then you should expect to spend $150 per square meter. For mid-range prices, prepare around $60 to $80 per square meter.

                                                                                                Why spend so much money on wood timber flooring? 

                                                                                                This is another question we are often asked about. Why is this type of flooring expensive?

                                                                                                It is expensive because it is made of wood. As you know, wood is not an easy material to come by. It takes years to grow a tree before you can harvest it for wood products. Some trees like pine only take three to five years to grow, while others only take 20 years to grow.

                                                                                                Despite the cost, there are many benefits to wood timber flooring. Here are some examples:

                                                                                                • They are durable and can stand the test of time
                                                                                                • Wood flooring is easy to maintain
                                                                                                • A well-maintained wood flooring increases the value of any property
                                                                                                • Wood comes in many colour options
                                                                                                • Wood is sophisticated

                                                                                                Wood is expensive, but you can get your money back from the sale of your property. Wood flooring also attracts clients who can spend more. The better your facility looks, the more money people are willing to spend.

                                                                                                Cost of timber floor sanding and polishing

                                                                                                At Australian Construction, we will give you a quote that is already inclusive of all the services and expenses. However, there might come a time when you may need to reseal the wood. In this case, we can provide sanding and finishing options for you.

                                                                                                Depending on the kind of wood, sanding can cost between $25 and $60 per square meter. Sanding is a necessary process before a wood finish is applied.

                                                                                                The sanding cost is not yet inclusive of what you will spend for the use of a stain or polyurethane. Take note that the price can go up or down, as the condition of the wood flooring is taken into account for this job type.

                                                                                                On the other hand, the cost of polishing is around $25 per square meter. At most, you will hit $50 per square meter. The polishing activity is done after the sanding and coating are completed. Again, the condition of the floor is taken into account, and then the kind of polishing compound also plays a role in the pricing.  

                                                                                                How should you choose a Perth timber floor installation contractor?

                                                                                                We have dedicated blogs where we give advice to people who are looking for contractor services for timber floor installation. In this section, we will provide a summary of the things you have to look for.

                                                                                                • Pricing – you have to get your money’s worth. When choosing a contractor, make sure that the quote you get is complete with the kind of service you will get, the job that will be done, and the kind of wood that the contractor is buying.  
                                                                                                • License – choose a contractor that is licensed by the government to operate. We at Australian Construction are licensed. We do not only service Perth—but we also service other cities like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and other areas. Our engineers are also individually licensed.
                                                                                                • Insurance – this one is about liability issues. Our employees have insurance, and if anything happens to them at the construction site while doing their jobs, they are not your liability. We also offer a warranty on the quality of all our services.
                                                                                                • Reputation – we have a positive reputation in the 20 years that we have been in business. We have serviced dozens of clients, and we are confident that they are happy with the kind of construction work they received from us. Choose a contractor whose positive reputation precedes them.  
                                                                                                • Experience – as mentioned in passing, we have been in the business for 20 years. This allowed us to have extensive learning experiences. We know what potential problems may arise, and we address them before they even happen.

                                                                                                These five things are critical if you are looking for a project that is successful. What we recommend is that you shop for timber floor installation contractors in Perth. After that, you have to shortlist several candidates. Choose three, and then decide who among them is the best according to the service and price.

                                                                                                Summary: Perth Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                                If you are looking for a contractor, give us a call. We at Australian Construction have been in business for over 20 years. We are professional in the construction industry, and the installation of wood timber flooring is not the only thing we can do.

                                                                                                Once you give us a call, we will visit your facility. We will measure the area, and then we will discuss the kind of wood you need. Apart from the installation, know that we are also available for other related services, such as floor substrate preparation.

                                                                                                Once the discussion is over, we will prepare the price quote. This price quote is inclusive of all the materials and labour costs associated with the project. Finally, we can get started and we guarantee that we will finish the job in the timeline we agreed upon.


                                                                                                  Be On Solid Footing With Our Expert Timber Floor Installation In Newcastle

                                                                                                  Newcastle Timber Floor Installation: The Best Process That We Do at Australian Construction

                                                                                                    There are many Newcastle timber floor installation contractors, and the processes used by these contractors vary from one to another. We at Australian Construction only use the best process, and we will share with you this process today.

                                                                                                    By the end of this article, we hope that you are enlightened as to the things that we do. We also hope you realise the value of the timber floor installation service that we offer.

