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Melbourne Timber Floor Installation: Why Choose
Australian Construction?

    You need a Melbourne timber floor installation master for your flooring then look no further then Australian Construction for all your timber floor installation in Melbourne. We are known for our high-quality structure, which is advantageous in an infrastructure’s value.

    This, however, cannot be easily achieved through regular flooring installation. This is greatly different from tiles, linoleum, etc, as this requires more complex methods. This may be done alone, but you risk losing plenty of money, effort, and time in the process.

    We at Australian Construction offer timber floor installation for all types of projects. Today, we will discuss what the process involves, what it needs, and why we are suitable for your project.

    What is the timber floor installation?

    Timber floor is also termed as a hardwood floor or simply, wood floor. The usage of this started way back in the 1600s when the wood was just starting to get recognised as a suitable construction floor.

    Back then, only un-manufactured planks were available. After many years, a lot of innovations have happened; wood was then transformed to plank layers.

    Below are the advantages of using timber flooring for your infrastructure:

    1. Has Better Aesthetic Qualities

    Timber floor definitely looks better than other flooring types. This comes in a lot of colours like white oak, walnut, and yellow oak, which can go well with a lot of interior designs. This can also come in matte or shiny, and it can stay that way no matter what is spilled on the floor.

    2. Improves Air and Sound Within the Construction

    The structure of a hardwood floor ensures better conditions when it comes to the air and sound of the walls it is in. It helps improve the air as no strong odours of adhesives and fibre comes out of them. This does not change any matter the type of installation used.

    For the sound, on the other hand, it reduces echoes and other shallow sounds because of the hollow structure of timber.

    3. Long-Lasting

    Last, but not the least, hardwood floor lasts longer than any other flooring type. Depending on the number of layers manufactured, it can hold a lot of weight, and will still manage to not conjure a crack. This will not also rip like linoleum.

    The said flooring type came from tree woods and is popular for its unique structure. Note that this is different from tiles that have wood designs. They may look similar to each other in some cases, but you can expect that the quality and the surfaces itself are different.

    What are the requirements to complete timber flooring?

    There are quite a number of requirements needed before we can undergo timber flooring installation. Even when working with professionals, a lot of things should still be prepared to ensure the quality of the end product. Here are some of the things that you should have:

    1. Floor Analysis

    The floor analysis will serve as the draft for how the plan will be formulated. This includes the initial activities needed such as measuring the floor surface, cleaning up the subfloor, and removing any possible hindrances in the process.

    Other factors will also be taken into account. These include the current condition of the floor and its special needs.

    More often than not, the results of the floor analysis will be used as the basis on whether new flooring can be installed, or the subfloor is not suitable for new installations.

    2. Installation Plan

    Once the floor analysis is done, both the contractors and the clients can already come up with a plan. This will be the framework for the whole process. Here, both parties will have an idea about the details of the floor installation. 

    To be specific, the estimated cost, installation method, quantity of materials, needed equipment, expected time frame, and others will be indicated in the plan. This is also what the contractors will follow in terms of how the process will be executed.

    It is important that this will be taken seriously because any mistakes, no matter how small it may seem, will affect the result of the installation.

    3. Method, Materials and types of equipment

    The last things that will be needed to prepare are the method, materials, and types of equipment. Not to worry because this is mainly the job of contractors. These will all depend on what the plan has come up to.

    The methods, materials, and types of equipment will vary according to what the subfloor needs. Some examples of the methods that can be used are nailing, stapling, adhesives, and floating. Each of these having their own purpose and functions.

    The resources that you will need in the long run will depend on the chosen method. For example, in the nailing method, the essentials would be nails and hammers, stapling, on the other hand, will need a gun stapler, and so on.

    Not preparing the requirements beforehand can only result in unfinished installation projects, or worse, one won’t be able to start at all. Rest assured, however, that every process will be handled by our knowledgeable contractors.

    What should you look for in your flooring contractor?

    Consider all the benefits and risks that come with the installation process. You need to know how to look for the right flooring contractor. Below are some of the necessary qualities that a contractor must have:

    1. Skilled

    Flooring contractors should have all the needed abilities to complete the installation process. This involves having notable knowledge and experience in the field. This is so you can be assured of the quality of the output that you will receive.

    2. Detail-Oriented

    The team that you will work with should also know how to pay attention to details. This will prevent errors throughout the process. This trait will also keep them from mission-important details such as the recommended measurements, and the likes.

    3. Legitimate

    One of the most important things that you should look for before all negotiations are the legitimacy of their service. This may be through their license, or by looking at their past clients’ reviews

    Our team at Australian Construction assures that you will get access to the qualities above, and more if you choose to work with us.

    Summary: Melbourne Timber Installation

    Australian Construction is a team of floor contractors specialising in the installation of hardwood floor. All of our contractors are experts in the field, and thus you can expect us to give you flooring that is worth the wait.

    For other concerns, inquiries, and project proposals, feel free to reach us through our email and phone number, and we will answer anything that you may be confused about. We can also conduct site visits if you want to ask for consultations.