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Newcastle Timber Floor Installation: The Best Process That We Do at Australian Construction

    There are many Newcastle timber floor installation contractors, and the processes used by these contractors vary from one to another. We at Australian Construction only use the best process, and we will share with you this process today.

    By the end of this article, we hope that you are enlightened as to the things that we do. We also hope you realise the value of the timber floor installation service that we offer.

    Baseboard Removal

    The first thing we do is to remove the baseboard. On some occasions, we also undercut it. Either way, they both work. The process we use depends on the quality of work you are looking for and the budget.

    The baseboard is only removed if it is old. If it is new construction, then the baseboard shall be made in relation to the type of timber that we will be working on. It will also be put there after the flooring has been installed.

    Subfloor preparation

    This is an important aspect of laying timber flooring. The subfloor is the actual floor where the wood is going to sit.

    There are many types of preparation that we do for this matter. If your subfloor is concrete, we use grinders to smoothen the surface and make sure that the floor is levelled. From there, we can decide what best process to use to install the timber flooring.

    Take note that subfloor preparation takes a while. All the things we do in this step depends on the condition of the subfloor, even if the structure is new.

    Final subfloor preparation

    Once the surface has been levelled and smoothened, the next step is to do a final check. We check if there are nails, an underlayment, and other things. We want to make sure that the surface is flat.

    From there, we move on to checking the edges, making sure there are no indentations. If the subfloor is too thin, we may need to add another layer. Most of the time, the layer we use is plywood. On some occasions, we also use foam or insulation.

    Laying the moisture barrier

    A moisture barrier is a critical component of timber floor installation. Wood is likely to receive moisture, and this moisture will come from underneath. Different climates and areas have different moisture levels. If the wood absorbs the moisture, the wood is going to get weak.

    Moisture also results in moulds. You do not like this, as it can cause diseases and many other illnesses. There are different types of moisture barrier. Some come with the insulation. Sometimes, we use a special kind of paper that was made specifically for this purpose.

    Installation of the flooring

    Now, we can finally install the floor. There are two main methods used to put the timber on the floor. The first is called a direct stick where the timber floor panel is glued. The second is called floating.

    In floating, the most common flooring used is engineered wood. The wood has grooves and slats that make them interlock with each other.

    Do not worry about the installation option—we at Australian Construction will guide you about the best approach to use to install the timber flooring.

    How to choose the right Newcastle timber floor installation contractor

    Before you decide, you have to check several things about the flooring contractor. Read on to find out.

    First, ask for the experience. Make sure that you are dealing with a company that has been around for many years. Why? Because a lot of experience means that the contractor has seen it all, and they are prepared to take on any challenge that comes along.

    The second thing to look for is a license. You should only deal with contractors who are licensed by the government. If not, you have to start looking for another company. A license guarantees that the contractor understands the building codes of Australia and that they also have liability.

    The license is an indication that the employees have received proper training, and that the contractor is a professional. We at Australian Construction not only have a company license, but our employees are also licensed.  

    Another thing you need to look into is reputation. Some contractors are unprofessional, and they do not keep their end of the bargain. We at Australian Construction care about our reputation. We have serviced so many clients and we can tell you who they are.

    You can also ask around. We have positive feedback from our clients, and this allowed us to work not only in Newcastle but also in other cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and many more.

    Now that you know the best process for timber floor installation and how to choose the best contractor, the next step is to pick up the phone and call us.

    If you like, you could also shop around for other contractors. Make sure that you use our checklist as your guide. Then, make a shortlist. From there, you can talk to each contractor and ask for a quote.

    Pricing varies from one contractor to another. When choosing a contractor, do not just focus on the price. Instead, focus on the value that you will get for your money.

    Summary: Newcastle Timber Floor Installation

    We have been in business for over 20 years, and we have serviced dozens upon dozens of clients. What we offer you is nothing but the best. We specialise in large-scale projects, and we guarantee satisfaction.

    If you have a construction project where the client requires timber floor installation, give us a call. We can discuss your project over the phone, and we will also visit your site for a visual inspection. Once we have identified the materials you desire and measured the floor area, we can begin drafting a quote for you.

    From there, we can start working on the project. We will send our licensed employees and engineers to oversee the construction, and we offer an assurance that we will complete the installation at the appropriate timelines.