                                                                                                    Baseboard Removal

                                                                                                    The first thing we do is to remove the baseboard. On some occasions, we also undercut it. Either way, they both work. The process we use depends on the quality of work you are looking for and the budget.

                                                                                                    The baseboard is only removed if it is old. If it is new construction, then the baseboard shall be made in relation to the type of timber that we will be working on. It will also be put there after the flooring has been installed.

                                                                                                    Subfloor preparation

                                                                                                    This is an important aspect of laying timber flooring. The subfloor is the actual floor where the wood is going to sit.

                                                                                                    There are many types of preparation that we do for this matter. If your subfloor is concrete, we use grinders to smoothen the surface and make sure that the floor is levelled. From there, we can decide what best process to use to install the timber flooring.

                                                                                                    Take note that subfloor preparation takes a while. All the things we do in this step depends on the condition of the subfloor, even if the structure is new.

                                                                                                    Final subfloor preparation

                                                                                                    Once the surface has been levelled and smoothened, the next step is to do a final check. We check if there are nails, an underlayment, and other things. We want to make sure that the surface is flat.

                                                                                                    From there, we move on to checking the edges, making sure there are no indentations. If the subfloor is too thin, we may need to add another layer. Most of the time, the layer we use is plywood. On some occasions, we also use foam or insulation.

                                                                                                    Laying the moisture barrier

                                                                                                    A moisture barrier is a critical component of timber floor installation. Wood is likely to receive moisture, and this moisture will come from underneath. Different climates and areas have different moisture levels. If the wood absorbs the moisture, the wood is going to get weak.

                                                                                                    Moisture also results in moulds. You do not like this, as it can cause diseases and many other illnesses. There are different types of moisture barrier. Some come with the insulation. Sometimes, we use a special kind of paper that was made specifically for this purpose.

                                                                                                    Installation of the flooring

                                                                                                    Now, we can finally install the floor. There are two main methods used to put the timber on the floor. The first is called a direct stick where the timber floor panel is glued. The second is called floating.

                                                                                                    In floating, the most common flooring used is engineered wood. The wood has grooves and slats that make them interlock with each other.

                                                                                                    Do not worry about the installation option—we at Australian Construction will guide you about the best approach to use to install the timber flooring.

                                                                                                    How to choose the right Newcastle timber floor installation contractor

                                                                                                    Before you decide, you have to check several things about the flooring contractor. Read on to find out.

                                                                                                    First, ask for the experience. Make sure that you are dealing with a company that has been around for many years. Why? Because a lot of experience means that the contractor has seen it all, and they are prepared to take on any challenge that comes along.

                                                                                                    The second thing to look for is a license. You should only deal with contractors who are licensed by the government. If not, you have to start looking for another company. A license guarantees that the contractor understands the building codes of Australia and that they also have liability.

                                                                                                    The license is an indication that the employees have received proper training, and that the contractor is a professional. We at Australian Construction not only have a company license, but our employees are also licensed.  

                                                                                                    Another thing you need to look into is reputation. Some contractors are unprofessional, and they do not keep their end of the bargain. We at Australian Construction care about our reputation. We have serviced so many clients and we can tell you who they are.

                                                                                                    You can also ask around. We have positive feedback from our clients, and this allowed us to work not only in Newcastle but also in other cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and many more.

                                                                                                    Now that you know the best process for timber floor installation and how to choose the best contractor, the next step is to pick up the phone and call us.

                                                                                                    If you like, you could also shop around for other contractors. Make sure that you use our checklist as your guide. Then, make a shortlist. From there, you can talk to each contractor and ask for a quote.

                                                                                                    Pricing varies from one contractor to another. When choosing a contractor, do not just focus on the price. Instead, focus on the value that you will get for your money.

                                                                                                    Summary: Newcastle Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                                    We have been in business for over 20 years, and we have serviced dozens upon dozens of clients. What we offer you is nothing but the best. We specialise in large-scale projects, and we guarantee satisfaction.

                                                                                                    If you have a construction project where the client requires timber floor installation, give us a call. We can discuss your project over the phone, and we will also visit your site for a visual inspection. Once we have identified the materials you desire and measured the floor area, we can begin drafting a quote for you.

                                                                                                    From there, we can start working on the project. We will send our licensed employees and engineers to oversee the construction, and we offer an assurance that we will complete the installation at the appropriate timelines.


                                                                                                      Industry Leading Timber Floor Installation In Melbourne – Aus Construction

                                                                                                      Melbourne Timber Floor Installation: Why Choose
                                                                                                      Australian Construction?

