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The Best COVID Cleaning Team On The Gold Coast For A Safer Environment

    If you own a building or a facility or manage a property, you have the responsibility of making crucial decisions about your building or facility. You may be considering carrying out a combination of sanitising, or deep cleaning and sanitising because of the present Coronavirus pandemic.

    You might be wondering whether to clean your facility now or wait to do it afterwards. Since it is not clear when this crisis will end, and our lives restore to normal, Australian Construction is happy to give you our expert advice for scheduling your professional COVID cleaning service on the Gold Coast.

    If your building is presently unoccupied because of the COVID crisis and you want to reopen soon, we suggest you allow our professional cleaners to provide you with their COVID cleaning expertise.

    Why you need COVID cleaning

    • You will be prepared: When we clean your premises now, it will be ready for occupants immediately you wish to reopen, and you will start operating immediately.  Rushing to find experts to disinfect when you are ready to reopen is not advisable. Delaying resuming business due to inadequate cleaning of your facility is worse.
    • You will beat the rush: If schools, offices and different facilities all begin to reopen at around the same time, our firm will be overwhelmed with disinfecting and cleaning requests. You may not find a company with the available personnel. 
    • It is safer: The ideal time to disinfect, sanitise or clean a building is when it is unoccupied. Our crews can access the whole building without having to work when occupants are around. It is safer for your employees and occupants and ensures that we will disinfect your building areas.

    If you have an essential facility that is functional at this period, clean now

    Disinfecting and sanitising now and continuously all through the pandemic keeps your occupants safe and eases their worries. According to the CDC reports, even if social distancing practices are adhered to, the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days.

    Additionally, we appreciate that occupants are not comfortable reporting to work because of the risk of falling ill. So, when our COVID cleaning team on the Gold Coast sanitises and disinfects regularly, it goes a long way in preventing the virus spread, decreasing anxiety, and keeping people healthy and working.

    If you want to clean, disinfect and sanitise your facility while it’s still open and running, we suggest the following:

    • Plan the cleaning at a period when the occupants are away: It ensures everyone is safe and also ensures we disinfect the building thoroughly. If it is impossible, for instance, where facilities operate 24 hours each day, we can give you a solution.
    • Plan for regular cleaning: A sanitised building becomes reinfected immediately a sick person enters the building. So, it is best to provide the ideal health and safety results when our skilled team disinfects regularly.
    • Inform your occupants of the steps you are taking: if you adhere to the above recommendations, occupants will not interact or see our technicians. Therefore, inform them that you are taking these measures to protect them. It will give them peace of mind and keep them involved in important activities.

    If your premises has been reported to have a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case, do not clean yet.

    It might seem counter-intuitive. However, it would be wise to wait before we disinfect after a suspected or confirmed Coronavirus case inside your premises.  As we shall explain later, if you postpone, the cleaning will be safer and less costly.

    Having said that, it is obvious that you should disinfect, sanitise and clean any facility with an identified COVID-19 case before that facility is reoccupied.

    There are various estimates about the length of time Coronavirus lasts without an infected person present. Data from the CDC shows that the virus can survive for a maximum of 3 days on metal and plastic.

    Therefore, it would be best to wait at least that long before we carry out any work. The fact is that the longer you wait, the lower the chances that there is an active virus in your premises.

    A company like Australian Construction has different disinfecting and sanitation protocols; it is determined by whether a suspected or confirmed virus is present or not. If there is a confirmed case, we carry out a stricter type of cleaning, and our crews wear a higher level of personal protective equipment (PPE)

    It is important to sanitise, disinfect and clean any facility with a suspected or confirmed coronavirus case before people go back to the building, despite the time that has lapsed. 

    Our COVID cleaning team on the Gold Coast will ensure that it confirms how much time has passed since anyone with a suspected or confirmed virus has entered the facility and whether other people have been there since. Please give honest information to ensure that we follow the proper processes, and everyone remains safe.

    Take all precautions

    The COVID-19 pandemic presents an uncertain situation that changes fast. Because the future is uncertain, it may be wise to wait and see the outcomes. But a company like Australian Construction expects to have many demands for sanitation and cleaning as government buildings, schools and public offices begin to reopen.

    So, make use of our professional COVID cleaning services today!

    Cleaning expectations for schools

    People should continue to clean objects and surfaces that are touched regularly. Being responsible for cleaning education centres and businesses, we ensure that our disinfection and cleaning procedures adhere to the standard cleaning products and routine used.  

    It is essential to maintain effective hand hygiene practices and encourage your employees and visitors to your facilities to do the same. Make sure that:

    • Public and staff toilets have adequate soap stock.
    • There are paper towels or functional hand driers.
    • Shared areas, for instance, kitchen and staff rooms, have an efficient cleaning routine to ensure visitors and staff wellbeing.
    • In education facilities, tissue boxes and hand sanitiser should be easily accessible for students and staff. Young children might need monitoring when using a hand sanitiser. Please place it in a safe area to avoid inappropriate usage.


    So depending on your specific situation, decide whether you want us to clean now. We advise you to use the best available information to make the best decision.  Whether you opt to disinfect, clean or sanitise, our COVID cleaning team on the Gold Coast is available for you and will be glad to help!