Outstanding Timber Floor Installation in Toowoomba

Toowoomba Timber Floor Installation

Toowoomba Timber Floor Installation

    This is a good question if you need timber floor installation in Toowoomba. When clients ask us this, the answer is always “it depends.” We know that this is not a concrete answer, but you have to understand that the cost really depends on the scope of the project.

    Today, we want to discuss with you some things you need to know about pricing. These prices are averages, of course, and can change over time. However, this should suffice as your guide to making a business decision for your project.

    How much is the service? 

    For timber floor installation in Toowoomba, the general cost is $27 per square meter. Some will quote $33 per square meter. Both of these are correct.  

    However, the real deal is from the cost of timber. As a contractor, we know that the prices vary because of many factors.

    Timber flooring can cost $50 per square meter. Since there are many kinds of wood products, you will have to make this decision yourself. The price of $50 per square meter is not for perfect wood—it is for wood that has many knots, which people think of as an eyesore.

    This is actually cheap. Woods with knots are not something that many clients want for their floor. Usually, these types of wood end up in the furniture factory.

    High-grade flooring can cost more. You have to shell out $150 per square meter for high-quality wood. If you are looking for mid-range prices, it can cost between $60 and $80 per square meter.

    These prices are only for timber. They do not include the cost of labour, power, and fees for engineers and other expenses.

    Is the cost of this service worth it? 

    Why yes, of course!

    But why is it expensive?

    Wood is expensive because it takes time to grow. Wood is also a regulated product. If you chop wood, you are felling trees, and you are causing environmental problems. The more regulated it is, the higher the price.

    Wood can take up to 20 years to grow before harvest. The cheapest is pine because it only takes three to five years to grow. However, pine is soft and may not be a suitable wood product for flooring.

    Despite the price that you pay, wood has so many benefits that justify the cost.

    Here are some examples:

    • Wood is durable; it can last for hundreds of years
    • Wood is easy to maintain if you know how
    • Wood flooring can increase the value of your property
    • Wood offers so many designs, textures, and colours

    It is true that wood is expensive, and then you have to spend more money on the installation. However, you have to think of this as an investment.

    To help you save on cost, you have to work with a contractor who knows all the facets of the construction industry, like us. If you do this, you will only work with one group instead of several.

    Summary: Timber Floor Installation in Toowoomba

    If you need timber floor installation in Toowoomba, give us a call. Our experts are on standby during business hours to help you out. If you need a quote, we can discuss that over the phone, or you can use our contact form.

    In our contact form, give us the details of your project and we will assess it from here. One of our engineers will be in contact with you soon.

    The best option is to have a meeting with us. We will be happy to visit your site, which we call an ocular inspection. From here, our engineers can make a better project assessment.