                                                                                                        You need a Melbourne timber floor installation master for your flooring then look no further then Australian Construction for all your timber floor installation in Melbourne. We are known for our high-quality structure, which is advantageous in an infrastructure’s value.

                                                                                                        This, however, cannot be easily achieved through regular flooring installation. This is greatly different from tiles, linoleum, etc, as this requires more complex methods. This may be done alone, but you risk losing plenty of money, effort, and time in the process.

                                                                                                        We at Australian Construction offer timber floor installation for all types of projects. Today, we will discuss what the process involves, what it needs, and why we are suitable for your project.

                                                                                                        What is the timber floor installation?

                                                                                                        Timber floor is also termed as a hardwood floor or simply, wood floor. The usage of this started way back in the 1600s when the wood was just starting to get recognised as a suitable construction floor.

                                                                                                        Back then, only un-manufactured planks were available. After many years, a lot of innovations have happened; wood was then transformed to plank layers.

                                                                                                        Below are the advantages of using timber flooring for your infrastructure:

                                                                                                        1. Has Better Aesthetic Qualities

                                                                                                        Timber floor definitely looks better than other flooring types. This comes in a lot of colours like white oak, walnut, and yellow oak, which can go well with a lot of interior designs. This can also come in matte or shiny, and it can stay that way no matter what is spilled on the floor.

                                                                                                        2. Improves Air and Sound Within the Construction

                                                                                                        The structure of a hardwood floor ensures better conditions when it comes to the air and sound of the walls it is in. It helps improve the air as no strong odours of adhesives and fibre comes out of them. This does not change any matter the type of installation used.

                                                                                                        For the sound, on the other hand, it reduces echoes and other shallow sounds because of the hollow structure of timber.

                                                                                                        3. Long-Lasting

                                                                                                        Last, but not the least, hardwood floor lasts longer than any other flooring type. Depending on the number of layers manufactured, it can hold a lot of weight, and will still manage to not conjure a crack. This will not also rip like linoleum.

                                                                                                        The said flooring type came from tree woods and is popular for its unique structure. Note that this is different from tiles that have wood designs. They may look similar to each other in some cases, but you can expect that the quality and the surfaces itself are different.

                                                                                                        What are the requirements to complete timber flooring?

                                                                                                        There are quite a number of requirements needed before we can undergo timber flooring installation. Even when working with professionals, a lot of things should still be prepared to ensure the quality of the end product. Here are some of the things that you should have:

                                                                                                        1. Floor Analysis

                                                                                                        The floor analysis will serve as the draft for how the plan will be formulated. This includes the initial activities needed such as measuring the floor surface, cleaning up the subfloor, and removing any possible hindrances in the process.

                                                                                                        Other factors will also be taken into account. These include the current condition of the floor and its special needs.

                                                                                                        More often than not, the results of the floor analysis will be used as the basis on whether new flooring can be installed, or the subfloor is not suitable for new installations.

                                                                                                        2. Installation Plan

                                                                                                        Once the floor analysis is done, both the contractors and the clients can already come up with a plan. This will be the framework for the whole process. Here, both parties will have an idea about the details of the floor installation. 

                                                                                                        To be specific, the estimated cost, installation method, quantity of materials, needed equipment, expected time frame, and others will be indicated in the plan. This is also what the contractors will follow in terms of how the process will be executed.

                                                                                                        It is important that this will be taken seriously because any mistakes, no matter how small it may seem, will affect the result of the installation.

                                                                                                        3. Method, Materials and types of equipment

                                                                                                        The last things that will be needed to prepare are the method, materials, and types of equipment. Not to worry because this is mainly the job of contractors. These will all depend on what the plan has come up to.

                                                                                                        The methods, materials, and types of equipment will vary according to what the subfloor needs. Some examples of the methods that can be used are nailing, stapling, adhesives, and floating. Each of these having their own purpose and functions.

                                                                                                        The resources that you will need in the long run will depend on the chosen method. For example, in the nailing method, the essentials would be nails and hammers, stapling, on the other hand, will need a gun stapler, and so on.

                                                                                                        Not preparing the requirements beforehand can only result in unfinished installation projects, or worse, one won’t be able to start at all. Rest assured, however, that every process will be handled by our knowledgeable contractors.

                                                                                                        What should you look for in your flooring contractor?

                                                                                                        Consider all the benefits and risks that come with the installation process. You need to know how to look for the right flooring contractor. Below are some of the necessary qualities that a contractor must have:

                                                                                                        1. Skilled

                                                                                                        Flooring contractors should have all the needed abilities to complete the installation process. This involves having notable knowledge and experience in the field. This is so you can be assured of the quality of the output that you will receive.

                                                                                                        2. Detail-Oriented

                                                                                                        The team that you will work with should also know how to pay attention to details. This will prevent errors throughout the process. This trait will also keep them from mission-important details such as the recommended measurements, and the likes.

                                                                                                        3. Legitimate

                                                                                                        One of the most important things that you should look for before all negotiations are the legitimacy of their service. This may be through their license, or by looking at their past clients’ reviews

                                                                                                        Our team at Australian Construction assures that you will get access to the qualities above, and more if you choose to work with us.

                                                                                                        Summary: Melbourne Timber Installation

                                                                                                        Australian Construction is a team of floor contractors specialising in the installation of hardwood floor. All of our contractors are experts in the field, and thus you can expect us to give you flooring that is worth the wait.

                                                                                                        For other concerns, inquiries, and project proposals, feel free to reach us through our email and phone number, and we will answer anything that you may be confused about. We can also conduct site visits if you want to ask for consultations.


                                                                                                          Make Your Build Shine With Our Gold Coast Timber Floor Installation Now!

                                                                                                          Gold Coast Timber Floor Installation 101: Basics Of Floor Installation

                                                                                                            As experts in the construction business, we at Australian Construction realised that many owners of various facilities have questions about our Gold Coast timber floor installation processes. We have taken on many timber floor installation contractor jobs, and we thought we are in the best position to share our knowledge.

                                                                                                            Today, we will show you some of the most basic things you need to know about timber floors—how the installation is done, what the pros and cons are, and how you could choose the best timber floor installation.

                                                                                                            Common Types of Timber Flooring

                                                                                                            There are many types of timber flooring that you can buy, including vinyl and bamboo. However, we want to focus on three only. These are hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate timber.

                                                                                                            1. Engineered Wood

                                                                                                            Engineered wood for the floor is made of softwood and hardwood. The softwood is sandwiched between two layers of hardwood. Basically, the hardwood on the outside is used as a laminate.

                                                                                                            In the wood flooring industry, engineered timber is also called floating floors. The reason they are called so is that they are already prepared in the factory. All you have to do is to install them, and they are now ready for walking.

                                                                                                            One good thing about this type of wood is that it comes with tenon and mortise joints. You just snap them together. They are easy to install, and this is what makes them attractive.

                                                                                                            2. Hardwood

                                                                                                            Hardwood is the most expensive of all timber flooring, and examples of these are mahogany, teak, ash, birch, and many more. Although they are expensive, they are the most durable of all.

                                                                                                            Hardwood is expensive because they take decades to grow and get ready for harvesting. Solid hardwood is great if your flooring will be subjected to heavy use. They are also more fire-resistant than softwoods.

                                                                                                            3. Laminate Timber

                                                                                                            The laminated floor is one that is made to look like real timber. It is made of four layers of wood that are pressed together, like plywood. The coating is a laminate that is made of plastic, and this plastic is durable.

                                                                                                            It is still wood and made of timber, but the coating is what really makes it appealing. There are hundreds of options as far as design is concerned, and they also come on various forms and sizes. Like engineered wood, they come with joints and you only need to snap them together to install them.

                                                                                                            Methods of Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                                            There are two main types of timber floor installation. The first a direct stick and the second one is called floating.

                                                                                                            1. Direct Stick 

                                                                                                            In this method, the wood is glued to the floorboard. You can do the same if your floorboard is made of concrete. They can also be nailed down.

                                                                                                            Pros of the direct stick: 

                                                                                                            • No hollow noise
                                                                                                            • Can be sanded if you want to
                                                                                                            • Looks really good
                                                                                                            • Resistant to water

                                                                                                            Cons of the direct stick:

                                                                                                            • Requires a high level of skill to install
                                                                                                            • Needs a really detailed floor preparation process
                                                                                                            • Cannot be easily replaced

                                                                                                            2. Floating 

                                                                                                            Floating is a process where the timber is not glued. Instead, they are just joined together, and they are laying freely on the floor substrate. On many occasions, the substrate has a bed plastic layering. Some use foam underlay.

                                                                                                            Pros of floating:

                                                                                                            • Easy to install
                                                                                                            • No substrate preparation needed
                                                                                                            • Easy to replace the boards
                                                                                                            • Cheaper to install

                                                                                                            Cons of floating: 

                                                                                                            • Cannot be polished or sanded
                                                                                                            • The look and surface easily wears out
                                                                                                            • Can trap moisture 

                                                                                                            If you choose Australian Construction, we will give you recommendations as to the better type of installation that you need. We will base this recommendation on how the floor will be used.  

                                                                                                            How to Choose a Gold Coast Timber Floor Installation Contractor

                                                                                                            Now that you know the types of timber flooring and the two ways they are installed, how should you choose a contractor?

                                                                                                            License – the first thing you have to look for is a license. While floor installation may sound easy, it really isn’t. A lot can happen in your wood flooring, and these things are because of incorrect installation.

                                                                                                            A licensed company will do a good job because they are protecting their right to operate. Choose a contractor that has not only a license but one who also has licensed engineers like us.  

                                                                                                            Transparency – when choosing a contractor, get one whose price quote is transparent. The last thing that you want to happen is for this contractor to ask you for more money.

                                                                                                            Some will also do some things that are beneath your expectations. Transparency allows you to understand what you are paying for, and it tells you what final output you should expect.

                                                                                                            Reputation – another key thing that should be included as your deciding factor is the company’s reputation. Take the time to investigate how this company has serviced its clients. Did they do a good job? Did the client get his money’s worth?

                                                                                                            There is no reason to rush your selection of a Gold Coast timber floor preparation contractor. What I recommend is that you take the time to search for contractors near you. Create a checklist, and see if the contractors meet the checklist.

                                                                                                            Once you have a shortlist of three contractors, the final deciding factors are your budget and what the contractor can do for you. As always, you want to work with a contractor who has been in the business for so many years. You also want to work with a contractor whose reputation is unblemished.  

                                                                                                            Summary: Gold Coast timber floor installation

                                                                                                            Give us a call at Australian Construction if you need any timber floor installation service. We have been in this business for 20 years, and we have serviced dozens of clients who wanted a timber floor.

                                                                                                            We specialise in large-scale projects, such as hotels and restaurants. We also do gymnasiums where wood is the primary choice for flooring. The great thing about our service is that we also offer many other kinds of construction services, such as industrial painting and floor preparation, both of which will complement the floor installation process.


                                                                                                              The Finest Timber Floor Installation In Darwin – Request A Quote Online

                                                                                                              Darwin Timber Floor Installation: Types of Floor Installation

                                                                                                                Darwin timber floor installation may sound easy, but there really is more to it than that. At Australian Construction, we take the time to explain to our clients what two methods are used in Darwin timber floor installation.

                                                                                                                As contractors, we want to make sure that we provide options and that our clients know the pros and cons of each.

                                                                                                                Today, you will learn about the two types of an installation called direct stick and floating. And not only that, but we will also show you the pros and cons of each. By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to make an informed decision on how you want your timber flooring to be installed.

                                                                                                                If not, you can always give us a call so we can give you advice on your specific situation.

                                                                                                                Method 1: Direct Stick

                                                                                                                The first and most common method in installing timber flooring is called a direct stick. As the term implies, it requires adhesion.

                                                                                                                The most common method used is glue. It could be wood glue or concrete glue. Industrial projects use epoxy.

                                                                                                                In this process, each wood board or floor panel is directly glued to the surface of the floor. The floor can be made of concrete or also a lower-quality wood. Most old-style homes use a timber substrate, especially on the second floor. For modern facilities, it is not unusual to have concrete slabs as the flooring in the other storeys.  

                                                                                                                On some occasions, the wood will also be nailed. The nails keep the wood in place as the glue dries. The nails will also prevent the wood from cupping. The exception, however, is if the wood is an engineered one. Engineered timber flooring does not cup and move like hardwood.  

                                                                                                                Method 2: Floating

                                                                                                                The second method is called floating. In this process, there is no need to glue the wood boards to the substrate. Instead, they are joined by locks and joints like mortise and tenon. Others call it the tongue-and-groove system.

                                                                                                                Floating the flooring is usually done if the wood you use is pre-fabricated. Most of these are engineered woods. You can use any kind of substrate, and the most common examples are wood, concrete, plastic, and foam underlay.  

                                                                                                                The foam is used as a barrier against moisture. Without the foam, the wood is likely to creak. The wood will also damage each other because of friction.

                                                                                                                Pros of Direct Stick

                                                                                                                Now, let us take a look at the pros of using the direct stick method.

                                                                                                                • They look great – they are flat and smooth; the wood is also firm
                                                                                                                • No noise – since the wood is sitting directly on top of the substrate, there is no creaking
                                                                                                                • Has real financial value – the wood itself is going to add to the resale value of your home
                                                                                                                • Resistant to water – the wood has no space or gap between itself and the substrate, so water will not have any place to go

                                                                                                                As you can see, there are many benefits to using the direct stick method, but it does not come without cons.

                                                                                                                Cons of Direct Stick

                                                                                                                Now, here are the cons of the direct stick, which you also have to consider in your decision.

                                                                                                                • It is difficult to install hardwood this way; as a result, you need experts and highly trained workers, which means you have to spend more money.
                                                                                                                • This type of wood installation requires a detailed substrate preparation, like surface prepping. It can also cost you more.
                                                                                                                • Once the timber flooring plank is installed, you cannot remove it. Each panel that has to be replaced must be destroyed.

                                                                                                                As you can see, the cons of the direct stick method are leaning towards the cost. Use this method only if you have the budget.

                                                                                                                Pros of Floating

                                                                                                                Here are the pros of the floating installation method.

                                                                                                                • Easy to install – the floating method uses wood that is already manufactured. Although there are specialists who can do this manually on hardwood, it is rare.
                                                                                                                • Affordable – since the wood is already engineered, the installation does not need a special skill. What this entails is that you can DIY it. If you need a contractor, the contractor is not going to charge as much as the direct stick method.
                                                                                                                • Easily repair – if one plank has to be replaced, the wood simply has to be removed from its joints. Since the floating method does not need gluing, it can easily be removed and replaced with a brand new one.

                                                                                                                If budget is a critical factor, you have to seriously consider this method. The wood you buy from the supplier is already ready for installation. There is also no staining or sanding required.

                                                                                                                Cons of Floating

                                                                                                                Here are the cons of the floating method.

                                                                                                                First off, most engineered woods cannot be polished. You can only apply floor wax, but they cannot be sanded and polished because the hardwood is merely a veneer. Beneath the hardwood is either softwood or plywood. Sanding and polishing the plank is going to destroy the timber flooring.

                                                                                                                Second, the wood’s beauty does not last. The finish will easily fade. Due to this, you will end up replacing old panels. The problem is that if you do this, the panels will look different.  

                                                                                                                Summary: Darwin Timber Floor Installation 

                                                                                                                Timber flooring is magnificent, provided that the wood was installed properly. We at Australian Construction can guarantee this. We have been in the business for 20 years, and we have a team of experts who are licensed and fully capable of installing all types of timber wood flooring.

                                                                                                                Apart from floor installation, you will be glad to know that we also offer other construction services. We are also floor preparation contractors. We have the expertise to prepare the floor substrate even before we lay the wood.

                                                                                                                Give us a call now to find out more about our contractor services. We will take a look at your facility and your blueprint. From there, we can measure the area of the project, give you a price quote, and then we can begin work as soon as possible.


                                                                                                                  Let Us Floor You With Our Exceptional Timber Floor Installation Brisbane

                                                                                                                  Brisbane Timber Floor Installation: Types Of Wood We Install

                                                                                                                    We at Australian Construction do not sell wood—we are professional installers of hardwood. If you need a Brisbane timber floor installation company, we are the one to call.

                                                                                                                    There are so many types of hardwood that you can choose from. Then there are engineered wood and laminates. Today, we will share with you some of the wood flooring that we install.

                                                                                                                    This does not mean that our service is limited to these examples—they are merely a showcase of what we can do for you at a minimum level.

                                                                                                                    1. Engineered Timber

                                                                                                                    This first option refers to soft timbers that are put together. They are sandwiched, and then they are covered with a laminated surface that is made of hardwood. In the wood flooring industry, these are called floating floors. 

                                                                                                                    The good thing about this kind of timber is that it is already surfaced, coated, and cured. The timber is ready for installation once you order the supplies. This kind of wood flooring is stable, and many of these come with mortise and tenon joints. You do not even need nails to install them. 

                                                                                                                    2. Laminate Timber

                                                                                                                    The second most popular is laminate timber. This is a great option for projects where we can no longer stretch the budget. Laminate timber looks very similar to engineered timber. They are also durable, and there are so many options as far as stain and texture are concerned.  

                                                                                                                    Laminate timber has four layers. These layers are pressed together. The first product is a big sheet, like MDF or plywood, and then it is stretched into various sizes. Because of this process, laminate timber is offered in many lengths.

                                                                                                                    One good thing about laminate timber is that it uses a specific kind of jointing system. This jointing system takes into account the movement of the wood, therefore guaranteeing a stable flooring structure.  

                                                                                                                    3. Vinyl Planks

                                                                                                                    Vinyl planks are somehow rubbery. Some are made with a synthetic material that looks like wood, while some are made of real wood. Many of these are coated with urethane. It is this chemical that prevents the vinyl from getting scratched. 

                                                                                                                    Vinyl is not scratch proof. They just have a layer of protection that prolongs the longevity of the product. This is one of the most affordable options in wood flooring today. They are also easy to install. Since it is made of vinyl, it has to be glued to the surface. 

                                                                                                                    Another thing we need to note here is that vinyl is also waterproof. They come in many designs because they are not limited to the nature of real wood—the sky’s the limit as far as aesthetic qualities are concerned.

                                                                                                                    How to choose a Brisbane timber Floor installation contractor

                                                                                                                    Now that you know how to choose your wood, the next step is to know how to select a contractor. While wood is easy to come by, many problems arise if the contractor does not understand the wood and if the contractor uses the wrong installation method.

                                                                                                                    Experience – experience is the key to any construction service. It allows the contractor to learn from all the projects that he or she has completed. We at Australian Construction have 20 years of business experience. We know what could possibly go wrong, and our experience has taught us how to handle different types of wood flooring. 

                                                                                                                    Reputation – the reputation of the contractor is important, as it is an indicator of the quality of their work. We at Australian Construction take pride in our work and reputation.

                                                                                                                    It is our reputation that has allowed us to operate not only in Brisbane but in other areas also, like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and many more. Make sure you ask around—ask your friends and colleagues about their experiences with floor installation contractors. 

                                                                                                                    License – a license is proof that the contractor knows what he is doing. It also means that the contractor, as a business, has passed the stringent requirements of the government. We at Australian Construction have a license. Our engineers also have their own licenses.

                                                                                                                    If a company has a license, it means that it has liability. Licensed companies are not likely to do a botched job for fear of losing the license to operate. 

                                                                                                                    Pricing – this is a tricky matter. Not all contractors offer the same price for their services. When dealing with a contractor, you have to ensure that the services and expectations are clear. The price quote or job contract must indicate everything that they will do, and what you expect of them.  

                                                                                                                    Warranty – this is proof that the contractor is confident about his work. A warranty against damage is a good indication that the contractor will not give you poor quality of work.

                                                                                                                    We at Australian Construction offer a warranty. We guarantee our clients nothing but satisfaction. If the work done is not up to par with expectations, we will redo the work (although this does not happen because we provide the best floor installation service). 

                                                                                                                    Do not hesitate to shop around for a Brisbane timber floor installation contractor. Ask them questions, and then make a check-list as to whether they meet the standards that we recommended here. After that, you can do a final short-list, and then decide who the best contractor is.  

                                                                                                                    Summary: Brisbane Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                                                    The first step to having a fantastic flooring is to choose the right wood. The second step is to make sure that they are installed properly.

                                                                                                                    Hardwood and engineered wood products are great. But if they are used the wrong way, they are going to warp, crack—so many things can happen to wood. 

                                                                                                                    This is why you need a legitimate Brisbane timber floor installation contractor. We at Australian Construction can give you this service. Just give us a call, and we will do an ocular inspection of your large-scale projects. 

                                                                                                                    Once the inspection is done, we can discuss what kind of wood you like, and then we can give you a quote for the entire project—from wood cost to floor preparation and finishing.  


                                                                                                                      Get The Best Timber Floor Installation In Adelaide With Aus Construction

                                                                                                                      Adelaide Timber Floor Installation: Services To Expect From Us

                                                                                                                        We at Australian Construction can do all the things necessary for Adelaide timber floor installation. Today, we will share with you these things. By the end of this article, you will realise why we are the premier choice as far as timber floor installation is concerned.

                                                                                                                        Timber floor installation is not a simple thing to do. There is a lot of measuring and gluing, sanding, and even polishing. As such, you should only look for a contractor who can do all these things. This way, the contractor will do the job from start to finish—saves you a lot of headache and money.

                                                                                                                        Service 1: Engineered timber flooring

                                                                                                                        There are several types of engineered timber flooring. When we say engineered, we are referring to boards made of softwood, and then sandwiched between two layers of hardwood.

                                                                                                                        We source all of the timber flooring and finishing products for you so you can avoid lengthy time researching and shopping around. The benefit of this is that we are also able to purchase straight from the manufacturer.

                                                                                                                        Engineered timber flooring can last up to 30 years. It is a good alternative to hardwood because it is durable and affordable.

                                                                                                                        Here are the pros of using engineered timber flooring:

                                                                                                                        • They are stylish—there are so many variations of engineered timber flooring; it is up to you to choose what design you like. Because of this, it is easy to match it with your interior design.
                                                                                                                        • They are durable – some of these are made of high-quality plywood. Manufactured with durability in mind, they can last decades. They are easy to find, so it is not a big problem should some areas need to be replaced.

                                                                                                                        One thing you may not like about this is the maintenance. Well, all kinds of timber flooring are a tad difficult to maintain. Also, some brands may fade fast. If these are serious issues to you, we are here to help you choose the best manufacturers so you will get your money’s worth.

                                                                                                                        Service 2: Overlays

                                                                                                                        An overlay is a solid strip of flooring. This is primarily used if the substrate was never prepared to accept typical solid timber. Also, if you need a thinner floor, this is the best option.  

                                                                                                                        What happens with an overlay is that the strips of wood are glued to the flooring. If your flooring is concrete, we will glue the strip on it.

                                                                                                                        Here are some types of the floor where you could use overlays:

                                                                                                                        For as long as the substrate can accept glue, we can use the wood overlay. There are many types of wood strips that you can choose from. Also, we can do this outdoors and even indoors.  

                                                                                                                        Service 3: Parquetry

                                                                                                                        Parquetry is an art where you create patterns with wood. It is often used in hotels and houses. Parquetry is a great choice if you want your establishment to stand out from the rest.

                                                                                                                        Here are the pros of parquetry:

                                                                                                                        • Versatility – your imagination is your limit. With parquetry, you can choose from many designs, and even make your own. Just remember that the design was to accommodate the square or rectangular shape of the wood.
                                                                                                                        • Durable – parquetry is glued to the substrate. There are modern parquetry systems that have locking mechanisms, and no glue is required. Whatever method is used, it is durable and will last for decades.

                                                                                                                        On a side note, parquetry has a significantly higher cost than normal wood flooring. Also, some are easy to maintain and some are not. If you need advice on how it works and what your responsibilities will be, just give us a call and we will give you guidance about this flooring system.  

                                                                                                                        Service 4: Sanding and polishing

                                                                                                                        Sanding and polishing come hand in hand. At the beginning of the timber floor installation, we need to prepare the substrate by sanding. This is the only way we can guarantee a perfect fit for the planks.

                                                                                                                        Depending on the wood you buy, you may not need sanding and polishing on some occasions. However, real timber wood flooring comes in rough cuts and shapes. Hardwood also needs to be prepared. We need to cut them to size if they are already customised before moving onto the sanding process.

                                                                                                                        Once they are sanded, they have to be stained, which we will discuss in the next section. Polishing is the final step where the wood flooring will get a sheen.

                                                                                                                        If you already have your flooring installed and it is old, you can still give us a call and we can discuss how we can help you bring back your wood flooring to its original lustre.

                                                                                                                        Service 5: Staining and liming

                                                                                                                        If what you bought is unstained hardwood, we can do the staining for you. There are many types of stains to choose from, including oil-based and water-based stains.

                                                                                                                        Liming, on the other hand, is a process where the goal is to lighten the colour of the wood. Sometimes, old wood can get dark after staining—even if both the wood and the stain are light in colour originally.  

                                                                                                                        Liming creates a paler look than your typical wood. Although some people call it whitewashing, these two processes are actually different. Liming provides a finish that still retains the character of the wood.

                                                                                                                        If you need staining and liming services, give us a call. If you are going to use any of our full timber wood flooring installation services, staining and liming shall be a part of our project discussion.  

                                                                                                                        Summary: Adelaide Timber Floor Installation

                                                                                                                        The suggestions listed above are just a few of the services and products we can offer. If you ever need Adelaide Timber Floor Installation, the company to call is Australian Construction. We have over 20 years of experience, and we know everything there is about timber floor installation.

                                                                                                                        Give us a call on 1800 155 881 so we can discuss your project. We have engineers and specialists on standby to go to your location. We will measure the area of the flooring, and then we can discuss the other details. From there, we will give you a price quote and then we can get the job started.